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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 135 – 136

Anyone curious about Yu Long’s group? One of the most scary and powerful Mafias group in Japan and also rose fame in China. Here Nan Lu would explain little bit about Yu Long which stunned Yao Yao 🙂

Chapter 135 – 136

“Xue Tong?” the appearance of Mo Xue Tong quite surprising for Yu Ao Tian, but when he looked at that petit figures who standing in front of the door, immediately he understood: “Angel stop!”

“Yes, Master.” Angel stopped, not far from her, Yao Yao feels little bit relieved.

“Angel, what is Nan Lu fault?”

“Miss Mo, Nan Lu entered Master’s study room.”

“I understood.” After Mo Xue Tong understood the situation, coldly she looked at Yu Ao Tian: “Nan Lu is my subordinate, as the rule, I must get the punishment too!” after she said, she gives herself a heavy slapped.

“Miss…Mo.” Nan Lu shocked.

In front of the door, Yao Yao even more shocked and open wide her mouth.

Yu Ao Tian hurried rushed into her in front: “Xue Tong, are you crazy?” he looks at her face that she hit by herself.

“Forget it, Angel takes Nan Lu to have treatment!”

“Yes. Master.” Angel took Nan Lu out from study room.

Yao Yao hurried to follow, before she leaving, she even glanced inside the study room…

At this moment she can feel the warmness and the concern showed by Yu Ao Tian toward Mo Xue Tong. She doubted herself whether this warm man and that heartless man are still the same person that she knows or not? She can feel that Mo Xue Tong placed very important in Yu Ao Tian’s life, a place that no one can replace.

“Nan Lu, I am sorry. It is me who cause you in trouble.” Inside the room, Yao Yao applies the medicine to Nan Lu.

“Yao Yao, you don’t act like this, this wound really nothing for me, long time ago when I was still in Japan, I had injured from countless wounds.”

“Nan… thank you Nan Lu.” Other than thank you, she really does not know what to say. She really should not make any movement inside “House”.

“Miss Angel is little bit harsh.” Nan Lu can see Yao Yao looked guilty so she joking.

“Is Miss Angel also Yu Long’s people?”

“Hehe, how can you know?”

“I saw her skill little bit different from other ordinary people.”

“En, Sis Angel is also Yu Long’s people, but she is under Mr. Han supervision.”

“Mr. Han? Han Li Shang?”


She feels she gonna faint, it really is having this kind of “subordinate” and then having same kind “supervisor”, Miss Angel coldness and Mr. Han simply are same types of people.

“I thought all of you are under Yu Ao Tian supervision.”

“It true that all of us are Big Boss Yu subordinate, all the people in Yu Long are belongs to Big Boss Yu. But because the members are too many so that it divided into groups. The first group is belongs to Da Long Xian Sheng/ Mr. Big Long (Long Ye), the second group is belongs to Miss Mo, the third group is belongs to Mr. Small Long (Long Qi).”

“En? Why there is no Han Li Shang’s group?”

Mr. Han ah…..” Nan Lu turns over her body and gives faint smile: “He is supervising the entire Jing Ying group, to be blunt it is assassin group.”

“Assassin?” Woah, it sound so similar alike in dramas, she thought killer occupation is something fantasy, never expected that it really exist and now beside her.

“Miss Angel, is ki…”

“Sst. This is secret. To let you know Big Boss Yu has too many enemies. So that every place where he appears there will be some of Yu Long’s men.”

“Oh, he did too many bad things so that he has so many enemies.”

“Yao Yao, it is not like that. Everyone who gets involved in Jiang Hu (Underworld) does not have freedom ah….” When Nan Lu spoke she took deep breathe, she looking at the ceiling, said: “You must know, actually Big Boss Yu carries too many burden that most of us the ordinary man won’t ever can endure and responsible. Although he is not finding trouble to other, still… other people will come and seek his trouble.”

This principle she understood, perhaps this is the reason when you are in top the loner you become. When the status is higher than more difficult it becomes. But she really cannot accept the method and the way Yu Ao Tian solving problems.

Forget it! Yu Ao Tian’s world… she won’t ever understand of it.


When both of these fellow sisters are chatting, there is knocking sound from outside the room: “Miss Mo.”

“Nan Lu, how is your wound?”

“Miss Mo, I am okay. But how you…” Nan Lu hurried kneeling: “I am so sorry. I troubled you.”

“Nan Lu, stand up.” She hurried support her to get up, coldly gazing on Yao Yao: “although you were the person who called me, but! If this happen next time, I will surely…kill you!” after she said, Mo Xue Tong left.

But Yao Yao called her to help Nan Lu so that she hurried called Mo Xue Tong to come, and this word…


The Next Morning.

Inside the high-end department store, Li Mei Yun is wearing mask and sunglasses to the VIP passage through direct access of the VIP hall shopping mall.

This passage is especially design for the important shopper, inside there are lots of branded stuffs and the newest products displayed.

“Miss Li, welcome.” One of the salesgirls is welcoming Li Mei Yun passionately.

Xiao Zhen and Yao Yao sat on the same sofa while waiting patiently Li Mei Yun in fitting room.

“Are these dresses beautiful?” Xiao Zhen asked.

She answered her by nodding her head: “En. Very beautiful.”

“Humph, to let you know in here the dresses cost more than thousand dollar, of course beautiful!” Xiao Zhen eyes rolled, both of her hand enveloped her chest looking at Yao Yao’s dress: “what brand that you wear?”

“Ti Tan Hua (buying in street)”

“Real or fake (are you sure)? Didn’t you sleep with Mr. Yu, impossible even this small thing, you get nothing? So what is your purpose?”

She has been out since early in the morning with Li Mei Yun and Xiao Zhen but both of them keep on insisting her to go with them.

“To be honest, Xiao Luo, Mr. Yu has slept with many women behind my Miss. Those who slept with Mr. Yu at least would get 10 thousand for “night fee”, do you really not get any even cents?”

“Miss Zhen, since you know my relationship with Yu Ao Tian, why didn’t you tell your Miss?” Yao Yao really not understand, if Xiao Zhen really feels bad for her Miss why didn’t she tell Li Mei Yu? Moreover she looked too suspicious because Xiao Zhen loves to gossip Yao Yao-self as Xiao San but does not look alike she cares about Li Mei Yun.

“Will it benefit for me if I tell her? If Mr. Yu knows that I am the person who says it, I might get trouble. Moreover, if my Miss knows about you sleeping with Mr. Yu, doing that dirty thing, don’t you afraid being joke for my Miss? Humph, being slept but not even gets branded things, you say, didn’t you do for nothing?”

Listened to the way Xiao Zhen spoke, Yao Yao cannot endure anymore: “Miss Zhen, what do you mean? Inside your heart, sleeping with man only for having branded things, if it is, you must be really not worth!”

“You! Fine! As what you say, you sleep with Mr. Yu not for money so for what? Because you worship him and then you sleep with Mr. Yu? If yes, I only can feel that you are so wretched, being third wheel, simply to say shameless!”

Yao Yao really angry toward Xiao Zhen but after she thought for some times, she just let it go. It is useless to waste her saliva talking with someone like her.

Not long after that Li Mei Yun has done choosing her clothes, when she wanted to settle the payment, Xiao Zhen pulled Yao Yao, faster pointed at cashier: “Have you seen that card in Miss Li Mei Yun’s hand?”

Card… didn’t that card which given by Yu Ao Tian to her before? Why Xiao Zhen asked her to see at that card?

“Let me tell you, that card was given by Mr. Yu to my Miss. It says that the card has more than billions. It is limitless VIP gold card. Forget it, perhaps you are not understood what I say. When will you can reach to my Miss level, but seeing you like this, I think you won’t ever can be like her!” after Xiao Zhen showed off she glanced at Yao Yao.

But Xiao Zhen didn’t know that card was given to Yao Yao before by Yu Ao Tian but Yao Yao had refused it.

After they done with shopping, Li Mei Yun and Xiao Zhen still do not stop. They wanted to continue to go to Karaoke and drink with Yao Yao. Li Mei Yun takes them to one of most famous entertainment place where many famous people like to visit. She reasoned that she wanted to meet her friend so Yao Yao cannot refuse her.

Li Mei Yun brought both Xiao Zhen and Yao Yao to entertainment place and which already booked by Li Mei Yun’s friend, the private room. Because it still noon so the people is relative few. The rooms in this place are designed uniquely because beside karaoke, bars there also bedrooms inside and also decorate beautifully.

When Yao Yao gets inside she could see there are about 7 or 8 men inside the private room with thick cigarette smell and also many alcohol drinks left.

“Hey, Ming Hui, it only noon, but you had play night life?” Li Mei Yun sat beside on that man.

At one glanced Yao Yao has recognized this man is one of Sha Lang (Sharon) band member, the lead singer, Ming Hui. Others than him, few of the men seem to be other fellow member. Sha Lang band is two stars group band, Yao Yao knew it when she just back to China, watching the entertainment news. Every week there might news about their singer lead, Ming Jui who slept with their fans, whatever really not good news.

“Sis Mei Yun, you must know that I can’t leave alcohol, right? Hey, give Sister Mei Yun a glass!”Ming Hui asked other man to pour drink for Li Mei Yun.

To unknown, Li Mei Yun refused strictly: “Ming Hui, earlier I have cut it off!”

“Oh, okay, since you served* that Yu Ao Tian!”

It means since Li Mei Yun enslaved and also being Yu Ao Tian prostitute. The sentence has very negative meaning.

“Can you not speak that unpleasant? What do you mean by served? Li Mei Yun’s face dark. But her eyes showed bitterness and glanced at Yao Yao.

At sudden Ming Hui said: “Okay, I am wronged. I am sorry sister Li Mei Yun.”

But Ming Hui knows very well about Li Mei Yun past. Although she born in wealthy family but she has rebel character. She started to touch alcohol and smoke since her high school. And then, she entered the entertainment business and became the rebel queen in showbiz, this image attached her for sometimes until she met Yu Ao Tian, to followed whatever he asked her to do.

“Hurried, let me hear my new song.” Li Mei Yun said while looking at Xiao Zhen and Yao Yao continued: “Both of you looking for the empty seat to sit down.”

“Yes, Miss.” Xiao Zhen swept her glanced to all the people inside the room, when her eyes looked at man who has “good” appearance she sat at his besides.

“Little girl, you also find place to sit, ah forget it, come let sit here.”

“No, Miss Li, I…”

“Come here.” Li Mei Yun dragged Yao Yao to sit beside Ming Hui: “Let me introduce this is Min Hui and she is my fan, called…”

“My name is Luo Yao Yao, Miss Li.”

“Oh, I am sorry. I forgot to ask your name.”

“It’s okay.”

“Little girl, how old are you?” it oblivious Ming Hui eyes flashed when looking at Yao Yao.


“Uh. You are not underage right? You looked so young. Do you know me?”

Yao Yao nodding: “Watching from… television.”

“hahaha, did you ever hear my songs?”

“Never.” Staying in this kind of place simply is tormenting, she hates smoke, she also dislikes Ming Hui.

“Now, you try to listen, give me your comment.” Ming Hui clasping his fingers.

The music is slowly flowing inside the private room: “Your music is not bad.”

“Thank you sister Li.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I take my leave.”

Finally can leave! Yao Yao sighed, heaven knows that she really tortured when listened to the music.

“Sister Li since you coming, sit bit longer ah.”

Oh my, Yao Yao signaling Li Mei Yun to hurry leave. But Li Mei Yun acted as if she sees nothing: “Alright. Anyway, it is still early. I sit here little bit longer.”


Li Mei Yun is talking with man while Xiao Zhen is playing with few men and Yao Yao sitting silently doing nothing.

“Yao Yao, don’t only sit, accompany me to have drink.” Ming Hui is trying to have conversation.

“I am sorry, I have allergic toward alcohol. I cannot drink.” To be honest since the incident with Young Master Cong, Yao Yao had learned to be smarter. She will use allergic as excuse so that she won’t force to drink.

“Oh.” Ming Hui frowned but still asked: “Smoke?”

“I can’t.”

“Uh. You cannot do all, how about dance?”

“Really sorry, I also cannot dance.”

Ming Hui always have confident toward his appearance, but for this time, Yao Yao toward him is extremely cold, it obvious he almost lost his patience: “Well, let me teach you dancing, come!”

“No…” without waiting her to reject, he has pulled her to dance pole.

“Ming Hui, dance dirty dance ah!” some of people are shouting to encourage.

But Yao Yao really does not want to dance with Ming Hui. That man keeps on insisting and later when his hand touched on Yao Yao, she slapped him. Ming Hui pissed off,

“You M*F*, Little girl, it is clearly you are the one who come and seduce me, now you dare to slap me?”

“How I seduce on you?”

“Humph, don’t deny, a girl like you, I have met many before. Rest assured, I know that you wanted to climb in to my bed and then show off with your friend. I granted your wish!”

Does this person who called Ming Hui mental? What can be showed off if she sleep with him?

“I asked you once again, let me go or not!” Yao Yao showed her strong attitude, her lips curved upward, coldly said: “Well, I will report to police.”

15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 135 – 136

    1. I so hope that YAT kill off LMY the bitch. She is not just a bitch but also a hooker. Jumping into one bed going straight playing with another group of men. She and her sister are no better than a high roller hookers.

    2. I don’t want to spoil it because what happens is actually really awesome and heartwarming. To put it simply, YAT doesn’t think consider LMY to be of any worth. The only reason she is there is to “toughen up YY.” (This mentioned in an earlier chapter and should have been made clear in this chapter… the bank card that LMY has is actually just a “silver” level card, below the gold card that YY was given.)

      When YY finally triumphs over LMY at the end of this arc, it is awesome, but the grudge match in the next arc after that had me fist pumping.

  1. Thankies for the update!

    Don’t tell me YAT will come save her? Or Feng Chen Yi? I hope this time, it’s Yao Yao herself who can knock the guy out herself one way or another. I’m sure she can come up with something.

  2. Theank you for another chapter!
    What LMY up to? Does she try to set YY with guy so YAT got mad? Looking at YY reaction, I think she will make everything fine.. Go go YY!!

  3. Maybe the raws I found are different, but I’m pretty sure that the card that Li MeiYun has is a “SILVER” card (银色的银行卡) which is actually a lower level than the no-limit gold card (无上限的VIP金卡) that YuAoTian gave to YaoYao.

    It’s kind of an important difference as YuAoTian does not hold Li MeiYun at the same level of importance as YaoYao.

  4. Really loving the story n enjoying it but why this man YAT has to be so abusive? Does he really love YY or just to find abt the accident?

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