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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 137 – 140

This chapter is too bad because Li Mei Yun has set other trap for Yao Yao. Without Li Mei Yun, Yao Yao has already become prior trouble to attract men and now, Li Mei Yun. By this incident, Li Mei Yun has declared her fight with Yao Yao…

Chapter 137 – 140

When Yao Yao takes out her phone and intended to make phone call to police, suddenly her phone smashed by Ming Hui. She is taking to another room with big bed by Ming Hui and followed by few men.

“What are you guys want to do?”

“You make guess! Little Girl you are seducing us to bed, all of us are normal men, of course we wanted to grant your wish. You relax, when things done I won’t treat you miserably.” After said, Ming Hui is intending to kiss Yao Yao.

“No! You let me go, what you guys do are called as raping, don’t all of you afraid of jail?”

“Humph! Rape? Who will have the evidence? Moreover, in this world there are too many things that can be solved with money. You are sending yourself off to the door, although we go to police, we can say that you are seducing us.”

It is too outrageous, although they have money but how can they be brazen to this stage? This must be master-mind behind all of this. Li Mei Yun?

When Yao Yao caught by few men, Xiao Zhen and Li Mei Yun are happily leaving the entertainment place and go home, wishing for Yao Yao bad luck. Xiao Zhen even praised Li Mei Yun for her plan to strike Yao Yao down.


Yao Yao super angry and still fight with those men. Have no alternative, she coldly said: “I am Yu Ao Tian’s woman! If you have guts to touch me, let we see!”

“It is obviously you are the one who coming to meet us and also seduced us. If you have guts to tell Yu Ao Tian, it only an empty talk. When the time comes, I believe based on Yu Ao Tian nature he does not want to be put green hat (cuckold), right?”

Finally Yao Yao understood about Li Mei Yun scheme. She can put all the blame to all these men while Yao Yao might be the one dumped by Yu Ao Tian if he knows this matter. But Li Mei Yun has mistaken one thing. She does not know the real Yu Ao Tian, problem is simple if Yao Yao really get dumped but after that Yu Ao Tian might kill all her family. She cannot let this thing happen. She must find the way to out…

When Yao Yao is trying to escape herself from these few men…

Feng Chen Yi and Ou Yang Zi Xuan apparently are passing by. At the beginning Ou Yang Zi Xuan is showing off his new place that recently gave by his father to Feng Chen Yi. When both of them are still in their conversation, suddenly Feng Chen Yi heard something and asked Ou Yang Zi Xuan did he hear something alike someone asking help.

After while, both of they are found out the source of noise coming from. They spotted Ming Hui and his friends are trying to do something with a girl. Ou Yang Zi Xuan and Feng Chen Yi even stopped and said hello to Ming Hui and his fellows. But…

Looking carefully, Ou Yang Zi Xuan recognized Yao Yao.

“Chen Yi, aren’t you going to save her?” Ou Yang Zi Xuan asked Feng Chen Yi who keeps walking and ignored Yao Yao until…

“Chen Yi… I beg… please help me.” The miserable sound from Yao Yao’s voice echoing to Feng Chen Yi’ ears.

“Damn!” hurried he back to that room and save Yao Yao. Ming Hui and his fellow friends looked shocked when they saw Feng Chen Yi coming back to save Yao Yao and even hit him.

“Young Master… Feng.” Ming Hui still dumfounded being hit by Feng Chen Yi.

Still hug Yao Yao into his embraces Feng Chen Yi said: “Zi Xuan, the rest you deal with them! In shortly, I don’t want to see this few men anymore!” hurried he takes Yao Yao to another private room.

“Young Master Ou Yang, what did Young Master Feng mean?”

“It is on surface meaning, what can it be other? As you guys know that Feng Chen Yi never played something alike underworld thing but…” Ou Yang Zi Xun punched Ming Hui once and looked so excitedly smiling: “I am playing underworld things!”

“Ou… Yang Young Master, let us go, please let us go.” Few of men are kneeling and kowtowing in front of him.

Ou Yang Zi Xuan pointing at them: “It is not me who wanted to mess with you guys, but all of you had heard that Feng Chen Yi did not want to see you. All of you begging to Feng Chen Yi! But, I have good intention to inform you guys, that little girl, she was his…EX… Girl… Friend!”

At the moment all of the men are dumbstruck. Before they dared to touch Yao Yao, Li Mei Yun had promised them, nothing would happen even Yu Ao Tian won’t get involved to this matter but…Li Mei Yun didn’t tell them about she was Feng Chen Yi’s ex-girlfriend. This time they are not even turned to be dead-meat, mince-meat, but also doom for them!

Ou Yang Zi Xuan commanded his men to take all those men who still kneeling and kowtowing through behind door.

While this time, Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi are arguing inside other the private room. Every time both of them meet, they always quarrel and hurting each other and this time no exception. The matter actually so simple…

Yao Yao : “Why didn’t you help me immediately but instead after I begged you?”

Feng Chen Yi : “Is begging me is too difficult for you?”

Yao Yao: “You are so bossy, do you think world is revolving around you? You are really bossy, too domineering. It stills same alike two years ago when I was still your girlfriend. You tried to control me and now after we broke up you still so busy doing to control me!”

Feng Chen Yi: “How can you be here?”

Yao Yao: “None of your business!”

Their fight is starting from arguing and almost ended by Yao Yao get violating by Feng Chen Yi.

“Chen Yi, stopped. You cannot do this.”

“What? Are you scared? What are you scared for? Scared that man would know? It is okay, he won’t know it! Although he knows… you can back to my sides!”

Yao Yao quivering: “He will know it, he will know it obviously, because until now… both of us, we are haven’t do it!”

At the moment, Feng Chen Yi cold smiled turned to be rigid. Taking this as good opportunity, Yao Yao pushed him away.

“You and that man aren’t done it?” Feng Chen Yi really cannot express what kind of mood he has now, he really does not know whether he feels so happy because knowing Yao Yao still virgin or because Yao Yao does not have any relationship with that man.

“He and I…” suddenly she stopped, she still expressionless looking at Feng Chen Yi, but the moment she wanted to explain her relation with Yu Ao Tian she really does not know how to say so, “He respects me, he is someone different with you, he won’t do it to me!”

“Luo Yao Yao!”

Yao Yao quickly leaving that place. She really does not know whether it right or not to tell Feng Chen Yi that she still virgin, but if she didn’t say that, seeing the way Feng Chen Yi looked at her just now, he won’t stop.



She is standing in front of the front door…

She really does not want to see Li Mei Yun’s face, she does not want to matter that exposed to her, and moreover, she does not want to see this house!

She is opened the door.

“Little Girl! Little Girl, you are back.” The first person who rushed in front her is Li Mei Yun, her nervous expression is still weighing on Yao Yao: “You… all must be blamed on me, all must be blamed on me! I really should not pick my phone, I have heard from Xiao Zhen, she was not taking care of you, I have given her severe punishment. Waiting you back to home, you are not… I still…”

Did she think Yao Yao suicide?

Enough, when things already in this mess, Li Mei Yun put all the blame into Xiao Zhen, what kind of Madam she is? How could Xiao Zhen act this reckless?

But after this thing happened, Yao Yao who feels so guilty toward Li Mei Yun finally could rest assured, this count as make even for both of them!

“Hahaha, Miss Li, don’t be worry, I am fine.” Yao Yao smiled brightly.

Li Mei Yun dumbfounded: “Are you okay, didn’t they do something to you?”

“Yeah, don’t you know that I was saved by good person, that person helped me. Oh, the person even borrowed me his suit. Hahahaha!” She sweetly smiled to her: “Miss Li, if there is nothing you want to talk to me, I want to get into my room for changing my clothes.”

“Wait!” Li Mei Yun looked at that suit, she really not dare to think that Yao Yao has that good luck!

“Heheheheehe, since everything is okay, this matter… would tell Yu Ao Tian? Or else he would think that I might be friends with “neither one thing nor the other”?”

Of course she won’t say, she still afraid Yu Ao Tian will know about Feng Chen Yi!

“Alright, I won’t tell Mr. Yu. But Miss Li…” her eyes gleaming and sneered: “I hope this is the last time!” after said, she hurried to third floor.

“Yao Yao what is happen?”

“Go inside room, we talk.”

In the third floor, Nan Lu hurries enter in to Yao Yao’s room. Once she gets inside, quickly she takes off the suit.

Nan Lu shocked when she saw Yao Yao dress that tear off, her expression changed: “Yao Yao, did you?”

“Li Mei Yun perhaps already known about my relation with Yu Ao Tian.”

“Do you mean… she asked you to go out this early in the morning and… find people to…” Nan Lu extremely angry: “Now I will call Big Boss Yu, I will tell him all of these things!”

“Don’t! Nan Lu!”

“Why not say? Li Mei Yun really too overboard! Early I have told you this woman isn’t good thing, she quite merciless when dealing with this!”

“Nan Lu….” Helplessly she smiled: “Actually if we can put ourselves and view from her side, if you were Li Mei Yun, your beloved man has lover outside what will you do? Moreover this lover even showed up in front your eyes every day.”

“But you dislike Big Boss Yu? You don’t have intention to fight over!”

“All are same, Li Mei Yu does not know. She only fantasizing I am as lover who wanted to take her man, her love rival, although she really despicable but all because love. Anyway, I am okay, experienced this thing, I felt not owing her anything. This sound good too.” Nan Lu really confused to hear her explanation.

But Nan Lu cannot do anything, because she believes everyone is selfish. She cannot deny Li Mei Yun’s point of view, she thought Li Mei Yun done thing very beautiful but when she looked at Yao Yao, she feel Li Mei Yun not less than wicked shameless B*

“Ah~ forget it, as long as you alright. But the hickey on your neck….”

“Hickey?” she faster rushing into her bathroom, she sees the hickey that imprinted on her neck.

This… Ming Hui did it? No although that man was rough but he not even did anything to her, this must Feng Chen Yi…

If this hickey is remained here, I am in trouble!


“What is going on? Why Ming Hui does not pick his phone?” inside the room, Li Mei Yun is panic, calling Ming Hui phone but he not picks it.

“Miss, it seems that slutty little girl really have quite good luck, on that situation she still able to go home safe and soundly. You say, what will happen if she tell Mr. Yu? But, it seems she has promised you not to tell him.”

“It is only you who believe that she won’t tell!” Li Mei Yun glared at Xiao Zhen: “Anyway she seems to be okay, she must take this advantage to act alike spoiled child to Yu Ao Tian!”

“Perhaps, if Mr. Yu asking for explanation it would give us trouble.”


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 137 – 140

  1. thank you!
    the story like repeat it self with YY always got into trouble then FCY save her, end then YAT will caught something off and got mad.. poor YY!

  2. Poor YY. Hating the BITCH Li and her stupid assistant or servant. Hope they will get what they deserved soon. When is YAT will realize that he likes YY?

  3. I wonder how will YY explain the hickey on her neck to YAT. Yeah! I hope that YAT will give BIG dessert to LYM..

    Thank you very much. Yeah! When will YAT realise that he is in love with YY?

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