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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 22.2


Chapter 22

Part 2 (Two)

Three Years later

I licked my lips, “Nutritious food! You already have many nutritious foods which sent in front the door, from those men in our department, the literature department, and as long as men in our school, they are all sending you many good food and drink, and now you even mention about nutritious food, you see those snacks box under your bed, it has been overflowing!”

“Well you eat the snack and then I eat the red braised pork!”

“I don’t want!” I put the red braised pork, “I just like red braised pork.”

Sun Ling frowned, “Miao Miao, what is your weight?”

Her question is alike an arrow that shot right into my chest.

“140 or 150? Ahahaha!” She is patting my shoulder.

When the red braised pork almost get inside my mouth, I have reluctantly to put down it back to my lunch box, I glared at her, “You have gut!”

“Thank you!” she happily took my red braised pork, not only that, she even deliberately moving her small waist in front of me!

I fist my hand, I really want to cry.

I really dislike this type of girl who can’t be fat even eat many things.

It stills the gentle Jia Ying good to me, “Miao Miao, eat the beef curry, it won’t make you fat!”

I sniffed, “Thank You.”

“Fat just fat, at least Miao Miao have handsome boyfriend who she waiting for, childhood sweetheart, they have deep feeling, who afraid that P* fat, Even you as the school flower doesn’t even have one!”

Gu Ling Li is naturally cleaver, she makes Sun Ling chocked after eating the red braised pork.

“Huk… huk…” her eyes red, “I only have man that wooing me!”

“That’s right, you have, but none of them can be compared to Kang Yu Wang Ye, hehehe!”

Since they knew I have boyfriend with Ai Xin Jue Luo surname, all of them even more excited than me.

“Miao Miao, when Wang Ye comes back, I really want to see him in the real person!”

Kang Yu is Northeast people, Ling Li also, so that she especially interested with Kang Yu, every times I have video chat with Kang Yu, she would sit at my sidelines and drooling.

Ling Li also beautiful, she has strong character that not many Shanghainese girls have, there are also many men who wooing her.

Jia Ying also not bad, she and Sun Ling are native Shanghainese, both of them also have many suitor.

For overall it’s only me who does not have suitor.


“Miao Miao, answer ah, when will he backs. Our Northeast “product”, I really want to see him.” Ling Li said.

“Summer holiday, he said the beginning of July, but he hasn’t set the date.”

Kang Yu has passed the training, he has already become pilot, when he backs to Shanghai he will start his work soon.”

Ling Li expression changed, “Summer holiday! I must go for blind match-dating during summer holiday!”

Hah! Sun Ling and I also Jia Ying surprised.

“Blind date!” Sun Ling screamed, “You… you go for blind date, what era are you living, go for blind date!”

Ling Li said, “There is nothing to do about it, all of us are marriage in early.”

“But not this early ah, we are third year university student, haven’t graduated!” Jia Ying wiped her mouth with tissue.

“If meet the one that suit me, dating for one year and then after graduate, it is time for getting marriage!” Ling Li continuing to eat, she puts her red braised pork into my mouth.

“Doesn’t our department handsome boy, Cui Juan pursuing you, don’t you have feeling for him?” I said.

He is quite good looking like Kang Yu but only he is little bit short.

“I dislike Shanghai man, too mommy-boy!” She is swaying her chopstick.

“Don’t stereotypes, not all the Shanghai men are mommy-boy!” Sun Ling refuted.

I only focus on the red braised pork, drooling and nodding.

“Whatever I just dislike, I like…” her eyes rolled, “Someone alike Kang Yu!”

“Go to hell! Don’t ever think about it, he is Miao Miao’s man! It’s still better for you to go blind date!” Sun Ling bluntly said.

“Cannot only by thinking ah, still better if can touch.” She pathetically is looking at me.

“Wait until he comes back, I will let you to touch him, who ask you to help me reviewing my English!” who asked me to accept others kindness, I really sinister!

“Stills Miao Miao good.” She said with her greasy mouth and trying to kiss me.

“Yi————so dirty, don’t come here!” I hurried hide.

“Come here, come here!” she chasing me and wanted to kiss me, I just wanted to stay away from her.

I cannot help, just using my hand to stop her, pushed her way.

She showed hurtful expression, “Miao Miao, you really heartless, I know you are only wanted Kang Yu!”

“That’s right, I have waited him for three years and only wanted him, is there any problem to you?”

This word, I don’t feel shameful when said it.

“Other than kiss, don’t you think to do others, alike making love?” Ling Li is tempted, leaning her head in front of me.

I pretending not hear anything, “What!”

“For example…” Sun Ling also joining, “hehehehehe!”

I stunned and my face blushed, “ Hehe your head, hehe your head, eat your food!”

“Ahahahaham Miao Miao embarrassed!” Sun Ling and Ling Li are laughing so hard.

Jia Ying tamely eating her meal, but her eyesight flashed vaguely, really so vague.

This group of women!

This is an opened society with corrupt practice, not alike olden life, this kind of word cannot be randomly said.

I don’t care about them, I add vegetable into my bowl, sitting and eating on my bed.

My brain is still thinking that shameless things.

Kang Yu and I….

It seems that we must go one step further.

By thinking of it, my face burn red until my ears, what hell I am thinking of, I must have been poisoned, I really have been poisoned by that two girls.

But, more I don’t want to think about it, more my brain filled with all those things.


I am screaming inside my heart! I crazily hit my head.

Ou Yang Miao Miao, how can you be this vulgar!

To say, I have imaged Kang Yu appeared to be naked!

I really never seen Kang Yu naked, his face and the manhwa naked male joined together, lying in kingsize bed with red rose, that kind of imagination.

Thump! Thump!

Suddenly I heard Jia Ying screaming sound, “Miao Miao, you have nosebleed!”

I quite surprised to feel something warm and sticky, it dripping wet, I reflective raising my hand and rub it, I see again, I screaming out loud, “Ah! I… have… nosebleed!”

Hence, all of us are in chaos.

Kang Yu, it seems I have thought you until get possessed, you hurried come back!

When you come back, I will…

Suddenly, my nosebleed spouts out….


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