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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 141 – 143

Chapter 141 – 143

Seeing Yao Yao went home safe and soundly, Li Mei Yun and Xiao Zhen aren’t stop right there. Both of them are afraid Yao Yao made report to Yu Ao Tian regarding the incident that happened to Yao Yao with Ming Hui and his fellows.

“Miss, you don’t need to be so worry, perhaps in minutes young master Ming Hui will call you back.” Xiao Zhen comfort Li Mei Yun and she spoke to herself: “That slutty little girl had slept with Mr. Yu, she must not virgin anymore so whether she got rape or not no one really can check it out, right?”

“En?” Li Mei Yun eyes rolled, “Xiao Zhen, what did you say?”

“No, Nothing, I just talking to myself. Only talking to myself.”

“Xiao Zhen, you say one more time what did you say before.”

“Miss, when that little girl went home I spotted there was hickey on her neck, moreover her clothes was torn-off, that time inside the room there were many men, she said that she wasn’t raped, I really not believed on her. Who would be busy-doing came to save her. Of course, Miss this just my assumption.”

“No, Xiao Zhen, this is not simple assumption, this… real thing. She must be raped by that group of men!” after said, Li Mei Yun lips curled up, she smiled happily….


At ten o’clock, night time.

Yu Ao Tian went home. Once Li Mei Yun heard the maid greet Yu Ao Tian, she rushed to his side who is apparently sitting in sofa. Smiled she called, “Ao Tian, you come back.”

“En.” Yu Ao Tian ignored her. He took one newspaper and read it.

“Have you had your dinner?”

“I had.”

“Oh, Ao Tian… I… I have something to say… to you.” Li Mei Yun showed her anxious expression in front of him.


“That, can you go to room with me?”

Yu Ao Tian frowned, coldly said: “If you have words, say it in here.”

“Uh.… this…” Li Mei Yun mumbling while her eyes looked at everywhere.

He is clearly impatience; he put down his newspapers, stood up: “Mei Yun, if you really don’t want to say it, you really don’t need to force yourself.”

“No! Ao Tian. Actually… this matter is regarding to that little girl.”

“En?” finally it attracted Yu Ao Tian’s attention, he curved his lips up: “What about her?”

“Today, I brought her went out.”


“And then… and then… we met Ming Hui and his fellow band mates, that little girl said that she liked Ming Hui, both of them had good conversation…” until here, Li Mei Yun as if got chocked, her eyes already red.

Yu Ao Tian looked so dark: “and then?”

“And then… and then…I was out to received the phone call, Ming Hui and his fellow friends took that little girl… hu…” Li Mei Yun looked so sad, crying, looks very guilty, lower her head down: “I am sorry Ao Tian, it was my fault, I really didn’t think that Ming Hui and his fellow friends…”

“Where Yao Yao is?” Yu Ao Tian didn’t want to hear any shit Li Mei Yun wanted to continue, he just wanted to see Yao Yao.

“She is, she is in her room.”

After Li Mei Yun replied, Yu Ao Tian has already rushed to Yao Yao’s room.

He pushed that room door, inside is so dark, no light, Yu Ao Tian turned on the light.

Yao Yao who is lying down suddenly changed her position into sitting: “You… you come home.”

“Why are you sleeping this early?”

“I feel uncomfortable, so I want to take rest.” This is their first time having conversation after their last confrontation, Yao Yao face looked so nervous, her eyes is avoiding his eyes.

And then, the nervous expression of Yu Ao Tian suddenly turned be so gentle and warm, he walked slowly to her bedside, his eyes looked at her neck plastered with hansaplast: “What happen to your neck?”

She feels that her heart will jump out, but she stills pretend to be so composed: “Get scratched.”

“Scratched?” an instant, Yu Ao Tian tear-off the hansaplast, it is hickey imprinted in her neck.

Yao Yao hold her breathe, nervously looked at him.

Did Li Mei Yun tell Yu Ao Tian? or else how could he found out?

The atmosphere inside the room is suffocating, Yu Ao Tian’s narrowed his eyes: “Little Thing, for this such long time, why don’t you learn to be little bit obedience!” when he entered this room, when looking at Yao Yao, he was so sure that she is alright or else, based on her character, she might crying so how could she sleep so soundly? But he also sure enough for 100% this little thing would make excuse or tell lie to him!

Suddenly Yu Ao Tian takes up his phone, she is so curious what he wants to do but when she heard… he spoke and made commend through the phone call: “Stop the medication of Luo Chang!”

“No!” Yao Yao grabbed the phone from Yu Ao Tian, immediately she hung up, although she had paid her grandpa operation fee but the medication fee is paid and supported by Yu Ao Tian, if they stopped her grandpa medication, she really does not know what will happen then!

“Yu Ao Tian, what you…”

“What did you do with those men?”


“Did they touch you?”

“They, he just kissed me.”

“En?” the meat that sent in front their mouth, but they not even took a bite?” Yu Ao Tian eyes rolled, he sneered: “You say. Would I believe it?”

“Yes! They were trying to rape me. But I was lucky because few of security guards were there to help me. If you are not believed on me, just ask people to come and check on me!” Yao Yao turned the topic to checking her body.

But whatever she said had already predicted by Yu Ao Tian! “No need to have body check, I believed on you. But, I remembered you ever told me that you idolized Li Mei Yun, but how could you also fan of those second stars singer?”

What Yu Ao Tian intending to tell her? Looking at his eyesight, Yao Yao has something alike bad omen, did Li Mei Yun told him that she idolized Ming Hui, so that she…

“It was not me, it was them…”

Ah~ forget it, there is so useless to tell him, Yu Ao Tian loves Li Mei Yun, how would he believed on her? Moreover regarding to her father’s matter, he must be thought her seeking for excuses.

“Just think as what you want, if you think that I was the person who came and seduced them, well, just think as you wish. Whatever, it was you who asked me to learn to be slut bitch lover? Well, I was trying to learn to be, just as you wish!” Actually she just peeved with Yu Ao Tian so she spoke like that.

He fisted, but at moment, he sneered: “Good! Very good! I really think you must learn to be the slutty. Well, you can make your debut as slut’s maid!” his expression is so cold, “Starting tomorrow, you are Li Mei Yun’s personal maid, after you go off from work, you must serve her!”

“Yu… No! You know me very well that I and her… why you must do this? Just take me back to where I used to stay. I don’t want stay in here. Just blame me for everything as my fault and I begging you, let me go and send me back to where I lived before!” she really does not want to have any involvement with Li Mei Yun, does not want, if things keep on continuing, later or sooner Li Mei Yun will make her to take action, when the times come, she afraid she will be the second Li Mei Yun, she just does not want to be…

“You don’t have option!” he left her room.

“Ao Tian.” Li Mei Yun is standing in corridor still with tearing eyes.

He smiled deviously in front of her, his hand caressed her face: “Mei Yun, you don’t need to be guilty. But…” his pair of eyes hinted something: “You really should thank… thanks those few security guards who helped Luo Yao Yao!”

“What… are you mean?”Li Mei Yun could feel that her heart nervous to the point would jump out.

“What I mean, don’t you understand it?” Yu Ao Tian smiled even scarier and purposely said: “I still have thing to settle, I go out!”

“Oh, Okay. Be careful.” Her eyes is still looking at Yu Ao Tian who has already walked far, anxiously, Li Mei Yun goes back to her own room.

“Miss, what happened? Why you looked not good?”

“It is bad! Xiao Zhen, I think Yu Ao Tian knew it was me who did it.” If she isn’t make wrong guess, that little thing told Yu Ao Tian she was helped by few security guards, so that Yu Ao Tian would tell her to thank those few security guards. He was so scary when he said it.

“Miss, if it was true, Mr. Yu must be so pissed off toward you, but he didn’t show any sign?”


“I think that little girl isn’t someone important to Mr. Yu. Although Mr. Yu knew this matter, he not even reacted. Miss, instead sad, you must be happy.”

After heard Xiao Zhen words, Li Mei Yun is trying to “digest”, it seems what she told quite logical, if that little girl really important for Yu Ao Tian, why he looked not care toward this matter?

“Ah, as expected, that little girl wasn’t make report to Yu Ao Tian, furthermore she really someone not important for him, I do also won’t let this person become torn in my flesh!”

Inside the darkness, a car is moving so fast to Berson: “Long Ye, now you take few men to bring Ming Hui and his fellow friends to Yu Long.”

Long Ye who is in other side of phone: “He seem is second star singer, how he offended you?”

“I told you to bring him here, just do as I said!”

“Understood, understood.” Long Ye helplessly shook his head when hung up the phone call, but not long after that, he phoned: “Ao Tian, those men who you called to bring, all of them are in Feng Chen Yi’s hand.”

“En? With him? Okay, I understand.” Yu Ao Tian drove his car to Berson parking lot, and then he took out his phone: “Chen Yi.”

“CEO Yu, what can I do for you in late of night?”

“Oh, it nothing really important, I want to take few men from you.”

“Few men?” Feng Chen Yi coldly asked: “Ming Hui and his fellow friends, are they?”


“I am so sorry CEO Yu, although those few men are yours men, I really can’t help you!” Feng Chen Yi is hard-line his words.

But Yu Ao Tian really got his meaning: “Chen Yi, those few men aren’t my men. If I don’t make wrong guessing, both of us have same intention toward them. I know you are not touch things in underworld, so it better off to take those men to my place, at least… I will give you very satisfactory result!”

“En.” Feng Chen Yi answered Yu Ao Tian, he understood Yu Ao Tian intention, but still he so curious how Ming Hui and his fellow friends, second star singer, offended and provoked Yu Ao Tian, a living demon!

“Okay. I will send them to you, this time, I really need to bother you CEO Yu.”

“Same – same.”

After half hour, Feng Chen Yi has sent Ming Hui and his fellow friends to Yu Long.

Few men are kneeling with bleeding all over their body while Yu Ao Tian who sat on his throne, frowned: “Are they?”

“Ao Tian, they are those men who you looking for.” Long Ye smiled helplessly.

Yu Ao Tian moves one step to see and measuring, all of their hands are already chopped, their tongue has been cut apart, their eyes already dig out, even the muscle has been sliced.

“Aiya.” He sighed, little bit disappointed shook his head: “This time Feng Chen Yi absolutely pitiless, he doesn’t leave some place for me, how can I “play”?”

“Big boss Yu, how about this person?” some of men in black who pressed on Ming Hui asked.

He looked unhappy, waving his hand: “Just find somewhere and bury him alive.”

“Yes. Big Boss Yu!”

“Huhuhu! Huhuhu!” those men who kneeling in the floor cannot say anything because they tongue had cut off so they just can huhuhuhu but it is so obvious all of them are begging forgiveness.

But based on Yu Ao Tian heartless and merciless characters, he hasn’t had opportunity to torture them so he is really in bad mood moreover hearing their huhuhuhu sound begging for forgiveness…

“Forget it, I have other idea.”

Those few men in blacks stopped and listened to Yu Ao Tian new command.

He sat back to his seat, one of his hand supports his chin, smiling deviously: “Take one big tub with boiling water, and then… put them inside. Just drown them slowly until they die!”

“ Uh, Ao Tian, are you thinking to boil vegetable?” beside him is Long Ye who laughing.

He shrugged his shoulder: “Can’t do anything, who asked that Little Brat, Feng Chen Yi had done without left any place for me.”

“To be honest, Ao Tian, I really don’t understand how these men offended Feng Chen Yi, a person who never has contact underworld things, but he absolutely quite merciless, he must have big hatred toward them, mustn’t him?”

Yu Ao Tian looked at those few men, helplessly said: “Who knows…”

“Hu! Huhu…” inside secluded big hall, Ming Hui and his fellow friends are begging miserable. They must never think that in their life, two highest status men, one is because his EX-girlfriend, he tainted his hand with underworld things and the other is underworld emperor, ended their life in this kind of way.

When Li Mei Yun looked for them, they knew very well, Yu Ao Tian is someone they are not effort to offend, but they really didn’t know… Yu Ao Tian has other status as Underworld Emperor!


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 141 – 143

  1. I feel EXTREMELY bad for YY. Her life sucks big time! She must have committed 10,000 unforgivable sins in her past life.

    1. Perhaps…
      She has too many things to settle and fight for.
      One Yu Ao Tian is more than tiring + Feng Chen Yi is exhausting + Duo Li’s more than irritating + colleagues +…
      She still has many heading toward her =.=”

  2. Why why why just as YAT started showing sign of loving YY, she had to go and open her mouth wrongly… Now being forced to serve LMY… Hateful sicko woman… Looking forward to the next chapter… Thank you

  3. Thanks. YY now has to serve LMY. Oh dear. Wonder if she can survive. Didn’t know FCY dealt with MH in YY’s behalf.

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