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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 144 – 145

Chapter 144 – 145

If they knew, they would not dare to touch Yao Yao, even they beaten to death. Of course, until now, Li Mei Yun still does not know the other status of Yu Ao Tian….

“Xiao Luo, the hickey that imprinted in your neck really sexy ah.”

“Xiao Luo who was imprinted that hickey?”

“Woah, Xiao Luo I never know that you this young is learning to be bad girl.”

Since morning some of Yao Yao fellow colleagues are asking about her hickey. Actually no matter how she hides it, everyone could make their own guess. Even her best friend, Bai Ling also teased her.

“Good morning, Long Qi!” Yao Yao greeted Long Qi when she met him in front of his office room.

“Flat Chest, what are you doing in here?”

Oh my, why Long Qi can’t speak properly? This is in front of service Department, the way of his speaking, what will those fellow colleagues think if they heard what he said?

“I, I have something to do.”

“Oh, Bye Bye.”

“Bye…” she wanted to bid good bye but suddenly Yao Yao remember something, she pulled Long Qi: “Do you have time?”

“Ugh?” Long Qi rolled his eyes, smiled: “What? Do you want to date with me?”

“It’s not. I have something to ask you. Can you give me few minutes?”

“Asking me few things? Come to my office room.” Long Qi leads Yao Yao to his office room in service department. “Sit down.”

When Yao Yao sits down, her expression has changed to stern: “Long Qi, I want to ask you… how many things you know regarding to Yu Ao Tian?”

“En? What do you want to know? Why don’t you ask Yu Ao Tian directly?”

Everyone knows that asking Yu Ao Tian directly is mean suicide, moreover these things are something that he never wanted to bring up: “It is not like you don’t know last time I had argued with him inside Tian Shang Ren Jian, now he ignored me.” As additional yesterday matter, both of them are in cold war now. “Long Qi, do you know the case about Hua Mei villa? Yu Ao Tian… does he have grudge toward my father?”

“How that is possible!” Long Qi denied Yao Yao hesitation: “I know when Yu Ao Tian was little he lived in Hua Mei villa, moreover, he was the victim of that fire case, but that things actually was incident, he does not have anything alike hatred or grudge toward your father.”

“Ah? He does not hate my father? But why last time he came to hospital with Mo Tong Xue, met my family and asked them about this matter?”

“Aiya, about that matter, I have heard it. Yu Ao Tian was doubted about that case, perhaps it was something had connection with your father but later on he had checked it. It was really purely incident. It was really nothing to do with your father.”

“Is it all about it?” after she listened to Long Qi she feels much better, but still…

“But, last Saturday why were Yu Ao Tian expression showed as if… those things were my father fault?”

“Flat chest, you not really know Yu Ao Tian, Yu Ao Tian is type of person who dislikes explained himself or things toward anyone. He hates people digging and asking about his past, moreover last Saturday was your fault because you straightly barging inside the room. He must be so angry that time. You ought to take a break he really won’t harm you family.” Long Qi reassuring Yao Yao and looked so serious to his words.

For Yao Yao it is something important, if Yu Ao Tian really angry toward her because she barging into the room, she could feel little bit relieved.

“Hehehehe, Thank you Long Qi. Oh yeah, was my father the person who trustworthy to supervise Hua Mei Villa case?”

“Uh… didn’t you know it?”

She helplessly smile, lower her head: “When I was at 6 I had car accident, since that, I could not remember about my past, moreover… every time I asked or brought up about my father, my mother will cry. So that, I really not dare to ask her…”

“Oh, I understand. Your father was the person who trustworthy with that case.”

“My dad trustworthy that case…” Yao Yao still feel something not right: “The fire in villa, if my dad was the person who trustworthy about that case, what Yu Ao Tian doubted about my father?”

“Well, Flat Chest, don’t think too much. Whatever it is, that matter really didn’t have connection with your father.”

Seeing Long Qi expression, Yao Yao does not dare to ask for further, although she could feel something wrong or things seems not in right place.

Her father was the person who trustworthy to take care of that case, he wasn’t the person who burned that villa, so there must be no reason for Yu Ao Tian to doubt her father, right? Although, Long Qi has stubborn admitted it was purely incident.

Whatever, she can’t search and find anything regarding this case in internet, she can’t ask it to Yu Ao Tian, Long Qi said nothing to worry, perhaps this is the best way. Or did she really want to hear something different?

“En, thank you Long Qi. You continue you work. I go back to work.”

“Go, quickly go. Humph, I just realized you, flat chest is quite Mo Ji*.”

*]墨 Mo Ji : in dictionary it stated mo ji is inks marks, original calligraphy or painting of the famous person. so I don’t really understand what this word function in the sentence.

“Huh, this matter is so important for me, Yu Ao Tian is merciless, if really my family offended him before, it would be so troublesome. Well, I take my leave!” Yao Yao smile cheerfully toward Long Qi and also waving her hands to him.

But after she left his office, Long Qi face expression changed, that smiled disappeared and replaced with guilty: “I am sorry Yao Yao, it really not my intention to lie. But…if this case really has something to do with your father, no matter how hard you try to stop Yu Ao Tian it really useless. I really want you to be happy, you…” he looked so heartbreaking, the only thing that he really wishes for… the truth won’t come out too fast!

The finance department…

“Today at 4 o’clock our subsidiary company in French, their CEO will come here to check on our Finance Department, now I come to arrange all of your works.”

“Xiao Li, you are responsible to arrange the meeting room.”

“Xiao Liu, you are responsible to prepare all the documents.”

“Xiao Luo, you directly copies all these blueprint and matrices into three, four sets our department three dimensional model. This is one of the most important things, you should do it carefully, understand?”

Yao Yao took that blueprint and matrices, she nodding her head: “Alright, Leader Sun, I will accomplish this work seriously.”

“Very good, everyone gets move.” Team Leader Sun gave her command. Some the employees inside the room are starting to do their own works.

Yao Yao hurried do her works, she even not taking her lunch and when she done with her work, time has showed, 3:55.

“Ok, everything is done.”

When Yao Yao sees her job already accomplished, she re-checked again her works and also checked the meeting room seats. She is curious why Team leader Sun asked her to prepare only three or four sets? She hesitated and furrowed her brows, faster she looked for Sun Li: “Sun, Team leader Sun, how many people will be coming to check out Finance Department, why you asked me to prepare…”

“Team Leader Sun, CEO Mu from subsidiary company is coming.” Someone reported.

Sun Li ignored Yao Yao, hurried she asking few of her subordinates to gather in meeting room: “Faster, Faster, comrade!” those people have already stood up in front the meeting room.

This time the person who in charge from Berson Group to receive the subsidiary company is Regional Director, Wang Han, The Finance Department manager, Lin and also Wilson. The rest 30 person are team from French Subsidiary Company.

“Director Wang, Manager Lin, CEO Mu, welcome.” Sun Li is guiding them, while some female colleagues are standing in front the door way and bowing respectably.

Yao Yao took a glance at the subsidiary company CEO, she is Chinese, her age is about thirties something, he has elegant aura and also looked so professional.

Everyone is getting into their own seat, the finance department colleagues are distributing all the documents to everyone and the meeting is starting.

“Well, after this we will distribute our finance department matrices, perhaps after everyone sees our matrices, can have better understanding about our finance department.” Manager Lin spoke very fluent English.

Sun Li who stood up in front of the door rushed Yao Yao: “Quickly, Xiao Luo, take out all the matrices copies.”

“Yes.” She delivered it to CEO Mu first and then gives it others three sets to the other French fellow who sat near the CEO.

“En?” those who don’t get their matrices copies, looked at Yao Yao.

Manager Lin frowned, hurried glared to Yao Yao: “Continue to distribute ah!”

“Distribute? No more ah, all are only four sets.”

“What! My God…”

Looking at Manager Lin expression Yao Yao knows something bad will happen to her soon.

After the meeting is ended, all the employees who are responsible toward the meeting are gathered in director’s room.

“What did you do? This time the subsidiary company from French are brought 30 people, how could you guys only made 4 sets of matrices copies? Who was the person responsible to it?” inside the office room, the atmosphere is so gloomy, Director Wang and also CEO Mu are inside the room too. Manager Lin is directly asking to his subordinates.

“Manager Lin, the person who responsible to the matrices was me.” Yao Yao felt guilty raised her hand.

Manager Lin walked to in front of her: “Xiao Luo, you have come to finance department almost one month, although you haven’t do big mistake and if not because Director Wang, you almost make our finance department lost face!”

“I am sorry. I am sorry Manager Lin, Director Wang and also CEO Mu, I am really sorry.”

“Huh, I just left Berson for one year, what is going on with Berson? This company even gave job to this kind of little girl! Director Wang tell me, is it Berson Group has declined in their standard or is it only common for one or two stench fish to get inside here?” Mu Yue was vice Regional Director before, because the establishment of the subsidiary company in French she was sent to there.

She is someone very strict and also sharp tongue, one year ago everyone thought Mu Yue was demoted to the overseas.

“Xiao Mu, you are not changed even little bit, although Yao Yao did mistake, but there is nothing to do with her competency and skill.” Wang Han gave faint smile, looked Yao Yao with gentle eyesight: “Xiao Luo, how could you make mistake with the matrices copies?”

This is her second times meeting Director Wang, the first impression that she got from Wang Han when she met him first time was someone gentle, elegant, and also type of encouraging superior, just alike now.

“Director Wang, it was… Team Leader Sun asked me to do so.”

“Oh? Team Leader Sun, what is going on here?”

Sun Li shook her head: “It was not Director Wang! I never told Xiao Luo to do so! Xiao Luo how could you put all blames to me? That time, I was so clearly said to you to make 30 copies!”

“That’s right! All of us can be witness!” few of the employees pointed at Yao Yao.

What is going on? Do all of them have problem with their ears? She is so sure that Sun Li really asked her to make three or four copies!

“Do all of you really sure that Team Leader Sun really asked to do 30 but not 3 or 4?”

“Of course we sure about it!” everyone pointed their fingers to Yao Yao, but another minutes, one of the female employee who stays closest to Yao Yao whispered: “Xiao Luo, I advise you, it better for you to give up, CEO Mu is Team Leader Sun’s cousin sister. Do you understand now?”

“Xiao Luo, last time I owed you favor, now I return the favor. I have good intention to remind you, lately there is someone who is trying to deal with you, moreover this person has quite big backup who you can’t afford to offend, if I were you, I would resign immediately…”

Suddenly Yao Yao recalled her conversation with Xiao Qiao. So the person Xiao Qiao referred is Team Leader Sun and her backup is CEO from subsidiary company. No wonder CEO Mu really not give face but why Team Leader Sun did it to her?

“Heh, Director Wang, put the blame to the superior, tarnish the superior reputation, I think this must related to employees characters, don’t you think so?” Mu Yue enveloped her in front body with her hand and mocking with laughing.

“HeHe, perhaps Xiao Luo really heard mistaken, this time just take it as first warn.”

“First warn? Director Wang, you are too favor this small employee, I think if CEO Yu knows about this matter, he will immediately fire this employee, right? After all, our CEO Yu does not like careless employees, doesn’t he?”

“HeHe, Xiao Mu, although one year ago you was the vice Regional Director, but still this finance department is under my supervision, you should know, your current position is the CEO of our subsidiary company in French, so that all the subordinates under my supervision is no one you can touch!” at the moment, Director Wang expression changed to be super gloomy.

“Well.” Mu Yue stood up and coldly said: “Well, how about we take this matter to CEO Yu. I think when CEO Yu knows about this matter, the person who get punish not only this employee, but I afraid all the finance department staff will be suffered it too.”

“Wait! CEO Mu.” Yao Yao called Mu Yue, she also turned to look at Director Wang: “Thank you for your supervision and also caring, Director Wang. I am willing to… resign.”

“Humph, at least you are quite sensible, Xiao Luo.” Sun Li whispered to Xiao Luo while she looked coldly toward Sun Li and also CEO Mu, she only can shake her head.


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    1. Only 800 more chapters of YY getting mentally and physically abused… If you don’t have a really strong stomach, don’t read past this Li MeiYun arc… it gets really bad.

    1. Yahlo…I can’t wait for YY n YAT to be lovey dovey towards one another without bitchy women n pervert ex getting in the way….

      YAT even asked himself that he is the Japan underworld Emperor, he killed anyone who offended him without blinking his eyes but when it come to YY. He does not have to heart to kill her, why?? Silly YAT, you are falling in love with YY even you insisted not admitting it.

  1. I am looking forward to the story between YAT and YY father. Is YY father the culprit of the Hua Mei villa case or YAT’s saviour? Was his death an actual accident or an intentional act to silent him?

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