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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 146

Chapter 146

“Xiao Qiao, do you know why Team Leader Sun is trying to confront me?”

“It is so simple. Not long ago, you have helped the company to earn huge amount of money, Director Wang always has mind to promote you as Team Leader. Sun Li is afraid you might threaten her position so that she alliance with CEO Mu to scheme you. Xiao Luo, I know you are someone who smart and talented, but in this society what you need is backup and support, in today’s world if you don’t have it, you are surely to get bullied.”

After leaving Berson, Yao Yao met Xiao Qiao, finally she understood Sun Li’s reason.


Long time ago when she was a student, she always believe as long as she has capability and skill she will success, but now when she is introduced to the society she realized all her thought are too naïve and day-dreaming, in today’s life if there is no backup, with talent it will only give other people reason to attack herself.

She really does not want to leave in this way, at least she does not want to leave with this kind of image, but CEO Mu was deliberately made things difficult to Director Wang, after listened to CEO Mu who said that, all the staffs in finance department would also get involved, she really does not have other solution than resign.

“This still not counted as big obstacles entering the society, first obstacle was Manager Zhang and now she is facing with Team Leader Sun and CEO Mu, does this society really as black as other people said?”

So far, Yao Yao never really doubted and lost her confident, but…

“Argh!” she took long breathe, on the moment she raised her head, her eyes little bit blurry looked at her in front view: “How can I run to Berson parking lot?”

When she is in Berson Parking lot, her eyes spotted Yu Ao Tian’s Bugatti. Who is sitting inside his car?

She quite curious so she slowly walking close to that car to see…

Inside is Yu Ao Tian, but why he is leaning forward inside his own car? Ah forget him, it not my business!

She coldly gave him supercilious look and then turned away, but… Long Qi said everything only misunderstanding, so why she must act as enemy toward him?

Can’t avoid, last Sunday matter, the way she speaking with Yu Ao Tian because she was pissed off with him about Saturday matter.

Well, this is still inside the company, perhaps she must speak something to him, there must nothing happen right? She walked toward the car’s window and knocking the glass window: “Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian, what happen to you, Yu Ao Tian?”

Long time, finally Yu Ao Tian response the glass window is slowly going down, he forces himself to raise his head looked up from the window.

Yao Yao looked his face carefully: “What happen to you, why your face so red?” she stretches out her hand and touched his forehead, so hot!

“Yu Ao Tian you are having fever, faster go to have rest.”

“It is okay, I just need to rest for while.”

“It is not the matter of rest, you must hurry to take a medicine, if you let it will be more severe, ah forget it. Let me send you back to home.” Yao Yao opened the driver’s seat: “Do you have strength to move and sit at back?”

He used all his strength to move from the driver seat to the passenger seat, Yao Yao started the car engine and not long after that she drives the car.

“How is your condition?”

“It’s okay…”

Stills okay? Looking how obediently and quiet, she knows he must be so suffer, he really have time to save his face, what kind of man he is?

Without choice, Yao Yao drives the car to their old villa because it is nearer compare to current villa she lives. Others than it nearer, inside the villa also have medicine box with many kinds of drugs.

“Come, get down from the car.” Yao Yao supported Yu Ao Tian to enter the villa; “Yu Ao Tian, have you eaten your dinner?” She asked while covered him with quilt.

“Not yet.”

“Well, you sleep for moment, I will cook congee for you, after you have your meal then you can take the medicine, understand?” She is talking alike someone who taking care her own child.

If not because Yu Ao Tian is really sick, he really wanted to teach this Little Thing who is the adult and child between them.

Almost 1 hour, Yao Yao served the congee to bowl and brought it inside to Yu Ao Tian’s room: “Come and take your meal.”

He looked at the bowl filled with congee: “Do you think that I still have strength to hold the bowl?”

“Huh, come, I feed you, wake up.” She sees Yu Ao Tian not moving, she little bit worried: “Wake up ah, you lie down how I can feed you ah.”

“Use your mouth to feed me!”

Uh… does Yu Ao Tian have healed from his sickness? This word is really fits his style ah.

Yao Yao despised him and frowned, stretch out her hand and touch his forehead, this time it is still hot…

“You hurry wake up! Is it okay to wake up? Wake up….” She tried to speak soft to higher tone, but Yu Ao Tian not gave her reaction.

“Do whatever you like. It up to you, eat or not! Not my business!” she wanted to leave, but suddenly Yu Ao Tian pulled her wrist. “Uh.” Don’t underestimate this man, although he is having fever but his strength quite strong. “What do you want?”

“Use mouth, feed me!”

Bastard! If I know the end will be like this, I would not help you.

She must not save this bad man and let him die because of fever. She is afraid if not doing as his desire. She could not leave this place forever, perhaps?

Helpless, Yao Yao sits down in the bedside, feed him used her mouth…

This is not the first time she kissed him or touching his lips but this is her first time to have initiative to take first step touching his lips. Actually she feels so embarrassing.

Little bit hesitates but finally she feed him too. Her heart is beating hard when her lips touched his lips. Somehow inside the room the atmosphere feels so awkward.

After she done feeding Yu Ao Tian, his pair of hands already hooked to her waist, so bossy and domineering hugging onto her.

She is trying to free herself but suddenly…

“Yu… Yu Ao Tian, you are… having fever.” Yao Yao staggered because Yu Ao Tian suddenly pressed his body to Yao Yao.

He acted as if not hear what Yao Yao said and suddenly he is trying to strip Yao Yao, “No, Please don’t…”

“Yu Ao Tian, stop!”

She is going to be crazy, really going to be crazy.

“Call me Yu Ao Tian!” he lifts his head up, his eyes not focus but his expression looked so serious.

It does not matter how to address him, but between her and Yu Ao Tian, their relationship are quite strange, this time calling his name is sound so awkward. Yao Yao keeps silent and avoid him.

“Not call?” he deviously smiled, his hand slides into her undergarment…

At sudden Yao Yao body reacting, she is trembling: “Please don’t… stop… stop…” she is trying to stop his hand.

“If you want me to stop, what should you do?”

She gazed at Yu Ao Tian, shyly she begged: “I am begging you… Ao Tian… please stop.”

You damn little thing! How can she look this cute? Yu Ao Tian has been conquered by her pureness, her cuteness. Simply to say she looked alike the pure angel, to be honest he really want to bully and tease her but seeing her sobbing and also the way she begging, he stopped.

“Bao Bei, I want you! I really can’t wait for you anymore!” He looked so domineering while Yao Yao looked alike little white rabbit that afraid of him. She afraid something will happen between them. She closed her eyes, surrender but for quite long time Yu Ao Tian does not do anything. Her heart beating so fast, took glanced to that man, once she glanced, Yu Ao Tian has already faint out.

Ah~ lucky.

Yao Yao sighed, she tried to push away Yu Ao Tian’s body which pressed on her body, hurried to dress herself properly: “Too dangerous, that’s really too dangerous.”

If this situation does not happen when Yu Ao Tian has fever perhaps something had already happened between them, but…

But if he really does not have fever, will he also lost control of himself?

No matter what, she must not get too close with him, because she never know when he will turned be scary and also dangerous.

Yao Yao turned and want to leave, she has already in front of the door but suddenly she glances to Yu Ao Tian who is lying down in bed, “Frustrated!” she turned back, carefully she covered Yu Ao Tian’s body with quilt.

“Yu Ao Tian, I have done to my utmost duty. If you really have little bit heart and consideration, later in the future you must not bully me.” She murmured, feed him medicine.

Although feeding him medicine little bit inhumane, but still the medicine will melt inside his mouth.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 146

    1. I think too.
      There is part where I feel bored and really want to stop but, if I pushed myself to read it little bit, another cliff hanger and addictive part will show up…

  1. Thank you!! What a chapter!
    YY now can learn how the real society is.. But the innocent YY will still have more obstacle since she will always has positive kinded to everyone and then ppl will take advance of it.

    1. She will be able to handle and deals with it.
      She is not stupid or real native but she only want to enjoy her day, living as normal as average girls in her age.
      Being genius does mean act too calculative or cautious, at least this how she thinks.

  2. Haha finally Yao Yao has her little revenge that YAT can’t do anything about it. bitter pill slowly melts in your mouth, yuck

  3. Thanks for the update. I agree. I want to give up on this novel as I am sick of reading YY getting bullied. However, this chapter has its sweet moments. Truly don’t understand where their relationship is going.

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