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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 147


Chapter  147

Early in morning, a ray of the sunshine radiating on the large bed, Yu Ao Tian eyes blinking and his Adam apple moving, he opened his eyes: “Uh…” he clicking his neck because his head little bit hurt. Moreover he could feel the bitter taste in his mouth.

He gulped his saliva, to clear the bitter taste, “Little Thing?”

When he sees Yao Yao who sleep by leaning forward her head to the bedside, suddenly he feels at loss, but so quickly he remembered about yesterday matter…

He remembered clearly that he was trying to force Yao Yao because of his impulsiveness, he was lost control of himself, did it because his fever? So that he really could not control himself.

He laughed stupidly to himself, he really wanted to know whether something had happened or not yesterday.

His eyesight locked at Yao Yao who is sleeping so soundly, he laughed again, no need to ask, it so clear that nothing happened yesterday, he was not “succeed” or else how could this little thing sleep this soundly besides him.

Yu Ao Tian lightly moves his hands and feet, suddenly touching something fall down from his forehead before, it is small white towel.

He used his hand to touch that towel, it still wet. Did little thing take care of him for the entire night? Ha, he always treat her as child, he never know that she also can show her mature side.

A charming smiled embellish his face, he gets down from bed, gently hold Yao Yao in his embraces and moves her to bed.

“Humph…” she looked not happy and frowned, opened half her eyes: “Hate!” fiercely despise Yu Ao Tian but immediately she closes her eyes again.

“Huh…” he just praised little thing who has mature side but now she gets back to her old-self, that childish little girl. Yu Ao Tian helplessly shaking his head, but the smile still there in his face with doting eyesight.

After long time, the sun has rise highly, Yao Yao just wakes up. “Ah…” she is stretching her body, when she raised her hand, her fist touched Yu Ao Tian’s face: “Ah?” she took a look.

Yu Ao Tian who is lying beside Yao Yao is smiling deviously: “Wake up?”

“How can I sleep beside you?”

“Bao Bei, you really sleep very similar to pig, don’t you remember that I have moved you to bed?”

“Uh. I don’t know. Oh yeah, how is your fever?” Yao Yao touched his forehead, took a deep breath: “Feel much better.”

Seeing her who looks so innocent, pure, Yu Ao Tian for once again mesmerizing with her pureness, strangely he have thought to protect her innocent, pureness and naïve self.

“I remembered last Saturday someone little thing was trying to kill me, but only at one blink, that someone little thing has saved me, ah.”

“Yu Ao Tian!”

“En? It seems that yesterday this wasn’t the way you call my name, do I need to help you recalling your memory?” after said, one of his hands grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him.

“No! No! Don’t need. We reconciled, Ao Tian!”


“You, what are you laughing at? I do really sincerely about it.”

Perhaps Yao Yao does not know, there are lot of women who begging to him, also many women who trying to get his favor by doing many scheming, but someone like Yao Yao who directly and straight forwardly said, “we reconciled”, this is his first time!

Does she think that both of them are having children fight? Say break off and then break off or reconcile and then reconcile? Damn! But, He seems really can be consoled by little thing in this way.

“Why you want to reconcile with me?”

“I, I have heard from Long Qi, actually you have checked about my father and you have verified those matter. There is no grudge between my father and you, as this being the case, it means that you won’t harm my family. Last Saturday I was too impulsive, I am sorry…”

What did Long Qi say to her? Yu Ao Tian keeps quiet for moment but actually he can predict what Long Qi said.

To be honest, Yu Ao Tian is someone who not patience with women, but Long Qi compared to him is few times impatience.

But recently, Yu Ao Tian realized that Long Qi for these few days seem to be so considered thoroughly to coax Yao Yao, this is not Long Qi who he has known!

Whatever it is, he really does not want to expose Long Qi lies, at any rate … he really does not want to ruin this picturesque moment.


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 147

    1. Well considering the way she finds out LQ and YAT lied to her… it’s a combination of mental breakdown, exploding in rage, and declaring an eternal vendetta. Needless to say, it’s both messy and awkward.

      There’s still a ways to go before it happens though, so just enjoy these happy moments while they last 🙂

  1. After this reconciliation between YY n YAT, I hope YY would not have to serve LMY.

    Thank you very much for double chapters 😀 n more please.

  2. Thanks for the double chapters today. Such sweet moments without LMY, FCY and others. Before the next crisis appears.

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