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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 148 – 150

Chapter 148 – 150

“Little Thing, do you know what time now?”

“What time?”

“12 o’clock in the afternoon.”


But she does not have intention to wake up from her bed, Yu Ao Tian curiously asked: “Today, don’t you go for working or do you ask work leave from office?”

“No need to ask permission.”Yao Yao face turned to be gloomy, she backed him, softly said: “I, I have resigned.”

“En?” this is really something refreshing, before she has done many things in order to be able working but why now suddenly she took initiative to resign?

“Why? Are you really wanted to focus to be my lover?”

“No, going for working is meaningless, I don’t want to go anymore.” Actually this is best opportunity to tell Yu Ao Tian about yesterday matter but she is someone who dislikes complain or make small report.

“Oh… so that…”

“My, I feel little bit hungry, I go to cook, do you want to eat?”

“En, you cook.” When he sees Yao Yao leaving the room, Yu Ao Tian pair of eyes flashed, slowly he takes his phone from bedside: “Long Ye, you go to check why Yao Yao resign.”

“Ok, I will give you the answer later.”

One hour later, Yu Ao Tian who has stayed quite long inside bedroom are wondering why Yao Yao haven’t call him to eat, he wears shirt and going downstairs: “Bao Bei, how many dishes you make? It has been one hour but… Bao Bei, what happen?” his feet just entered the kitchen and saw Yao Yao bend down in floor, hurried he rushed to help her stand up. “Get burn?”

“No… I’m fine.” Her eyes corner has tears and she really looks so cute for Yu Ao Tian

She feels little bit guilty: “I have burned… the congee.”

“Hah.” Yu Ao Tian does not restrain himself, he straightforwardly laughing hard, because her condition is really too cute. “The congee has burned just leave it, what are you crying for?”

“I really useless, even cooking the congee can get burn…”

“You say, a person like you, it is only me, Feng Chen Yi who wants you!”

“What do you mean Feng Chen Yi?”

“You even cook the congee over-cooked and burn, what else you can do? Aiya, it seems that in the future when I married you, I really need to pay more maids to help you.”

That year, because her lacking in cooking she was teased by Feng Chen Yi, so she promised herself she ought to rouse to vigorous action. But who knows… she still same as she used to be, she cooked ten times congee, seven times failed and three times succeed. Yesterday when she cooked the congee for Yu Ao Tian, it was considered as the succeed one, three from ten.

“It is okay, you can’t cook, let me cook for you.”

“Ah?” Yao Yao blinking her big with moisten eyes because of tears, she seems not to ensure Yu Ao Tian’s words, but when she sees Yu Ao Tian smiling eyes, her heart is strangely beating faster, “Thump Thump Thump”.

“It will be done in moment, just wait for me.”

“I, I want to learn from you, can I?”

“Of course you can.”

Yao Yao is standing beside Yu Ao Tian, she sees how skillful he used the knife, simply to say she is stunned to see his skill. Actually this isn’t her first time for her to taste food that make by Yu Ao Tian, but this is her first time she takes closer look at Yu Ao Tian who is cooking.

When she was at school, most of male classmate would come closer to those classmates who able to cook, furthermore for the male classmate who can cook were more welcoming by female classmate but she never have faith about man actually really can cook, but now she really witness the real and live example, she really believed it now.

Yu Ao Tian looks so good looking when he is cooking, really handsome, of course he also looks handsome although he is not cooking. Actually if she thinks carefully this man really have many strong points, really many. But…half-hearted, his moody character is really his lacking!

Whatever! Now looking at him again, he is not really that handsome.

“Ding Dong” (Door bell sound)

“Bao Bei, it seems there is guest coming, you go to open the door.”

“Oh.” Who will be? She has been long time not staying in here, today is her first time stay and someone has coming. Yao Yao is so curious when she walking to open the door, at the moment she open the door…

She is dumbstruck. How can… how can Director Wang, CEO Mu, and also Team Leader Sun coming here?

Outside the door those three people also dumfounded.

Sun Li frowned: “Aiyo, Xiao Luo, you really have your way ah, you even dare come to CEO’s house to make small report.”

“Huh, I have faith that CEO Yu won’t favor anyone.” Mu Yue coldly said, she stride over and walking inside the house, followed by Sun Li.

Yao Yao feels so awkward seeing both of them who has been walking inside the house, and then her eyes looked at Director Wang, she awkwardly smiles at him: “Hello Director Wang.”


“Oh yeah, why are… are you coming to CEO Yu’s place?” actually it must be Director Wang who is asking her why she is in CEO’s house.

“Hehe, General Manager Long is asking me to come here, I also not really sure why I called to here, but I have faith… something good will happen.” Director Wang elegantly smiled, one of his hand stroking Yao Yao’s head and then he walking inside the room heading to the living room.

“Where is CEO Yu?” When Mu Yue is inside the living room, there is no trace of Yu Ao tian’s shadow and her eyes is looking for Yu Ao Tian to all corners.

Yao Yao awkwardly pointed at kitchen direction: “Yu, CEO Yu… he is in kitchen.”

Mu Yue is coldly glancing at Yao Yao, she brings Sun Li with her to kitchen…

“Hello CEO Yu.”

“Yu, CEO Yu, how are you!” when Sun Li sees Yu Ao Tian’s back, she can’t stop herself to gulping her saliva, the main point Yu Ao Tian is someone belongs to cold and cool types of man. Moreover when seeing him wearing this kind of faintly discernible dress that exposed his muscle, he looks so charming.

“I am cooking, both of you wait for me in living room.” Yu Ao Tian coldly said while busying with his some stuffs in his hand, he not even looked at them.

“Alright, CEO Yu.”

“Yes, CEO Yu.” Sun Li feels chill and her eyes meet Mu Yue’s eyes and then both of them walking back to living room: “Sis, I always have feeling that CEO Yu is someone scary.”

“Nonsense, he is only twenty seven but he has to manage one big company, he absolutely has dragon inside him (someone awesome), if he does not have domineering and intimidating aura, how can he be?”

“Ah? So CEO Yu is twenty years old? I thought he is someone in his thirties.” Sun Li does not mean Yu Ao Tian old but more to his aura that he showed, he has mature aura inside him, somewhat he really not look someone in his twenties. Even Mu Yue who is in her thirties could not compare to Yu Ao Tian.

“This is very normal. I have ever met Feng’s Group General Manager, Feng Chen Yi. That brat this year is twenty two but he looked so senior, Li Li you must know, either CEO Yu or General Manager Feng, if both of them are not give domineering aura vibes, they won’t stand in today society.”

“En, I understood.” Both of this sister cousins are talking while walking to the living room.

At the same time, Yao Yao also having conversation with Director Wang.

Mu Yue coughed one time: “Ehm.” She is coldly standing up in front of Yao Yao.

And at this time, Yao Yao is hurried standing up: “Mu… CEO Mu, please have sit.”

“Huh.” Director Wang sighed, helplessly gazed at Mu Yue. “Come here, Little girl, you sit beside me.”

“No, no need, Director Wang, all of you have chat, I will go to help Yu… CEO Yu.”

“Xiao Luo, you really good at butter up, you are? I advice you better to give up this thought. No one knows who will be able to climb at CEO Yu’s bed but for sure the person won’t be you, you really not see yourself clearly, you have baby face, how can it attract CEO Yu?” Sun Li really said something so harsh.

Both of them at least have been colleagues for half month, during that time she hasn’t sensed Sun Li is someone like this, or perhaps because she has joined to society for quite long time so she has so many sides.

“Sun Li, you don’t need to talk much shit with this kind of person.” in front of other people, this cousin sister always showed their boss-subordinate relationship.

“Oh, I understand, CEO Mu.”

Both of them are really spoken poorly about her, they have made her to resign from her job but why they haven’t satisfied? Yao Yao biting her lips, make fist from her hand.

At this time, Yu Ao Tian is walking out from kitchen, gentle and softly said: “Bao Bei, the food is done, come to have your meal.”

“Ah?” both of Sun Li and Mu Yue looking each other, both of them really want to know who is Bao Bei, addressed by Yu Ao Tian? Is there any other person inside this house?

“Oh, under… understand.” Yao Yao awkwardly walking toward the dining room, she can feel the surprised of Sun Li and Mu Yue expression from her back.

Mu Yue and Sun Li can see Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao, face to face from the living room to dining room. They got shock.

It is only Director Wang who smiles brightly without thinking anything.

“Is it taste good?” Yu Ao Tian puts the Chicken drumstick to her bowl.

“En, taste so good!” she nodded, her mouth is filled with food, but she isn’t flattering Yu Ao Tian but because it really taste good.

“Bao Bei, you eat slowly.” Yu Ao Tian helplessly wipes her mouth, he gently touched her nose tip: “You be careful don’t get choke!”

“Oh, it is okay.”

From the living room to dining room, both of their “loving affection” have pierced into Mu Yue and Sun Li eyes.

But can’t avoid Yu Ao Tian domineering aura that dominating the atmosphere…

The business world has business world etiquette, the company internal department has their own etiquette, as CEO in one company someone must have CEO aura, so that seeing Yu Ao Tian who is eating in dining room while his subordinate who is waiting inside the living room, this really something unimaginable prestige!

After half hour, all the food which served to the table has been wiping clean by Yao Yao, she almost licking the plate until clean.

For once again Yu Ao Tian really admires Yao Yao eating ability, if he really poor little bit, perhaps he really cannot support this little thing!

After he cleans everything, finally he walks to inside the living room: “All of you are waiting for long time.” He coldly said.

Mu Yue awkwardly smiled: “No, No, No, CEO Yu, this we ought to do.” Her eyes not dare to look at Yao Yao who is standing beside Yu Ao Tian.

“Oh, yeah, I would like to introduce, this is my girlfriend Luo Yao Yao.” Yu Ao Tian puts his hand on Yao Yao’s shoulder, he smiles warmly to Yao Yao.

Does Yu Ao Tian… do it purposely?

Although she looked little bit awkward, but inside her heart actually she is… feel the opposite, she feels so sweet! After all just now Sun Li was jeered her, as the result Yu Ao Tian paid her back hardly in instant —-at “one hard slaps”.

Secretly feel happy, Yao Yao took glance toward Mu Yue and Sun Li expression, both of them are lowering their head, while their body are trembling.

“CEO Mu, yesterday when you arrived, but it turned that my body felt little bit uncomfortable so I not joined to your welcoming party.” Yu Ao Tian embraces Yao Yao and sat down in sofa.

Mu Yue awkwardly smiled: “CEO Yu, you really too courteous, there is no sense for you to welcome me.”

“Hah, how is France?

“Hm, it is quite good.”

“En, just so in right time. This time do you get interested to France for our vacation, Bao Bei?” Yu Ao Tian smiling sweetly to Yao Yao.

Her head looking down shyly, “Do as you please…” somewhat the room atmosphere is filling with so strange and weird air.

This kind of feeling not only she felt it but also Mu Yue and Sun Li.

At the moment they knew Yao Yao is Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend, their first reaction is —- deadmeat, no one’s understand why Yu Ao Tian is talking all-around but not to the point.

Actually Mu Yue can’t bear it anymore, her straightforward nature, directly opened her mouth: “Yu, CEO Yu, have you heard about yesterday matter?”

“Yesterday matter?” Yu Ao Tian furrowed his brows, coldly asked: “What did happen yesterday?”

“It was something that regarding to… to your girlfriend.”

“Yao Yao? What was it?” Yu Ao Tian acted as if he does not know what is going on and stare at Yao Yao.

To be honest, Yao Yao really not believed if Yu Ao Tian does not know anything, otherwise how could he gather these three persons who were involved in yesterday matter?

“Well, it is, CEO Yu.”

“It is better I say it.” Seeing how Mu Yue dillydallies, Wang Han directly spoke up: “Yesterday when we were in meeting room, Team Leader Sun has ordered Xiao Luo to prepare the blueprints and matrices copies. But the result, Xiao Luo only prepared four sets, actually it must be prepared 30 copies. Hence, Xiao Mu was insisting to fire Xiao Luo.”

“CEO Yu, no… it was not, actually…”

“CEO Mu, you don’t need to explain.” Yu Ao Tian is completely not give Mu Yue opportunity to speak up, he coldly said: “I think you solve the problem very good, it was Yao Yao fault, so she must be fired.”

After listened to Yu Ao Tian, Sun Li took long breathe, but somewhat Mu Yue felt even nervous.

“No, CEO Yu, actually… actually after I have thought about this matter carefully, I do think it wasn’t fully Yao Yao fault. It was Sun Li who gave command to Yao Yao to do it, so she must take the responsible too.”

“Oh? Regarding to CEO Mu… how should this problem to be solved?”

“That, how about not fire Yao Yao but instead we give both of them demerit. Can they, CEO Yu?”

“Of course cannot!” Yu Ao Tian looked dark: “CEO Mu, you must know me that I always differentiating very clear between reward and punishment, I hate the careless employee, this time if giving both of them demerit what is use of warning? I think, it better come to the first idea to fire Yao Yao, and about Xiao Sun…”

Sun Li feels her heart tighten, she panic keep on looking at her cousin sister, non-stop signaling SOS from her eyesight.

Mu Yue also cannot do much and frowned, hurried said: “CEO Yu, how about to demote one level for both of them. What do you think?”

“Demoted by one level…” Yu Ao Tian is acting pretending he is in difficult position and looked at Wang Han: “Director Wang, what do you think?”

“To demote by one level is acceptable. Sun Li will be ordinary staff after she demoted but Xiao Luo is already ordinary staff before, if she gets demoted she will be super ordinary employee, but what will we do about it?”

“Well, how about to promote Yao Yao at one level and then after one month we demote her, can this do?”


If not because Yao Yao forcing herself not to laugh, maybe she has already laughing until her vein comes out, simply to say Yu Ao Tian really so cunning, she never meet someone like him who able to use his power to support his bad and evil nature!

First he is trying to force CEO Mu to show her diffident, and then force her to suggest the punishment for Sun Li, and also suggest Yao Yao to get promote by one level, after one month demote her?

Hah, this Yu Ao Tian really good in calculating, he surely does know that one month later she must back to study at school, doesn’t he?

“Yu, CEO Yu, I accept my punishment from you, but Xiao Luo just joining the Finance department less than one month, how can you promote her to be Team Leader?” Sun Li is questioning Yu Ao Tian decision. She really not afraid to demote but she just afraid if Yao Yao become her supervisor because she had done something to Yao Yao before, anyone must take revenge.

“Well promote to two levels.”

“CEO Yu!”

“Three level!” at the moment, Yu Ao Tian eyes is gleaming dangerously, his domineering aura is intimidating both Sun Li and Mu Yue so they cannot say anything.

They are afraid if they keep on speaking, Yao Yao position may promote more than General Manager levels.

“I, I understand, CEO Yu, if there is nothing to be said, I will take…”

“Hm, CEO Mu, don’t rush to leave. I heard you have done very well in France subsidiary company, I have decided to keep you working at there for 4 years.

“Ah? Yu…”

“Well, both of you can go now.” Yu Ao Tian really does not give Mu Yue opportunity to speak.

Her face is dark when taking Sun Li out together with her from Yu Ao Tian’s villa.

“Cousin sister, actually at the beginning CEO Yu not mentioned about my matter, why did you tell him?”

“You are foolish. Do you think based on your position CEO Yu would personally ask you to come? If I really pretended to be fool, the result must be more severe!” no matter what to say Mu Yue is also one of the top level management, she has ever accessed Yu Ao Tian work environment before, so she really understood how Yu Ao Tian solved things.

“You ah, when CEO Yu wanted to promote Xiao Luo one level I didn’t dare to speak up but see what did you do? Now, Xiao Luo is promoted to be Manager, I really want to know how your days in Finance Department later!”

“I really not believe, CEO Yu will promote Xiao Luo as Manager.”

“Hah, CEO Yu is someone keep his words, you will see whether CEO Yu dare or not! Moreover, I can guarantee, no one dares to complain.”

“Impossible. Does CEO Yu that scary?” from just now when she met Yu Ao Tian, Sun Li only could feel the domineering vibes from Yu Ao Tian that intimidating, but after she heard what her sister cousin said, she really can feel Yu Ao Tian is scarier person. “Forget it, I don’t burden you sister cousin is good enough.”

“Do you think you aren’t burdening me? CEO Yu always killing people without trace, he keeps me 4 years just waiting to demote me by three levels, I am more severe than you!”

“Ah? Sister cousin, this time I really sorry to you.” Sun Li not even can cry, she thought she have quite big backup, but now when she knew…her backup is nothing compare to Yao Yao… not even comparable to Yao Yao’s fart!

After Mu Yue and Sun Li left, Yu Ao Tian free Yao Yao: “Director Wang, how is the capability of the current Finance Manager?”

“So so, he is only substitute manager, if you ask Xiao Luo to replace him, I think it will be thorny problem. But you can promote him to be new manager and then let Yao Yao to be vice manager, I think this is much better.”

“En, just do it.”
“Ah?” Yao Yao who is silent suddenly open wide her eyes, looked at Yu Ao Tian and showed unbelievable toward him: “what do you mean? I thought you are kidding just now.”

“Did you think I am kidding?”

Nonsense, who would think he is kidding, it only because two words, she has got promoted from ordinary staff to vice manager, wouldn’t the employees protest?

“Don’t like this, this will attract other dissatisfaction.”

“HaHa, little girl, CEO Yu has enormous words weight, if whatever he said not counted, it would be the real problem.” Director Wang Han stood up: “CEO Yu, this matter, let me to settle it. I take my leave.”


“Director Wang… Director Wang…” Yao Yao is trying to stop Wang Han, but he has already left.

“Yu Ao Tian, do you think this is best solution?”

Yu Ao Tian coldly looked at her, one of his hand support his head and leaning backward on sofa.

“Why don’t you say something ah?” Yao Yao is so curious and squat in front of him.

“Little Thing, if later you dare to call my name, I will strangle you to death!”

“Oh… Ao Tian, well do you think I have capability to take vice manager position?”

“Hehe, just give it a try.” Whatever he not really care about Yao Yao capability, he didn’t fire Sun Li because he wanted to see how Yao Yao will act when she become Sun Li’s boss!

“Give it a try?” Yu Ao Tian said it so easily, just forget it, whatever she will back to school soon, just take it as practice.

“Oh yeah, just now… thank you.”

He smiled deviously, one of his hand raised her chin: “Little Thing, later if you meet this kind of problem, you can tell me directly.”

“I can’t do it.” Yao Yao expressionless.

“Can’t do it?”

“If you ask me to make small report or complains, sorry I can’t do it. Both of it is no good, neither for me nor for you.”

“Ao Tian, that person is bullied me.”

“Ao Tian you must help me to take and make the decision.”

Long time ago, those women who were stayed beside him like to make small report or complain. So, it already comes to be habit. For long time, finally he feels so annoying and irritating with those women.

But now…

He meets girl who won’t do that small report or complain, inside his heart it has something that he can’t describe. Perhaps because of this, he never feel boring when he with this little thing.

“Bao Bei, stand up.” Yu Ao Tian is already stood up, he pulled her to sit beside him.

Yao Yao spotted him to take the TV remote.

“Uh Oh it really feels good.” Suddenly there is an erotic sound from the television when he turned the TV on.

Yao Yao is shocked when her eyes looked at television, her face turned red at sudden. She hurried to go since the remote is with Yu Ao Tian.

She is going to be crazy if she hears it because Yu Ao Tian purposely makes the volume louder.

Actually Yu Ao Tian just likes to play frank with her, teasing her when he is in his good mood. But sometimes, Yu Ao Tian also can lost his control when he playing with Yao Yao. But somewhat there are something strange between them, no matter how Yu Ao Tian wants Yao Yao to be his, he won’t really force her to do and patiently waiting for her to do it willingly with him. He never behaves in this way before toward any woman in his life.

And even when he almost at his limit, he still prefer to endure rather than break his promise to Yao Yao, he won’t do it if she not ask for. So, that Yao Yao has faith in him although he sometimes goes overboard with his teasing.


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