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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 151 – 154

Chapter 151 – 154

“I like you.” Yao Yao said softly to Yu Ao Tian, sweetly and smile at him.

At the moment Yu Ao Tian stunned but another second his expression changed, he smiled helplessly to her: “A Like that similar to liking big brother, is it you mean?”


He has already known that she would give him this answer. But there is a time he really thought she meant real, as predicted she… is only a little girl!

“Didn’t you tell Nan Lu that you dislike me? But now why you like me?”

It seems that time he heard her conversation with Nan Lu.

“It was last time matter. You had cooked for me, you also helped me to wash the pant which wet with pee. So I like you. But still if you do something bad, I will hate you too.”

“Little thing, after I listen to your words…” suddenly Yu Ao Tian pinched her chin: “I realized, you really takes me as your servant!”

“No, it is not like that.” For the naïve Yao Yao, she really appreciates everyone who treated her well, although Yu Ao Tian had hurt her for many times.

And then…

Actually there is something that Yao Yao does not know, actually Yu Ao Tian is clean-freak, not to mention washing pant, even washing clothes he won’t do it, furthermore cooking, most of time he only cooks for himself.

But now without he realised, he really does all those things.

Is it because the scar?

His deep black eyes are staring at her shoulder, he removed his hand from her chin and his lips gently kissed on her scar…

“Uh?” Yao Yao dumbfounded, on this moment she can see Yu Ao Tian’s pair of eyes is shiny brightly, every times he looked at her shoulder’s scar, he would shown that kind of eyes expression, why his eyesight looks so different? Ao Tian, you…

“Let forget everything that happened yesterday, now you are in my…”
(Phone Ringtone)

When she is thinking the answer for her own question, suddenly her mobile phone is ringing. She hurried to pick it up: “Hello?”

“Yao Yao…”

It is Yao Yao’s mom phone call. She could feel something wrong in her mom’s voice: “Mom, what happen?”

“I, I am fine, you, do you have time now? Come to hospital.”

“I have! I will go there immediately!” is her mom crying? What is going on? She hung up the phone call, nervously she took one of her clothes from her wardrobe.

“Bao Bei, what happen?”

“Hospital, something is happened in hospital, I … I need to go there.”

“I will drive you to there.”

At the beginning Yao Yao is refused because she remembered that Yu Ao Tian ever came to visit her family in hospital with Mo Xue Tong. She afraid her mother and grandfather will know her relationship with Yu Ao Tian. But, Yu Ao Tian promised her he would only drive her to the hospital and not meet her family.

“Where are my clothes?” Yu Ao Tian asked Yao Yao when he could not find his clothes.

“Yesterday all your body was sweating so I put your clothes to laundry. It seems only the shirts that already dry.”

“It is okay, don’t I have any clothes in your place?” Yu Ao Tian opened the wardrobe.

“That suit does not belong to you.” Yao Yao said when she looked Yu Ao Tian is already opened the wardrobe.

“Humph! Whose suit is it?”

“You listen to me, do you still remember two years ago incident when I met you in Host Bar, the day I running from you?”


“I was running from you. My body only covered by quilt. I had jumped from second floor. During that time, by my good luck there was good person who helped me and gave that suit to me. So I didn’t run naked.”

If not Yao Yao said about this matter, he almost forgot that two years ago he had torn-off her clothes before she was running. He never thought this little thing has guts to be naked and run away from him rather than stayed beside him.

When Yu Ao Tian’s eyes spotted at the suit’s brand, his eyes gleaming… this suit was belonging to him!

“Bao Bei, do you know the suit owner?”

“Ah?” Yao Yao didn’t see the person because that time she was panic and only thinking to escape. So she really didn’t know the person. She really hopes that one day she could meet the person and thank him personally. “I don’t know because I didn’t see his face.”

“Hah! Perhaps you will meet him soon!” Said Yu Ao Tian who is already known the suit owner.

“Let’s go to the hospital.”

Yao Yao is going to hospital with Yu Ao Tian but he just drove her to the hospital in front. She is worried something and along the way to hospital she looked so anxious. She is afraid her grandpa sickness gets worse.

Her mother is strong woman, so what kind of matter that makes her mother crying? Does her grandpa sickness worsen?

Pei Pei! Her grandpa is good person so the heaven will protect him.

When she arrived at hospital, she is rushing to her grandpa’s room. She tried to control herself before she enters the room: “Mom… You…”

At the moment she entered the room, her eyes spotted Li Mei Yun who sits in the sofa while Xiao Zhen is standing beside her.

They… why they in hospital?

Strangely her body quivering, Yao Yao nervously gulping her saliva, trying to be composed: “Miss Li, why are you coming here?”

Li Mei Yun smiles sweetly, her eyes looked at Mother Luo: “Aunty, this matter should you or me who say it?”

“What… what’s matter?”” Yao Yao has bad premonition and she is having cold sweat now.

“I will say it. Miss Li, my father in law condition not really well, can we have talk at outside?” Mother Luo spoke with begging intonation.

But Li Mei Yun does not have that intention: “I don’t think it necessary. Will going to outside better than speaking in here? Just afraid, there will be more people know about it, is it?”

“Daughter in law, it is okay. I trust Yao Yao, just say it in here.” Said grandpa Luo who is lying down in his bed.

“Father…” Mother Luo almost got chocked when she saw her father in law firm attitude. She also not dragged it anymore. She is slowly walking to Yao Yao in front.

Yao Yao is trembling when her mother walking closer to her.

“Yao Yao, this Miss Li… she said…” Mother Luo looked at Li Mei Yun: “She said that you are “support” by her boyfriend to be… lover, is it true?”

“Doomed” she could feel her heart tighten.

Actually on the moment she had spotted Li Mei Yun inside this room she has already known something bad would be happened, but when she heard this matter directly from her mother, she still helplessly to face it, it is not only she lost her face but she really worries about Luo’s Family.

Li Mei Yun ah… Li Mei Yun ah… this time your movement is really merciless!

Li Mei Yun is sitting in sofa laughed: “Little girl, you say, usually how good am I to you? First time when I saw you in Ao Tian’s house, I have been thought you as my little sister but you? You even dare to seduce my man in front of my own eyes!”

“That’s right, Xiao Luo, in conscience, that day I have caught you red handed with Mr. Yu in bed, I thought you might reflect on yourself, so I didn’t tell my Miss. But who knows that you are really such shameless?”

Stop it! Don’t say anymore!

She has made self-preparation when she had decided to be Yu Ao Tian’s lover.

But, hadn’t Li Mei Yun revenged on her before? Didn’t it enough? Must she tell everything in front of her mother and also her Grandpa ruined her family and then she will be satisfied?

“Miss Li!” Grandpa Luo is changing his position to sitting position.


“Daughter in law, I am okay.” He waved his hand, coldly glared at Li Mei Yun: “You watch out your mouth, I am Luo Chang is soldier for two generations, I have strict teaching toward Yao Yao, I trust my Yao Yao won’t do something like that!”

“Hah, old man, I don’t care how you teach your granddaughter. But in fact your granddaughter is really my boyfriend’s lover otherwise where those money come from, for doing the operation and medication fees?”

“This is all paid by my granddaughter’s boyfriend. He is not the person you mentioned, that Yu Ao Tian!”

“Boyfriend?” Xiao Zhen and Li Mei Yun stunned to hear it.

Yao Yao knows something will get worsen!

“Aiya, little girl you are really awesome, you even dares to betray Mr. Yu and even have other boyfriend at outside! Hahahaha!” Xiao Zhen word is piercing.

Li Mei Yun also laughed: “Xiao Zhen, that is matter between Yu Ao Tian and Xiao Luo, I don’t want to mingle with their business. But… old man.” Her eyes flashed: “You can ask clearly to your granddaughter, actually her boyfriend who paid the medical fee or my boyfriend!”

“Yao Yao, tell this woman, who is paying the medication fees!” Grandpa Luo roared.

At this moment, she really wanted to say the person was Feng Chen Yi but the reality was not. If she really mentioned about Feng Chen Yi, the matter will get bigger. But if she really speaks honestly how pain her grandpa heart will be?

Yao Yao who head is bow-down finally lift her head up slowly, with red eyes: “Grand pa… I am sorry… all the medication fee… is paid by her boyfriend.”

“Yao Yao, what are you talking?” Grandpa Luo felt as if got thunder in sunny day.

Xiao Zhen and Li Mei Yun are scoffing: “Hah, old man, what do you want to say?”

“Oh yeah, just keep your gibberish about your second or third generation which serving the nation, as for me, your family teaching is like this. You teach your granddaughter very well to be third wheel in other people relationship, simply to say… too good!”

“Shut up!” Yao Yao pissed off, she rushed in front of Li Mei Yun: “What do you want? Haven’t you reached your goal already? You have succeed to insult and ashamed my family, make me cannot lift up my head in front of many people. What do you want still to do? Are you want to ruin my family and then satisfied?”

“Luo Yao Yao, you dare to be Yu Ao Tian’s lover, why must you afraid? You have already done all the shameless things, why must be afraid I mess with you? When I treat you good, didn’t you feel guilty toward me? If I was you, I really afraid I will bump myself to car and go die!”

“Is it? Li Mei Yun…” cannot say! If mother knows she almost got rape, she will be so sad, cannot!

“Li Mei Yun, you dare to say that you were never become Yu Ao Tian’s lover?”

“Hey, it was Mr. Yu who chasing my Miss, okay? She is not like you, because of money you climbed to Mr. Yu’s bed, you can go and check, all the list of Mr. Yu’s ex-girlfriend, did all of them like you? If not because you slutty bitch who keep bothering Mr. Yu, do you think he wants you?”

“Enough! Enough!” Mother Luo finally spoke up.

“Grandpa, are you okay?”

Her grandpa is touching his chest and waving his hand: “Yao Yao, Grandpa understood, it really grandpa fault, I am sorry. Yao Yao tell grandpa, is it because of grandpa?”

“It is not grandpa. Really not. I… I… I have been together with Yu Ao Tian from the beginning, grandpa, it is me who sorry to you. It is me who embarrassed our family, there is nothing to do with you.” She really does not want her grandpa found out the real reason why she still together with Yu Ao Tian or else her grandpa will…be depressed!

“See, the truth is revealed, Luo Yao Yao is as predicted as someone who is shameless.” This time, Li Mei Yun keeps adding oil to fire.

Grandpa Luo tears are streaming down: “Yao Yao, you are growing up, what kind of girl you are, I know it. Go, tell them you are not that kind of person! Go and say it!”


“Aiya, things have been at to this point, if I were you I would prefer to face if, still trying to find excuse to protect your granddaughter, Ah~ the Luo’s, the senior is really something while the young become lover, really shameless.”

The maid of Li’s really spoke too bad and hurt the Luo’s old man heart and dignity. He is gritting his teeth: “Miss Li, I am terrible old man and lives at this age, never do something harmless to something against consciences. I have faith to my granddaughter she would never do something bad. If you want to blame just blame me who is burdensome my granddaughter, I can swear that whatever my granddaughter did all because of me, she becomes your boyfriend’s lover because my sickness. But all is not matter anymore!” after Grandpa Luo said, he suddenly pulled the IV from his hand: “If I die, I won’t be her burden anymore!” he hurried rushing to the window.

“Grand pa!”

“Father!” luckily that mother Luo and Yao Yao grabbed him.

“Keep on acting, continuing your acting, really get my nerve, crying and making commotion, I thought it only women could do that but never thought old man also can, really let me to watch big show.”

Maybe Li Mei Yun thought that her grandpa is acting but Yao Yao knows very well her grandpa character, so she not dares to tell him. “Grandpa , don’t, this is nothing to do with you.”

“Miss Li! Miss Li!” Mother Luo emotion is stirring up and kneeling in front of Li Mei Yun. She hugged her pair of legs: “I beg you, we have cornered to this point, just let us off. My father in law cannot be upset more than this. If Yao Yao really did wrong, it must be my fault as mother. I beg you, don’t make things more complicated, I beg you!”

“Let me off! I told you to let off!” Li Mei Yun shouted, raised her hand and slapped Mother Luo.

“Mom!” Yao Yao is trying to control her grandpa and seeing her mom got slapped by Li Mei Yun, she felt her heart as if being pierced by something, it hurt.

Her grandpa wanted to suicide, her mother is slapped by Li Mei Yun, all of this must be her responsibility but why her family must go through with all of this?

Guilty, pain, as if there is one big rock pressed on her, her tears flowing down, plead: “Miss Li, do you really want to force my family to death and then you will be happy?”

“This is what you seek, Luo Yao Yao!”


21 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 151 – 154

  1. Omg. That’s the card LMY is playing? I am sure by doing that, her end is near. She will not get away because FCY and YAT will go after her should anything happen to YY.

  2. Omg! This is such cliff hanging. Hateful bitch. I cant wait to read how YAT deal with her and her bitchy servant once he finds out. Poor YY. Thanks for the exciting chapter

  3. Lee Mei Yun!! You die already!!!!
    This chapter looks like anti climax of the whole story, whereas we know there is still long long story and chapter left. I hope LMY will get what she deserve the most. Does she really think YAT love her?? OMG what an idiot women! Even if there is no YY, men like YAT will not fond of one women and everyone will think the same.

    1. LMY indeed get more than we can imagine.
      Death is too generous, she will never can wake up from nightmares that reward by Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian.
      Living more painful and suffering than death, Yu Ao Tian style ah

  4. I don’t understand why these people always want to test YY’s limit. She’s always very tolerant because she can see from their point of view so she always let it go. But these people just won’t let it be. These women are stupid. Instead of keep picking on YY, they are better off thinking of ways to make the men fall in love with them.

    1. Li Mei Yun is one of the smart women beside Yu Ao Tian for this time being. she is the one who last longest.
      she knows very well Yu has many women outside but she never worried about them because she knew Yu only playing with them and he will come back to her soon after get bored.
      But, somehow Yao Yao is someone new for Li Mei Yun. she never thought her as rival perhaps because she does not look alike Yu type. she burns with jealousy when she notice Yao Yao stays longer than other women Yu likes to play with.
      Yao Yao appearance looked alike weakling so Li Mei Yun and others thought she is easy to pick and bullied.

  5. YAT need to do something worst to LMY n her maid beside from slapping them silly. Killing them will be too cheap for them. They need to be humiliated in the public as well as destroy LMY acting career to the extend no one will hire her for thei movies.

    YY need to stand for herself instead of being bully by bitchy ppl all the time.

    1. I agree with you.
      Well, Yu Ao Tian really not disappointing us, hehehehe.
      kill her just too cheap, if only to humiliated in the public and destroy LMY, if means Yu has already given her discount price but…
      Yu isn’t some like to pay and give discount.

      Yes YY needs to stand for herself, so this time, she makes LMY paid for touching her family.

      1. I’meant actually very curious as to what YY will do. We have nevery seen her dark side. But I believe the author gave us a glimpse of it when YY was confronting YAT about her family. When she didn’t back away & threatened YAT that she would die with him if he touched her family, that’s when I think that YY is not just words. Of course YAT wouldn’t take her words seriously because she doesn’t look like the type & that she has no connections. Never in a million years would he even think that she’s connected to the other most powerfull man in the country who is on par with his power.

      2. Yao Yao is the female version of Yu Ao Tian. she can be so cruel and heartless but her dark side is hide inside so deep in herself, suppress by her family love that’s why her limit is her family. she might change to be someone more wicked and evil than Ao Tian if she loses her family.
        She has the capability to crush all her enemies even she does not have powerful backup. her brain is more than enough to be deathly weapon.

  6. Do you know a manga named “Adonis next door” (other name is “God-looking Neighbor”or 男神在隔壁)? Can you translate it? I really want to know what will happen next, please!!! Thanks in advance.

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