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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 23.2

black 2

Chapter 23

Part 2 (Two)

Wang Ye comes back

I don’t need to cover it anymore. I sat down in front of Yan Yan’s computer desk, stammered: “Suffer from excessive internal heat!”

“You got suffered from excessive internal heat until your nose that swollen!” his face dark, does not know whether because the computer have too high quality of resolution, I could see his vein seen in his forehead very clear as if his real person is really in front of me.

“Needless to say this why suddenly you troubled Yan Yan!” I cast sidelong glancing at my sister who sat and sulked in her bed.

“Didn’t you say that you missed me, now I let you to see me and also I wanted to see whether you crying or not, just to avoid myself being absent-minded during the simulation flying practice!” he said.

“It is okay, I am fine!” I quickly shook my head, I really don’t want to disturb his practice.

“Have seen me, are you feeling better?”

I nodded.

“Extend your hand!” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Let you to touch me!”


I feel frustrated inside me, and then I thought, touching him through the computer screen, what can I feel? But still I stretching my hand, I used my finger to touch his eyebrows, nose and his silhouette.

“One month and three days, Miao Miao, you can touch the real me, just bear it, can you?”

I almost crying, “En!”

“Give me one big smile so that I can feel at ease!” he sighed.

I smiled widely, I really wanted to laugh but somewhat my smile is too rigid, moreover my nose is stuffed with cotton, once I smile it looked so weird.

“Good! I screenshot it! At least your picture could make me feel happy for one month!”

I can’t help myself to tremble.

It reflects his true nature.

Thinking, I really burst out my laughing sound, this time must be absolutely natural.

“Hahahahahaha!” I really don’t know how to say him.

Kang Yu sees me laughing he also following me to laugh.

Hence, both of us are laughing through the computer, have wide laughed.

See at Yan Yan who is seethe with anger, “Both of you are pair of illicit man and woman! I wanted to break off with both of you!”

When Kang Yu and I heard it we even laugh louder.

It will go quickly, one month three days, he will come back to my side.


8 July 2002, it is the date when Kang Yu comes back, early in the morning I have went to salon to do my hair.

“Miss, what kind of style do you want?”

I made fist with my hands, “Do a kind of hair dressing where man able to notice I have visited salon, that style!”

“…………..” the hair dresser is speechless.

I said, “What are you distracted for, faster, I rushed the time!”

The hairdresser is really skilled, I have made kind of weird request but he really perm my hair and make it curly.

I looked at mirror, I find myself really cute.

Hm, not bad, not bad.

I paid the money. I rushed to lady’s beauty salon.

Shaping my eyebrows, facial, masker, I do all completely.

My purse immediately got skim for 100%

I also rushed to go home and non-stop to trying on my clothes.

“This one is good, this one also good!” I have compared two clothes, asking Yan Yan suggestion.

Yan Yan has been tortured by me and lying in bed now.

“Sis, you have tried for 5 hours, I beg you to give me face, don’t ask me anymore, you made your decision!”

“Is this your attitude as my little sister, don’t you know that today is one of my important days in my life!” I haven’t seen Kang Yu for three years, three years depended on web camera, looking back and forth it a face from other half earth, I tried to compensate by looking at it.

Yan Yan has been forced by me so she raised her finger, pointed, “This one! This must be able to make Kang Yu goes to bed!”

“What nonsense you burst out!” I took the clothes and threw it to her.

Yan Yan who has buried in the pile of clothes said, “Really, this one is the best, low-cut dress, it could show your advantages!”

“Is it?” I really believed on her.

Yan Yan nodding, “I guarantee you Kang Yu must be directly strike to you.”

Immediately I took that low cut dresses and paired it with skirt. looked my reflection in mirror.

Black color it makes me looked skinny.

Short sleeve, it only covered my fleshy arm little bit.

High waist to cover the bulge pot belly.

Long skirt to give illusions for long slender legs.

Chiffon, elegant and beautiful.

Low-cut… I looked at myself that exposed “little Marianas Trench”.

“Yan Yan, can this too much to show!” this dress I never wore it since I bought, that time I thought this cloth has goddess aura, so elegant.

Yan Yan said, “It won’t be, it only little bit, what era now, those who does not have, they insist to show one, moreover you who born with it naturally!”

I nodded, it is right, I have why mustn’t I not exposed.

Decided, I wear this one!

Everything is ready!

Kang Yu, you just wait for me to tempting you.

Not right, you are waiting me to welcome you.

Six o’clock evening, Uncle Shen comes to pick me up, after I entered university, my mom and my dad not that strict anymore toward me, during the night I only need to say to them and then I can go out, along the way I really feel so excited, I just asked Uncle Shen, “Am I beautiful?”

Uncle Shen is so kind to answered me, “Very beautiful, if I still at my 40, I will definitely wooing you! I guarantee you once Kang Yu sees you he must be tempted by you!”

I really satisfied.

Pu Dong Airport is quite far from my house, we need to spend one and half hour to arrive at airport, Uncle Shen parked the car in parking area and then we go to the terminal café, sitting and waiting for Kang Yu.

We have spent 20 minutes 15 seconds, still 45 minutes, every minutes and seconds, as if waiting for one year, every 5 minutes I will go to check on the information board, I just afraid to miss the time.

Or sometimes every 5 minutes I go to restroom, go to check my hair and my clothes.

Finally, after I have waited for 20 minutes 15 seconds, I stood up in front of the international arrival exit, stretching out my neck to check on Kang Yu’s figure.

Perhaps Uncle Shen afraid I might hurt my neck, he said, “Miao Miao, it won’t be that fast, after the airplane landed, still needs to go through customs check, take the luggage, don’t be worry!”

I feel little bit disappointed why after landed the airplane still need to go for many process.

There still the time, I go to restroom, I check on myself in mirror, the cleaning service aunty perhaps thought me as mental.

20 minutes 45 seconds, I have stood until my leg feel little bit numb, but still haven’t seen Kang Yu, panic, nervous, excited, impatience all are tormenting me.

Almost 21 minutes, finally I spotted Kang Yu who dragged his luggage, among the crowded I could only see him shining and brightly, it makes my eyesight only locked on him.

Hence, I really don’t care with anything, I rushed there.


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