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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 155 – 157

Chapter 155 – 157

“Right, this is my fault. But what advantage will you get with all the mess? Li Mei Yun, everyone doing things has their own reasoning; don’t you just want me to leave Yu Ao Tian? Well, you leave first, this matter I will go to settle it for you. But if something happen to my grandpa, I will bring you down with me!” at the moment Luo Yao Yao eyes is gleaming dangerously.

“Luo Yao Yao, are you trying to scare, you just third wheels, you are the real vixen, when the time comes just see who will bring down who, we still don’t know yet!” Xiao Zhen puts her hand into her hips, scolding and swearing Yao Yao.

“Me? I am Luo Yao Yao, first I don’t have money, second I am not famous, someone who with bare feet won’t be afraid not wearing shoes, if you continuous all this ruckus, we will see who will be brought down, your Miss or me!”


“Xiao Zhen, we leave!”


“Move!” coldly she said, Li Mei Yun walked faster. Xiao Zhen followed at her back…

The room that have ruckus before suddenly turned be deathly silent, “Grandpa…” Yao Yao slowly let go her hand from her grandpa, she move closer to window: “If you still so stubborn to blame yourself, you are forcing me to die in here, I will die to let you see!”

“Yao Yao!”

“Yao Yao!”Grandpa Luo and Mother Luo are looking at her.

“Grandpa, everything isn’t as what you think, your granddaughter also not as awesome as you think. My relationship with Feng Chen Yi wasn’t fake but it was two years ago. We have already broken up. I afraid you would sad so faking him as my boyfriend and then the truth is… after I broke up with Feng Chen Yi, I have dated Yu Ao Tian!”

I am sorry, grandpa, you always taught me not to tell lie, but you also ever told me that we can lies to save others.

I know, you always love me no matter how big mistake I did, you would never blame me, so I really can’t tell you the truth.

“Yao Yao! You don’t need to make yourself difficult.”

“I am not. Grandpa, I like Yu Ao Tian, I love him!”

“Are you sure? Yao Yao!”

“I am sure.”

“Yao Yao! Even though you like him but why must become lover? Does he also love you? If he really loves you how would he ask you to be his lover?”

“I know, grandpa… I will resolve this problem. I will.”

“Father, you calm down, this time is because Yao Yao not mature enough.” Mother Luo is calming grandpa Luo so that he will forget to suicide. But he still wanted to stop the medication process so they won’t spend Yu Ao Tian’s money.

“Mom, you help me to convince grandpa for continuing his medication, okay?”

“Yao Yao, we pay back all Yu Ao Tian’s money.”

“Mom, it is useless, Yu Ao Tian and I bind with contract. Although you pay back his money, I am still his lover.” Yao Yao is telling truth in front of her mother.

“Yao Yao, I am sorry. It is our Luo family… burden you.” Mother Luo really felt guilty.

“Mom, what are you talking? I am part of Luo family, everything regarding about Luo’s it is my responsible. But I …” she stretched out her hand and touched her mother’s face: “I am sorry, mom, it because me you got hurt.”

“It is okay… I am okay Yao Yao. Mom is not afraid. But you… you must understand to protect yourself, you know?” After say, Mother Luo face is already wet by tears, both of mother and daughter are crying together, both of them feel helpless…

“Miss, I really not understand, why are you leaving? That slutty girl if she really wanted to make commendations, don’t you able publicized your relationship with Mr. Yu? This is one of big step to make you being known publicly by all people as Mr. Yu’s girlfriend. This also won’t make Mr. Yu angry.”

Actually Li Mei Yun also has huge hope for publicized her relationship with Yu Ao Tian, but he had refused it before. These days she doubted: “Do you really think that I don’t want to use that slut little girl makes commendation? But, using this kind of method for publicized my relationship with Yu Ao Tian, all those media and also the internet, all of them will dig out my past who was once ever became lover. When that day comes… I have ruined my image and career. This will be big loss.”

“Oh, That’s right too…” Xiao Zhen agreed and nodded, she is trying to gossip with Li Mei Yun: “Oh yeah, Miss, you see thay slutty little girl really grows not same with her Mother and Grandpa, perhaps she also “wild child” too?”

If Xiao Zhen not brought up the topic, Li Mei Yun also not paid attention: “Xiao Zhen, you really gossiper, that is her family matters, none of my business, okay?”

“HeHe, I just am curious.” Both of the madam and the maid are gossiping while walking out from hospital. When they are in front of second floor stairs, they see Yu Ao Tian is sitting down at the hospital’s hall.

“Miss, that is Mr. Yu.”

“Sst, I have seen him.”

“Oh, it seems that both of Mr. Yu and that slutty little girl were together last night.”

That’s why because Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao were not went home yesterday, Li Mei Yun came to here and made scene, actually she has tried to strike Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian relationship with Ming Hui’s case but only at one blink of her eyes, both of them are get closer again!

“Miss, what to do?”

“Haha, what to do? Just do the plan ahead!” Li Mei Yun narrowed her eyes, she walking together with Xiao Zhen.


“Mom, I take my leave first, about Grandpa…”

“You reassure; don’t you understand your grandpa? He won’t angry for long time. I will try to talk with your grandpa to continue this medication.”


“Yao Yao, about you…”

Her mother hasn’t opened her mouth, Yao Yao has forced herself to smiled: “You reassured, I promised you, I will be okay!” this matter happened one time is more than enough, but… if comes to second times, she has warned Li Mei Yun not to do this kind of thing but if she really not reflect, makes her family not peace, this revenge must be collected!

Stills a same word, for Yao Yao her family is the most important.

Leaving the room, she heading to second floor and meet Li Mei Yun with Xiao Zhen who are still standing there. She made fist with her hand and her eyesight locked on them, who knows…

“Slutty girl, is your grandpa already death?”

Her footsteps stopped, she back and gave Xiao Zhen one slap: “If your mouth only can speak these kinds of words, better shut up!”

“You dare to slap me?” Xiao Zhen didn’t show her weakness.

Li Mei Yun pulled her: “Xiao Zhen, wait.” Her eyes coldly looked at Yao Yao: “Didn’t you say that you are settling the matter? How to do?”

As for your wish, I will ask to break up with Yu Ao Tian, but whether he wants or not to break up with me, it is his matter.”

“Hah. Do you mean that you are not giving up of Yu Ao Tian?”

It is not that I am not giving up on Yu Ao Tian but how if Yu Ao Tian who does not want to giving up on me? Yu Ao Tian such bossy and domineering man, he won’t stop if he hasn’t reached his goal?

“Miss Li, in my past I ever met third wheels, so that I really hate them just like you do. But, during that time, when I hate her, I did self-introspection, she made me understood actually what kind of man that stayed beside me!”

Why must she choose to break up with Feng Chen Yi at the moment she found out he slept with other woman and why didn’t she just give him another chance?

Simply because when it happened one times than it would happen to hundred times too, so she heart-steel to give up on this love because after the first Ruo Ting there might be the second Ruo Ting, the third Ruo Ting, when the times really happen, what should she do? Should she continue to break up with Feng Chen Yi? And then should she reconcile with him again after that? Repeating the same story again and again?

She cannot deny, until this moment, she still loves Feng Chen Yi, there few times she really wants to be little bit impulsive and reconcile with him, but, whenever she thought about Ruo Ting, she really can’t help herself to walkout from that nightmare.

“Luo Yao Yao, what do you want to say? Do you mean that is my fault or Yu Ao Tian fault?”

“No, I don’t mean it. I admitted I have wronged but didn’t you have revenged on me? Did it not enough?”

“So you have known about the truth, ha, Luo Yao Yao, you are really a schemer, since you have found out about it why didn’t you come and ask me? You are really unexpected as naïve as I thought. Well, since you is not willing to leave Yu Ao Tian, I will continue come to find your family and talk about this matter.”

What Li Mei Yun wants? Didn’t I have told her that I will ask break up with Yu Ao Tian? What does she still want?

Seeing Li Mei Yun is going to leave, she hurried pulled her wrist: “Miss Li, actually what do you want from me?”

“Hey, Luo Yao Yao, what are you doing, hurry let go my Miss.” Xiao Zhen suddenly raised her voice, her expression looked panic and worried.

In the chaos situation, Yao Yao really does not pay attention to her surrounding, she still pulled Li Mei Yun unwilling to let her go.

But on this moment…

Li Mei Yun’s body is falling backward, falling downstairs.


“Argh…” Suddenly Yao Yao felt herself is covered with cold air, her pair of big eyes is stared at Li Mei Yun who is rolling down, no, she is not pushing Li Mei Yun, but why…

Her eyes is nervously looking at Li Mei Yun who has already been downstairs, people are looking for the crowd.

Yu…Ao Tian, how can he still be here…

Not long after the chaos, finally she regained herself, no wonder Li Mei Yun and her maid were waiting for her, no wonder Xiao Zhen raised her voice and gave that worry and panic expression, so that they were planning!

Re-think, if suddenly she run to Yu Ao Tian and ask for break up, based on Yu Ao Tian’s nature he must have been predicting the reason, at that moment the one who doomed must be Li Mei Yun, and at other side… if she acted alike unreasonable girl, Yu Ao Tian must give up on her, right?

Actually this is not bad to think this way, but… this time if Yao Yao really wants to leave Yu Ao Tian directly, she really not happy, first time Li Mei Yun had scheme her, the second time Li Mei Yun had come to make her family not in peace, now this is her third time, she really not happy about this!”

“Miss! Miss!”

“Mei Yun.” Yu Ao Tian rushed and carried Li Mei Yun who has already fallen.

“Mr. Yu.”

“Ao Tian… How… can.. you… be… here?” She spoke weakly.

Yu Ao Tian silent, he slowly helped her up and coldly stared at Yao Yao.

“I didn’t push her!” Yao Yao coldly said while walking downstairs: “It was her who falling by herself!” she looked firm with her word, saying it to Yu Ao Tian.

“Xiao Luo, how could you speak in this way? I have been there, it was clearly you who pushed my Miss!”

“I didn’t push her! It was herself falling down!”

“Why my Miss wanted to fall by herself?”

“Because she wanted to scheme me, put blame on me!”

“Put blame on you? Ha…” Xiao Zhen laughing sarcastically and with tearing eyes said: “My Miss is pregnant for 2 months, so in order to lay blame on you she must fall down from stairs?”

What! Pregnant! Impossible, Xiao Zhen must be telling lie! It must be absolutely impossible, how can Li Mei Yun gamble with her own child!

“Doom! Miss!” Xiao Zhen panic looking at Li Mei Yun.

“Xiao Zhen… what happen?” Li Mei Yun expressionless looked at Xiao Zhen.

She biting her lips, quivering pointed at Li Mei Yun’s body: “Bleed…bleeding.”

After Yu Ao Tian heard it, he hurried to take a look, he says nothing but hurried to carry Li Mei Yun to the emergency room.

“Impossible, this must be scheme, absolutely is!” outside the emergency room, Yao Yao expressionless standing there, she really wanted to see what other show and acting Li Mei Yun played.

“Xiao Luo, at this point you even said this kind of words!” Xiao Zhen despised Yao Yao.


“Shut up!” Yu Ao Tian who standing not far from there coldly said, his eyesight looked at Yao Yao: “I have seen it!”

“So what if you saw it, things that you see with eyes won’t mean the real!”

Yu Ao Tian hurried showed his hands: “So how about her bleeding?”

“Fake! It must be planned by her before! Everything has been planned before!”

“Luo Yao Yao!” moved ahead one step, Yu Ao Tian raised his hand, mid in the air almost slapped her: “How can you be this stupid?”

“It’s me stupid or you?”

“You!” Yu Ao Tian is still raising his hand…

“Mr. Yu.” Suddenly the expressionless doctor walked out from the emergency room, he gave the report to Yu Ao Tian: “Sorry, Miss Li’s child… can’t be saved.”

“See, is it fake?” Yu Ao Tian threw that report paper to Yao Yao’s face.

Fake, it must be fake! Yao Yao is losing herself control; she hurried grabbing the doctor’s shirt collar: “Said, how much money did you received from Li Mei Yun, so that you telling lies!”

“Miss, what are you means?” The doctor said while hinting to Yu Ao Tian: “Mr. Yu, this…”

He sneered, his eyes gleaming, he grabbed Yao Yao: “I really feel so disappointed toward you!”

“Yu Ao Tian, why don’t you believe on me?”

“Give me reason why must me?”


That’s right… what kind of reason? When it talking about feeling, Yu Ao Tian does not have any feeling toward her so why he must believe on her, he feels unhappy because he hasn’t got her, if see from that incident, it was real that Yu Ao Tian had witness by himself, wasn’t him?

Why must she want Yu Ao Tian believed on her? Why?

Yao Yao finally gained herself and back to her logic, she showed confused expression looking at Yu Ao Tian, she really not understood herself why must she want Yu Ao Tian to believe on her.

“You wait for me in here, don’t go anywhere!” Yu Ao Tian frees her and go inside the emergency room.

“Ha.” Xiao Zhen who standing not far from there is scoffing, rolled her eyes: “You get what you ask for!”

“Mei Yun.”

“Ao Tian… I… huhuhu…” Li Mei Yun is crying helplessly.

Yu Ao Tian is walking to the bedside, coldly said: “Why are you coming to hospital!”

“I… I came for doing pregnancy test!”

“Speak honestly!” Yu Ao Tian eyes flashing, his big hand pinched her chin.

“Uh, hurt.” Strangely Li Mei Yun quivering, she never thought that Yu Ao Tian could be this heartless to the point he is not caring to the child, once he opened his mouth, he is asking her why she came to hospital?

“I really came here to do pregnancy test.”

“That’s right, Mr. Yu, my Miss…”

Yu Ao Tian raised his hand and slapped Xiao Zhen: “You don’t have right to speak in here! Get lost!”

“I am sorry Mr. Yu.”

After Xiao Zhen leaving, the air inside emergency room is really suffocating, Li Mei Yun’s heart is shivering, she could feel that Yu Ao Tian mood would explode, does he angry because of that slutty bitch who pushed her down? Or because… others thing? If she thought this way, Li Mei Yun purposely spoke with guilty tone: “Ao Tian…”

“Mei Yun, since you are not having intention to speak honestly, I will leave.” Coldly he said and get ready to leave.

“Ao Tian, I… I really coming here to have pregnancy test, but after I done with it, I came to visit…Luo Yao Yao’s grandpa.”

“Humph? Went to visit, or went to provoke?” Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes, his lips curved up.

“I… I am sorry, Ao Tian, I am wronged.”

He has predicted that Yao Yao would not be such lost control if she didn’t get any provocation, but this time he really feels so disappointed toward Yao Yao.

“Mei Yun… you take care, I will come to see you again in few days.” He left the room, hugged Li Mei Yun for while and his attitude looked so warm.

“Hu…Ao Tian, but our baby…” Li Mei Yun suffered, she crying in Yu Ao Tian’s embrace,

“You rest assured, I will settle it.”

After Li Mei Yun listened to Yu Ao Tian, her lips curved upward, make a faint smile. But she is not paying attention to Yu Ao Tian’s eyes that hiding something…

“How could it happen? How? Li Mei Yun was taking her own baby to gamble, if she knew she pregnant from the beginning, she must taking good her child properly, mustn’t her? On this way she must be able to make her position stronger.” Standing in front of the room, Yao Yao murmured to herself, she really not understood why Li Mei Yun took huge gamble only to set her up.

At moment, she really suspicious whether she really pushed her down or not, but to rethink it, she dares and certain she wasn’t!

“Huh, shameless thing, being third wheels is already shameless and now being the third wheel who harmed my Miss until she miscarriage, you will strike by thunder soon or later!” Xiao Zhen is cursing her.

Furrowed her brow, Yao Yao pissed off, biting her lips, but say nothing.

Not long after that, Yu Ao Tian gets out from the room.

“Mr. Yu.’

As if not seeing Xiao Zhen, he directly looked at Yao Yao: “Starting tomorrow, you are not allowed to go for working, 24 hours to take care Mei Yun until she discharged.”

What? Yu Ao Tian still dares to ask her taking care Li Mei Yun? So who will be responsibility if something happen to Li Mei Yun? Based on her poisonous nature, will she let her off easily?

“I refused.”

“You don’t have right to refuse, don’t forget about your status!”

“You don’t need to remind me, Yu Ao Tian, I know very well my status. If you are really hate me because I killed your child, you can give up on me!”

“Give up on you? Hah… doesn’t it too generous for you?” he scoffed, his cold face get close to her: “What kind of thing is more interesting as punishment except tormenting you slowly by slowly?”

Demon! Yu Ao Tian is simply a demon, that time he wasn’t fire Sun Li and even promoted Yao Yao only to see how she will go and tortured Sun Li?

This man is so dangerous and scary, he will do thing to the limit so he will achieve the ultimate satisfaction!

“You don’t need to look me with your innocent eyesight, actually I have ordered you to take care Li Mei Yun before? Now I just make it for you to take care of her completely, you must grateful because my merciful toward you!” after said, he smiled deviously and leaving the hospital.

Yao Yao is extremely pissed off: “Yu Ao Tian… I hate you! I hate you!” her shouting sound is echoed along the corridor, her eyes is filled with grief tears. She feels as if her heart is pierced with something, so hurt!

Hah, why must her heart fell hurt? Is it because Yu Ao Tian not believes on her? She never care with other people opinions before, so why she must care now?

Again, last time it was so obviously, both of them were interacting and having conversation like friend, but only in blinked of eyes, he turned be her foe again. This feeling really…mess!


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      1. Aside from finding out what happened at the hospital. He will be looking for Cheng Yi . He knows that the suit belongs to him.

  1. I thought they will have happy time together now, I’m getting headach from this roll coaster relationship. Time for Yao to kick everyone ass. She need to form her own mafia group and beat YAT ass!!!

  2. YY may have had a chance to escape from YAT but she didn’t take it. Plus, it seems like she is beginning to like him while he wants to corrupt her. Will she eventually become corrupted by hanging around him?

  3. YAT seems up to something. He looks like pushing YY to reveal her inner beast by asigned her as LMY maid. You wait LMY.. Dont make a mess with lady YY!! hahaha

      1. I have a feeling that YAT believe YY over LMY. I think YAT caught the smirk on LMY’s face n he knew that LMY planned this accident but y assigned YY to look after a baby killer.

  4. This story is a real mess and no one character seems to have any sense in behaviour or dealings. I’ve really lost my patience with this.

  5. Thanks for the update. I am disappointed with YAT. Perhaps he is planning something. Poor YY. I feel like giving up on this novel. The characters don’t seem to be progressing. I share YT’s feelings.

  6. YAT has no attention to have babies with anyone. Didnt he ask someone to abort in previous chapter? So why did he punished YY?

    1. you will get the answer in next chapter regarding the reason why YY must serve LMY.
      As for abortion and no babies…
      it is main rule for every woman who wants to have relationship with Yu Ao Tian.
      while in the previous chapter there was one of YAT’s girl friend who trying to keep the baby and ended miserably.

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