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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 23. 3

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Chapter 23

Part 3 (Three)

Wang Ye comes Back

“Miss, you cannot enter!” one of the security guard, stopped me.

I kicked him away and fly toward Kang Yu.

Kang Yu sees me and he opened wide his hand to hug me, and then smiled to me.

I really similar with monkey, hugging him tightly, a pair of my leg clasp as if twisting to his waist.

“Kang Yu! Kang Yu!” I cried and shouted his name, as if I haven’t called him for my entire life.

Would three years really as long as entire life?

“Miao Miao! You have promised me not to cry!”

“Just let me!” fortunately I didn’t do makeup or otherwise my makeup must be messed.

I buried my face in his chest, I still can’t believe he has come back, he really came back.

Kang Yu embraced me, we walked until the exit, Uncle Shen saw him, he also have tears but also scolded him, “You little brat, you are little brat!”

Kang Yu stretches out his hand, patting Uncle Shen’s shoulders and then three of us hug together.

Uncle Shen cries, I cry, Kang Yu comfort me, and also comfort him, he really busy.

Finally after I cried enough, I calmed myself, I climbed down from him.

I haven’t looked him carefully.

I lifted my head up, I realized he grows higher again, three years today, he has been matured, his face is sharper, completely so masculine, his shoulder is wider, also strong. His skin still same like before, healthy golden tan colored.

My God, I really don’t know how handsome he is now.

“Miao Miao, don’t you want to touch me?”

I still hesitated whether to touch him or not.

“If you don’t touch, let me do it.”

I dumbfounded, “what?”

Suddenly Kang Yu big hand touched my face, warmly with his fingers touching my eyebrows, eyes, nose, and also my lips, he touches me as if I am his lost treasure that he has been searching for his life time.

After some times, after he done, he sighed, “Fortunately, you have not swindled by anyone!”

My face blushed, who will swindle me ah, it only you the stupid.

He embraces me and I tightly hug around to waist.

He really comes back!

“Hi! Duke, I am sorry to let you wait for so long time.”

By my surprised, there is voice that speaking English caught by my ears, I shocked.

I saw blonde man who looked like Tom Cruise and that foreign man looked me curiously.

Who? Who is he?

I frustrated, Kang Yu said to me, “Miao Miao, let me introduce he is my colleagues, Leo Carter!”

“Oh!” I panic and replied him, “Nice to meet you!” and then I whispered to Kang Yu, “Why he called you “Duck*”?”
Leo called Kang Yu Duke but Miao Miao heard it as Duck.

He also whispered to me, “My English name!”

English name, I glanced at him, his English name is “flashy”.

Duke is title for the nobility, at same time it has equivalent meaning with Wang Ye in Chinese.

Kang Yu glanced back to me, as if he said do you think this name is made by myself?

Oh, I understood.

It seems there might be something interesting, I will ask him later.

“Me too!” the foreign handsome not bother answered me, and then he said to Kang Yu “She is often you mentioned the girlfriend?”

Although my English really terrible, at least my English level is university level, naturally I understood.

He is asking Kang Yu, am I his girlfriend that he often mentioned?

I heard and understood. I smiled so sweetly.

But Kang Yu said, “No!”

At sudden my face changed, why not!

Kang Yu stared at me, I looked stunned but he answered him in English, “She is not my girlfriend, she is my…” suddenly he lower his head, his eyesight gently looked at me, “Fiancée, she is my fiancée!”

Once again my face changed, this time really changed to be red.

Fiancée means the future wife!

Future wife! Afterall he said that I am his future wife!

Now I feel my heart is bursting with sweetness.

Secretly I tugged Kang Yu’s sleeves, looked at his eyes, What?

I moved my fingers, hinting him to lower his head.

He lowered his head, now I said in his ears, “Since when I become your future wife?”

He frowned, “what? You want to renege on debt!”

Renege on debt? Why must I renege on debt?

He took out pen recorder from his pocket, he swayed in front of me, “Miao Miao, don’t think to break your word, I have the evidence with me!”

I really forget about that thing, why he brings that thing with him everywhere.

If early I know, I won’t ask him, lower my head, speechless, but my heart really fill with sweetness.

Later on, Kang Yu and Mr. Leo carter have conversation in English, I quite surprised to hear Kang Yu speaks English as fluent as speaking in mother tongue, as expected, those who went to overseas really not same.

What they said, some I understood such as, I understood… chest, I really despised my hearing ability, also the colloquial speech so that I not really understand the word.

The Chinese who were taught the English really an evil.

To the extend, this old man, uncle Shen who ever studied in overseas as exchanged student also used fluent English to join the conversation, it only me, who cannot speak but still forcing myself.

If not because Kang Yu who keeps me by his side, embraces me perhaps I have dug big hole and jump in.

After they spoke for while, Kang Yu said, “Let’s go!”

I understood this word, if I not understand, it better for me to jump from building.

“Are we leaving now? Let me help you to take the luggage! You guys have chat!” I dragged his luggage, I tried to find something to do, just to cover that I stupidly standing listen to duck language.

I realized Kang Yu and Leo looked alike best buddy, both of them have same height, age and also have good-looking appearance that able to stun, both of them standing together really sparkling, walking toward the parking area, both of them are enchanting countless women, perhaps those women may hitting the wall but still keep on looking at them.

I still dragging the luggage little bit embarrassing walking in line with them, I walked slowly and I have walked and followed at their back.

Suddenly Leo turned back to see me, very politely smiled at me.

He turned in front, touching Kang Yu’s shoulder, “Duck, she is very beautiful!”

I feel overwhelmed by favor, I have good impression toward him by 100%.

Although I often heard that all the foreigner like to say beautiful to the Asian girls, all are completely courtesy words.

But stills I very happy.

Mr. Leo took a glance at me again, I little bit frustrated why he looked at me again, whenever he looked at me, he would touch Kang Yu’s shoulder, he looks so ambiguous, his big hands gesturing curved, “Nice Body!”

It seems that he not look at my face but his eyesight… I lower my head and looked at my own chest area.

Ugh… I dragged the luggage and screamed in heart, let the Marianas Trench goes deeper, so that be more oblivious.

Immediately I looked at Kang Yu, his face stun and dark, he also realized it.

Get into problems!

At the same time, my impression toward Mr. Leo declined by many points.

Actually, he is foreign grey wolf!

Get in to the car, Kang Yu and I sat on the passage seat at back, Mr. Leo sat on the in front seat, along the way to home, Kang Yu not said anything to me, while Leo has light conversation with Uncle Shen.

I looked similar to little cat who scratching the glass window.

The foreigner caused me trouble.


Uncle Shen sent Mr. Leo to hotel, and then he took us to home, once we arrived at Uncle Shen’s house, Kang Yu still ignored me, without any better option, I went to upstairs, I put his luggage, I complaint inside my heart, I didn’t intend to.

I heard Kang Yu’s footsteps to upstairs, I wanted to see him, I could not quarreling with him in our first meeting, still it is always me who lower my head and admitted my fault.

He comes, he looks so stern, close the door.

I feel fear in my heart, “Does Uncle Shen takes his rest?”

“En!” he is leaning the door.

I heard the door being locked sound.

Why he closed and even locked the door, does he locked the door to hit dog… pei, pei, pei, not, hit wife, pei again… I am not his wife.

He walked slowly heading to me, I wanted to draw back, but I got caught by him, I feel little bit dizzy after he rounded me, I heavily bump to the door.

I shocked, “Kang…”

I just called his name half but he has stopped me by his mouth.

I never knew that kissing could be this intense and fierce, he seems wanted to eat me, my nose smells something, I could feel that my mouth filled with his taste, and also fire that burn my whole body, I feel like running into boiling water, at moment I forget to close my eyes, open wide my eyes, he also not close his eyes, but he glared fiercely at me, as if he purposely to do it, he sucking my tongue as if he wanted to break it, but at same time he wanted to punish me, he used his teeth to bite my lips.

I feel my whole body numb, tipsy and face burned hot, slowly become rigid, nice and warm, again I welcome him, our tongue entangled and also our hands, both of us also rubbing our clothes each other, and the kissing go more wildly.

After being kissed I almost cannot stand in steady, exhausted and then he let me go.

I touched his forehead with panting heavily. We have separated for three years, once we meet we have went wildly, toward this really huge test.

I pity seeing him.

He looked at me with unable to find a way out eyesight, sighed, but still very strictly said to me, “You are not allowed to wear this kind of clothes!”

I hurried nodding my head, heavily nodding.

His expression changed better little bit, he started to help me to tidy up my clothes, suddenly he gazed at my chest area, his face turned be not good again, said, “Miao Miao, I have told you to stop grow up, why don’t you listen to me!”

I really want to cry…

This is not something that I can control.

Unfinished, he touched his clean shaved chin, complement, “to make correction, you only can wear it while only together with me, alone!”



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