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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 97 – 98


Rui is helping me to translate this chapter so all the credit goes to Rui.
Rui summarized Chapter 97 because Rui thought chapter 97 is too boring so only translated Chapter 98 in fully.

Chapter 97 and 98

Chapter 97

Finally Ye Che regains himself back. He stops to be lost and He started to ask Lu Qun about the situation last time before Long Mo Er missing after having conversation with Fei Yan. On other side, Gu Na Yan is really happy to see Ye Che whose eyes are shinning brilliantly. He comes back to his old self.

Gu Na Yan believes Ye Che loves Long Mo Er and he gives his blessing for Ye Che and Long Wan Er happiness.

Lu Qun brings Gu Na Yan and Ye Che to the wood where last time she saw her Miss before missing and tell them everything she knows. Gu Na Yan and Ye Che are starting to analyze why Long Mo Er Missing? Why Fei Yan looking for Long Mo Er, what was both of them talking? Fei Yan motives and others possibility.


Chapter 98

At the same time when Gu Na Yan makes his analyzing, Ye Che also trying to guess what Fei Yan said to Mo Er.

What the motive Fei Yan coming here? What she said that affected to Mo Er? Why must Mo Er leaving? Ye Che really can’t make guess for all of it. What is happened between both of them? Does Fei Yan really someone difference as who he thought? Did she say something harsh until hurt Mo Er?

So that, Mo Er felt hurt and left?

Thoughts of Long Mo Er face which wet by tears, her heart hurt, Ye Che heart is tightening, he starts to worry her.

Must find her out, should talk with her clearly.

“Just now I have checked, I realized there are two paths, those paths are heading to small town, we can go along the path to search, if both of them were leaving this place, perhaps went there, let’s we go to see.” Ye Che carefully made his analyzing.

Gu Na Yan agreed.

“En.” In the situation where Lu Qun can’t find her Miss, she has been so panic, no idea, the best she only listen to every command. Hopes that can find her Miss quickly, she never left her Miss since both of them were child.

Go along to one path, all of them are walking together. Just as Ye Che predicted, not long after that, they are arrived at small town.

This town is really not big, at one look it able to see the small town edge.

“Let’s we separate, I go to East, Lu Qun and Gu Na Yan go to South. Later we meet in here.” Ye Che said.

“Yes, Third Young Master.”

Gu Na Yan nodding his head, He sees Lu Qun who still looking at Ye Che, not in good mood: “Have promised, have said clearly, why haven’t made move? Are you trying to slacking off in here?”

“No, I don’t. I don’t to think for slacking off.” Lu Qun immediately retorted.

“Well, hurry followed me.” Gu Na Yan has started to walk heading to the East.


Lu Qun knows this “Xi Yan Gong Zi” every times he speaks so casual, likes to kidding. But, this time he does not speak that casual and make her sadder.

All because of her, if she followed her Miss, her Miss would not be missing. After thinking, Lu Qun silently crying, this time she not even has courage to cry loudly. Indeed this time her Miss missing because of her slacked off, all is her fault. If her Miss not back, she can’t forgive herself for the entire life.

At the back there is no sound, Gu Na Yan feels little bit strange, turned back, he realized Lu Qun who followed his back is lowered her head, she is surrounded with thick guilty feeling.

Gu Na Yan stopped his footsteps, standing straightly at there, waiting for Lu Qun to get closer.

When Lu Qun found out she has bumped into someone, she bumps to one’s hard chest, suddenly she lifts her head up, looking at Gu Na Yan’s deep black eyes.

“Why are you crying again?” Gu Na Yan sighed, he takes up his handkerchief, he wipes Lu Qun tears. “Don’t cry anymore, we will be able to find Wan Er safely, believe me!”

“I won’t let anything bad happen to Sister Wan Er, although you are not believes on me, but you must believe on Ye Che, he won’t let Wan Er lost. She just not understands the feeling between her and Ye Che in this moment, just wait until she understands it, he will absolutely comes back to his side because she loves him.” Gu Na Yan spoke softly.

“During the time we looking for her, we also give her time to think, the important thing that we do now aren’t looking for her but more to give her time to consider and think her love to Ye Che.”


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