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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 158 – 160

Chapter 158 – 160

The coming days, Yao Yao is treated as personal maid who is kept by them to serve Li Mei Yun. Li Mei Yun is created all kinds of difficulties for her. In order to stand for herself, she really does not know how to fight back.

“Slutty girl, didn’t you hear what doctor say? My Miss cannot eat and drink cold, you even buy the cold things do you want to kill my Miss and then feel satisfied with it?” Xiao Zhen is angrily cursing.

Yao Yao coldly answered: “I will go to buy the new ones.” She turned and left the room, she standing stupidly in front of the room’s door.

Huh, really not understand, why she must taking care that woman who almost make her grandpa suicide, but she more not understand, where the loopholes and she even got this punishment? “Argh!” she threw the food, so angry and almost exploded.

“Miss, I really not understand, why not chase out that slutty girl.”

Inside the room, suddenly take notice of Xiao Zhen’s voice, Yao Yao who is crouching in front of the door, crying but her ears caught…

“Yu Ao Tian’s thought, I will never could understand it. I thought with this, that little girl may go away, but…” Li Mei Yun sighed.

“Huh, it is pity the baby in your stomach.”

“It is not pity, hah, I will never can give birth to this child.”


“Ao Tian… he will never allow all the women beside him to bear his child, if there is child, must be abort it. So that he must force me to do it too and perhaps I might brawl with him. It better ended like this.” Li Mei Yun touching her stomach, her eyes gleam sadness.

“HeHe, no matter what, Miss. Everything goes as planned, that slutty girl has created trouble for herself, makes Mr.Yu unhappy.”

“Aha, she is stupid, she really does not understand to grab Yu Ao Tian’s heart, but this is good, at least I know that girl is unimportant for Yu Ao Tian, he just wanted to play with her!”

At this moment, when Yao Yao listens to the conversation coming from inside the room, finally all her questions are solved…

It really wasn’t her who pushed Li Mei Yun, as predicted it was her who did by herself.

The stone that pressed in her heart break down, she feels relieved…

Not to mention, although Yao Yao is understand thoroughly about Li Mei Yun but she really feel sorry toward the baby.

“HaHaHaHa, no matter how heartless Yu Ao Tian, at least he told two right things…

First thing… Yu Ao Tian had ever told her very early about Li Mei Yun who is her idol in her heart, everything about her only an image that created by the management.

The others… she is indeed stupid!

“Hello.” Taking out her phone with expressionless face, she slowly said: “Nan Lu, have time, I need… you help me to do…”

“Buying things take so long, really useless!” Yao Yao carried thing when she came back to the room, Xiao Zhen scolded her again.

She keeps silent, her eyesight sweeping at Li Mei Yun: “Miss Li, you have stayed here for 4 days, the doctor said that you can discharge, why not leave?”

“Oh yeah? Why did I not remember what the doctor said? Moreover, this is none of your business, okay?”

“Oh, I just simply want to ask.” She shrugged and smiled sweetly: “if you don’t have any order, I want to go out for moment.”

“Get lost!”

Turned her back, Yao Yao is faster leaving the hospital. She took this opportunity to hail cab and go to Feng’s group.

“Miss Lisa…”

Outside the General Manager Office room, Lisa lifts up her head to take glance: “Aiya, It is you Miss Luo, do you come to send document or meet the General Manager Feng?”

Yao Yao awkwardly smiled: “This time, private matter. I come to meet General Manager Feng for something.”

“Oh, our General Manager Feng…” Lisa glancing to the office room, these two days General Manager Feng mood is obliviously easy to be affected with Miss Luo coming so will it be any changes then? Does she the future Boss’s wife? Perhaps nothing will be happened if taking her to his office room, right?

“Lisa, does General Manager Feng busy? If he really busy…”

“No, he is not busy. Come and follow me.” Lisa escort Yao Yao to the office room.

When she entered the room, inside there are seven or eight managers who dressed in suit and directly looked to the door.

Feng Chen Yi who sat down in his seat spotted Yao Yao, his pair of eyes gleaming, when he wanted to speak…

He heard one of his employees shouted: “Who is this little girl? Unexpectedly come to interrupt the meeting in General Manager’s office! Quickly get lost!”

Meeting? Is Feng Chen Yi in the middle of meeting? Yao Yao thought she must be get in trouble now, lower her head, with soft voice asked: “Miss Lisa, General Manager Feng is having meeting, why are you bringing me here?”

“It is okay, your coming to find General Manager Feng must be urgent, if I asked you to leave, I will be doomed!”

But now why she feels the person who doomed must be her? “I am sorry, I am sorry, sorry to disturb.”

“Simply to say you don’t have etiquette!”

“I am sorry. I am sorry.” Yao Yao non-stop for apologizing, she turned and wanted to leave.

“Lisa!” Feng Chen Yi sees Lisa with cold eyesight.

She got the hinted and nodded her head, she stopped Yao Yao, smiled sweetly to all the people inside the room: “Everyone, sorry to disturb, today meeting is dismissed.”

“General Manager Feng, please don’t be angry, this little girl just doesn’t know about the etiquette, won’t you just stop the meeting because of her, will you?” that person who roared at Yao Yao just now is one of the managers, he looked at Feng Chen Yi with smiling face.

Then he frowned and looked at Lisa.

“Manager Yu, you are fired.” Lisa is smiling sweetly and gesture “please get out” to him.

That manager is confused: “What this means?”

“Manager Yu, don’t you understand? You are fired, please leave! If you are not leaving, I will call the security guard!” Lisa spoke with firm attitude.

The others people are leaving quickly from Feng Chen Yi’s office room after they witness the situation, so that Manager Yu also left.

“General Manager Feng, I take my leave.” Lisa bowed, smiling to Yao Yao and then she left the office room.

She helplessly sighed, walking slowly in front to his desk: “Feng Chen Yi, you are fired that manager, will this….”

“He is my employee, I like to fire him and then I just did it, there is none your business!”


Didn’t she know the reason Feng Chen Yi fire that manager? But why must he act this bossy?

Ah! Forget it! Endure it, endure it, today is coming to beg him, please don’t fight with him. “Oh.”

“Suddenly coming here, what do you want?” Feng Chen Yi coldly asked.

“I, I come to ask help from you.” Yao Yao is forcing herself to smile and she really hopes he gives face to her.

Feng Chen Yi cold face looked helpless: “What kind of help?”

“I, I want… I come to find you… want to borrow your credit card.” Feng Chen Yi will let her borrow, right? He is so generous, he must let her to borrow it, right?

“Card? What kind of card?”

Uh? Is it because she not clearly mentioned it? “That unlimited Gold VIP Card.”

“En?” Feng Chen Yi eyes rolled, stood up, he walked to in front of Yao Yao: “If I not mistaken didn’t that man have given you that card? Why are you borrowing it from me?”

What should be said? Her eyes rolled, she keeps on smiling: “Borrow me ah, only 1 day, after one day, I will give it back to you, can I?”

“Ha, actually I don’t mind, you know very well I don’t mind. But… that kind of valuable thing, why must I let you to borrow it? You are not my girl friend, you are only my ex-girlfriend!”

Listened to his heartless question, Yao Yao strangely feel unhappy…

“Chen Yi, if one day we are break up, then I need help from you, will you help me?”

“Stupid, we won’t break up!”

“Aiya, I just said if.”

“There is no if. Because whether we are or not together, I will always prioritize your matter first!”

Because of his words, she weirdly felt so touched, but never thought she really remember what he said, this brat speaks and do are completely two matters!

“I come to find you only to borrow your card, nothing else.”

“So what.” Feng Chen Yi’s body is leaning to his chair, both of his hand are hugged on her waist: “You pay little “Deposit”, I will give you the card.”

“Deposit? Forget it!” she break free Feng Chen Yi hand: “just think I never came.” Her face is dark and running out from the office room.

Really regret, she must not come to borrow the card from the start, she must be crazy to think that he will surely let her to borrow his card!

Yao Yao is pissed off rushed out, she going out while cursing, but when she turned to the corridor corner, her footstep stopped…

Feng Chen Yi’s side really no hope, should she go to Yu Ao Tian? Cannot! Cannot! Surely Yu Ao Tian will find out her motives. “Aiya, frustrated!”

The most hatred is Feng Chen Yi, it only a card! Why must he care so much? Why must he make thing so difficult for her? As the result both of them always have fight every times meet, really bored!

Her small hand inserted to her pocket, she wanted to take pace but her body suddenly froze.


What is it inside the pocket?

“Feng Chen Yi you are bastard!” she laughed bitterly, because she touched something weird from inside her pocket, it is…. A real card!

That damn man since when he put it?

Her mind recalled the memory when she was inside the office room, she remembered the sudden when Feng Chen Yi hugged her, so he had put it during that time.

“Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Feng Chen Yi you are simply bastard! Ah…” smiled with tears, Yao Yao looked at that card with bright eyesight.

“Hu…” calm down, calm down, she can feel her heart thumping hard and fast.

He body is leaning to the wall, she keeps quiet for moment, and takes out her phone…

“What’s matter?”

After listened to the familiar voice from the other phone side, she coldly asked: “The pin?”

“Your birthday!”

A short word coldly said but strangely it gives… unlimited warmness for Yao Yao. “Feng…”

“Tutututttut.” The phone call is hung up.

“Hah.” She helplessly shook her head, one big tear flowing down from her eyes corner…

“uh, I am sorry.” Perhaps because she is too happy, When Yao Yao is intending to leave Feng’s group she bumped to someone.

“Hey, use your eyes while you are walking, you dare to bump into our Vice CEO Feng!”

When Yao Yao lifts up her head, she spotted Feng Chen Rui: “Oh it’s you! Are you coming to find my little brother?”

Oh, Feng Chen Yi’s older brother. “I have something to do in here, not really looking for General Manager Feng.”

“Oh? I knew it.”

Knew it? What are you knew it? Yao Yao showed her curious expression.

“I have got the information that you ever dated my little brother when both of you in Japan, right?” Feng Chen Rui had asked his subordinate to check on Yao Yao, the result little bit surprising. But, by the coincidence his confidant was Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao school mates, so that he knew this secret.

“Oh, we were dated before.”

“HaHa, little girl, you don’t need to tell lie to me, I also knew that it was my little brother who cheated on you, so that both of you break up, right? Aiya, my little brother is little bit useless, he even not cherish when he had one good girlfriend like you, if you have time, let’s we have chat, okay?”

“Vice CEO Feng, it is my first time to meet type of older brother like you, someone who talked bad about his own little brother? As what I know, General Manager Feng strength and capability are acknowledged by everyone, if talking about being useless, I don’t think General Manager Feng is included as one of those people.”

Yao Yao smiled sweetly, pouted her mouth showed her guilty: “Pardon me, I never like to talk much with the useless person. Vice CEO Feng, I don’t connote on you, I take my leave.”

Humph, dare to speak badly about Feng Chen Yi! Seek death! Yao Yao rolled her eyes, fasten her steps and disappeared from Feng Chen Rui’s in front.

“Vice CEO Feng, that little girl…”

“Good talker, really cunning! No wonder she able to conquer that brat, Feng Chen Yi!” Feng Chen Rui fisted her hand until his vein appeared; he really not expected that little girl could be so protective to Feng Chen Yi!

In front of the hospital entrance…

“Nan Lu, I am sorry to make you wait too long.” After leaving Feng’s group, Yao Yao hurried to go to shopping mall, faster to choose few clothes, and rushed to the hospital.

She reunited with Nan Lu in front of the hospital and nodded her head: “It’s okay, let we hurry!”

“Okay!” both of they are calming down, they are heading to Li Mei Yun’s room with sweet smile.

In front of the room entrance, Xiao Zhen looked gloomy after she saw Yao Yao appeared. She came to shout at her again: “You slutty bitch, where are you going?”

“Zhen… sister Zhen, I …”

“Hey, Xiao Zhen, you better to see clearly, although Master is asking Yao Yao to take care your Miss, but just now, Master was looking for Yao Yao…

“Nan Lu!” Yao Yao nervously stopped Nan Lu, appeared to be guilty: “Sister Zhen, sorry, I will immediately go to look Miss Li. Nan Lu, I troubled you, you wait me for moment ah.” After said, she gave all the clothes to Nan Lu.

Xiao Zhen took a glance, big and small bags, all are branded things, all the things are priced more than hundred thousand dollar, did this little slut go for shopping? What is going on?

“Miss Li, do you feel comfortable with it?” Yao Yao has already come back not pouring tea but now she is massaging Li Mei Yun.

“Use more strength; you want to kill me?”

“Oh, I am sorry, Miss Li.”

“Get lost, I don’t need you to take care of me, really not understand how you massage me!”

“I am sorry.” Yao Yao showed her guilty expression, lower her head, but at the moment she turned… a card falls down.

This time, her face expression changed, nervously she took the card and put it inside her pocket and leaving Li Mei Yun’s room.

“Xiao Zhen… you, just now, did you see it?”

“I have seen it Miss, that card is…”

“Unlimited VIP gold card! It is Yu Ao Tian’s card!” when Yao Yao took the card, Li Mei Yun thought she was mistaken with what she saw. Since Xiao Zhen also saw it, this means she is not mistaken.

“How could Yu Ao Tian gave that card to that slutty girl?”

“Ah, so that…”

“Xiao Zhen, what?”

“Miss, just now… just now that little girl brought so many things when came here, Nan Lu was also with her, that time it seems Nan Lu said, it was Mr. Yu who asked her to going out.”

“Yu Ao Tian called her? Went out? And then buying things for her? And… and also gave the card to her?” Li Mei Yun really cannot cope with this reality, she is throwing everything to the floor. “Yu Ao Tian said that he was busy for these few days, so that he could not come to see me, but… hah, but… he took that little girl going out!”

“Miss, you calm down, calm down.”

“How can you ask me to calm down? I have planned this and that, even I don’t care about my body, all because I want to get rid that little girl, but the result? The result I am staying at hospital alone, and both of them are having sweet dating? Hu….” When she said it, Li Mei Yun is already breaking in tears until no voice.

“Xiao Zhen, perhaps there is misunderstanding in here?”

“Miss, how about if I go to check, trying to find out what that little girl say, see what is going on.”

Li Mei Yun has already had no energy to speak, she waved her hands. Xiao Zhen hurried rushing out from the room…

“Yao Yao, Master really loves you, he bought you many things.” Walking in the corridor, Nan Lu is looking so envious with the small and big bags.

“HaHa, Nan Lu you know I don’t really care about these things.”

“I know, of course I know it, or else Master won’t give you that card, but why you are still wear this poor clothes? I know you are trying to help Master to save up money, but… when Li Mei Yun got that card she was showing off, every times I thought about it, I do really angry!”

“Forget it, actually I am the third wheel in Li Mei Yun and Yu Ao Tian relationship, knowing this I feel sorry to her, I just hope she won’t come to trouble my family.”

“Hm, that’s right. But, Master is believed on you, Li Mei Yun does not have her baby, Master have forgiven you.”

“HaHa.” She faintly smiled.

This moment…

Let all yesterday…

Yao Yao mobile phone is ringing. “Hello?” suddenly her face showed sweet smiling expression, she spoke gently: “Ao Tian, it’s you.”

“En, I have back to hospital.”

“Cannot, now I can’t leave! I ought to take care Miss Li.”

“I know you are not blaming me, but… I really pity Miss Li. How about tomorrow I come to accompany you?”

“En, bye bye, muah muah.”

Seeing Yao Yao ended her phone call, Nan Lu who is standing beside her showed sour expression: “Aiyo, sour me to death, my teeth almost falling.”

“Hate you, Nan Lu.”

“Yao Yao, I see, your relationship and Master are progressing very well, just thank to Li Mei Yun.”

“What are you talking?”

“I think, if Li Mei Yun is not persistent staying in hospital, you won’t have this opportunity to be lovely-dovely with Master? Hahahaha, if she keeps on staying…perhaps you may marry with Master, already?”

“Sst, Nan Lu be careful, what if Li Mei Yun heard it?”

“Uh, I know.” Nan Lu smiled, but her eyes are looking at other side. “Yao Yao, Xiao Zhen has left.”

As precaution, Yao Yao run to check at the corner to ensure, after she ensured that Xiao Zhen already left, she gave all the things to Nan Lu: “Help me to return all these things.”

“En, I understand.”

“Other!” Her expression cold, “Do you find that woman?”

“Found, she is on the way, but… you sure that she will help you.”

“Ha…” She narrowed her eyes and smiled confidently: “I am so sure she will come to help me. Because it is nothing more interesting to witness own enemy in hardship!”

Inside the room.

Xiao Zhen’s face is black. “Miss…”

“What you got?”

“I have been eavesdropping the conversation between Nan Lu and that b*. Miss…” Xiao Zhen is crying, she reported all what she heard to Li Mei Yun.

No doubt, after Li Mei Yun heard it, she goes crazy as if get thunder during the sunny day. “Phone! Give my phone!”

“Miss, what are you doing?”

“Give me my phone!” she pissed off until her body shivering.

Xiao Zhen gave the phone to her.

Li Mei Yun dialed Yu Ao Tian’s number.


It is Yu Ao Tian cold voice when received the phone call, she feebly to press her anger, forcing to smile: “Ao… Ao Tian, do you have time? Last time you have promised me to come to see me, but you haven’t come even one time.”

“I am busy!”

“Busy? What you busy are?”

“Do you think that I should make report to you about my company’s matters?”

“No… Ao Tian, I, I don’t mean it. He, hehe.” Li Mei Yun bites her lips, still keep her smiling face: “Don’t you really not have time even a minute to see me?”

“Let’s talk later!”

“When will you come? Do you really busy? Since you are so busy, do you have time to eat?” hah, but you have time to accompany that B*, and even keeps on dating with her! Li Mei Yun really wanted to ask but she knows well Yu Ao Tian’s character, he hates woman that easy to get jealous. If still want to ask, it only embarrassed herself.


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  1. Thaank youu♡
    I like Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian, both are amazing♡
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    But even if she gets together with Ao Tian, I would be happy ☺😊

  2. What is the point of going to FCY’s side? She still need to face the other bitch of LMY’s younger sister anyway n FCY’s older brother’s scheme. Yes staying at YAT’s side has LMY to deal with but all his followers will not scheme or hurt YY.

    But I am glad that YY finally took the stand against LMY n XZ. I wonder who is this other girl that YY is teaming up against LMY.

    1. My guess is this is some weird sith lord training for her to see if she has the guts to survive in his world if pushed to it, something along the lines of if she can handle this issue she get promoted from kept woman to productive member of the group. I am really digging her whole willy coyote super genius impression here, the men in her life should take note abuse her all they like but touch her kin and the fangs come out.

  3. Go Yao Yao!!
    I hope the gold card will not get her into trouble if YAT knows whose the owner..
    Cant wait to see the end of LMY

    1. Yeh! Can’t wait to read the next post on who the other lady is and LMY’s outcome with YAT. She and her maid are indeed such wicked person 😡 hopefully they get kicked out soon. Sad to read how much FCY still cares and love YY and is always willing to care for her in a different way. However I still prefer YAT and YY together 😍

      1. True as well. Thanks azurro4cielo for your hard work in translating this lovely yet long novel for us. Loved the read and is something I looked forward daily 😉😘

    1. Rest assured, FCY is the nicest most genuinely kind (to a tragic degree) character in this story. Just about everything he has done, good and bad, has been for the sake of YaoYao. FCY is literally the perfect man.

      1. Exactly…I know everyone of us reading this novel either ship for FCY or YAT…but why would anyone want to go back to their cheating ex…as Azzuro said before that FCY promised YY everything yet he cheated on her with so many different women to justify that YY does not give her virginity to him??? Do you seriously call that LOVE??

        I don’t think so.

    2. The problem is FCY promissed YY love and happines as her boyfriend and then he betrayed YY makes her really sad and lost her trust. While YAT never promise her anything than just ask her to be by his side as his lover. Its make YY at least could decide what kind of heart she can formed for YAT nothing to loose.. We know the sadest thing is to be betrayed by someone you love the most

      1. You got the point.
        YY is type of person who value emotional and human bonds such as friendship, love, kinship, family, marriage, etc.
        FCY promised her too much but at last he disappointed her.
        while YAT never promised her anything and although YAT most of time is act like beast and bastard but he also someone who keep his promises, not only to YY but also others.

  4. Hi guys..
    Long time I haven’t post comment.. I turn to be silent reader.
    YY really cunning this time. hope she will succeed…aja aja fighting Yao Yao!

  5. Thanks. These chapters did not disappoint me. YY is fighting back. At this juncture, I am shipping FCY & YY. Way to go YY. Get rid of LMY.

  6. I don’t get why YY would have feelings for YAT? I don’t understand the attractions. I feel so sad for FCY. But it is true that he missed too many opportunities to be with her. However. at this moment anyone is better than YAT. He’s not even worth a single tear.

    1. That’s why both of Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian also not understand about their “weird” relationship.
      they are not friends, they are not lovers (in term real boy / girl friend and involved emotional feeling such as love) but both of them can’t leave one to another.
      As FCY, He not only missed many opportunities but also he not cherish his relationship with YY when they were still together.
      YY only caught him slept with Ruo Ting one time but that wasn’t FCY first time sleeping with others women. He had cheated on her for many times.
      The most hatred, FCY not admitting his mistake to YY but he even blame YY because she can’t fulfill his “Man needs” as if he cheated because of YY.

  7. Thanks Azurro for your comments on YY & YAT relationship. I couldn’t find words to describe their “weird” relationship. You just sum it up. Love the discussion we have. He He. Can’t wait for YY’s plans to work. In your face LMY.

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