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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 24


Chapter 24

Part 1 (one)

Daughter in law meets mother in law

“Yan Yan, please help me, help me to makeup one reason!” I am on phone and pledging.

“No problems, you are only not sleep at home, I understand! Does brother in law bring me present? If he brings me I will help you!” I glanced at Kang Yu, he has done wash up and just right in time tidying his suitcase.

He seems to understand what I mean he takes out one beautifully wrapped gift box from his luggage. He raised it in front of me.

I glad, I gave him my thumb up, and then I spoke on the phone, “He brought it, it is one big present!”

“Ok! Rest assured, let me think…” Yan Yan’s voice sounded flattering.

“Thank you!” I feel at ease, although I am university student, but before I graduated, my mom does not allow me to be dating, but going out at night not really strict still there is time-restriction so that could not spend night outside.

But Yan Yan is smarter than me, so that she must be able to come up with something.

“Sis, I know, just said that you are back to dorm to take your note, you met Gu Ling Li who stayed at dorm and not return to her home. She is being alone spending her summer holiday, she really lonely so that you keep her accompany, how it is, very reasonable!”

“En, en!” I nodded my head.

“Well, later when you calling to home, you just tell mom this thing, it must be alright, but…” Yan Yan laughed evilly, “Sis, don’t play too overboard till takes life, you and I are different. You stills have one year to graduate!”

My face blushed, “You go to hell!”

“HeHe! I hung up, I want to watch television! Bye bye!”

After the phone hung up, I called to home, to mom who received the phone called I said exactly alike what Yan Yan told me before. My mom not doubted at me, mom even reminded me to cover myself with quilt, don’t think because summer I can’t catch cold.

I answered her, she still chattering for few words before hung up the phone call.

I put down my mobile phone, I feel so relieved.

“Done?” Kang Yu back hugged me.

I lifted my head up, “En, quite frighten me to death!” I patting my chest, I still lingering with fear, glancing at him, I touched his hand, “Well, where is my present?”

There is no reason for Yan Yan to have one but I don’t.

A small box is immediately put inside my palm.

I have made comparison Yan Yan present is bigger than mine, “Why mine is so small?”

Kang Yu still hugged me, he did not have intention to free me, still like olden days, he spoke softly in my ear, “The weight value isn’t same!”

Weight value?

My expression not looked good while opened that small box, I stunned and my eyes shining brightly, “Swarovski crystal dog pendant.”

I have wanted it for long time, but the counter shop in Shanghai sells it so expensive.

“How can you know that I like this one!” I happily asked.

Kang Yu glanced at me, “As long as the thing is something related to dog, which one you don’t like, which one you don’t want.”

As expected he knows me so well.

“So what present are you going to give to Yan Yan?” This puppy pendant is expensive, but still how expensive it is, after all talking about the weight value isn’t same, it is Yan Yan’s present really cannot compare to mine.

Kang Yu coughed one time, “Several free snacks that distributed by company, the German local product… “


It is such big package, but it is really an effortless present.

“You must be careful Yan Yan perhaps goes against you!” I thought the old days when he was courting me, he has spent lots of effort to win her favor.

“I don’t afraid!”

I puzzled looking at him.

I see his eyes, “This time is different with the former days. After passing the bridge it is time to burn it!”


Black heart alien, although in human form he still not changed.

So scary!

“Miao Miao, it almost two o’clock in the morning, let’s go to sleep!” suddenly he spoke so soft to my ears.

My face red, my heart pounding nervously, “Al…right…I go…to have wash!”

I lower my head, I walked toward the bathroom, I locked the door, I squatted at the floor, my face burn hot and red, I stayed and spending night with him not for making love with him, absolutely not, we have been separated for three years, I just wanted to spend more time with him, accompany him.

He… might not have that kind of… thought.


My face blushed and started to fume.

“Miao Miao, you wear my pajamas, can you?” Kang Yu is knocking the door.

“Oh, Alright!” I opened the door, I took the pajamas from his hand and then faster closed the door, I almost clasp his hand.

I shouldn’t think nonsense, Kang Yu won’t.

I hurried swirl the head of tap and take my bath, I don’t understand what happen but my body is burning hot, I take bath with cold water.

Although I am taking bath with cold water, it cannot help me to clean my illicit imagination.

I squatted again in floor, touched my face, and crazily pulled my hair.


Ou Yang Miao Miao, you are pig-head!

I took bath for half hour, after I done taking bath, I am not dare to going out directly, I am pacing back and forth inside the bathroom, I thought how to face Kang Yu.

Don’t… don’t want to think about it.

Again I have thought, perhaps I might directly jump down from the bathroom’s window, and then go home.

I am not underage anymore, I can… do that!”

And then suddenly I recalled my mind, have I bathed clean myself? Or not?

My mind is in mess, I undressed myself, and washed myself again.

I cleaned myself carefully and smell nicely, and then gathered my courage, opened the bathroom door, lower down my head, walking step by step to the bed.

“Have you done?” I raised my head when I heard Kang Yu’s voice.

“En!” nervous, I not dare to look at him.

“Come here, sit down, I blow dry your hair!” he pulled me to sit on chair.

The hair dryer sound makes me to stop my wild mind for moment.

After Kang Yu helped me blowing dry my hair, he asked, “Miao Miao, you sleep inside or outside!”

“Ah?” I regained myself.

“Sleep inside or outside?” Kang Yu has already in bed.

I looked at the bed that lean against the wall, out of the blue I felt as if he is seducing me.

I take looked carefully this bed, no matter how I see it, it feels so small.

“Miao Miao?” Kang Yu asked me again.

“Oh, in… not, outside!” outside is easier to escape.

He sleeps inside while leaving outside for me, I swallowed my saliva, looked alike robot, I walked to the bed, gulped down my saliva, climb…climb to the bed.

I lay down in the bed, I don’t even dare to speak, directly closed my eyes.

Sleeping is the most secure.

I can feel Kang Yu who sleeps beside me come near, my heart tighten and beat crazily.

My mind filled with—come, come, come!

But there is no movement from Kang Yu.

I nervously opened my eyes, looked at my sides.

He after all is sleeping back to my back.

I almost go crazy.

What situation is it?

I cannot help myself, I tugged him, “Yu, are you sleep?”

“En!” He used nasal sound to answer me.

I really don’t know, should I feel disappointed or relieved. Maybe this is because my first time sharing bed with him.

Well, I admitted I little bit disappointed.

I little bit angry and closed my eyes, but because I cannot sleep, no way out, I tugged him again, “Yu, I cannot sleep, we chat.”

Kang Yu silent for moment and answered, “Does not want to chat!”

“Let we chat, I am so boring, just tell me how your training was during in German.” I not gave up tugged him again.


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