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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 99

Chapter 99


“Understand? Little girl, don’t cry anymore. We must have endurance! Trust me!”

This time when seeing Gu Na Yan who has changed expression, Lu Qun has forgotten to cry. Although she not really understanding what he said, but she feels he spoke reasonable. Lu Qun chooses to believe on him, this serious Gu Na Yan perhaps can be trusted.

Suddenly Lu Qun realized this Gu Na Yan is more handsome, more mesmerizing.

No wonder she had heard many ladies like him, even this time her heart is beating faster.

“This is for you, you wipes by yourself! Girl smiles more is better, if crying will turn be ugly!”

“HaHa.” At moment, Lu Qun has already laughing because of him, she shows her smiles that not come into sight for the last two days.

“Well, let we go to search!” seeing Lu Qun smiled, Gu Na Yan can feel relieved.

Does not know why seeing the unattractive person in front of him who face wet with tears, to his surprised he feel tenderness toward her, does not want to see her crying. When he thought it, Gu Na Yan smiles, perhaps because he had woke up so early in the morning by Ye Che, not have proper rest, so that he can be so patient with this girl.

“En, okay.” Lu Qun obediently listened to him.

“We can ask those aunties and uncles who are in the side street, follow me.” Gu Na Yan said to Lu Qun.

Lu Qun follows at Gu Na Yan’s back, asking while walking.”

Ye Che also tries his best to ask every person who in the street, also goes for few stores, Ye Che patiently gets inside to every stores.

But, everyone who he has asked always said don’t know.”

Get this kind of answers he really does not know how he should react on it. Time is passing longer and he even worried her more. Mo Er, his Mo Er, where are you going? And also Ruo Xuan, where did Ruo Xuan go? Did both of them together? Or still they didn’t meet each other yet?

Thinking for the thousand possibilities, Ye Che really is going to be crazy.

His eyes looking at in front drug store, “Hong Ji”, Ye Che shook his head and leaving, he continues heading to one others shop.

He must bring Mo Er back, later he must keeps her tightly beside him, let her under his guard, won’t let her have chance to escape from him anymore. She is destined to follow him forever in his side, he will never let her left him for the rest of life.

His heart is filled by hers, why she left him this easy? Why didn’t she come to his in front and asking him about his feeling in order to get the answer? Why must she foolishly left? Really little foolish! Doesn’t she know that everyone is worried about her?

No matter what, he must bring her back.

Ye Che steady his footsteps, continuing to search her.

He hasn’t told her, how he likes her, how he loves her, after he found her, he won’t hesitate to tell her.

After half day later, Ye Che meets Gu Na Yan and also Lu Qun who are separately searching finally gathered.

Seeing Gu Na Yan shaking his head, Ye Che already knows the answer.

Secretly he signed in his heart, Ye Che speaks: “let we get back, you and Lu Qun go to Long’s household, take a look whether she in Long’s household or not. I will be back to home and then visit Bai Hua Lane to find Fei Yan. We go separately.”

“En, this is the best, Che, you must settle down this matter carefully.” Gu Na Yan said.

“I understood. Reassured, I will settle it.” Ye Che understood Gu Na Yan intention, so that his answer is very composed. He should go to speak clearly with Fei Yan, he does not want when Long Mo Er back, this kind of thing will happen again.


7 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 99

  1. With ME disappear like really serve two purposes. One that make YC go to see FY to put a stop on all kind of thoughts FY tried to put across to herself.

    Secondly, YC admitted how much MY is to him n confess his love to MY instead of not knowing n just rely on what if or what when.

  2. Thx for the update 😁 😘❤️
    so I’m guessing GNY might end up with LQ then
    Seriously Ye Che should have already told Mo Er about his feelings long ago

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