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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 161

xu qing

Chapter 161

“Mei Yun! If you are keep on provoking me, better we ended everything!”

“Ao Tian, Ao Tian, this, I have heal from my sickness, can I go to find you?”


The phone called directly being hung up!

Li Mei Yun discontentedly she called back: “Ao Tian, I beg you, can you give me little bit of time? You know that I love you, can you give me a little bit of your love?”

“Li Mei Yun! This time you felt down, did your brain also get hurt and turn be stupid? You must know that what kind of woman I hate the most?”

“I know, I know you hate woman who likes to stick to you, but I really miss you. Can’t I miss you? Or…” she tried her best not to expose her jealousy, pretend to be so pity: “That little girl, these two days really not understand her, because you are dote her, she is causing problem for me, Ao Tian, can you come here?”

“I dote her? Well, I dote her.” Yu Ao Tian frowned from the other side phone call: “Mei Yun, you have talked this much, didn’t all because you want to meet me? I granted your wish now!” the phone hung up.

Finally Li Mei Yun got the satisfied answer: “Quickly, Xiao Zhen, give me my makeup tools.”

“Miss, will it work to lie and make Mr. Yu comes here?”

“Useless. Yu Ao Tian will angry.” Li Mei Yun knows very well what she has done but she really angry to Yao Yao, so…

“But, Ao Tian is more dislike girl who likes to show off, if not that B* showing off, we also won’t know what Yu Ao Tian doing for these few days.”

Seeing Li Mei Yun happy face, Xiao Zhen immediately asked: “Ha, I understand Miss, when Mr. Yu comes, he will vent his anger toward that B*”

“Heh.” Li Mei Yun humphed, she does her makeup…

At same time, outside the room.

“Yao Yao, it seems that Li Mei Yun has got to the trap.”

“Uh.” She took deep breathe, helplessly smiles.

“Kring Kring Kring.” Nan Lu phone is ringing, she hurried pick it up: “Hello? Miss Xu, I am at 16th floor VIP room. You come here.” She hung her phone called, hurried looked at Yao Yao: “Miss Xu is here.”

“Go, let’s we wait her in front of the elevator.”

In front of the elevator, not long after the phone call, a woman who looked so beautiful walked out front the elevator.

She has height about 170cm something, very propositional body posture, Yao Yao does not need to ask, at one glanced she could make a guess, woman in front her is Xu Qing. As expectedly, she is types of Yu Ao Tian’s woman.

“Miss Xu, how are you. My name is Luo Yao Yao.”

“You are Luo Yao Yao?” Xu Qing sees Yao Yao with curious eyesight, measuring her from head to toe, has Yu Ao Tian taste changed? “Say, why ask me to help?”

“I believe Nan Lu has told you everything, now I need your help.” Yao Yao gives her faint smile.

“Need my help? Why must I help you?”

“Hehe, Miss Xu, if you are not intended to help me, I believe… you won’t come here today, am I right?”

Yao Yao said straightforwardly, very composed, suddenly Xu Qing realized she shouldn’t look her as little girl but as woman!

“Tell me the reason why must you ask me to help?”

“Because the enemy’s enemy is friend, moreover the woman who is inside the patience room was the person who took your boyfriend before, don’t you want to revenge?”

“Hah, little girl, you are right, if not because Li Mei Yun, I still have faith that Yu Ao Tian stills together with me. This matter, I decided to help you.” After said, Xu Qing faster her steps heading to Li Mei Yun’s room, once she pushed the door open…

“Ao Tian! you…” when Li Mei Yun spotted Xu Qing instead of Yu Ao Tian, she frowned: “Why are you here?”

“Aiya, I have heard that you are sick, so I come to pay a visit la. Li Mei Yun ah, I never thought the retribution came this fast?”

“Retribution? What retribution?”

“Heh, I have heard recently Yu Ao Tian has new lover.”

“So what?” Li Mei Yun laughed: “that time, I could make you left, and now I still have that capability to chase away all the women from Yu Ao Tian’s side!”

“Li Mei Yun, as what I heard, that person is Yu Ao Tian’s lover, her status is higher than yours!”

“What does Xu Qing means?” Yao Yao who is eavesdrop from outside, curiously frowned.

“I also knew it when I found Xu Qing, that time, Li Mei Yun wasn’t Master’s lover. She just luckily knew Master. In order to break Master and Xu Qing relationship, she was telling lie as Master’s lover, so she able to chase away Xu Qing. Moreover… Xu Qing said, Master never looked for Lover before.”

“Hah? So…what I am?” Yao Yao blinking her eyes, she thought that Yu Ao Tian likes to have many lovers, never expected!”

“So that, when I told her your relationship with Master to Xu Qing, she didn’t trust me. But, when I was in Japan, following Master, I never saw Master had lover, Yao Yao, you are the first lover of Master.”

First? Should she open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate it?

To be honest, there are so many times she curious about Yu Ao Tian reason to keep herself beside him, first time she thought because her meeting in Host Bar, where she mistaken Yu Ao Tian as Host, later she thought about her father case, but the result there’s nothing between her father with Yu Ao Tian. after she thought for few times, maybe because she is unwillingly to give herself to him so that nothing happen between them, his strong desires and domineering self most of time cause mischief, so that he keeps me to his side? Maybe this is the reason…

Suddenly another footstep is coming nearer.

Yao Yao and Nan Lu who are eavesdropped turned to see.

When they see, Yu Ao Tian and Mo Xue Tong are already standing at their back, suddenly the atmosphere simply changed to freezing.


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 161

  1. The show is start now!!

    So YY is YAT’s first lover?! So unexpected tbh, so all this time YAT just play with women as he want and never keep anyone beside him like what he does to YY.

    1. Yes.
      If he wants to stay little bit longer, then the woman is his girl friend. a girl friend that he will bring out everywhere he wants, more than bed mates relation but also no emotional feeling such as love.

      1. For some reason YY meant more to YAT than any other women have been with him. YAT has a wacko way of showing his interest in YY even though the connection is YY’s dad.

        YAT mentioned before that he will destroyed all his enemies either through their daughters or take his enemies lives or both but he do not have a heart to kill YY which he does not know why. LQ, LY, XMT, & NL think that YAT falls for YY but YAT is not sure..

        Thank you very much for another cliff hangar… *biting her nails*

  2. Thanks! What is YAT going to do when he see that YY is taking her revenge on LMY? Will he be proud of her or get mad at her? And I wonder why mo cue tong is with him?

    1. Since he is out during working time, naturally MXT will follow him. she is his secretary plus personal bodyguard (although he does not need her because his fighting skill is beyond all his fellow friends)

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