C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 162 – 163

Chapter 162 – 163

Nan Lu quickly lowers her head, Yao Yao also. Both of them naturally give the way for them to get inside.

Yu Ao Tian acted as if not seeing them, when he wanted to enter the room, suddenly there are women roaring voice from inside…

“Li Mei Yun, you dare to say that today you become Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend is not because you are scheming?”

“So what? It was obviously you gone crazy by ypurself and made Yu Ao Tian angry, that was what you seek for!”

“Hah, if that time wasn’t you who made the phone call, saying that you were Yu Ao Tian’s lover, do you think that would I doubt him?”

“So that’s why I say you stupid lo.”

“Li Mei Yun, soon or later you will get the retribution!”

Hearing the chaos from inside the room, Yu Ao Tian who is standing at outside his face expression is black, once he pushed open the door…

By coincidence Yu Ao Tian witness Li Mei Yun slaps Xu Qing!

“Ao Tian?” Li Mei Yun dumbfounded, completely understand she makes wrong moves.

“Mei Yun, you are looked so mess, really ugly!” Yu Ao Tian disappointed shaking his head.

“Ao Tian, you listen to me, thing isn’t like you think. It is her! she is coming to provoke me.” Li Mei Yun forcing herself to smile, faster she walking in front of Yu Ao Tian: “Ao Tian, you must trust me.” When she wanted to hug Yu Ao Tian, he heartless pushed her away.

“Ao…Tian?” Li Mei Yun upset staring at him, her eyes locked on Yao Yao and Nan Lu who are standing at door way.

Both of them are immediately exposing their laugh, only to make Li Mei Yun angrier.

“I know! I know! It must be you, it is you who do it, isn’t it?” just as expected, Li Mei Yun goes crazy and rushed to Yao Yao in front.

“Miss.. Miss Li, I don’t know this woman.” Yao Yao showed her innocent face.

“Stop to deny! You such S* B*, you really schemer!” after said, Li Mei Yun raised her hand high.

On the moment her hand is almost landed to Yao Yao, hurried Yu Ao Tian stopped her: “Are you crazy enough?”

“Ao Tian! You listen to me, this little thing is keeping show off in front of me these few days, saying that you bought her many things. moreover today you are calling her, right? I was not purposely opened my room door to hear your conversation with her.”

This time Yao Yao is smarter, she not denied also not admitted, she just obedience hiding at beside.

“What? Is it really happened?” Yu Ao Tian pretended to be surprised, he lips curved upward, smile.

“That’s true, Mr. Yu. I can be the witness!”

When heard Xiao Zhen opened her mouth, pair of Yu Ao Tian eyes are gleaming coldly, beside him is Mo Tong Xue who already grabbed Xiao Zhen’s neck: “Here is no place for you to take part, shut up!”

“Uh, I, I am sorry.” Xiao Zhen keeps quiet.

“Mei Yun, so what was my conversation with Yao Yao?”

“I don’t really remember, but I remembered tomorrow you have scheduled with her, right?”

“En, so that.” Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes, turned and looked at Yao Yao: “Bao Bei, don’t forget tomorrow we have appointment.”

Uh, Yu Ao Tian is really good in control his emotion. “Oh, okay.” Since he not revealed her lies, so she just keeps the flow, Li Mei Yun is going to explode! Hurried explode, no need to restrain!

“Ao Tian? What are you talking? She is the person who makes me lost my baby, why are you so doting her? Why?” as expected, Li Mei Yun can’t restrain herself, she exploded.

“All go out!” at the moment, Yu Ao Tian expression froze, all the people are out from the room.

After the fuss finally the room death silent, Li Mei Yun is trembling: “Ao, Ao Tian, do you still love me?”

“Love, of course I love you.”

But when listened to his words, she seems to get the most satisfaction answer and she moves one step and hug Yu Ao Tian.

But in another moment…

“You are looking for people to** Yao Yao, you even dare to scheme her as your miscarriage reason for the child that you should not bear, you lay all the blame to her so that she pissed off and provoke me. I don’t even blame you, so that… I really love you, Mei Yun.”

Li Mei Yun’s body is trembling, slowly she loosen up her hands from Yu Ao Tian.

When she sees his cold expression, her head as if gonna exploded: “Ao, Ao Tian, you… you have known? Why are you still… hu hu.”

At sudden, Yu Ao Tian expressionless pinched her chin, moved so close so that her face meets his face: “Because she is too naïve. If she not sees everything clearly, how will she grow up?”

As the result she feels pain, Li Mei Yun tears is streaming down: “Thus, you are used me to train her?”

“This is what you seek for!”

At this moment, Li Mei Yun finally realized herself not more than tool, a tool to help someone to grow up. “Is it me who seek for? Hah, since when started? Since I begged you to let me stay with you in your house, since that time?”

“Or else you think why I let you in?” Yu Ao Tian smiling face looked so weird.

Finally she understood why he agreed to her so easily to let her stayed at the villa, also understood why she was asked to act and pretend didn’t know his relationship with that little girl, so that the reason why he never exposed herself.

Li Mei Yun has scheme to her utmost, she scheme here and there, as the result she is not more than laughing stock: “Ao Tian, do you… do you loves that little girl?” tears, wet her face, she really does not want to admit it, but she really never thought Yao Yao as her rival, now she must to accept the reality, like or dislike.

And then…

Yu Ao Tian laughed at himself because he does not know how he feels toward that little thing!

“Ao Tian, you are too cruel, really too cruel, why must you tell me all of these, since you want to teach that little girl to be smarter, you can tell her to keep learning, do you think she is learning to be smarter?”

“Ah.” Yu Ao Tian helplessly shaking his head, silent for moment, scoffed: “I and her, these days, we never contacted. You say… does she learn to be smarter?”

After he said, at the sudden Li Mei Yun face changed: “I, I was scheme by her! Ha, hahahaha, Ao Tian, Ao Tian, I just found out that you like woman who loves to scheme!”

“No, I only love her to be able scheming!” free his hand from Li Mei Yun, Yu Ao Tian sneered.

Her white skin is imprinted five fingers, however her face is more covered with unwillingness expression. Because she can accept the reality she lost to that little girl based on her condition which is better than Yao Yao.

“Ao Tian, what do you like from her, what makes you like her?”

“None of your business.” After said, he is coldly leaving the room.

Li Mei Yun can’t accept it, her red eyes looked at him: “Ao Tian, soon or later, one day you will regret about that little girl, she isn’t not as good as you thought!”

“Thank You, Miss Xu.” In hospital corridor, Yao Yao smiles.

Xu Qing accepts her shaking hand: “It is me who should say thank you to witness this big show. But…” her eyes rolled: “Why are you so brazen to bid good bye to me, don’t you afraid Yu Ao Tian would find out, everything actually is planned by you?”

She planned? Huh, stills no one knows who is the real schemer, but Yao Yao can certain one thing, everything that happened today have been predicted by Yu Ao Tian before? When she thinks, up to here, suddenly her eyes catch Yu Ao Tian who is walking closer…

Looking the surrounded, Yu Ao Tian acted as if he sees nothing and directly bring Mo Xue Tong with him, he even acted as if Yao Yao does not exit there, passed her. Entered to the elevator, he pressed the button to 28th floor.

“Ao Tian, not go back?” Mo Xue Tong curiously asked him.

“Since we are in hospital, of course we should pay visit to Luo Chang.” Yu Ao Tian smiled while tidying his suit.

“Oh ya, Ao Tian, Z has sent news. It is regarding few data and information about Luo Yao Yao, year when she born and also the year when she went to Japan, all are kept secretly by the government!”

“Oh? Interesting, it seems the government have something about Luo Yao Yao so her information is locked.” Yu Ao Tian can feel the reason why the government locked the information about Luo Yao Yao is no relation to her parent but more because of Luo Yao Yao herself so that her parent identity also being kept secretly.

“There is also one thing, Ao Tian. Z also checked on others who is possible to have relationship with Luo family, Luo Yao Yao still has uncle (from mother side). Currently he stays in Canada. I have asked people to bring him back.”

“You did very well, Xue Tong.” Yu Ao Tian smiled satisfied, when just out from the elevator…

“Kring Kring Kring” suddenly the phone is ringing. “Hello?”

“CEO Yu, I am Feng Chen Yi, I have business to talk with you, do you have time?”

Deep black eyes are sweeping in front of the Luo Chang’s patience room, he smiles deviously, he moved back, entering the elevator, pushed the button to 1: “I have, half hour meet.”



Inside the luxurious private room, Feng Chen Yi who sat in front of Yu Ao Tian hand over document: “CEO Yu, a few days later my brother will throw out new property project, I hope Berson can take this project. As for the profit, it will satisfy you.”

“Hah, since Feng Chen Rui is the one who responsible for the project he must already get good the internal bidder?”

“For this, CEO Yu can rest assured. I can come to find you, absolutely…”

Let the yesterday as memory, now you and I…

Feng Chen Yi phone is ringing while he is in the middle of conversation with Yu Ao Tian.

Yu Ao Tian confound, he feels the ringtone is so familiarized.

“General Manager Feng, your phone.” Lisa handed over the phone to Feng Chen Yi.

“Pardon me.” He smiled little bit guilty toward Yu Ao Tian, he received the phone call: “Hello?”

“Feng Chen Yi, do you have time?” it is Luo Yao Yao’s voice from the phone.

That cold face suddenly changed little bit gentle: “What’s matter?”

“I have done with your card, now I want to give it back to you, have time?”

“En?” he casted a glance at Yu Ao Tian who is beside of him, little bit hesitate, slowly said: “I am in Xi Ya restaurant, you come here.” He hung up the phone call.”

“Chen Yi, since you are busy, I take…”

Yu Ao Tian preparing to stand up, Feng Chen Yi hurried hinting him it is okay, shook his head: “It is okay CEO Yu, she still needs time to arrive here. Let’s we keep on discussing.”

“Vice CEO Feng, I got the news that Yu Ao Tian and your little brother are having conversation in this restaurant.” One of luxurious black car is slowly stopping in front of the main entrance of the Xi Ya Restaurant.

Through the car window, Feng Chen Rui narrowed his cold eyes: “Hah, Feng Chen Yi that little brat really support the outsider, now he even dares to collaborate openly with Yu Ao Tian to fight with me!” After said, he tidied up his necktie and faster gets down from his car.

This time….

A light piercing to the pair eyes of Feng Chen Rui, frowned, he unhappily looked at the taxi which slowly stopped in front of the restaurant main entrance.

He sees it is Luo Yao Yao who is getting down from the taxi.

“Humph? So coincide?” Feng Chen Rui eyes rolled, he faster his footsteps to in front: “Little girl, we meet again!”

She paid the Taxi fee, looked at the voice direction: “Uh, hello.” How can meet Feng Chen Yi big brother in here, do Feng Chen Yi and his older brother have appointment?

“Looking for Chen Yi? Let we go to meet him, he has made appointment to eat in here.”

“Oh… alright.” Although Yao Yao is trying to avoid, but this time she really can’t avoid him so she just go with flow, following Feng Chen Rui entering the restaurant.

“Go, book one empty private room.” Feng Chen Rui whispered to his personal assistant.

Get instruct, that personal assistant secretly leaving.

Not long after that, Feng Chen Rui brings Yao Yao to one empty private room.

“Feng, Vice CEO Feng, where is Feng Chen Yi?” Yao Yao is curiously asking Feng Chen Rui.

He elegantly smiling, he pulled one of the chair: “Just have seat first. Perhaps Chen Yi hasn’t arrived.”

Uh… just now when she in phone with Feng Chen Yi, he said I am in Xi Ya restaurant” but not saying that they meet in Xi Ya restaurant, what is going on?

Seeing Feng Chen Rui is smiling toward her, she suspects him but still sit down.

“Little girl, have you reconciled with my little brother?”

She glanced at Feng Chen Rui, hurried avoiding to meet his eyes, coldly said: “Both of us are only ordinary friend, that kind of relationship.”

“Oh? So that is. Haha, you are so beautiful, my little brother not chasing you to start again, he is really stupid.” Feng Chen Rui showed pity expression toward Yao Yao.

“Vice CEO Feng, I still better to look for Feng Chen Yi at outside.” Yao Yao is standing up wanted to leave, she really feels not comfortable to be with Feng Chen Rui, and despite he is his older brother.

“Aiya, little girl, why are you so in rush, does you dislike to have conversation with me?”

That’s right, because dislike to speak with you! “No, not that, Vice CEO Feng you are think too much, I feel little bit hot inside the room.”

“Oh ya? Go and set the temperature lower.” Feng Chen Rui spoke to his personal assistant.

Yao Yao helplessly sits back.

“Little girl, what do you like from my little brother so that you dated him before?”

What I like from Feng Chen Yi?

That brat is so bossy and also has quite stiff face and actually I also don’t know what I like from him?

Six years ago, after two months since the first time she met him school during in Japan…


  1. mtlanon · January 14

    so much la, lo, ah, er… it feel like Singaporean….

  2. minaaoe · January 14

    Thaaank youuu♡♡
    How many Chapters has A Naive Short-tempered Girl ?

  3. mhryu · January 14

    Thank you so much 😘 can’t wait to see what happen next… Is the brother going to kidnapped YY and use her as his bargaining chips? End of 1 drama and another comes… What happen to LMY next? I hope YAT leaves her skon

    • azurro4cielo · January 14

      Feng Chen Rui is not smarter than Feng Chen Yi but also not dummy. At least for someone who can climb to Vice CEO position. Kidnapping YY is something useless so he won’t do it.
      LMY life will be harder, suffering and painful since the day YAT broke up with her.

      • mhryu · January 14

        Thanks azurro4cielo for the update. Can’t wait for the updates 😘

  4. Julie · January 14

    Uhm!!!…did YAT figure out that ring tone belong to YY too? Another cliff hangar.

    Thank you for my breakfast read.😀

    • azurro4cielo · January 14

      So far he hasn’t found it out. YAT never paid attention to something not important for him so he won’t think too much only for ringtone.

  5. aryadne · January 14

    Is just me o someone else think this too?
    I want to see the expression of aYAT when he gets to know the relationship between FCY and YY wanna see YAT suffering for YY
    and tku for the release *_*

    • azurro4cielo · January 14

      Check on the manhwa.
      at least you will get to know how they draw the manhwa🙂
      So far they have released until chapter 79

      • mhryu · January 14

        Where can we go to check out the manhwa?

      • azurro4cielo · January 15

        baka updates (mangaupdate)

  6. yadane · January 14

    YAT should be able to piece all the info together, just don’t bring harm to Yao Yao

  7. Mel · January 14

    Another cliffhanger? YAT going to find out about FCY? Can’t wait for the next update!

  8. yunaem · January 14

    My thought is Feng Chen Rui want to take advantage on YY…
    How will be the look on YAT’s face when he knows FCY is YY’s Ex.. will YAT thank him coz never touch YY, just like he said to YY before?

    • azurro4cielo · January 14

      You are right. Feng Chen Rui has something in his mind with Yao Yao.
      Check on the next chapter and you will get the answer🙂

      • yunaem · January 14

        Thank you.. looking forward to see the next chapters…

  9. Englam · January 14

    Thank you🙂

  10. Bitbit · January 14

    So that’s it?? is that the end of LMY?? I expect more dramatic ending hahaha..
    FCY, YY and YAT will meet together… another roller coaster to come ahhhrrhh

    • azurro4cielo · January 14

      LMY won’t end that easy. Because of all her schemes, Yu Ao Tian has removed her position and replace by Yao Yao as expected.
      Other heavier and scarier punishment is awaiting for her but not this fast. at least we gonna have some chapters before LMY character end.

      Will it be the best imagination to expect three of them are sitting and chatting together…

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