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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 24.3

Chapter 24

Part 3 (Three)

Daughter in law meets mother in law

Kang Yu sent me back to home and the vehicle is not longer bike. When he returned back to China the first thing he did buying 1.8T Volkswagen Passat* automobile for Uncle Shen in order to pay gratitude to him and also for the future convenient.

Volkswagen Passat automobile car produced originally from German.

His car license is overseas one, for moment he still can used it. He prepared to take the examination test next month for the China’s car license.

“Miao Miao, do you want to travel with me?” he is reversing the car direction.


“En, the end of August I will start my internship as pilot, you are also starting new semester, since you are still in your summer holiday, we go for travelling since we never went traveling alone, both of us!”

I thought it is right too, we are dating almost 7 seven years, we never had traveling by ourselves before, other than the spring travel when we were still in school.

“It is okay but I really don’t know how to tell my mother.”

He smiled, “Rest assured, your three dorm mates will help you!”

As expected, whatever he did always had the reason.

He obviously knew that Yan Yan as his bridge could not help much so that he had prepared other convenient bridge to used.

I sighed, if not because I haven’t graduated, my mom is not allowing me to dating or else I might let him to meet my parent, why must we have backstreet relationship.

Even though, I not sure my mom obstacle he can pass or not.

“Okay, you planed!” I answered him.


I have agreed, but when the airplane landed on Fu Shun airport, get on taxi, Kang Yu said that we are going to meet his mother, I started to regret it.

“I don’t want, let me go, Taxi Driver uncle, stop the car!” I keep on hitting the taxi’s window, I haven’t had heart preparation.

“Miao Miao!” he caught my hands.

“You! You! Bastard, you said that we come here for traveling, then I agreed but you never told me we are going to meet your mother!” you kidding me, I wear sport outfit, I haven’t manage my hair, going to meet his mother, didn’t it mean go to die.

“Going for traveling is one thing, while meeting my mom is another thing.” He said as if it as been already expected.

“No, you didn’t tell me like this, you only told me go for traveling, only this!” he not even mentioned about the place, the ticket was booked by him, even he was the one who did the check in, I only followed at his back, when arrived inside the airplane, he even said afraid this was my first time sat on airplane, he even especially bought me three travelling treasure—-earphone, inflatable headrest, eye mask, to make me more comfortable while I was so muddle headed to follow on him.

When we arrived at airport, I just found out, I went to Fu Shun.

His hometown!

This bastard, it is okay if he blacken and scheming others but why must he scheming me too.

I am his future wife.

“If I not telling you like that, would you follow me go to airport?” he glared fiercely to me.


Fine, I admitted, if he really told me that we would go to his mother’s house, I really won’t come because I feel afraid little bit.

But…I have came, I even more afraid.

I afraid until I want to cry.

Kang Yu patting my back, he started to coax me, “Miao Miao, my mom is someone nice, you don’t need to be afraid, she won’t eat you, meet you, she will so happy!”

My pair of eyes is moistened with tears, how can I not afraid.

In this world there is one of the hardest relationships to get along and it is in law-relationship (Mother in law and daughter in law).

“I don’t want! I don’t want!” I am hysterical screamed.

Kang Yu let me be, he just asked the driver uncle to locked the car, let him to drive the car while I making noise by myself.

The car moving along the way, I don’t know where I have been, when I have tired, the taxi stopped, Kang Yu paid the taxi and dragged me off.

I have thought that I have been to this step and there is no use to escape, seeing his empty hand, I nervously asked, “Don’t you come to meet your mother, why aren’t you taking something!”

“My mother is not lacking anything.”

“You not buying, at least you tell me, I go to buy, how could us go with empty hand, so embarrassing!” I dragged on his hand to stop him from moving forward.

He gently caressing my face, “you are the best present, my mother will be happier to meet you compare to mountain of gold or silver!”

“Really? Do you really think so?” I really feel insecure.

“Really, I don’t lie to you! Let’s go, during this time my mother must be joining the elderly activity such as singing!” he leading me into small district.

The neighborhood is so brand new, the green plants really looks good, the path to walk is so smooth and arrange in line with fitness equipment, the design of the residential building is painted with green and white color, on both side is altar made from flower, so beautiful. The passageway entrance door combine with iron crafts are very new.

This is China second tier (second city level) residential area! I feel this place is much better compare to place where I live.

Kang Yu is leading me heading to activity center, after arrived, I standing in front of the entrance, my feet is trembling.

Suddenly there is big aunty who looking at me and Kang Yu from the entrance door, she shouting to the inside door, “Old Fu Jin, see who is coming!”

Old Fu Jin?

“You are Young Fu Jin, of course my mom is Old Fu Jin!” Kang Yu explained, “Everyone who living in here, they are having their own nickname!”

So he means that Old Fu Jin is his mother.

My feet wobbling even more.

“Who is coming?” I heard someone with gentle voice calling.

“Mom!” Kang Yu loosens my hand, go and greet.

“Yu Er!” that gentle voice raised few octaves, with sobbing tone welcoming.

“Mom, how is your health?” Kang Yu who is higher by one head to his mother, hug her with both of his hands.

“Good. Very good, have proper meal, proper sleep, let mom to take look of you!” she tiptoe, both of her hands are randomly touching Kang Yu’s face, “Grow taller, build stronger, you coming here not even notice mom, see what time it is now, almost four afternoon, let we go home, mom goes to market to buy vegetable, cook dumpling for you.”

“Mom, don’t be busy, we go to restaurant to have meal later.”

“That is too wasting, very fast, it not big deal, Aunty Zhang, my son is coming, I don’t dance anymore, you guys dance.” Kang Yu’s mom is speaking quite loud from door, it can see that his mom has healthy body.

“Old Fu Jin, what are you busy, see behind your son is your little daughter in law?” Aunty Zhang has tall and sturdy body, her voice even louder.

Little daughter in law is refer to me.

I keep on lowering my head, a time I take few glances to Kang Yu and his mother, it because Kang Yu is too tall and well-build, he blocked my eyesight, I don’t even have time to see proper my future mother in law.

Listen, Kang Yu’s mother immediately stretch her head to look at me.

Our eyes are meeting finally I know why Kang Yu has very good looking appearance, simply to say he is really his mother’s son. His mother perhaps is one of the most beautiful middle age women that I ever seen.

What is called as the aging woman is still looks attractive, what old person who dresses up as teenager, what is called as gentle quiet and composed character, all are in his mom.

Kang Yu did say his mother’s background is farmer.

Not because I look down farmer, but his mother completely not have farmer’s aura. If we were really in dynasty era, his mother really one Old Fu Jin.

Kang Yu’s mom seeing me, her eyes is gleaming brightly, as if I am priceless unique treasure.

“Mom, she is…” Kang Yu wants to introduce, but his mother has opened her mouth.

“I know, I know, every year you are always sending me her photo, I recognized her, recognized her, Ou Yang Miao Miao, she is my future daughter in law!”

I almost get choke with my saliva.


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 24.3

  1. Thank you Azzuro, I can understand MM panicking meeting her future mother-in-law by being sprung by KY. I been in similar situation before too but I went over to meet my bf then…I was in the middle of my jack-lagged, my bf then now my hubby said to me that let’s go for a drive hopefully it will helped with my jag-lagged…he said to me that he was going to take me to meet someone but I was in between of my on and off again sleeping hazed did not pay much attention to what he said to me….the next thing I knew, I stood in front of my late mother-in-law’s little cottage. hahahahahha..

  2. Thanks Azurro. KY is so sly. Going for a drive and a holiday means going back hometown to see mother in law. True. If MM knows about it, she wouldn’t go. Smart of him to use other bridges.

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