C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 1


Chapter 1

Part 1 (One)

The An’s family born Little Sister

That year was summer 1991, the blue sky was bright, no clouds, the sizzling hot from the sun shine that warm the earth, it made people who did not exercise also wet by sweat. Mother An who with her big rounded stomach was sitting under the tree inside her yard in front of her courtyard house*, while Father An was nibbling almost half of the watermelon alone. The second hand radio was airing: faintly can listen to the Soviet Union news. This radio was a reward from year when Father An did the model labor.
*四 si 合 He 院 Yuan : Courtyard house (Type of Chinese Residence)

“Sister An, when will you have your labor?” one of straightforward voice came from inside the yard. As seen a woman who dressed in plain who was holding three years old little boy, walking outside. This was few days ago new neighbor who moved into this courtyard house, named Su Yue. She is one of the capable and experience mother, single parent. It said that she was divorced woman and she brought three years old boy with her. Because she works in the city cultural group so her life is not very difficult. (Let’s call her Mother Sue)

Mother An was beaming with smiles while took her fork, taking one big watermelon piece, she gave it to Mother Sue’s son first, smiling and said: “the labor date is coming nearer in few days, just don’t know can I born a baby as similar as our little Mo Mo, a cute little boy.”

Mother An’s mother in law is farmer, she has been planting for almost her entire life, so her thought little bit conservatives and like boys over girl. Stills since the beginning of Mother An pregnancy until she almost got labor, she always has high expectation for this oldest grandchild, actually this pressured was quite big for Mother An.

Mother Su’s son Su Zhan Mo was shyly receiving the fork from Mother An, carefully put into his small mouth, stared with his big eyes, his drum cheek, when he listening to his mother and An mother conversation, although he was not understand what they were talking about, but seeing the rounded big stomach of mother An, inside his heart he was expecting it will be good it the baby would be little sister…

Suddenly—mother An facial expression changed, she holding her stomach and screaming aiyo aiyo…

The amniotic fluid has broken, this time for labor…

During the panic situation mother An was brought to hospital by Mother Su and her son, not long after that, the laboring process was going smooth, she born little baby girl…

Unfortunately the baby wasn’t boy, it seems heaven has grated Su Zhan Mo wishes, but this news makes Grandma An absolutely unhappy, after she saw the condition of Mother An and the baby, she busying back to her house. She angered mother An and father An for few days.

Su Zhan Mo and mother Su could be said they had witness the birth of An Jia Qi. This name has been quite long time thought by mother An, if the baby boy would be named An Jia Qi1]* and if baby girl named An Jia Qi2]*, it so obvious that mother An has further vision.
1] 安 An 嘉 Jia 奇 Qi
2]安 An 佳 Jia 琪 Qi

Su Zhan Mo seeing An Jia Qi in Mother An embraces, his heart sink, how could it so ugly… alike monkey… he didn’t want to play with this ugly little sister…

Finally mother Su understood why her son didn’t want to go to hospital to see baby after one time, she saw through her son thought, smiled and caressing his head: “All of the new born baby is wrinkle, but after few days the baby will be turned white and get more beautiful days by days.”

Half believe and half doubt, little fellow Su Zhan Mo is brought by his own mother to hospital to see little sister.

As expected it changed be whiter much, but still far from his heart expectation about little sister. But he will work hard to change the little sister to be fit as his heart expectation! Deep inside his heart there was small worries, this was also things which will affect and reason for creating An Jia Qi miserable coming days.


  1. yadane · January 15

    Mother An really thought through with naming her child(ren).

    hooray for launching this novel

  2. Lolli · January 15

    Thanks of the chapter~ =D Looking forward to how cute Xiao Mo Mo is going to torture his poor waifu to be.

  3. Yellow · January 15

    Thanks for the chapter! This new project seems promising

  4. blackrose156 · January 16

    Thank you for the chapter. Great work!

  5. Busybee · January 16

    Thanks. This new novel looks interesting. Another black belly man in making.

  6. juli · January 25

    Thank you……really appreciate you introducing another new and interesting novel.

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