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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 165 – 167

Chapter 165 – 167

Back to the present time.

Although that incident not the main reason why both of them finally dating, but because that incident, it made their relationship got closer to each other. At least, Feng Chen Yi image in her heart was totally changed.

“Vice CEO Feng, the thing about Feng Chen Yi and I dating have been our passed. I don’t remember it anymore.” Yao Yao is beating around the bush, not really care.

“Haha, so that it is.” Feng Chen Rui pair of eyes flashed, he lifts the tea pot and pours the tea to his own cup, sip it: “Little girl, since you are not reconciling with my little brother, well I will not beating around the bush. To be honest, I really like you. Do you want to be my lover?”

Yao Yao looked so dumbfounded to Feng Chen Rui who sitting in front her, she really wanted to ask something…

Big uncle, how old are you so that you want me to be your lover? The most important is, she ever became his younger brother girl friend before. With moisten eyes: “Vice CEO Feng, what do you mean?”

“I don’t have any particular mean, I have said it. I like you. Moreover I don’t mind you as my little brother ex-girlfriend.”

He not minds? But she mind! What! Does Feng Chen Rui want to embarrass his younger brother?

“Little girl, you mention the price.”

“Uh… Vice CEO Feng what you mean is as long as I become your lover, you will give me money?” the way of Yao Yao speaking now sound more gentle, a pair of moisten eyes gleaming with innocent looked.

“Of course. Just to let you know, our Vice CEO Feng never treated any girl unfairly.” This is Feng Chen Rui’s personal assistant who is speaking.

Yao Yao silent for moment and then speaking with little bit difficulty tone: “So if I looked for you, ask any amount of money you will give it to me?”

“As long as you mention still in grasp, all I can give.”

“I, I am not greedy, I just want… want your VIP gold card, can I?” Since Feng Chen Rui is the eldest in Feng family, even Feng Chen Yi has VIP gold card, so that must be impossible if Feng Chen Rui does not have, right?

“Little girl, you still dare to say you are not greedy?” that assistant roared unsatisfied to Yao Yao.

Yao Yao pouted her mouth: “If cannot just forget it. You are stingier than Feng Chen Yi…”

“Aiya, I don’t say that I won’t give you.” Feng Chen Rui glared at his assistant: “Aaron, not speak if you are not ask to, better you shut up your mouth!”

“I am sorry, Vice CEO Feng.”

Feng Chen Rui takes out his wallet, he smiles toward Yao Yao and put the VIP gold card to the table: “Little Girl, since now you are my lover.”

“Oh, alright.” Yao Yao is happily to take that card.

“You wait for me in here, I will come back soon.” Feng Chen Rui stands up and he brings his assistant out with him.

“Vice CEO Feng, aren’t you serious to give your card to that little girl, are you?”

“So what, she does not know the pin? But that girl who ever been “pet” by that brat Feng Chen Yi really is having good stomach (greedy), once open her mouth is already asking gold card.” Feng Chen Rui is despised and shaking his head. He also ever have some women with him, but every time the spending always has it limit, especially about the VIP gold card, not many women know about that card, this kind of greedy girl alike Yao Yao, she is the first one he ever met.

“Vice CEO Feng, this is the room.” Aaron pointed at one of private room.

Feng Chen Rui smiling, he directly opens the door. “Aiyo, Chen Yi you are also eating in here? Oh with CEO Yu too. You are know for sure that your big brother always want to know CEO Yu. Both of you are eating together but not call me?”

“Now eating is also not late.” Feng Chen Yi is standing up and coldly introduced: “CEO Yu, this is my older brother, Feng Chen Rui.”

“CEO Yu, it’s an honor to meet you.” Feng Chen Rui is walking in front of Yu Ao Tian, politely stretch out his hand.

“Same same.” Yu Ao Tian smirks, he is shaking his hand.

“Oh yeah, Chen Yi, regarding about the project which I want to launch, father has interested to give it to Ao Bo. As you know, the CEO of Ao Bo is our father’s best friend.” Feng Chen Rui is mentioning about the project which discussed by Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian just now.

“But Father also said in business there is no father and son, moreover friendship, of course whoever can bring us more profit, we will give it to those.”

“Is it? But this project is responsible by me, whatever, other than Ao Bo, if other company dares to get involved… I will be surely fought all out to that company!” after said, Feng Chen Rui, eyes is hinting to Yu Ao Tian.

Yu Ao Tian is someone eat soft not hard, since Feng Chen Rui dares to declare the war, it means he is in his death waiting list now!

“Vice CEO Feng, if I were you, at least I will wait until I can sit steady in CEO position and then dare to make this kind of announcement.” His eyes looking at Feng Chen Yi: “Chen Yi, your suggestion, I will try my best to do it!”

“En? CEO Yu, are you agree?” Feng Chen Yi acting curiously asked.

“Of course! But, I can agree to it this fast just thank to your big brother.”

“This is absolutely! Big brother just expected you are so awesome.”

After Feng Chen Rui heard the short conversation between Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian, he feels sour, anger he made fist with his hand. He never thought that Yu Ao Tian has fearless style to this point, no wonder he is underworld emperor! “CEO Yu, you really are clapping hand with my little brother (team up), I afraid not long after this, my younger brother will address you as his big brother.”

“Anyway I don’t mind to have younger brother alike Feng Chen Yi.” Yu Ao Tian smile deviously.

That really pissed off Feng Chen Rui. Take another topic, he looked at Feng Chen Yi: “Oh, big brother is dating new girlfriend, I want to introduce her to you. She is in other room.”

Feng Chen Yi cold face can feel something, and then he thought of Yao Yao…

“CEO Yu, do you want to join us?”

“I don’t have any interest with Vice CEO Feng’s girlfriend. If there is nothing to discuss, I take my leave first.”

“Take care, CEO Yu.”

After Yu Ao Tian leaving, Feng Chen Rui and Feng Chen Yi go to the other room.

When he sees Yao Yao inside the room, he really not surprised: “Big brother, is she the new girlfriend that you want to introduce to me?”

“Yes. But after I think for while, both of you are not stranger, right?”

Feng Chen Yi narrowed his eyes, his looked at Yao Yao.

While Yao Yao is curiously frowned: “What new girlfriend? Chen Yi, what are you talking about?”

“Oh, my big brother, he said that he is dating new girlfriend and asked me to see.”

“En? This place other than me no other ah?” Yao Yao is smiling to those two brothers: “Vice CEO Feng, don’t you mean that your new girlfriend is me, right? Ahahaha.”

“Little girl, what do you means? Just now you have agreed to be my girlfriend?”

“Did I? When it happened?”

“Hey, little girl, just now you were accepting Vice CEO’s VIP gold card.” Aaron said.

Yao Yao showed her curious expression and takes out the gold card: “Do you mean this one?”


“Oh yeah, Chen Yi, your big brother was so weird, he strangely gave me this card. But he did not give me the pin, you say, what he intended to?”

“En, did he?” Feng Chen Yi plays along with Yao Yao, he takes the VIP gold card, put his hand on Yao Yao’s shoulder: “My beloved, since it is given by big brother to you, you must thank big brother, mustn’t you?”

“Oh, Thank You, Vice CEO Feng.”

This moment, Feng Chen Rui face is as black as charcoal, just now he had already being stricken by Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian, he almost exploded because of furious, and now when he is trying to use Yao Yao to anger Feng Chen Yi, no one knows this little girl not saying anything but betray on him, she even joins Feng Chen Yi to anger him!

“We leave first!”

“Wait, Big brother. This card pin… is it stills same?” Feng Chen Yi is swaying the Gold card in his hand.


“My beloved, hurry uses this card to buy a house, just afraid if tomorrow Big brother would be changed the pin, you won’t be able to buy it anymore.”

“Oh, but… I want to buy two houses.”

“You even can buy ten houses, anyway it is unlimited.”

“Bamn!” the sound of door slammed to open, Feng Chen Rui can’t listen anymore to Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao conversation, he brings his personal assistant along with him.

“Kekekekeke” Yao Yao laughing deviously with her small mouth.

Feng Chen Yi really understands this little demoness character, when she wants to be naïve she can be such naïve and pure but when she in her evil mode she can be most evil than anyone can be. “Humph, still laughing.”

“Why?” Yao Yao curiously looked at Feng Chen Yi whose face filled with criticize expression.

“Don’t you know what kind of man is my big brother!”

How can she know? When they were still dating, he never told her about his family. “I only know, he is the nasty person who talking bad about you.”

They have broken up but she still same like before.

During the time when they still dating, no matters how big they fought, having cold war, but as long as there was person who dared to talk bad about Feng Chen Yi she would be the one who immediately fought with that person, life and death.

It also same with him…

“Anyway, if you see Feng Chen Rui in the future, just avoid him, understand?”

“I always do that every time I met him.”

“So, how could today you go together with him?”

“It was him, he said that he coming here to have meal with you, I just…” can this blame on her, both of the two brothers are appearing in same restaurant, it must be naturally she thought both of them are scheduled to meet.

“You say, do you stupid or not? I have called you to come here, of course I must be already in here.”

Yucks? He said her stupid? Yao Yao is not satisfied, she glared at him: “You are the dummy ones.” Her eyes spotted Feng Chen Yi’s arms still around her shoulders, subconsciously she swaying away his hand…

But he is even braver to pull her into his embraces.

“Hey, let go!”

“Have you eaten?” he lowers his head, his eyes is shining with warmness, if someone not be careful perhaps will fall into it.

“Thump! Thump!” it feels alike the first time when her heart beating because of him, hurried her eyes looked into his: “haven’t”

“Let’s eat together.”

“No…I must go home immediately. You, let me go.”

“That man really watching you so tight or perhaps, he can’t live without you?” Feng Chen Yi eyesight is back to his normal cold eyesight. Finally he lets her go.

“Feng Chen Yi, this card I give it back to you, together with your older brother’s card too.”

Feng Chen Yi only takes his older brother’s card and left his: “Mine card for you.”

“I don’t want! Give back to you!”

“Don’t you like to spend man’s money?”

What did Feng Chen Yi means? “I have my own job, others than my grandpa medication fees, I never spent any cent!” Damn…why I told all the things.

She is speaking as flowing water, Yao Yao is trying to deny but it really hard to do it.

Feng Chen Yi makes fist with his hand, he has guessed it that Yao Yao might because of her family, his vein is clearly showing in his skin surface, coldly said: “So that your grandpa medication fee does not need paid by him anymore, and then, break up with him immediately!”

Break up? Can it be that easy?


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 165 – 167

  1. Thanks! Didn’t really expect YY , YAT , and FCY to have confrontation yet anyway. Wonder what is going to happen next with YY. I least she is not being bully any more.

  2. Thanks. Like the part FCY calls her his little demoness. I like the way YY defends FCY. They would have bern a great couple if not for FCY’s betrayal.

  3. YY is not stupid she wont break up with YAT she know the best he wont let her go if he does she will have a really horrrible end but in the end is FCY fault thing turned that way for both of them

  4. I personally like FCY better but I don’t think either guy is right for her. FYC hurts YY emotionally & YAT tortures YY emotionally. Totally agree that FCY & YY would make a great couple I’d it wasn’t for the fact that FCY cheats on YY.

  5. NOPE….No matter what I still don’t like FCY…Leopard never chances their spots. I am not that forgiving where man cheated on their girlfriend over and over again and would not admitted their cheating habits yet blame it on YY for being prudent. FCY promises YY so many things yet he did not carry it out for one bit when they were together, only after they broke up then he began to force YY back together with him again. If FCY really serious wanting to get back with YY again, he should woo again instead of demanding. Of all people FCY should be someone who know YY better. YY don’t condone to arrogant men yet FCY kept acting arrogantly towards YY.

    No matter that YAT is an underworld emperor, I still ship for him.

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