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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 168


Chapter 168

This is no difference with burning the bridge after used it? When she needs Yu Ao Tian’s help she will come to find him, when she does not need he anymore and then break up with him? She lowered her head: “I like him and I won’t break up with him.”

“Luo Yao Yao, do you dare to swear that you really love him?” Feng Chen Yi lifted her hands.

She is shivering, endured the pain, lifted up her head and looked at him, nodding confidently: “I swear, I…uh.”

The bossy Feng Chen Yi kissed her, all her words are swallowed back, he does not want to hear, he does not want to hear from her mouth how she loves that man!

“Feng Chen Yi, I love you.”

“Feng Chen Yi, let’s us break up.”

That time when she said that she loves him, heaven knew how happy he was, despite he not showing any expression, and then when she said that she wanted to break up with him, he thought he would not sad, thought his heart wouldn’t in pain, but the fact wasn’t that, again he showed an expressionless face as if nothing happened.

When he didn’t lose then he didn’t know how much he loves her, if he didn’t lose her he didn’t know how to cherish her.

After two years he met her again, to start over not only because of Yao Yao to Feng Chen Yi but there stills… because his loves toward her. Unfortunately, he seems to miss the opportunity.

“Uh!” her soft lips are greedy tasted by the man she uses all her strength to struggle. But the man is stronger, she is weakling, she not match for him. She used her strength to bite him who is trying to pry open her mouth and intertwined with her tongue.

“Uh.” Frustrated, finally Feng Chen Yi let her go.

“Feng Chen Yi, why every times we meet you always makes things to be difficult?” Unable to ending and then it becomes resentment, moreover… why she must feel so guilty toward Yu Ao Tian?

“I have said before, I will try my best to be bastard in front of you. So what, did you feel guilty toward that man?” When Feng Chen Yi said it his pair of eyes is showed cold smiles in his face.

“You are too much! Feng Chen Yi, you are too much, I hate you!” She pissed off and leaving him, running away from the restaurant…

Her heart thumps, her heart hurt, happiness, grievance, love, hate, like, dislike. These all are the feeling she feels after she knows Feng Chen Yi.

It maybe because of this, she can’t forget about that man, likes him with tears, feeling grief with smiles, a kind of feeling that engraved in heart how can it be so easy to forget about it?

His kindness, his bad, all are imprinted in her heart, Feng Chen Yi is a man that she loves but also she hates, that man…


Outside the restaurant main entrance, the car is suddenly stopped because it almost bumps into Yao Yao.

“I am sorry, sorry, sorry.” She is distracted because that matter and keeps on apologizing, but when her eyes glances at the car plate number…

Impossible, how… can be so coincide?

“Miss Luo, CEO Yu asked you to get in car.” Mo Xue Tong who sat at the passenger seat gets down from the car.

Her heart is thumping, beat so fast. She slowly gets inside the car.

“Why are you here?” besides her, Yu Ao Tian is looking at her, asking.

She nervous: “I come to meet my friend, why are you in here?”

“Business talk.”

The car moves, inside the car is deathly silent perhaps the only thing can be heard is the breathing sound inside it because of the quietness.

At this time, a pair of warm hands is holding her small cold hands.

Heart sink, she thought to move her hands but after she recalled the moment when she was with Feng Chen Yi in restaurant… suddenly she feels she is knowing her place.

Because of Li Mei Yun, she hates Yu Ao Tian but after she calmed down, thinking carefully she knew it wasn’t his fault.

She could not calm herself last time, she is too impulsive and made Yu Ao Tian pissed off, moreover…her lover status, everything is opened up.

Because the matters regarding to Li Mei Yun wasn’t Yu Ao Tian fault, compare to what happened just now between she and Feng Chen Yi is just pale into insignificance by comparison.

Does not understand why, she has too many vague and ambiguous contact with Feng Chen Yi, but now suddenly today she feels guilty toward Yu Ao Tian.

I am sorry… Yu Ao Tian.

She murmured, it showed her inner words of deep inside her heart, Yao Yao turned her head and looked outside the window…

Not long after that, the car stopped at the destination place, Mo Xue Tong waiting and then gets down with them.

Their footsteps are fast going inside the villa, at this by coincide they see Li Mei Yun is packing her stuffs.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 168

  1. I think it’ll be better if YY start over with FCY because both of them are still in love with each other. FCY had done a mistake but maybe at that time FCY didn’t want to tainted YY

    1. It isn’t about tainted but FCY really didn’t have respect toward their relationship back then.
      If he really loves her, he must think his cheating would hurt YY, if he really thought of her…
      If he really reflecting his mistake, he must go to apologized to her not arrogantly blaming YY for not fulfilling his “manhood” desire.

  2. Thanks. Despite both YY and FCY still having feelings for each other, they cannot never go back to the past. Wonder how these triangle will end.

    1. Actually this isn’t real triangle love because there will be few men who in love with YY, who also quite strong love rival for YAT and FCY. although the most strongest rival still YAT and FCY. Both of YAT and FCY are bring huge damaging to YY’s life

  3. Totally agreed. Every times Yao Yao meets with FCY, Yao Yao always ended up feeling guilty towards YAT which they bonded much closer together

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