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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 25


The ending is coming nearer. This chapter is one heart-warming and touching.

Chapter 25

Part 1 (One)

Long Way to Purpose

Kang Yu And I were staying at Fu Shun for ten days, I have played in Chao Tian district, when the time to leave, my future mother in law was sobbing, her tears, I could understand the feeling son not stay close with her, when the airplane took off, I have asked Kang Yu why didn’t he bring his mother to live in Shanghai, living together with him.

Today is not same with the past days, he is not that poor student who freeloader in others house.

Kang Yu said, she has been living in Fu Shun for almost her life time, she has get used with the living environment, friends in Fu Shun, if really ask her to live in Shanghai, she perhaps would not get used, she even does not have any friend, for her who has aged, it will only make her unhappy. Moreover the air in Shanghai not really good compare to the Northern, especially during winter, if there is no heater, it can freeze to death, he afraid she won’t endure it.

After I think for while, I agreed. She is not youngster who have faster adapting ability to the new environment.

But, I could feel during bid good bye, Kang Yu was sadder compare to his mother.

I leaning on his shoulder, I gripped his hands and said, “Yu, later every year I will come with you to visit your mom, if you don’t have time, I can come alone!”

Kang Yu really get touched, he gripped back my hand, said, “She is not only my mother but also your mother!”

I smiled, he really did not need to remind in very vague way my heart has belong to him for long time ago.

The airplane is flying in the sky, maybe because playing too much so exhausted, I feel want to sleeping, I get closer to his shoulder.

“Miao Miao!”

“En?” my eyes dazing answered him.

“Waiting after your graduation, we will get married, okay?”

Immediately I awake, I lift my head up looking at him, I can see his serious eyesight, if I say yes, he might give me his life.

I get closer to his shoulder and I hold tight his hand, “Okay.”



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