Review : Albion Exage Moist Full Lotion Type II


Last time I have made review about Albion Exage Cleansing Cream. For this moment I have tried some of Japanese Skin Care products which sent last time by my sis. Well, this review is little bit late because I had used all the product but forget to post the review (just forgive me since I really get possessed with my work, my doggies and also translations project) XD XD XD

Short review about another skincare product form albion. It is Albion Exage Moist Full Lotion type II.

little bit information:
Albion Exage has two types: Type I for normal to oily and the type II for normal to combination or oily

Product Description:
Albion Exage Moist Crystal Milk is feathery light and great for daytime use, this milky gel moisturizer help fight visible signs of aging while soothing botanicals hydrate your complexion all day long. Encourages suppler skin for a more youthful appearance.

Product Texture:
This product has very clear liquid texture almost similar with water. This is my first time to use this type of moisturizer which no matter I see, this is more to water base than lotion. the product almost does not have smell, very faint fragrance and I not really sure what it is but like it. It absorb very fast and not sticky. it moist the skin directly without make the face become oily or super oily.

Vice Versa:
I have used this product for months with many combination product to test out went along with this Albion. I can say this product almost works well combined with other brands product such as Etude House, Laneige, even drugstore product and this is also another reason why I took so long to make the review although the product has finished and forgotten.

Based to the direction it must pump about 2-3 and used the cotton pad. but, since I not really like to used cotton pad except for toner, most of time I just like to used my hand moreover I only need to pump one time and it more than enough to use for all over my face + my neck.

To say, my skin type is combination which sometimes can go very extreme. to be super oily during the summer and dry when cold (Indonesia is tropical country so no winter in here. only cold + rainy days ^-^ ) According to the product, I must use the type I but this type II worked so well to my skin.

This product quite miracle for me, only by ten days I could see the improvement in my skin. I feel my skin is moist but not oily, no break which really good. I could feel my skin more Q (elastic). Again, this product is so pricey but good investment for those who look for high end product quality.


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