C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 169 – 170


Chapter 169 – 170

In the silent night, three of them are looking for all corners, Yu Ao Tian as if not seen Li Mei Yun, he faster his footsteps and goes inside the villa.

At this time, Yao Yao hurried to give way for Li Mei Yun and when they are passing each other, their eyesight exchanged, and when Li Mei Yun is passing right beside her…

“This thing will not stop in here! I will make your life sufferer than mine!”

The woman threatens is echoing in Yao Yao’s ears, she really wanted to ask something…

Did Li Mei Yun know how she loss?

She is always trying to show that she never expecting or care about Yu Ao Tian, but her heart is petty minded about that. She thought she understood her own man, and thought that man loves her, but when she is crazily trying to dominate Yu Ao Tian’s love for only to herself, she has already not understood him anymore and even lost him forever.

Li Mei Yun is not lost to Yao Yao, she really lost to her own heart that loves Yu Ao Tian. Although in the future she is trying to revenge to her, but that man won’t look at her anymore.

This because…

When together with Yu Ao Tian and not makes one’s heart involved with love, it still can get other things, but once fall in love with him, it means lose everything. Ha, this man is destined not to have any woman in his life because they are something alike material thing for him!

Against Li Mei Yun provocation, Yao Yao keeps silent, slowly she walking inside the villa…

Because Li Mei Yu has left, Angel helps Yao Yao to move back to Master’s room due to Yu Ao Tian order. After the dinner, she knocks the Master’s room door.

The cold silent room, Yu Ao Tian is leaning to the bed head while reading the magazine, on other side she is moving her feet to get into the bed, covered herself with quilt and lie down.

There is no eye contact between them, no conversation, both of them just silent inside the room.

Yu Ao Tian turned off the light, the room is falling into darkness.

She just wanted to close her eyes and sleep, suddenly one big hand is touching her hand closer, lips is kissed hotly…

Inside the darkness of the night, this sudden kiss surprised Yao Yao, she does not know to react, she is stunned doing nothing and let the man kissed her, let him to taste the sweetness of her lips.

His light cologne fragrance from his body is spread and breath by her, the smell of it is gradually gives a sense of loss to her mind inside the silent night.

Strange, really strange, although she is already get used to be kissed by Yu Ao Tian, but why this kiss seems to be different to the others kissed that she ever had, as if Yu Ao Tian wanted to tell her something.

Is it apologizing?

Absolutely not, someone alike Yu Ao Tian won’t understand others people feeling, he is so bossy and domineering how can he lower his head? This must be she who is misunderstanding her feeling, must be!

“Bao Bei…” his deep voice, his lips moves but still pressed on her lips.

As the kissing becomes hotter, he is become infatuated with the kissing her lips, between the breathing, it spit warm airs to her face that makes her numbs. Her steady breathing gradually turns to ups and downs.

Under his guidance of his proficient skills in kissing, his tongue pries to her mouth. Yu Ao Tian mouth curved upwards showing his faint smiles. The atmosphere inside the room turned to be so ambiguous.

Suddenly, his big hand is holding her small hand with ten fingers intertwined together. While the other hand is supporting her waist, turned over the body and pressed her down.

She awkwardly alike dragonfly touches the water lightly (having contact), her lips touched into his mouth, but for Yu Ao Tian this is not more than kind of invisible teasing. His steady breathing is gradually unsteady, as if one of vague scenery.

Cannot endure it anymore! Difficult to endure, she can’t keep the pace, her brain is fell into chaos, she can’t help herself but to circle around her hands to his neck.

He kissed her and she gives response to his kissing. After while, the kissing is ended and Yao Yao can feel her face burn red. She believes if Yu Ao Tian turned on the light, he might laugh at her burning red face.

She is lying down beside of Yu Ao Tian and he stills holding her hand tightly and pulled her to his embraces, cuddling her and won’t let her go.

To be honest he never tried to kiss any woman that can give him butterflies sensation moreover kissing actually disgusting thing for him. He kissed not many women in his life, but now he really afraid that he only wants Yao Yao!

In the death of night…

Both of them do not have any other contact and the only thing is both of them still holding hands, tightly.

Unknowingly why, Yao Yao feels so weird tonight, moreover when she certain… Yu Ao Tian also weird as well this time.

He, tonight she can feel his aura is quite different and seems to be changed…


Three days later.

Last time because she needed to taking care of Li Mei Yun in hospital, Yao Yao had taken four days work leave, at the fifth day when she came back to work Wang Han has praised about her talent and capability, promoting and give her three days time as trainee manager. Despite to the lower management staffs gossip, they can’t speak much toward Wang Han’s views and also no one dares to speak words.

Regarding Sun Li, she also didn’t bring up Yao Yao relationship with Yu Ao Tian. Because all of the employees know, gossiping about their CEO is strictly prohibited and something not honorable in workplace. And also only those who seek death will do it.

“Little Girl, you will back to school soon, right?” inside the Regional Director’s office room, Wang Han is gently asking her.


“It is really regretful. Just waiting for your winter holiday to come back working at Berson, I promised you, the manager position is always keeping for you.”

“Director Wang, thank you. But this manager position…” indeed is too subtle and ineffable. Yao Yao awkwardly lowering her head.

“HaHa, this manager position of course come up to its name. You must think that I promoted you completely because of CEO Yu, aren’t you?”

“Isn’t it?”

“As for me, I have told this matter to CEO Yu long time ago, that time General Manager Long had consideration, saying you are still trainee staff so that he refused. The most important… your relationship and CEO Yu, I have known it for long time ago.”

Yao Yao felt little bit unexpected when she listened to Wang Han: “You had…known it?”

He elegantly smiled, helplessly and shook his head: “Didn’t you the person who responsible in high level management elevator before, Miss Elevator?”


“There was one time, you and CEO Yu inside the elevator… suddenly when the elevator’s door opened, all the people who were waiting for the elevator looked at CEO Yu, and then all of them were pretending not see anything and then left. Well, among those people, I was there.”


It was the day when she wanted to shoot and took evidence of Yu Ao Tian’s crime, at the last she was the person got forced kiss from Yu Ao Tian. Maybe that time?

Faint*, Director Wang has very sharp memory! Not to mention Director Wang indeed someone who is a person that able to maintained the talent, no wonder he is famous as one from four greats upper management in Berson Group.
*have an equal meaning like hit the head to wall

Yao Yao is shyly smiling, she politely standing up and bowing to Director Wang: “Regardless of everything, it is my honor to meet and know you in here. Director Wang, I take my leave.”

“En, Little Girl, if we have chance then we will meet again.”

“Good bye.” Leaving the Director office room, Yao Yao hurries to take out her phone: “What time you get off work?”

“5:10, meet in parking area.” It is Yu Ao Tian clear voice from the phone.


  1. minaaoe · January 18

    Thaaank youuu♡♡

  2. mhryu · January 18

    Thank you for the lovely read. It’s nice to finally read the sweetness between both YY and YAT. Hopefully this will last for a while. I believe this is not the end of LMY yet right?

  3. Julie · January 18

    Thank you so much for a sweet chapters between YY n YAT. At least YY does not fight YAT’s kisses anymore. Some way some how they changes towards one another.

  4. Mel · January 18

    Thanks! Nice to see that things are progressing between YY and YAT

  5. juli · January 18

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  6. Anna · January 18

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    I’m dead curious of YAT reactions when he knew of YY ‘s ex, FCY. Who will have YY body and soul?

    Thanks much 😘

    • aryadne · January 18

      Yeah I wanna know too how will he react when he heard of that *_*

  8. Busy Bee · January 18

    Thanks for the lovely chapter. Like the how YY and YAT’s relationship is working out. Like the attitude and character of Director Wang. Don’t think we will see the last of LMY.

  9. tinkerbellsan · January 18

    Thank you so much!! 😘😘😘

  10. lovelyn · January 18

    We need spoliers. Whats going to happen when YAT knows about her ex? Is,ot next 200 chapters? How long must ww wait. Lol

  11. Bitbit · January 18

    Thank you so much for the lovely chapter. Finally a warm and lovely interaction betwee YY and YAT. No word needed..🙂

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    Thank you. Im happy finally YY and YAT have progress. I ship thèm both. Altough YAT is womanizer but he plays fair game and train YY to survive against the cruelty of world. He has more experience on handling matters. He just throws bait and let YY solves problem and that will make YY become stronger.
    As for FYC he cheated behind herback.not good he will repeat it again in the future. For YAT,before she.sign lovers contract, YY knew YAT has slept with many women. He is being honest. so she is not being cheated beside she doesn’t have feeling for him.not yet! Hahaha…soon YAT will fall head over heels. Her strong point: She is not greedy person like those other women. This will make him fall for her Hard. And he will not want any other woman anymore? This is just my two cents… wish I knew how to read mandarin…looking forward to your next translation. We are helpless We are counting on you Azurro. Many many thanks.End of ranting.😀😀😀

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