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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 100

Chapter 100

The flowing love

Because that time when Ye Che and Gu Na Yan came, both of them were coming by their own horses, and the initially idea Lu Qun and Madams Ye were going back by the horse carriage. The time was tense; Lu Qun has already pulled to the horse by Gu Na Yan, sitting in horseback with him

“Ah! Young Master Na Yan.” Lu Qun who pulled to the horse screamed, because her body is too close with Gu Na Yan’s body she felt uncomfortable, moving.

“If you don’t want to fall down, sit properly.”Gu Na Yan spoke to her with the sound that only can be heard by two of them.

“Che, let’s go! We directly go to Long household, if there is news, I will try my best to inform you.” Gu Na Yan looked at Ye Che who horse is in his side.

“En, alright.”

“Let’s we move.”

“Na Yan, thank you.”

Ye Che spoke formally which caught by Gu Na Yan’s ears, while Gu Na Yan who sitting in horse smiles, “It is okay, let’s we hurry go to check, perhaps sister Wan Er has already at Long Household. Let’s go!”

Actually they have known for long time, there is nothing needs to say because everything is understandable.

* 驾 Jia : drive (interjection indicating to move while horse riding)

Two horses are starting to fly toward to city.

Lu Qun who still in Gu Na Yan’s embraces feel extremely uncomfortable, this is her first time to have direct-contact with man, and also in this kind of situation. All her entire body is surrounded by Gu Na Yan’s masculine smell, Lu Qun feels little bit hazing; she does not know what she should do.

She and he are two people with different status, how can he this easy to taking care of her? He even hugged little maid alike her, her heart is starting to beat faster.

Lu Qun is trying her best not to make Gu Na Yan realized, lightly turned her head, looking at Gu Na Yan’s face. He has smiling eyes, his mouth is curved upwards, it shows as if he has confident in himself. In Lu Qun memories, Gu Na Yan expression is always this gentle, kind of gentleness which able to make people feel he is coquettish, but also when comes with serious matter, he could deal in steady and earnestly, give people secure feeling, can put trust to him forever. Although her first impression of Gu Na Yan not really good, but it can’t be denied he is good person.

Although he is Young Master from wealthy family, but he just similar to Ye’s family few Young Masters, he does not have little bit arrogance of common Young Master, which makes people easy to get close to him.

This is the Gu Na Yan that she knows!

“Have you seen enough? Although I know that I grow quite good looking, every girl is mesmerizing with this handsome face, but, now we are riding horse! If you focus on looking at me, I could get distracted! Be careful if I get distracted, both of us will fall down from the horse!” Gu Na Yan who eyes is looking in front, suddenly turned his direction and looked at Lu Qun’s face. His word is succeeding to withdraw her face back, the distracted Lu Qun.

“Ah!” alike thief who get caught, Lu Qun nervously turned back her head, her body unsteady, as if lost her balance and will fall to other side.

My God! How can be she embarrassed herself by stupidly looking at his face?

He just in urgency to help Third Young Master to search for Little Miss, actually why she thought running wild! Lu Qun vexed!

“Be careful, hurry gain back yourself, have proper seat, understood? Don’t move randomly!” Gu Na Yan’s hands are busy and hurry to pull back Lu Qun’s body who almost fall from the horse, seriously said. If he keeps on joking, he thinks there will a possibility for both of them to fall from horse! He “Xi Yan Gong Zi” doesn’t want to have kind of heroic attempting.

Above the horseback finally back to quiet, only the horse footsteps sound.

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