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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 171

Yao Yao goes shop

I try to slow down my pace in translating this chapter because I want to enjoy and let you to share same feeling for this sweet moments. As you guys know, this novel is having such “Bipolar” and “Roller coaster” story plots. One moment this story can be so sweet as if will make “toothache” but another moment this story will give so many heartache and pain as if bitter pills.

I won’t put too much spoiler or too further spoiler about this story because the I hope you guys can enjoy the best parts of this novel.

Well, Enjoy your time to read 🙂

Chapter 171

The question is how could he know the reason she phoned him and would ask him to meet? After she thinks for while she really admired him, why every times he could guess whatever she thought? Frustrated!

After she got into the parking area, Yu Ao Tian is already inside the car: “Bao Bei, where are we going?”

She opened the car’s door, sitting beside the driver seat, sweetly smiling: “Go to Department Store.”

“Hah?” Yu Ao Tian frowned, just to let know he is not someone who will go and accompany woman to shopping especially department store, most of time he straightly gave his women card and asked them to go shopping by themselves.

But, since both of them have lover relationship, this is also the first time she takes an initiative to ask him to go to department store. At the moment he thinks deeply, finally he smiles: “Do you look happy today?”

“Yes. I am so happy today.” Yao Yao nodded happily, she ties on the safety belt, excitedly fist her hand: “Let’s go!”

Along her voice, the engine is started, the car is moving as fast as flying arrow…

Two of them, one is walking in front and the other is walking at behind, just now when they arrived at the main entrance, suddenly Yao Yao stopped her footstep.

Yu Ao Tian curiously turned and asked her: “Bao Bei, what things that you interested on?” he is getting ready himself to take out his wallet.

Who knows, she mysteriously smiles, at this moment she makes such exaggerating expression, boldly said: “Come, I have 1000 dollar budget for you, you can pick anything you want!”

“???” Looks at Yao Yao who is acting out of line, Yu Ao Tian dumbfounded for moment and then smile deviously: “Get rich?”

Her big eyes are looking right and left, when she certain there are not many people around, she purposely showed off an envelope from her pocket, she takes out money papers from that thick envelope: “Hehehehe, I got my salary… today!”

He forgets that today is the paid salary day, Yu Ao Tian bends his body so that his height at same level with Yao Yao’s height, looking at the money in her hand: “That much.”

“Of course, I have 8000 dollar salary per month, as additional I got promoted and have become the trainee manager for three days which got 2000 dollar additional payment. So that, I have 10,000 dollar!” this is her first salary that paid “cash” more than thousand dollars so she is so excited and happy. “Oh yeah, how much salary you got?”

“Me? I don’t have salary.”

“You don’t have? Uh, it is right ah, all money in the company is belongs to you.” She got few thousand dollars this month, while she really does not know how much Yu Ao Tian got. Huh, this is the best part to be boss.

“Well, you hurry chooses your present.”

When he sees Yao Yao urging him, Yu Ao Tian rolled his eyes: “Bao Bei, you got so much money from your salary, you only budget me 1000 dollars present?”

“Huh, so how much money you want for your present?” Yao Yao does not understand so she furrowed her brows, but again when she thought about Yu Ao Tian status, perhaps 1000 dollars doesn’t mean much compare to his money, as if 1000 dollars can’t buy anything.

She feels little bit complex and pouted her mouth, endure her heart pain and takes out 15 papers of 100 dollars from her envelope: “This 1500 dollar, is it enough?”

“It is only 1500?”

Looking at Yu Ao Tian who showed belittles expression toward her money, Yao Yao bitter her heart, stomped her feet: “2000! You cannot have more than this anymore.”

“Humph, Bao Bei, I thought you will give me at least half from your salary.”

“How it is possible? I still need to give my mother 5000 for living expenses, I will back to school soon, at least I need 2000 as my own living expenses.”

“How about the rest 1000?”

“The rest 1000 dollars is for buying present for Nan Lu, Long Qi, Bai Ling, Director Wang! After all they have been taking care of me for long this time.”

After Yu Ao Tian listened to her, he slowly raised up, smiling satisfied: “It seems you this Little Thing still have heart. Well, if 2000 dollar then 2000 it be!”

Cih, what is 2000 dollars then 2000 dollars it be, he talked as if Yao Yao really burdensome him! Just to let him know, the additional 1000 dollars actually is coming from her saving og last month living expenses.

“What should I buy?” Yu Ao Tian eyes is flashing and looking around, finally his eyes spotted at one watch shop: “Bao Bei, come here.” His steps are so fast heading to the watch shop.

Yao Yao also following him tightly at his back.

Inside the watch shop the salesgirls are welcoming Yu Ao Tian warmly when he gets inside, their eyes flashing brightly, deathly locked on his watch in his wrist. Whispering each others: “Hey, have you seen, have you seen, that good looking man’s wrist… he wears Patek Philippe & Co* watch”
* Patek Philippe & Co is brand from Switzerland which has more than 175 years expertise in making Swiss high quality watchmaking.

“Kao, impossible, but it seems real oh. So wealthy, so rich, and also good looking, it seems Gao Fu Shuai.” Few of the salesgirls are hurried to approach in front of him: “Mr, welcome, may I know what brand of watch that you are looking for, perhaps we can introduce some for you.”

He elegantly smiles, glances at Yao Yao who stands behind of him: “Bao Bei, help me to choose the watch.”

“Ah? Me? Help you… choose the watch?” watch is something alike symbol that represent of man status, she only can send him watch that cost at least 2000 dollars, can he wear it when he going out?

“Didn’t you say that you just get your salary and wanted to give me a present? Do you want me to choose by myself?”

Uh, does he serious? “But, but don’t you already have your own watch?” moreover, inside his accessories shelf in house, there are lots of expensive watches that cost hundred thousand dollars?

Yu Ao Tian lifts his arm, very fast he hit and broke his watch, and then…

Only by one hit it broke!

Hundred thousand of Patek Philippe & Co watch is broken into pieces in floor.

Yao Yao is dumbstruck looking at him with big wide eyes and open mouth. When looking at surrounded all the employees are also looking dumbstruck.

“Now, I don’t have anymore.” Yu Ao Tian is swaying his hand in front of her.

Later, she really wanted to say something but her mouth just open-wide but no voice comes out, hundred thousand watch ah, hundred thousand watch ah, only like this it gone? Gone? Yu Ao Tian, are you dummy?

“Hurry chooses one watch for me!” after said, he impatiently looking for chair to have seat.

“I… I… I go to choose.” Her body moves alike robot to the displayed glass of the watches.

Those salesgirls finally regained their sense, immediately followed at Yao Yao’s back: “Little Sister, is he your big brother?”

Ah? Big brother?

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  1. Thank you so much…the chapter came a bit early today…you usually post new chapter every day around 4pm pacific time, thAts when I have to check a new update no matter what I am doing, lol..even I am in a special meeting I have to have a peek on my phone. You work so hard!!

  2. Thank you for the lovely read. Loved the progress now. Hopefully is able to red another few chapters of lovely sweet relationship between them 😍

  3. Thank you very much. Uhm!!..Biological brother ever call biological sister ‘Bao Bei’? The reason, this is the second time that strange female who r interested in YAT will ask YY whether YAT is her brother or not.

  4. Thanks. I hope YAT is touched my YY’s generosity. She’s on such a tight budget yet decided to ask him choose a present.

  5. Thank you for another sweet moment between YY and YAT I enjoy it so much. Hope there will be many many happ interaction between two of them in the future.

    YY must be looks like junior high student, thats why everyone guess the same when YY and YAT together. Is he your brother? Hahaha

  6. Thank you….YY is a kind hearted person. YAT just like to tease and torment her to her last hard earned dollar. Currently enjoying the read without boarding any ship….

  7. What a pressure on Yao Yao, replacing a hundred thousand dollar watch for a 2000 ones. YAT seems to experience many firsts on Yao Yao

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