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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 25.2

Chapter 25

Part 2 (Two)

Long Way to Purpose

When we were arrived at Shanghai, Kang Yu was getting busy, his assignment most of time was long-term flight for the International Mission. There was few places that I never heard before, I was also busier than him, because I was in last year in university, not only busy for the papers, but also for the internship list, I busy until I felt had big head, both of our time was could not chance on each others, our meeting day was getting lesser and lesser.

So very thankful to the technology development, we still could depend on MSN, QQ, video web, chatting, asking each other days.

When I got headache for my papers, Yan Yan finally got work called after she sent 350 resumes, she got job, although the salary not high, at least better off than staying at home. She seemed to be happy working as white collar, the usage of book really not much, when Yan Yan entered into the society she just found out that education and experiences really important, thus it was the standard for working, she enrolled for the undergraduate, also enrolled for the English course, her life seems to be fulfilling.

The fourth year in my last semester, Kang Yu half saving was deposit plus loan to buy house, one room one living room, not big, but it has good location, since Uncle Shen not busy he spent his time doing the renovation.

The renovation was so simple, because Kang Yu stayed at his company dorm, and sometimes he stayed at Uncle Shen’s house, thus he renting his house, he used the renting money to pay the house loan as additional his salary was paid quite high, less than half year, his loan had paid fully.

I also graduated smoothly.

9 July 2003, it was my graduation ceremony, Kang Yu has flight to Paris so he could not join my graduation ceremony, but he had made phone call early in the morning to me, he also specially let the flower shop to deliver one big bouquet red roses, more or less to make up for my regret.

My father and mother seeing me wearing the scholar cap, the scholar gown, simply happy in tears, Yan Yan was holding the camera, she crazily helped to take the pictures of me, finally she found Ling Li, helped us to take family portrait.

After the graduation ceremonial ended, I went home with all those people who would not stay in Shanghai, or they might go to other city to develop, we all hugged together and crying.

Together for four years, the time to separate together finally realized the interaction between people to people was something quite short.

At the same time, all my fellow good sisters and I were also graduated, so that we were made appointment to reunite.

Pity, on that day Kang Yu could not join us because he has flight to German.

I am type of sensible girl, I knew currently this time was one most important time for Kang Yu’s career. I completely could understand his business, hence he said waiting until I done with my graduation we would talk about our marriage, I have remembered on my heart, but it was not something urgent because I trusted him.

I looking for job while waiting for him, there was a time I threw tantrum to him, acting coquettishly, arguing, but I trust him would not blame on me.

The most troublesome, my mom was starting to help me and Yan Yan to find boyfriend.

This is also one of common problem for most parents, during in the school not allowed children to date, but once graduated they hope their children to have partner and married.

How thing could be that easy.

After my graduation, there was countless time I wanted to tell my mom, I already have boyfriend, even already talking about marriage, but seeing the way my mom choosing those people who must Shanghainese, if not Master student at least university graduated.

I have cold sweat because worried of Kang Yu.

I didn’t want to beat the bushes, I kept on hiding it, waiting until Kang Yu came back, both of us would plan for it.

But weather couldn’t be forecasted, people have their own luck, when Kang Yu had his off days, it was the day when Uncle Shen was taking to hospital he was diagnosed to have Liver Cancer late level. Both of Kang Yu and I didn’t have time to talk about our marriage matters, we were busying to taking care him.

Uncle Shen didn’t have children, his relatives were in overseas, and naturally it was Kang Yu who responsible took care of him.

Human is like this, when doesn’t know anything people can live very good, but once knowing to get terminal illness, alike the plant in dessert, no matter how refreshing it still will wither quickly.

But this four months, the New Year was not coming yet, Uncle Shen has left human world forever.

I never seen Kang Yu crying before, moreover I never thought a man could cry to the point so deeply hurt, he has looked Uncle Shen as his own father, actually he has planned to buy one big house, when I married to him, Uncle Shen would live with us together.

I understood, I have more empathy, this Old-Urchin who called as Uncle, he was one of biggest regret in Kang Yu life. Because he was one of the chosen person who would be our marriage witness.

The funeral service was held in Long Hua funeral home, chose a small room, the people was not many, the ceremony was simple, many of Uncle Shen’s friends were coming, the coffin was personally closed by Kang Yu and also he was the person who sent Uncle Shen to the crematorium, moreover he also the first person who took the ashes and put in funerary casket.

That day when holding Uncle Shen funeral, sky was gloomy, as if the heaven also cried. Kang Yu bought the graveyard in Mountain Tian Ma cemetery, Song Jiang district, Shanghai. He knew that Uncle Shen liked high places, so that he especially selected the graveyard in the top mountain.

He personally put the ashes into the tomb, his eyes was red, he looking at the cement tomb when it sealed. The Master asked what to carve in the gravestone, “What should be written?”

Kang Yu said, “My late Father Shen Bo Song! Godson Kang Yu.”

The master nodded, he started to crave it, Kang Yu kept on staring at the tombstone, he didn’t move.

I knew whatever I said might useless, so that I only could accompany him in silent, finally he could not brace it anymore, he turned back and hugged me, crying loudly.

He has cried for so long, perhaps it was the longest and the most tear that ever flowing down from his eyes.

I did feel bitter in my heart and followed him crying.

Waiting for the Master to crave each word with golden paint, Kang Yu finally calmed down, but he didn’t let my hand off.

“Mr, please take a look, is it okay, if everything is okay, we will set up the gravestone!”

Kang Yu nodded, but I said, “Master, wait a minute, please added few words!”

Kang Yu looked at me with confusion, “Miao Miao?”

I said to the Master, “Please to add—Goddaughter in law Ou Yang Miao Miao!”

Kang Yu mood was stirring, shaking, “Miao Miao!”

I held tight his hand, “Although he can’t be witness in our marriage, but the person who set up the grave stone is you and I! It’s just same!”

Kang Yu hugged me tight and I sobbing again, but that time was sobbing in happiness.

After done with Uncle Shen matters, Kang Yu off days were ended, he also starting to be busy again, because of Uncle Shen matter, both of us didn’t have mood in talking about our marriage, and then after that was new year, maybe because Uncle Shen’s death, Kang Yu was more missing his mother in Fu Shun, when new year, Kang Yu especially flied to Fu Shun…

Naturally I didn’t have way to follow him because I must spend the New Year at home.


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