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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 172

Chapter 172

Indeed, every times she is going out with Yu Ao Tian, both of them are never holding hand, most of time they are always walking one in front and one following at back, as additional both of them don’t have couple aura, so most of people who see them always mistook he as big brother while she is his younger sister?

“Yes, he is my cousin brother. Hahaha.”

“Woah, your cousin brother is cherishing you so much ah.”

“Cherish?” Yao Yao glances coldly to Yu Ao Tian who sits not far from there, really not understand what the salesgirls intended to say.

“Yes ah. Your cousin brother has smashed his watch into pieces only to receive your good intention, buying him a new watch, if that is not because he cherishing on you, what you called it?”

This is called…cherish?

“Chen Yi, happy birthday. This is present for you.”

“Mobile phone?”

She recalled Feng Chen Yi 18th birthday that year, Yao Yao had saved up her scholarship money and bought him three stars mobile phone cost about 2000 dollars.

“En, everyone is using Iphone now days, but I don’t have that much money so I only can buy you three stars grade of mobile phone. But at least this mobile phone is better off compare to your current mobile phone which you used. Hehehe.”

“It seems. Ha!”

He smiled happily. But who knows that after he got the new mobile phone, immediately he threw his current mobile phone to river.

“Hey, why do you throw your mobile phone?”

“If I don’t throw the old ones, how can I focus to used the new mobile phone that you gave me?”

That time Yao Yao saw Feng Chen Yi throwing his old mobile phone really so wasting, but she also touched with what did he said. And then… when she was birthday, he gave her a present, but during that time she still didn’t know he is second generation young master of wealthy family.

Then, not long after that she found out the real status of Feng Chen Yi, and also finally she knew that the mobile phone which threw to river last time was Vertu brand, it priced… 45 thousand dollars!

She gained back herself, she glances at Yu Ao Tian for moment, he, does he really expecting her present?


It must absolutely because he has too many watches at his house so he won’t feel anything although he broke one watch, or two. It isn’t like what the salesgirls told her such as he cherished her, absolutely no!

“Hahhaahahaha.” She awkwardly laughed at the salesgirls.

“Miss, we don’t have Patek Philippe & Co watch brand, how about if you take look this Vacheron Constantin watches, this brand also good.”

“No, thank you for your recommendation, I just want… to buy watch that cost about 2000 dollars.”

Stunned for moment, that passionately salesgirls suddenly feels as if she is entered to the ice house.

“I have done. Let’s we go.” Yao Yao takes one watch, excitedly walking toward Yu Ao Tian.

His devious eyesight is sweeping at thing in Yao Yao’s hand, slowly stretched out his hand, showing his wrist…

Huh, what Yu Ao Tian doing? Does he mean asking her to help him to put on the watch? This bossy man, can’t he put it by himself?

Although she not really happy, but still she obediently puts that watch on his wrist. Because she not sure what will happen if she refused him.

“I really like it.” Yu Ao Tian looking at the watch which already in his wrist, it only an ordinary man’s watch but he smiles such brilliant.

That scenery in front of her eyes, as if is oozing in the deep rippling ocean and her heart as if radiance by cast a spell by him.

“Thump” “ Thump”

Her heart strangely beating faster, is he really like that ordinary watch? Maybe…

This is just part of flirting and courtesy!

“Stretch out your hand.”

“Ah?” regained the sense, Yao Yao who dumbfounded, what does he want to do? She is curious about stretching out the hand.

Who knows another moment…

Yu Ao Tian put lady’s watch onto her wrist.

“This is?”

“Let’s go.” He does not give Yao Yao an opportunity to speak, he stands up and get ready to walk out from the store.

“Cih, I thought I meet one big customer, who knows that little girl only bought 2000 dollars watch.” The salesgirls who greeted Yao Yao before, she lowers her head with grief, talking and complains to her colleague.

“Why are you sighing? When that little girl is busying chooses watches, that man secretly bought her one…Breguet watch which priced 84thousand dollars!”

“Ah? Are you sure?” that salesgirls gained her sense back, immediately she showed her starry-eyed infatuation sight: “Too cute, I also want to have that kind of cute cousin brother, she seems not caring but actually in reality his is so impressive and touching in doing many things. I really want to sob!”

“Hey, Yu Ao Tian! Wrong. Ao Tian, what do you mean?” Yao Yao chasing him after, her face showed doubting expression in front of him who put the watch to her wrist.

One of his hand is in his pocket, smiled deviously, said: “You help me to keep this watch, if you dare to take it off, I will… strangle you to death!” as information, this is his first time to take an initiative to purchase present for woman, despite this “woman” in front of his eyes is not more than a little girl.

“This reason, this really…” asked someone does not have way to refuse. Yao Yao is helplessly pouting her mouth, her eyesight sweeping at the watch in her wrist which priced hundred and thousand dollars, aiya, at the moment she feels her wrist is feel so heavy.

“Hahahaha, rewarded.” After she done shopping, Yao Yao comes back to the parking area, she sits down beside the driver seat, happily to see all the things that she bought.

At her besides is Yu Ao Tian who helplessly shaking his head: “Rewarded? Is this the things that you give others as reward?” those big and small bags are things that she bought for others. The most important, just now she is obviously passing lots of luxurious shops but she not even glanced at those shop, is it because her age too young or she just does not craving for material things?


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 172

  1. too cute… but what kind of storm will come after this?
    and how FCY will react when he see YY with YAT
    I’m wondering who will be the one who find ot the truth firs FCY or AT or both at the same time?
    Wanna know :$

  2. Thanks. YY is so down to earth. Even passing luxury shops, she didn’t even go in. YAT is probably confused. Such lovely times spent together.

  3. Thank you!^^
    Looks like YAT need to work hard to make YY trust him late on.. she has too many doubts even if she started to have feelings for him

  4. I haven’t read everything yet, but I want to know if there’s an actual rape in this novel or if the girl have sex with other man other than the main-guy (the manhwa is a little rapey..) so I want to prepare myself before reading it. ‘Cuz I heard its 300/500(?) chapters long. So yeah, please someone tell me, specially those who already finished reading the novel. I don’t mind if you spoil it a little. Thank you so much ^_^

    1. No.
      the female lead always in “almost” situation.
      the girl only have the sex with the main male (YAT),
      the chapters are about 500-800, such long novel.
      Sexual-abuse, violence, rude words…
      this novel contains so many dark sides and as the plot going on, it would be darker.
      this novel is one of “heavy” reading.
      spoiler : the ending is sweet.

      1. Oh wow, what a long novel. As long as she didn’t get rape specially by someone else, and good with a ending, I think I can bear the dark sides. Thank you so much. ^_^

      2. Others than dark sides, I would like to remind you this novel has very unique “roller coaster” and “Bipolar” story plot. so, don’t be surprised when the rainbow coming after the rain and also thunder in bright sunny day in this story 🙂

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