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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 25. 3

Chapter 25

Part 3 (Three)

Long Way to Purpose

Time— it flies again.

The year of 2004 was coming, I grew older by one year again, during New Year I had several phone calls with Kang Yu, he said that he would be back after the lantern festival, he also said to me to take good care myself, while others thing he didn’t mentioned.

14 February that day, I was quite frustrating because Kang Yu didn’t phone me, also there were no roses like he used to do, suddenly my mom came to my room, she took a dress and put it in front of me.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I was block by the dress, could not see anything.

“Wear this dresses, go with me to blind date!” My mom was holding my hand, dragging me.

“Blind date, what blind date!” Your daughter has already had owner, it was only you who didn’t know about it.

“Don’t say that you won’t go, I tell you, today if you does not want to go still must go, the other party has very good qualification, if you don’t go, you will miss this opportunity, do you understand!” after done wearing the dresses, My mom took the comb and helped me to comb my hair.

“You go to look for Yan Yan!” I was so shameless to push it to my little sister.

“That little pig, she also same as you, once she heard about going to blind dating, she hurried wearing her high heels and running away!”

I have cold sweat, I still late by one stepped!

“Aiyo mom, please be gentler, you might pull my scalp!” I covered my head.

My mom had steel her heart to send me for blind dating, afraid I would run away, she had locked the door, and then, she took out her makeup, she was starting to do makeup in my face.

“Don’t think because you are still young so you thought there is no urgency dating, I let you twos to go school earlier by one year because I don’t want both of you wasting time, I want both of you get married earlier, your father and me will feel at ease!”

I have cold sweat again, so my mom had been plotting it since we were kids.

After applied the makeup, I was dragging by mom out from the room, prepared to go out, I really wanted to escape, but I could not find any chance for it.

Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

At that time the door bell was ringing, I was so excited and screaming, “Mom, there is guest, guest!”

Lai Xi which it kept on veranda, hearing my voice it also followed to bark.

Inside my heart I kept on chanting no matter who you were, I really felt greatly thank you, as long as you able to distract my mom, I would pray burning an incense stick for you every days three times.

My mother opened the door, “Who… are you?”

I was following to look at the door way, at the moment I felt my eyes would go out.

“Aunty, I am Kang Yu, Miao Miao’s boyfriend!”

I was alike cat which it’s tail being stepped and an instantly I jumped out.

How could he come, didn’t he say that he would be back on lantern festival? And also, why did he come to my house?

After my mother heard, at sudden she roaring, “Ou Yang Miao Miao, you give me an explanation!”

I was stammering, “He… he is my boyfriend.”

“When did you dating and have boyfriend, how could I don’t know!” My mom was alike witches in this situation.

I thought in my heart, if I let you knew from the start perhaps I would be cut into pieces with Kang Yu by you.

“Mom, you don’t be angry, let him get in first?” at least those who coming is guest.

My mom restrained herself, opened the door, “You come in!”

Kang Yu took off his shoes, wore the home-sandals given by me, he was bringing small and big bags when entering the house, mother was going to kitchen to bring out tea, while I immediately rushed to him, whispering, “Why are you coming? And then, what your purpose is.”

I felt to get sudden heart-attack and I really didn’t have mental preparation!

“Come to propose!” he composed when said it.

If not because I was inside the house, my face might burn red because shy, but now… I was too worried till my face burn red.

“Miao Miao, I am sorry, I have taking too much time!” he put down all his bringing, apologizing and caressed my face, “It is the right time, anyway I have come now, perhaps time to let everything out, your mom must know it now!”

This word wasn’t wrong but I didn’t have confident.

My mom was going out from the kitchen, both of us separated, I dragged Kang Yu to sit in sofa, seeing him brought too many small and big bags, I hurried put all those things at the noticeable place, this things more than enough to add points.

All were Mom favorites.

“What is your name?” Mom put down the tea, she immediately asking him, ignoring the presents even she saw it.

“Kang Yu!”


“Born in monkey year, 24 years old.”


“Graduated Senior High School!”

My mom’s face expression had changed somewhat, I did so nervous and my heart alike jumping out.

“Where are you come from?”

“Liao Ning Fu Shun.”

My mom face was darkening compare to just now.


“Internship Pilot!”

My mom face’s color changed pale, inside my heart I secretly swearing, you are stupid, couldn’t you cut off the words of internship.


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