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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 173


Chapter 173

“Damn!” suddenly Yao Yao face expression changed.

“What happen?”

“I, I, my money… where is my money?” she nervously checking on her body and also her bag, she is so certain that she put her money in her pocket, why her pocket is empty now? Did it…

“My money… it seems being stolen.”

Just now Yu Ao Tian was walking at her back, based on his high sensitiveness, impossible for him that he didn’t know about the thief, and then… in the midway Yao Yao went to toilet one times, only that time Yu Ao Tian didn’t follow her. “Stolen just let it be stolen.”

“What does you mean by stolen and let it be stolen? That is my salary! That also my next month living expenses, and also money that I wanted to give to my mother! How can you say that easy?”

At the moment, Yu Ao Tian face changed gloomy: “You dare to shout at me?”

“Huh.” She realized that she shouldn’t vent her anger to Yu Ao Tian, she feels so guilty, lower her head: “I am sorry, I don’t have intention to shout at you.” Her tears flowing down, wet her face. But still this is her first salary with huge amount that she ever got, but at sudden it feels vanish alike bubble.

Suddenly, Yu Ao Tian takes out bucks of money and handed in front of Yao Yao’s eyes.

“En?” hurried she wiped her tears, she curiously looked at him: “What are you doing?”

“Your living expense and also the money for your money. Is it enough?”

She is staring at bucks of money, she guess it must be more than ten thousand, but she knows that is Yu Ao Tian’s money and that isn’t her money that she lost: “It is not same.” She pushed away the money, her head still lowers.

“What is not same, you just need to think this as your lost money.”

“If this is thing, you are the one who less the money?”

He realized this Little Thing is so hard to communicate, “I don’t care about this little money!”

“But I care!” suddenly she opened the car door.

Yu Ao Tian is almost wanted to get angry, but when he sees her face that wet by tears, he suppressed his anger.

“I know you have money, I also know that you are not care about this sum of money, but not same is not same, your money is also cents by cents you earn it, it isn’t comes around like big wind. So that I really cannot take it. Forget it… stolen and let it be stolen. At least I have already bought all the present for everyone.” Yao Yao only can use this kind of excuse in order to comfort herself and make herself in peace.

“Since you are not care about it anymore, why are you still crying?”

“My tears flowing down by itself, can’t stop even wipe it, what can I do?”

After heard to her voice that has raised few octaves, Yu Ao Tian feels his nerve and his forehead veins is throbbing, she is so obviously care about her money but why doesn’t she want to take his money? This is really… stubborn little girl!

“M*F!” Yu Ao Tian is angry beating his car steering wheel, he left Yao Yao alone inside that black car, with scary expression he left.

After about half hour…

Where is Yu Ao Tian? Does he get angry and go away? Should she also go to follow him or not, but how about this car? Yao Yao has gained herself back from pain after losing her money, she is in her dilemma whether to stay or not, should she left or should she go home by herself.

Less than one hour, Yu Ao Tian finally comes back to inside car.

“You…” not waiting Yao Yao to speak and ask, he only showed his cold eyesight and throw an envelope to her body.

“This, this, this…” this is the money that she lost, not mistaken, it is!

Quickly she opened the envelope, she counts the money inside, 6980 dollars, not less even a cent, he… he… just now he suddenly left her, did he help her to find the losing money?

Her eyesight is not only flashing an excitement but also surprised, she hurried look at Yu Ao Tian: “Thank, thank you. Thank you.” Words are not even can represent her excitement and also her moods, she hugs him and unstoppable to say thank you to him.

He has busy for half hour, he even asked hundred Yu Long’s members only to find out the thief. That time Yu Ao Tian really pissed off, since when the Japanese Underworld Emperor, the first mafia group, Yu Long group was doing all out only to catch little thief? If this being told to outside, perhaps will be the biggest laughing stock, won’t it?

But when Yu Ao Tian sees her smiling face, he has already back to himself, all his anger and also his dissatisfaction finally vanished without any trace, moreover he even thought everything he did more than worth. Hah, since when He, Yu Ao Tian has mood and quite big patience to coax little girl?


19 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 173

  1. YAT do love YY. He is such a prideful person no matter how angry he maybe he still tried to suppress it to go n find the red envelope for YY without expecting anything. Whereas, YAT surely treat YY differently from his other women. His other women chases after His Big money via him whereas, chases neither chases YAT nor his money but truthfully showing her gratitude when YAT solved problems that beyond YY’s capabilities no matter how reluctant YAT felt but he do it anyway. It is sweet.

    I believe both YAT n YY r changing for one another without they realising. Since when YAT coax any of his women happy except YY. At first he value his image as an underground emperor, after seeing YY’s face full of happiness n gratitude getting her stolen money back.YAT bad mood changes back to happy again.

    Thank you very much for another sweet moments of YAT n YY. 😀

  2. Thank you!
    First thing when I saw crying girl picture in the beginning of the chapter, I thought here we go again.. Another sad chapter.. But in the contrary.. Hahaha
    I love their relationship even more now.. Its so cute 😊

  3. Thanks for the chapter. My heart almost dropped when I saw the picture of a girl crying. YAT is amazing. He goes through so much trouble for YY. It’s his first buying sanitary pads, going shopping and now looking for the little thief. Didn’t know he is so accommodating.

  4. Great Great Great. YAT has a heart as big as the whole outdoors.He’s getting so he can’t hide it much when it comes Yao Yao

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