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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 25 . 4


The novel is coming nearer to the end. the story is so fluffy and I like this chapter although every chapters have added and wrote in very light and also humor ways. Finally Miao Miao and Kang Yu married.

enjoy your reading 🙂

Chapter 25

Part 4 (Four)

Long Way to Purpose

Suddenly, my mom looked at me.

“Miao Miao, why he comes here?”

See, my mom has disdained Kang Yu after their short conversation.

“Marry and to propose for marriage!” Kang Yu was more composed compare to me, I didn’t even dare to answer, so he directly helped me to answer.

Mom face was turning scarier, as if the corpse that awake and live again.

Kang Yu was looking so composed and even look face to face with mom, but mom was completely silent.

Suddenly I could feel a bomb that prepared to explode, the whole world would be swept by storm.

After three minutes, my mom broke the silent and said, “I don’t agree!”

Actually I have made self-preparation, my mom would say this kind of words, but during the time when I heard it, I felt exploded inside my heart and unhappy.


“Why? You dare to ask me the reason why, I have chosen your blind date candidates, are those from them who could not compare to him, doesn’t have education background, the registered resident in Shanghai, even his occupation only internship, you like him, how’s your future? What you like from him? Growing up handsome, or because he is taller!”

I was flaming up, even though she is my mother, I really could not accept she looking down Kang Yu.

“What is bad about him, does not have education background, so what, doesn’t have resident permit in Shanghai, so what, he is internship pilot, his future will be bright after he gets the license, I like him, I want to marry with him, so what!”

My mom was angry and pointing at me, “Rebel, rebel, you are rebelling!”

“Mom, the education can’t represent anything, the resident permit also can’t represent anything, for me, he treats me so good, you think your daughter qualification is so good, must have high education level, must Master student, must Shanghainese, you are not thinking, what all of these represents, can these things represent that person will treat me good!”

I stood up, I walked in front of Kang Yu, I held tight his hand, I steady turned my head, “Mom, no matter whether you agree or not, I only want to marry to him, although in the future his heart might change, although he would dump me, I only want to marry to him!”

Kang Yu showed kind of emotions, but after he heard my last sentences, he furrowed and used more strength to hold my hand.

I glared at him, things had turned like this, he still had mood to point out my wrong.

“You…” maybe I never said something like that before, my mom was fuming with rage.

During the time, Yan Yan was coming home, once she entered the house she saw mom alike someone who just ate explosion powders, and saw at Kang Yu, stunned a moment and finally understood.

My mom as if seeing supporters, she pulled Yan Yan’s hand: “Hurry helps me to persuade your older sister, what kind of person she look for, why must someone not from shanghai and does not have education!”

She didn’t know that Yan Yan and Kang Yu had known each others for long time.

“Mom, to be honest, you better gives up, my sister won’t listen to you, they have been dating for 9 years already,

you do think they just start dating!”

This word made mom shocked to screaming, “What! Nine years!”

I rolled my eyes to Yan Yan, she was adding oil in flaming fire, it seemed that she still bearing the grudge toward Kang Yu who had cut the bridge.

“Yes, My sister and Kang Yu was starting dating since both of them were in Junior High School, it was you who didn’t know!” Yan Yan was simply telling the truth to expose me.

“You… You take bad influence to my daughter!” my mom suddenly rushed and scolding in front of Kang Yu.

I was faster compare to her—I blocked her stepped and face in front of her.

“Miao Miao, how many things that you hide from me, after all you are not learning good things since you were kid, you even dare to have puppy love!”

I lifted my head up, after all everything was opened up, there was nothing I should hide anymore, “Yes, I had puppy love, but he does not give bad influence to me, didn’t I also graduate from Senior High School and also University?”

Yan Yan also said, “That’s it. Senior High School was the best in region, University was the best in country, this is far better off compare to me who does not have puppy love, she really better off.”

Mom seemed to be muted, I felt touching for Yan Yan, she really is my little sister.

“Mom, I tell you, if not during the Junior high School he taught me English, helped me to made guessed for the test, your daughter not even can step her foot in Shi San Nv High School, during the Senior High School, he was also the person who helped me to do the revision, he also the person who helped me for the university entrance examination, if not because of him, your daughter would not even able to step foot in university.” After I said, it was so clear that I added to much seasoning at my last sentences, at this time, I must do it.

Mom still muted.

At this time, father was going home, finally the family was completed.

“What is happened?” Father could sense something weird with the atmosphere, his eyesight spotted on Kang Yu, “Who is this brat?”

“My sister’s boyfriend!” Yan Yan answered.

Father was surprised, when he was wearing home-sandals his feet suddenly rigid in mid air.

“Miao Miao, when are you dating and having boyfriend?” Father showed surprised expression but also sour.

Maybe this is because every parents feeling when they knowing their daughter is dating and having boyfriend, they showed this kind of expression.

“You shut up!” Mom was so angry, she looked at father.

Father felt little bit hostile, roared by mom, immediately he shrugged, “What is happened? Who make you angry?”

“Still whom, this is because of your precious daughter!”

“Yan Yan, you are making your mom angry again.” Father on purpose to distract and made Yan Yan as target.

“Dad, nothing to do with me, I didn’t do anything, it was sister, mom has opinion regarding her boyfriend! She pouted her mouth.

Who asked her to be trouble maker since she was kid, so that father thought she was the person who made mom pissed off.

Father finally knew the root matters, looking at Kang Yu, “What is your name?”

Kang Yu quickly standing up, he greeted father, uncle and then answered, “Kang Yu.”


“Born in Monkey year, 24 years old!”

“Do you like my daughter?”


“Want to marry with her!”


“Will treat her good?”

“Of course!”

Father looked so satisfied nodding his head, and then asking: “Where are you working now?”

“I am internship pilot in LTU one of Germany airlines company!”

Father eyes were shining brightly, “Pilot, not bad, have good future! Good future! Come, sit down, don’t stand up, drinks the tea!”

Kang Yu said thank you while receiving Tea from father and sat down.

This was the huge difference between father and mother.

“What future career, he only an internship, not an official permanent pilot, not fulfill the qualification, there still looking for post.” Mother stopped father with her high voice.

“How can you know that he won’t be permanent employee, your daughter has founded pilot, not a servant!”

“Good your fart, he is not Shanghainese, his education only graduated Senior High, you think that is good!” mother is glaring at father, looked alike he is going to dissect.

“This… what is the matter!” father thought is much open-minded.

“Cannot, cannot, since small Miao Miao is so obedient, she also good at study, if she wants to marry she must marry the best one!”

Since small mother loves me more compare to Yan Yan, I know that, but she really value me too high.

The best one?

She thought that her best must be the best for me.

Yan Yan secretly walked to Kang Yu’s side, whispering, “Hey, why today I don’t hear you speak from the start to the end, most of time you are so good in scheme people, but why I don’t see you do it today, as long as you want, my mother isn’t match for you.”

Kang Yu so composed and answered by whispering, “Before your big sister not yet married to me, I would not scheme your mother, after we married, it won’t be late.”

Yan Yan got chocked, I was right beside Kang Yu too, I heard it, I got chocked too.

He still dared to say no scheming; this word had more meaning than scheming.

Mother saw no one came and help her, she is started to be hysterical, “I won’t approve it, I really won’t approve it!”

I thought to retort, but Kang Yu pulled my hand and stopped me, I turned my head: “What?”

“You mother is fume in rage now, whatever you say is useless.” His expression so composed.

I had thought to remove his hand, I looked as if said this worries all because whom, how can he sat down alike Big Boss, it was fine if he didn’t help but he even stopped me.

“Sis, brother in law is right, in this state mom will not listen anything; you also don’t want to see her out of mind, right.”

However this had experienced before.

Father was opening his mouth, “Miao Miao, this must need your mom to understanding by herself.” He throwing a glance to Kang Yu, “You seem mature.”

Kang Yu stood up, “Thank you, uncle!”

“Good, good!” more father looked at Kang Yu more satisfied he was, patting at Kang Yu’s shoulders, talking about others thing for while and then he spoke with me: “Miao Miao, you take Kang Yu to sightseeing around here, so that your mom eyes are feeling more clean!”

“Oh!” I nodded my head.

I took Kang Yu to the doorway, immediately mom was stopping, but father stopped her, struggling to free, anger until her face white.

After Kang Yu wore his shoes, mom had already handled by father, I hurried taking him out.

When arrived at downstairs, I have already raged in fume toward him, “Not understand, you are so strange today!”

“Did you blame me because I not help you?”

“Nonsense, you see that I have talking until my saliva dried out, you even sitting down in sofa, as if you are big boss! My mother had underestimated you to that point, don’t you feel angry?” more I said more I felt unhappy, I even felt more grievances; I even doubted his sincerity to marry me.

“Miao Miao, she is your mother, although marriage is our business, but I don’t want after we marry, you are not getting blessing from your mother, so that whatever it is, I will endure it. Actually she wasn’t wrong, I don’t have good study background, I am also not permanent pilot, you married to me, indeed your losing!”

“You are not allowed to say that!” I stopped him, “It isn’t my lost, it is yours!”

I really self-conscious, I am not beautiful, my brain little bit stupid, my education is more alike luck, on other sides, he is so handsome, he has good brain, he has ability, based on his capability he must be easy to be official pilot.

No matter how to see it, the person who at loss stills him.

Kang Yu removed my hand that stopped covered his mouth he put my hand over his and kissed it, “Miao Miao, it is good if you know it!”

I glared at him, see, his true-self is appeared. He is schemed me again.

“You said that you are coming to make proposing and ask for marriage, don’t tell me, just now is counting as proposing!” I didn’t want to admit it.

Kang Yu holding my hand, he took me to the parking area, he opened the car trunk, he took out one big bouquet of roses, “Foremost I know very well your mom obstacle is the hardest, but I only come to introduce myself, at least I let her know who I am, so that we no need to have backstreet anymore in the future.”

I wanted to take the flower from him, he said, “Miao Miao, happy valentine day!”

When I received it, suddenly he is kneeling, “Dear, will you marry me?”

My heart filled so sweet, but I was mincing for while, “Proposing, what English you say?”

He furrowed, still in kneeling position, “Doesn’t like, let me change it!”

“My beloved, help me to sign the spouse column in my residence permit!” He looked and winked at me.

Suddenly I recalled the memory when I was in Junior high school, he said my writing was ugly, he asked me to practice it at home, or else when he asked me to sign in spouse column, it would be embarrassed him.

I caught his weakness, “I won’t sign it, who asked you criticized my handwriting before!”

That was the first time I saw Kang Yu deflated, his showed at loss expression, I almost wanted to laugh at him.

He frowned, “You dislike this one, let me change to another.”

He let me to take the roses, and then he took out onion and peppers from his pocket, I frustrated, what he intended to do, his left hand was holding onion, his right hand was holding peppers, still in kneeling position, he grabbing the onion and the peppers, sternly he said, “MM (Miao Miao), later you follow Ge Ge (Brother) me to eat delicious and drink wine (live well)!”

My! I can’t hold anymore, I used the roses hit on his head, “Be serious, no one proposed in this way.”

His furrowed sternly, “Still not like it? Fine, I still have other!”

He thought for moment, he threw the onion and peppers, he used He Nan dialect, “The Northern household is raising one mother pig with group of piglets, if you are willing to live in our household, just sell the mother pig, concentrating one’s thought and effort to live with you.”

“Go you, you compare me with mother pig!” my stomach hurt from laughing, “cannot!”

And then, he still kneeling and crying pitiful looking at me, “Do you want to be buried in the graves of my family?”

I could feel my stomach going to explode of laughing, “Cannot.”

“Well…” he was pondering for moment, still kneeling but acted as if he is little scoundrel, “Humph, you woman, don’t refuse, you go with me this big boss.”

“Hahhaha!”I really could not endure it anymore, but I still said the same, “Cannot!”

He coughed, looking at me, he showed his finger, “Miao Miao, this is the last one, the last one that determine my success!” He said.

I talked to myself, well, let me see your last performance.

He kneeling in the ground, his body is straight, when he looked at me, I could see his eyes gleaming, my heart thumping hard, he smiled, his hand gripped my left hand, his expression looked so serious alike when we were landing in Fu Shun airport.

He said, “Miao Miao, I love You!”

I could feel my nose runny, I never heard he said that three words, moreover both of us have been dating more than 9 years, before I always thought that three words kind of poor in taste, so never thought how it feels to hear it from the person you love, it able to shaken one’s heart.

My tears were flowing out of control, tears by tears just slipped down.

“Miao Miao, I love you!” he spoke it once again, it was louder compare to the before one, more touching.

I really useless because my tears flowing down.

“Miao Miao, I love you…”

After the third times he said, I have hugged him tightly, my face has been wet with tears, with heavy and hoarse crackly voice, I answered him: “I… I… me too, love you!”

He responded and hugged me back, his emotion was stirring up because I had said that three words.

Still hugging each other, we were reluctantly to be apart.

For some long time, Kang Yu asked me, “Miao Miao, do you agree or still disagree?”

“Dummy, you still not understand this!” my tears stopped, but still wanted hugging him for moment.

“It not, I just want to know clearly, my heart uncertain so not dare to stand up, can you tell me clearer so that I can stand up, my legs numb already!”


I forgot that Kang Yu still kneeling.


The marriage proposal which Kang Yu proposed I have agreed but my mom didn’t agree, no ways, fait accompli, elope, ah forget it, I would not do such stupid things, so just solving the matter one by one, I hope my mom would enlighten for these matters.

After one year, that was 14 February 2005, Kang Yu bought one carat ring which was Cartier and proposed me for the second times. Others than the flashy and bling bling of the ring which almost blind me and eyesore for my eyes, the others naturally I agreed, my mother almost loosened up with that shining diamond ring, but at last she still not agreed.

Kang Yu and I were continuing our war.

After another one year passed, it was 14 February 2006, it was also the second day when Kang Yu finally turned became the permanent Pilot. He brought the documents that just settled and in the document there was my name, he has bought 208 meters square new house, he came to my house proposed for the third times. This time, my mom did not say anything she hurried nodding her head and even formally gave me to Kang Yu, she pointed at the doorway, “Registered!”

I felt so embarrassed, really wanted to dig big hole and jumped in.

Kang Yu pulled me and running.

Two hours later, I have married; we spent 48 Yuan for the photo fee, 18 Yuan for the registration fee, we got two marriage books which was the marriage pass.

I flipped the certificate (marriage book) to see one weird photo, there was two heads no body.

I felt almost faint, not pleasant for eyes.

14 February 2006, 16:30, I am married woman.

After one week, the wedding reception would held on November, it said that year was the double spring, a very rare good year after decades for marriage.

I born in Dog year, I like dog and I married in dog year.

In dog year, I got married in dog year.


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    1. I don’t think her mother is so materialistic, but her mom just concern to Miao Miao welfare. if she really marry to Kang Yu.
      I don’t know others culture but in my place, man who wants to marry woman, before they doing the propose, at least they must have house + saving + steady job and car/vehicle.

  1. Hahaha…one thing that Miao Miao and me have in common. Both of us love dog and born in dog year. Thank Thank you for the update and can’t wait for the ending chapter.

  2. I really love their love story. it is sooo cute and innocent. and the transition of their relationship is just so inspiring. thank you. i cant wait for the last two updates. 🙂

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