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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 174 – 176


The wavy and bigger storm are coming…
To be honest I dislike the chapters because Yao Yao will experience something more than she ever received. But after few chapters, the old acquaintances  will show and of course her best friend. If the previous chapters so sweet, this chapters is alike bitter pill.

Her pain is not because Yu Ao Tian treatment and also his heartless attitude as usual but more to Yao Yao who seems to lose to her heart. she afraid to become the woman who lets Yu Ao Tian to stay inside her heart, yet Feng Chen Yi position has removed…

Chapter 174 – 176

After thinking about it, his lips curved upwards smile alike sinister…

“Do you only thank me this simple?”

“Well, how about I treat you meal, is it okay?”

“Meal? Little Thing, I have helped you to find your 7000 dollars, do you think only by treating meal then everything is settled?”

“So… so what do you want? How about, I share half of the money, is it okay?” she loosens her hands from Yu Ao Tian, takes out her money.

Her hands are stopped by Yu Ao Tian: “Little Thing, you don’t play fool with me?”

“Uh?” without waiting for Yao Yao reaction, suddenly he has already pulled her body closer and pair of lips landed in her little mouth…

“Vice CEO Feng, Vice CEO Feng, quickly see! Quickly see!” In the dim parking area, Feng Chen Rui’s assistant, Aaron hurried to point at sport car that not far from their car.

Feng Chen Rui takes a glance: “That is…” inside the car, the scenery of man and woman are kissing caught by his eyes, his eyes is become more focus after he saw the male and female lead!

“No wonder that little girl didn’t move by my money, not even because she reconciles with Feng Chen Yi but because she has already had the gold owner. Yu Ao Tian!” his eyes rolled: “Does not know whether that little brat Feng Chen Yi knows that his Ex-girlfriend is Yu Ao Tian’s woman now?”

“Vice CEO Feng, I guessed your little brother does not know about this matter. Moreover… there is also a possibility CEO Yu does not know that little girl is your little brother ex-girlfriend!”


Aaron smiled mysteriously: “As the rumor spread, all the women who have relationship with Yu Ao Tian are virgin. While I was checking about this little girl before, her classmate said this little girl never slept with your little brother. This is matching with the base requirement as Yu Ao Tian’s woman. As additional you know best about your little brother character, aren’t you?”

Of course more or less Feng Chen Rui understands about Feng Chen Yi, due to his playboy character he is impossible to keep vague relationship with his Ex-girlfriend except he stills unable to forget her feeling and love. Moreover his domineering character, the girl that he likes even she has already had boyfriend, he will fight for it. But now, he is having collaboration with Yu Ao Tian, maybe he does not know this matters yet!

When thinking about this, Feng Chen Rui smirks: “That little girl is Yu Ao Tian’s woman and also having affair with Feng Chen Yi. Furthermore both of the men do not know their existence of each others. Interesting, this is so interesting. Hahahahaha. At one glances she looked alike underage but she can play with two most influential business men, high player!”

“Vice CEO Feng, do we need to do something?”

Feng Chen Rui narrowed his eyes: “No, no need to do anything. I want to witness both of them slowly by slowly become best friends but at last both of them are fall for same girl. Once I thought about their expression when knowing each other, I want to see their expression, very expected. Hahahaha…”

The small space is filled with ambiguous atmosphere and also feeling suffocating, the man big hand is sliding inside the woman’s lower part of dresses.

“Uh!” little mouth is let out moaning sound, she wanted to reject. What does Yu Ao Tian want? This is still in parking area, there will be people passing by.

But who is Yu Ao Tian, no one can command him. He only stops if he wanted to. So, little teasing in parking area is more than enough for Yao Yao to get embarrassed. After sometime finally he stopped when…

“I, I feel hungry.” Suddenly she burst out these words, this is one of the lame excuses, as if this bossy and domineering man will care whether she hungry or not?

“Let’s go to eat.” After said, he is starting the engine.

Really strange, why Yu Ao Tian looks little bit difference than before?

She is glancing and peeking at the man who sits beside her, so obviously he has black heart, still same domineering and bossy, but… somewhat the feeling is so difference and seem to be changed, at least in old days he won’t care and ignore her whether she hungry or not, as long as he accomplished his goals.

Moreover the olden him would not help her to find her money that stolen, after all, a busy person like him, only by half hour he could earn more than million dollars, not to mention why he must look for the 7000 dollars?

Huh, does it because she thought too much or Yu Ao Tian really changing little by little? No matter what it is…

Yao Yao clearly understands her feeling toward Yu Ao Tian for these days when they are living together, she is no longer that fearful anymore…

“So full. Today I paid the bill.” Inside the restaurant, Yao Yao has wiped eat clean all the dishes.

For once again Yu Ao Tian really admires the eating ability of Yao Yao. “I have settled the bill.”

“Huh… okay then. So we… wait, I, I want to go to toilet.”

Oh my God, is this little thing talented to have high metabolism? Why every times after they finish eating… he helplessly waving his hands, even he does not want to say more.

Yao Yao hurries running to the toilet, after she done. Walking out from the toilet suddenly one big hand is hugged her from back.

“Ah!” Yao Yao is shocked so she screaming, suddenly when she turned her back… one stranger’s face is caught by her eyes: “You, who are you?”

“Wife, what happen to you?” the man nervously caressing her little face.

Wife? “Mr. you, you are mistaken.”

“Mistaken?” that man is angry, he is holding on her: “Luo Yao Yao, what does you mean?”

He… after all he knows her name? Actually who is this man? “You let me go! I don’t know you, you hurry let me go, or else I will scream.”

“You are so cruel! Luo Yao Yao, you are so cruel. If you have guts just scream, you scream! Oh yeah, I know that I have no money, so that you are looked down at me. I also know that your grandpa is sick and need money, I can’t help you. But how can you be this heartless?”

This man not only knows her name but he also know that her grandpa sickness… this matter? Actually what is going on in here? Who is he?

“You go closer to Yu Ao Tian, I am okay, you want to con his money I am fine. I know that I am so useless, I can’t help you. But why must you act as if you do not know me?”

“Let me go! Let me go. I really do not know who you are, actually who are you?” she never con on Yu Ao Tian’s money, never!

“Oh, I know, Luo Yao Yao, you are falling in love to Yu Ao Tian, aren’t you? So that, you want to discard me, you want to forget your past, all everything and stay together with him? Isn’t it?”

The man words more she hears more she feels muddle headed, moreover the man is talking with anger tone while his eyes gleaming dangerously, at this moment, she really doubted herself did she have lost her memory, or perhaps this man really someone she knows?

“Yao Yao, Yu Ao Tian won’t fall in love with you. If he knows you have done the virginity restoration, he will kill you. Yao Yao, hurry leave him, didn’t you say that after he paid all your grandpa medication fee you will break up with him?”

“You, actually who are you?” suddenly she feels her body tense: “No! No! You are spouting nonsense, I never done such thing before, you talked nonsense!”

“I spouted nonsense? You keep on pretending, you just go to pretending. You MF I mustn’t trust you. Did Yu Ao Tian fool by your innocent look? Hahaha, so that the dummy not only me, but also Yu Ao Tian! I asked you one more time, will you break up with him?”

What is actually happened?

How can there is man that know herself very well and suddenly show up in here, although he said such unrealistic words, but his expression is too convincing, actually what is going on?

“Enough! Mr. if you keep on speaking I will make report to police!” Yao Yao used all her strength to push away that man.

“Well, you go to make report to police. Go! I will go to find Yu Ao Tian, telling him, he is the bastard who wear green hat, humph, it obviously your first time was with me, he even thought you as his treasure, he just dummy!” after said the man is turning and wanted to leave Yao Yao.

“Wait!” she tried to grab the man’s wrist…

Cannot! This man should not meet Yu Ao Tian, he is telling lie, but somewhat she felt as if she has amnesia, forgetting on something, furthermore how about Yu Ao Tian?

Based on Yu Ao Tian character, if he really trusts this man’s words, really thought that she had done virginity restore, he would be heartlessly to settle this matter.

Moreover something alike virginity restoring is something can’t be proven, no matter she explains or say whatever it would be only an excuse.

Actually who, who want to harm her? Since the master mind able to make this detail about herself, plotting this lies.

“Yao Yao, will you decide to break up with Yu Ao Tian? It is okay, although for this life time I can’t give you life alike Yu Ao Tian, the rich man like him, and also can’t give you life as Madam. As additional I would never to mention whatever happened between you and him, is it okay? Yao Yao, is it okay?” after said, the man is crying and trying to pull Yao Yao into his embrace.

An empty eye from corner is glancing to corridor. As seen, Yu Ao Tian is coldly standing there, moreover his eyes is gleaming with killing intention.


Why… everything turned be like this? Since when, Yu Ao Tian has been there? Did he hear everything?

Without she realized her body is shivering, Yao Yao seems shocked and forget pushed away the man who is still hugging her. At another seconds, finally she gained herself, she hurried to push away that man.

“Ao…” she is chasing him and trying to explain, but Yu Ao Tian has been already disappeared.

Her heart is quivering, she has bad premonition about this.

“Yao Yao! Yao Yao where are you going?” the man is chasing her, grabbed her hand.

She turned, crazily hit that man: “Actually what do you want? Do you have grudge toward me, so you are trying to force me to death and then you feel happy? Do you know what you do is not only harm me but also harm yourself! You will regret later on, you will!” she really does not want to waste her time to speak with this man and she hurried left him and faster chasing Yu Ao Tian.

The darkness in night, a pair of empty eyes is looking for Yu Ao Tian’s figure, blocking in front of his car. Yao Yao hurried to go close, pair of her hands are knocking the car window: “Ao Tian, listen to my explanation”

“Sst.” Yu Ao Tian smiling deviously, his finger is touched her small mouth: “No need to explain. Come, let’s we go home!”

No, cannot go home!

The current Yu Ao Tian is so scary… really scary… as if she sinks into the deep dark pool, so scary.

Although his face is smiling, his mouth said that he didn’t care, moreover she so certain this Yu Ao Tian is extremely pissed off!

She has living with this man for sometimes, she even knows Yu Ao Tian is intending to kill from his expression.

At this moment, she really wish to hear Yu Ao Tian shouting or roaring toward her, or even just slapped her at least she knows the matters not really serious.

“I beg you, Ao Tian, you give me a chance to explain?”

“Get in!” he coldly said two words, but his aura is showing his anger and slowly turned be so chilling.

“I beg you…” no matter how Yao Yao is crying and begging, her lips, her body all are shivering. She is really afraid of him.

Suddenly she hears Yu Ao Tian laughing sound from beside her, she hasn’t reacted…

The car has moved, she not even have time to open the door, the car has already moving and leaving her. She falls to the ground…

“Aiya, what is happen?”

“I don’t know, that little girl seems hit by car?” some of people who are passing by talking. When some of them seeing her bleeding: “hurry, call 120.”

She tried to use all the strength to stand up from the ground, the fresh blood is dripping from her forehead, blurring her vision.

Soulless with wounds are everywhere in her body, the blood still dripping from her forehead. Suddenly she feels weird. Why she does not feel pain? Moreover she does not cry? Stills…

Does she forget that she must cry because pain?

Forcing herself to stand up, her body is wobbling and moving forward.

Those people who see her, shocked: “Little sister, we have already made phone call to 120, you wait here for the ambulance.”

Useless, useless, now everything is useless.

She waving her hands to those good people, her mouth curved upward in rigid. The blood is streaming down from her forehead, wet her face, her tears and blood is mixed.

That petite figure slowly disappeared from people visions. Suddenly she feels it will be better if she directly die, unfortunately… her back is carrying too much responsible and others lives, no matter how she not dares to go home, unwilling to facing Yu Ao Tian, but she knows, she must facing all those storm and blood rain herself…

She standing in quite dim place, Yao Yao stopped taxi.

But her face has blood trace, all over her body is wounded, no taxi dares to stop.

Must go home?

This place at least few tens Li (distance measurement) from Yu Ao Tian’s villa, at this time suddenly a Bugatti car is stopped not far from herself.

She narrowed her eyes to look at that car, she sees the car plate, this car must be… Yu Ao Tain! Yu Ao Tian is come back to pick her up!

Her white pale face slowly smiles, she hurried go to the car. But when she gets inside the car, the man who driving…

That man has skin alike white jade, he has very good looking appearance with black hair and also a fair of shining eyes.

This man has very complicated aura, as if he is melancholy young master that standing under the cherry trees, but also as if a prince who looked standing inside his castle with sad expression.

It is so obviously he gives different vibes with Yu Ao Tian, but why she still mistaken him as Yu Ao Tian? Moreover that man eyes his pair black eyes somehow really similar with Yu Ao Tian’s, does this because she mistaken of him?

“Sorry, I am sorry, I am mistaken. Wrong person.” stunned for while, Yao Yao hurried apologizing, hurried she wanted to get down from the car. She really is afraid shocked this man because she thought for while, in the silent of darkness, suddenly there is a girl who gets in car moreover her body is stained with blood, what kind of scenery it is.

“Should I send you to hospital?” that man suddenly opened his mouth, his voice is so soft and warm, very match with his appearance.

“Thank you, no need.” She refused.

“You must hard to stop the car with your condition.” The man took out his tissue from his pocket, gave her.

Yao Yao received it and wiped the blood in her forehead…

“Ouw.” It touched her wounded forehead.

“Hehe.” Let me help you, the man come closer to her: “let me help you.” He takes the tissue and slowly also carefully wiped Yao Yao’s forehead.

Really strange, this is her first time meet this man but somehow she does not feel him as stranger.

“Thank you.”

“Where are you going? I drive you.”

“No, I am so presumptuous to get into your car, I am feel embarrassing for this.”

“It is okay, but it can say that perhaps I might take you away.” The man is suddenly joking with her.

She smiled faintly, she can feel he is friendly: “I want to go…to Ao Lan street.”

Yu Ao Tian’s villa is located in mountain which is near to Ao Lan street, all the entire mountain is belong to him so not any car can get into there so the best for her is going to Ao Lan street, the nearest street.

On the way…



“We, did we ever meet before?” the man suddenly asked.

To be honest, she also wanted to ask him before, but due to her forgetful nature such as not easy to remember people’s face, although they ever met perhaps she might forget it already.

“Maybe no, I just come back to China.”

“Oh? Where did you come from before?”


“HaHa.” The man laughed, his eyes gleaming: “Well, perhaps we ever met before in Japan.”

“Hm?” what did he mean?

“I was staying in Japan; two years ago I came back.”

“How’s coincidence?” Yao Yao felt little bit excited, her leg even hit to the car’s door.

“Be careful.”

She has good conversation along the way to Yu Ao Tian’s villa with that stranger man who not feels stranger for Yao Yao.

When she arrived…

The main door is opened. “Yao Yao? You, what happened?” the door is opened by Nan Lu, she is worried when looking at Yao Yao.

“I am fine, Nan Lu, did Yu Ao Tian already come back?”

“En, come back. But…” Nan Lu eyes are looking right and left, softly said: “Big Boss Yu mood is not good today, when he came back his face looked so cold.”

She has predicted, slowly she is walking inside the living room.

Yu Ao Tian is sitting in sofa while reading the magazine.


She not yet done with her words, as seen Yu Ao Tian eyes are gleaming and hinting, Angel with fast steps, heading her and pulled her wrist, twisted it and pushed her into kneeling position on the floor.

“Sister Angel, what are you doing?” Nan Lu obviously shocked with scenery in front of her.

“Nan Lu…”Yao Yao is kneeling down in the floor, she shaking her head looking to Nan Lu, hinting her not to say anything. “Ao Tian, you really not trust me?” despite she does not have reason for Yu Ao Tian to trust her…

He stopped to flip the magazine, he lifts his head up, coldly looked at her.

Yao Yao thought there is still a hope, so that she continued to say, but his deep dark eyes looked at Angel. And then…

Angel heartlessly slapped her face.

“Sister Angel!”

“Nan Lu!” one of Yao Yao’s hand is touching her face that got slapped while another one to stop Nan Lu, she looked at Yu Ao Tian, he acting as if nothing happen and keeps on flipping the pages of magazine.

Should he act this way?

No! she must ask herself why must she lives in this such petty and low?

Oh yeah, he is the person who gave her grandpa medication fee, it is right that he ever treated her very good. But… he is so heartless too and again and again toward her.

Although that man really good in acting even she doubted herself, whether she really that girl who that man said, moreover what with Yu Ao Tian?

But no just no, must she need to explain to Yu Ao Tian? Does he willing to believe on her who own scheming heart and schemed his other women, will he? Why? Why must she really want Yu Ao Tian to trust her?

Is it because she afraid he will hurt her grandpa, her mother? Or…other than that, why must she in rush to explain everything to him?

She too petty and low, this kind of self-proving is too low! “Yu Ao Tian, don’t you think that you…”

Another slap is sent from Angel.

She does not care from every pain because gets slap from Angel, she keeps on speaking: “Don’t you too overreact? What is your right to ask Angel to slap me? Why must you slap me? Or because…

Get slapped!

“Did it because that man’s words?”

Get another slapped!

“Enough! Yu Ao Tian, you speak…”

Another slapped!

“Yao Yao! Don’t speak anything!” Nan Lu understood as long as Yu Ao Tian has given the command, other than he no ones can stop Angel, she tried to stopped Yao Yao, asked her to stop.

But Yao Yao just not pleasant! She is not happy being mistaken!

Yu Ao Tian phone is ringing.

“I understand.”

He has very short conversation and then he left the villa without looking at Yao Yao.

“Sister Angel, can you let Yao Yao go?” when she sees Yu Ao Tian has left, Nan Lu dared to open her mouth, begging Angel.

She does not say anything but coldly shaking her head, she still pressed down Yao Yao but do nothing.

“Sister Angel…”

“Forget it Nan Lu, sister Angel only listen to the command.” Yao Yao forced herself to laugh, appeased toward Nan Lu expression.

“Yao Yao, actually what did happen? Aren’t you just reconciling with Master? Why now…

“Fiuh…” she takes deep breath, her eyes not focus shaking her head: “I don’t even know what actually is going on.”

Suddenly there was a man who came and called her as his wife, his mouth kept on saying everything regarding to her, he even said that her first time was gave to him. He has forced her to no way to go.

All of these are too sudden; simply to say… she caught off guard!

In the dark of underground big hall, the air is filled with blood and also strange atmosphere. Until when Yu Ao Tian appeared, over a hundred men are bowing respectively to him: “Big Boss Yu.”

In front of the Master’s seat, a man is kneeling down, this man is the same person who was calling Yao Yao as his wife, his smirks: “Ha, so you are the person who called as Yu Ao Tian!”

“Is this the way you speak with our Big Boss Yu?” after said, one of the man in black suit punched him.

The man is vomiting blood: “Big Boss Yu? So other than Berson Group’s CEO you have another identity as Underworld Boss? Interesting, hahahaha.”

“Who is asking you?” Yu Ao Tian who is sitting in front of that man, coldly said.

That man stunned for moment: “What?”

“Our big boss Yu is asking you, who asked you to come!” after said, a man in black suit punched him again in his stomach.

“Who asked me to come? I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“Not understand?” Yu Ao Tian is smiling while his hand is pouring tea from the teapot, takes one sip and the rest of tea is pouring to that man’s body…


The man in black suit takes out a small knife and heartlessly stabs it to that man’s abdomen.

“Yao Yao is my girlfriend. She is my woman! So what if you have money, have status and also money? Didn’t you just take a woman that I have used before? Yu Ao Tian, you just green turtle!”

After that man done with his words, all the Yu Long’s Xiao Di looked so cold, just to let know, this man dares to speak like this actually only to seek for death.

All of them are quivering; their eyes are peeking secretly to Yu Ao Tian.

His good looking face is showing bright smile but all his men (subordinate / Xiao Di) know very well that Yu Ao Tian is spreading cold aura, all the people in the underground hall could feel scary atmosphere.

“Give you another chance, confess who is asking you to do so and then I will free you.”

“I said, I said, the person who asked me is you, Yu Ao Tian! The person was you, Yu Ao Tian!”

“Little brat, don’t want to live anymore? This word you even dare to say?” the man in black suit is stabbed one more time the knife.

“Uh.” The man is hurt: “Haahahahha, since I have fallen into your hand, there is no way for me to live anymore. I love Yao Yao so much, I really do love her. Because of your money, that slutty girl does not want to recognise me anymore, so what is my purpose to live?”

“What is the evidence if she is your woman?” Yu Ao Tian titled his head, his body is slowly leaning to the chair.

“Her left shoulder has scar, his breast has one mole, the most mesmerizing places from her is her barren body, when ** it so**, Big boss Yu, you must give try before?” the man smile so sarcastically, his eyes is containing provocation.

Yu Ao Tian standing up…

“Big Boss Yu, how to settle this man?” the man in black suit walking to his side and curiously asked him.

His eyes is filled with anger, smirk: “cure his wounds.”

After heard what Yu Ao Tian said, that man despair eyes suddenly lit up with hopes. But Yu Ao Tian’s men still silently to wait the last command from Yu Ao Tian.

“After that, catch all his family members, I want him to witness his family members to die in front of him, one by one!” that smiles vanished, it is only left that cold and unlimited darkness from the underworld emperor aura. Even people could feel that fear from deep inside of their heart, his domineering and scary aura.

“Yu…Yu Ao Tian, you dare… you dare to hurt my family. Don’t you afraid catch by police?”

“Ha, little brat, it seems that you really not understand about our Yu Long group.” The man in black suit is laughing. Only by seeing this man expression, they know that this man really not understand how scary Yu Ao Tian can be.

Yu Ao Tian perhaps can give perception as someone elegant, mesmerizing, the demonic charming, proud and aloof. But in Yu Ao Tian bone is engraved with darkness and also has dark blood in his veins, but inside himself there is something more terrible, scarier than the devil soul. Just according to him when talking to this man with demeanor tone, it seems that no matter this man is coming because recruited by someone but the end result this man will be ended worsen that death…

“Ask the Japan side to check on someone called Luo Yao Yao, that girl. Check how many boyfriend she ever dated before.” Yu Ao Tian does not bother with the man in front of him, but he just directly commanding his men.

“I understood, Big Boss Yu.”

After he done, he is slowly walking out, he is leaving the dark place where the man is still kneeling down with despair…

“Why when things has already came to this point, big boss Yu still wanted to make a check about Luo Yao Yao’s past?” the man that kneeling down not understand and talking to himself.

“Idiot, do you think our Big Boss Yu is three years old boy? Must he believe whatever you say? Simply to say you are dummy.” The man in black suit is grabbed that man’s hair and then one of his hand punching his stomach.


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40 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 174 – 176

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      2. He asked her before.
        YY said she just back to China so impossible both of them ever met and Qi Lian asked where she live before, she said Japan.
        Qi Lian lived in Japan before.

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    1. Oh, I did not think of that. I was so confused thinking Feng Chen Rui had acted awfully fast and wondered how he knew all the intimate details of Yao Yao. Now I understand. Only LMY can know so much and be so cruel–also knows just what will make Ao Tian most angry. But I still don’t understand why this man won’t back down after such bad treatment. Does he really know who Yao Yao is? Is he in love with LMY to stick to the plan through so much? Can’t wait for next chapters now.

  2. I’m so much looking forward with the update.. But. I have to make a comment halfway reading this chapter 😣 I can’t push through reading… Guy pretending to be YY’s husband and accusing her of restoration…how ghastly 😡 😤 😠 worst than a horror story.

    Tysm! 😘

    1. The man really horrible to makeup a story like that, the heartbroken part is YY gets slap and what a hell how could he know YY very well but at same time he is stranger to her. moreover, he seems to understand YY compare to YAT who has stayed together with her for this time.

  3. Yu Ao Tian is a leader for a reason.., no one can easily deceive him; whoever does the scheming will eventually found out….its just too sad Yao Yao was the one who suffered and victimized in between. I cried reading the slapping part…I can’t imagine how painful could that be, it’s too heartbroken..,it must be hard translating this..thank you, you forewarned us before reading the chapter.

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      I even called myself an idiot to sink in this mood…

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    And thank you for translating this.. I just finished all the chapters in one day! It’s infuriating and frustrating but I can’t put it down lol

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    Especially, if she managed to do so while not getting noticed by of any of his men at work or any of the men he (probably) has secretly tailing her.

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