C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 2


Hi readers,
I hope for those who are fan of A naive short tempered girl can wait for little longer before I released super long chapters. Because I do really need some fluffy and sweet project to be translated in order to balance my mood while translating ANSTG’s project. I dare to guess some of you might already have big picture what kind of chapters am I progressing to translate for ANSTG.

Enjoy your reading🙂

Chapter 2

Doesn’t want to go to Kindergarten

When night falls, Mother An and Father An are coming back from travel-worn rushing from native place (Grandma An’s home), mother An puts down all her bringing, immediately rushing into Mother Su’s house.

“Qi Qi, are you missing mom? Mom is really missing you——” Mother An is hugging An Jia Qi, she even to snuggle close to her precious daughter’s chubby face. Perhaps because there is still cold air in mother An’s body so that An Jia Qi feels not too comfortable, she stretching out her small hands toward Su Zhan Mo who sitting not far.

“You little brat— your mother is rushing come back from far place, you dare to ignore your mother—” Mother An is scolding with laugh and then put down An Jia Qi to Su Zhan Mo’s arms, she finds mother Su to chat.

Women are sitting together and the conversation can be about east and west of household thingy, mother Su is so patiently to listen mother An complains and also her dissatisfaction about Grandma An prejudiced.

While Su Zhan Mo is lying down at his bed and An Jia Qi is freely climbing in his body, staying and playing with her. Deep inside his heart he really does not happy mother An is coming home so early, it makes him can’t sleep together with little sister.

Only like this An Jia Qi backs to An’s house and sleeping in her own room, Su Zhan Mo unwillingly being separating with An Jia Qi, he silently lying down in his own bed alone.

The second day in the morning, Su Zhan Mo who is always being obedient gets hit by mother Su. He crying woah woah——-

Mother An who heard it, hurried dressed and running out from her house, knocking at the door of Su’s.

“What is going on?”

“This little brat, he angers me to death. I am working so hard, asking connection help to send him to Lan Tian kindergarten, unexpectedly he unwillingly to go! Really anger me to death.” Mother Su who eyes is red, to hate iron for not becoming steel*, glaring at Su Zhan Mo.

*恨 Hen 铁 Tie 不 Bu 成 Cheng 钢 Gang : To hate iron for not becoming steel (Idiom: to feel resentful towards something/somebody for failing to meet expectation and impatient to see improvement)

Mother Su because for taking care of Su Zhan Mo in better way, so that she moved with him from their old house to the nearest place to live. Only for the next two years Su Zhan Mo can go to “Shi Yi Xiao” elementary school, mother Su has asked her connection to send him to Shi Yi Xiao which located right in front of Lan Tian kindergarten. Because only those kids who study in the Lan Tian kindergarten then for one hundred percent can study in Shi Yi Xiao.

“This is good thing.” Mother An astonished glancing at mother Su, happily said.

Shi Yi Xiao is an elementary school that establish due to high standard and supported by government, no matter the teacher resources or the school environment, all are the best. The ordinary people can’t study there, never thought that mother Su has this kind of connection, to let her son directly to study in kindergarten.

“This little brat is no matter what unwillingly to go.” Mother Su who already anger until her eyes red, she is getting ready to hit Su Zhan Mo, but being stopped by mother An.

“Su Yue, calm down, let me asking Mo Mo.” Mother An comforts mother Su, turned her focus to look at Su Zhan Mo who face has already wet by tears, his little face showed sorrow.

“Mo Mo, tell mother An, why are you unwillingly go to Lan Tian kindergarten?”

This time Su Zhan Mo baby voice seriously answered: “I don’t want to be not able to see little sister!”

Once mother Su listened to his son reason, she stunned and bitterly laughed, while mother An feels little bit awkward looking at mother Su.

This Lan Tian kindergarten has very strict management, must stay at dormitory, cannot stay at home, only can go home at weekend. So that the reason for Su Zhan Mo unwillingness to go to kindergarten, because he only can meet An Jia Qi once every week, so that he does not want to!

Mother An is so patience to keep talking with Su Zhan Mo: “Mo Mo, your mother let you to go to Lan Tian kindergarten actually for the sake of your goodness, you see, the chance you get into Shi Yi Xiao elementary school will be bigger later, Mo Mo you are still need two years later to go to elementary school. Little sister won’t be running, she will be here waiting for Mo Mo to come back….”

“But I can’t see little sister everyday!” Su Zhan Mo has already fall into the stated of imaginary in which he can’t see little sister.

“But two years more Mo Mo can study in Shi Yi Xiao elementary school.”

“Why can I get into Shi Yi Xiao if I don’t study at Lan Tian kindergarten?” Su Zhan Mo feels so curious with his own mother and also mother An when talking about Shi Yi Xiao.

“Doesn’t this because the high chance?” Mother An looking at Su Zhan Mo big eyes that showed the difference between black and white, and his heart there is countless “grass mud horse” to elope…

Su Zhan Mo does not understand the complexity and consideration characteristic of adult’s world, he only knows that if he study in Lan Tian kindergarten, he can’t meet An Jia Qi every days.

“Xiao Pang (Little Fatty) also not studies in Lan Tian kindergarten, but how could he study in Shi Yi Xiao?”

The Little Fatty whom Su Zhan Mo refers to is the leader of kids who living in this area. His grand pa ever become diplomat in certain country, his grandmother is retired teacher in Shi Yi Xiao. There are three ways to get into Shi Yi Xiao, the first is kids that study in Lan Tian kindergarten, the second is go through from the advantage as internal employee of Shi Yi Xiao, every year there will be school enrollment in certain quota. Also there is the examination way, but this kind of way is required children to have high IQ, and beside that there is special and strong points, actually it was the last quota enrollment. Of course mother Su and mother An can’t explain this complicated things to Su Zhan Mo.

But they just elaborated to Su Zhan Mo: “Because Little Fatty has good study achievement, has special ability, so that he could enter!” after listened to these words, stunned for moment and makes Su Zhan Mo’s eyes gleaming brightly.

“Mom, I also want to go to join the examination for entering Shi Yi Xiao!”

“You this little brat!” the anger mother Su said until she wanted to hit him.

Su Zhan Mo pouted his little mouth, dissatisfied make noise: “Little Fatty is not smarter than me! He does not even can solve math calculation less than ten, he can enter, how can’t I impossible to enter?”


Only like these two mothers dumbstruck, at last little fellow Su Zhan Mo won perfectly over two mothers as the ending.

Finally Su Zhan Mo is steadily studying at kindergarten, every day after he sees little sister, he will happily go to home to do according to mother Su arrangement.

Seeing how Su Zhan Mo so stick toward An Jia Qi, mother An and mother Su even joking, said: “see those two children so close, later let my Qi Qi to become your Mo Mo’s wife!”

“It is good. It decided. I really like your beautiful little maiden!”

When these two mothers are jokingly said, Finally An Jia Qi who almost two years is sold by her own mother to that black belly brat! Of course when Su Zhan Mo was a kid he still cute little sunshine, not yet progressing his black belly sides, but under the circumstances as An Jia Qi’a “home-stayed dad” it showed. As the result, later it makes father An feels so jealous to death.

Day by day is passing, little fellow An Jia Qi finally able to speak.

These days An Jia Qi is tottering when learning to walk in courtyard under father An guarding. And just in time little fellow Su Zhan Mo is going home from kindergarten, mother Su is helping Su Zhan Mo to get down from bicycle.

At this time Su Zhan Mo is already five years old, his height is really taller compare to when he only three years old, but for the adult, he stills that little bun, he is happily running with his small feet get inside the courtyard.

An Jia Qi is so familiarized to Su Zhan Mo, once she lifts her head up and seeing her Mo Mo brother is heading, she is hurry and busy to move toward Su Zhan Mo.

Suddenly from her small mouth let’s out: “Ah…Ah… Ah… Mah Mah…Mah…” because the sound that let out have similar sound with “ma ma” word, mother An who is knitting sweater at beside is excitingly stands up. Quickly she tosses aside her sweater that she knits and also the wools, rushing to An Jia Qi and carrying her up, with moisten and tearing eyes said: “My precious, what just you said? Did you call Ma Ma…”

Father An suddenly speechless, he is the one who standing closest, naturally he heard clearly what her little daughter shouted, especially her little hands that straightly pointed to one direction, even father An feels bitter in his heart. He feels as of his little daughter is being swindled by that little brat…

“Old An, you hurry see, our little precious is able to call out Ma Ma…”

Father An mood is stirring when looking at mother An, actually he does not want to break mother An’s good mood.

Ah…. Mother An, you just not see your precious little daughter—she is straightly looking at small figure at your back and keep on calling!

As for the reason why An Jia Qi is calling “Mo Mo”, this is because Su Zhan Mo little fellow taught it. Su Zhan Mo is always taking advantage from father and mother An when they are not available, to influence secretly by teaching An Jia Qi to call him “Mo Mo Ge Ge”. Thus this day his teaching shows the result.

Only like this, An Jia Qi is keeping to call people, everyday she looks so troublesome whenever mother An brings her out, seeing many aunties and uncles, who teasing her to speak. She is so irritating….

Please don’t underestimate little children IQ, especially An Jia Qi, as long as mother An bringing her out, she won’t open her mouth. Except when there is aunty who gives her candy and then she will open her mouth. As the result after many years, those old neighbors who living in same street in four courtyard houses nickname her as foodie.

At another blink eyes, Su Zhan Mo is six years old, while An Jia Qi is three years old. As expected Su Zhan Mo is really studying in Shi Yi Xiao as what he ever said. Moreover he really entered it through the special ability examination. This is really pleased mother Su happily, that day mother Su is cooking filled one table, inviting mother An whole family to come and eat together.

“Congratulation Little Mo Mo.” Mother An took out the 24 water pencils color from her back and gave it to Su Zhan Mo. Who called Su Zhan Mo entered Shi Yi Xiao through drawing examination.

“Just you people coming why must spend money.” Mother Su finds it not necessary for mother An to give the present.

During that time one set of water pencil colors is expensive, especially those with many colors it can cost few ten dollars. That time the An family only have income about one hundred dollars per month. They took out half of the money for buying one set of water color pencils for Su Zhan Mo was actually spending too much money.

“Aiya, this is because we are happy for the kid… is it our little Mo Mo…” for these past years mother An still like to pinch Su Zhan Mo cheeks, although his face is not that chubby as before, but still has the feel.

“Thank you mother An” Su Zhan Mo politely say thank you, takes and keep the water color pen, and then he runs toward father An who is carrying An Jia Qi. During this time, An Jia Qi is already able to speak single words.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, congratulation.” After she said, her small hands are gathered to one as if doing congratulation for Chinese New Year. She makes everyone laughing.

The food is served.

Mother An feels little bit embarrassed to open her mouth, after all this is for her precious little daughter, so that she only can be thick face to ask help from mother Su.

“Su Yue, actually I feel little bit embarrassed to open my mouth, This is the time for Qi Qi to go to kindergarten, two years ago you had connection to make Su Zhan Mo entered Lan Tian kindergarten, can you help my Qi Qi to study in Lan Tian kindergarten too? If this is troublesome you, I will randomly enroll her in any…” after said mother An’s face burn red.

“This matter, sister An what is to embarrassed for, since there is connection, helping each other is naturally, let’s we eat. Later I will ask my colleague, he knows the Lan Tian kindergarten’s head master, if it okay just directly goes to there. If cannot, sister An you must quickly look for another kindergarten.”

Mother Su who doesn’t bother with her cheerful character, it makes mother An feel touched, because of this the future relationship between mother Su and mother An is going strong.

So that on the second day when mother Su going to work she goes to ask her colleague, the male colleague who named Shen Wei Guo. Unexpected this matter is going so smooth, An Jia Qi is sent to Lan Tian kindergarten by mother An when she in her three years old.

This is also the first time for An Jia Qi to feel dissatisfaction and also grief because she is leaving mother An and father An also her Mo Mo ge ge. On the first day when she is coming to the Lan Tian kindergarten she is crying so miserable. At last mother An stills steel her heart to go and leave An Jia Qi in the kindergarten no matter how she kick and hit the teachers. In An Jia Qi memory, mother An does not want her anymore, she is so pissed off…

Of course at the same time who get pissed off is also Su Zhan Mo, he is happily carrying his bag on his back after going home from school, the first thing he wanted to do is to find An Jia Qi but he is informed that she has been sent to Lan Tian kindergarten, so she will come back after one week. After Su Zhan Mo knew, he kept silent for the entire night, mother Su sensed something toward her own son.

“Mo Mo, what happen? Did you get bully at school?”

“Ma Ma, why you let little sister being sent to Lan Tian kindergarten… on this way I couldn’t see her every day.” During that time Su Zhan Mo has already progressing to be someone who showing his unique possessiveness characters.

Mother Su is laugh bitterly, she stroking her own son head, smiled and said: “Mo Mo, little sister go to Lan Tian kindergarten to study because later on she will go and to same elementary school with you… when little sister studies in elementary school, you are already in four grade and becomes big boy, when the time comes you can find little sister, do you?”

This word of mother Su, at the moment makes Su Zhan Mo eyes flashing brightly. So that finally we know Su Zhan Mo black belly character is come from whom?


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