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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 177

Gong Xiao Man and Yao Yao

This chapter is give sense of sweetness for the last bitter chapters. I know this is only a novel and I have read it before (So I must know all the darkness and sweetness of this novel since I have decide to do the project) and I just don’t know why it stills affect my mood when I translate it. I feel kind of frustration for Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao roller coaster relationship, from one episode to others…

This chapter little bit better at least the poor Yao Yao now having more person to share her feeling. She has Bai Ling in Berson but that girl little bit off and on most of time, she has Nan Lu in villa someone will help her but still the best part is having your best friend back to support you, to care and do something for you. And here Gong Xiao Man shows…

From all the supporting role, Gong Xiao Man is the best for me in this story, other than the lead of course. I like her character so much.

So enjoy your reading and free to speak up your mind 😀

Chapter 177

The man is enduring his pain in the floor, but there is puzzling eyesight in his eyes, he had said all the things to this point, normally to say—one normal man would feel angry as the first reaction, but what he saw, Yu Ao Tian was perfectly composed, at last he even asked people to go check on Luo Yao Yao’s past, so whatever he did all these time is for what?

To be honest, this man was looking so excitedly just now, but heaven knows… the moment when he saw Yu Ao Tian walking inside the hall, his guts already decreased. If not because…

“Go, go and call back your Big Boss to come back, I, I have something to tell him!”

“Hah, on this time finally you feel the fear? But unfortunately everything is late now!” the man in black suit narrowed his eyes, waving his hand: “Go, do as what Big Boss Yu asked, catches all this fool family to here! Let he witness one by one his family member go to die!”

“No! No!” that man is begging, but the Yu Long’s men are not bother with him.

“I said, did all of you guys feel Big Boss Yu today is little bit odd?” one of the men softly said to the others men beside him.

“Do you also feel it? I thought it only me who mistaken about it. Normally when that man said something derogating our Big Boss Yu, he must be acted to do something already but Big Boss Yu didn’t, but…” talking to this point, one of the men spoke softly…

“Big Boss Yu was already pissed off to the extreme!”

Inside the car, Yu Ao Tian is expressionless driving his car, looking at outside…

“Yao Yao is my girlfriend. She is my woman! So what if you have money, have status and also money? Didn’t you just take a woman that I have used before? Yu Ao Tian, you just green turtle!”

He stills could feel his ears burning hot for what that man said before, his expression is so black, he makes fist and “Bamn” “Bamn” “Bamn” he hits on the car steering wheel.

Just as what those men in Yu Long said, Yu Ao Tian could show the most composed of himself because he is extremely pissed off.

Most of people who are angry could be shown, but Yu Ao Tian is the contrary ones, from the very earlier he has learnt to control his emotions, more he angrier more compose he is, but he also rare to piss off to the point of flaming. So that all his emotions are keep inside his heart.

His deep eyes are glancing to his wrist and then looking at the watch which bought by Yao Yao for him, both of his eyes are gleaming cold, just in minutes he takes off and throwing the watch to the car outside because he is angry.

Falling down sound, the sport car just crush that watches as if it means nothing and moving to the villa.


Yu Ao Tian is walking straightly to the living room, Yao Yao is still pressed by Angel, kneeling to the floor.

Hurry he walked to her in front and then pulled her hair.

“Yu Ao Tian, what are you doing?” she feels pain and hurt, wanting to free herself from that heartless man.

“Master, Master I beg you don’t hurt Yao Yao.” At this time, Nan Lu hurried kneeling down in front of him.

“Get lost!” coldly he said, he even kicked Nan Lu to side.

“Nan Lu!” Yao Yao fears to see Nan Lu, at the other minutes, she is dragging ruthless by Yu Ao Tian to the room.

“Yu Ao Tian, what do you want?”

His eyes are flashing dangerously, he so rude to throw her in bed, Yao Yao hasn’t react but at sudden her clothes are torn into pieces already…

Yu Ao Tian sees that black mole which so piercing into his eyes.

“Her left shoulder has scar, his breast has one mole, the most mesmerizing places from her is her barren body, when ** it so**, Big boss Yu, you must give try before?”

Both of them living together are not counted short period, but how can he not even know that she has mole in her breast area, but that man…

When Yu Ao Tian makes fist from his hand, his veins are showed up, at sudden he grabbed her neck…

“Uh.” At sudden Yao Yao can feel she is breathless: “Ao, Yu Ao Tian, you can kill… me. But, why you must you choose to… trust that… man but not…me?”

He also have thought that man might ask by someone, he also does not want to trust what the man said, the things that he must do he has done it, under that circumstance, that man has deathly bite everything, moreover he even could point out all her body’s secret.

“Kill you? Ha, dirty my hand.” Yu Ao Tian sneered; he slowly loosens up his hand from her neck.


He said I am dirty?

After Yao Yao heard it, she feels her heart torn into pieces: “Do you clean? Yu Ao Tian, how many are women that you ever with?”

“What is your right to speak like this with me? At least, I will never denied all the women who ever with me before. But you…how?” when he said the last words, at sudden his voice tone is raised.

Yao Yao clearly can feel, at this moment he is extremely angry. “Hahahaha, you mean that I should admit that man as my boyfriend, I must say that in order to have medication fee for my grandpa treatment and then I get closer to you, should I do that damn virgin restoration, is it all what you want to hear? Do you really think I am…”

“sstt.” His slender long finger touched her mouth: “Don’t rushing to make the explanation. Perhaps the answer will come out soon, when the time comes, when the time comes…you still don’t know whether your family will live or death!”

“No! Yu Ao Tian, you must not harm my family, no!” she is in hysteria state, standing up and then deathly grabbed Yu Ao Tian’s wrist.

His eyes are looking at the hand which is grabbing his wrist, Yu Ao tian cold eyes: “Let go! Your dirty hand!” he said and then he raised his hand and slapped Yao Yao’s face.

Yao Yao can feel herself almost faint her small hand is let off Yu Ao Tian’s wrist.

Heartlessly he laughing and then he turned and leaving the room.

“Hu…” at the floor, Yao Yao tears flowing down, actually she really does not know the reason why must she crying, but one thing that she sure… this pain is nothing to do with her physical wounds.

“Yao Yao. Yao Yao!” Nan Lu secretly comes to the room, hurry she checks on Yao Yao wounds and then she pulled Yao Yao to her embraces.

“Nan Lu, hu… why to make Yu Ao Tian trust me can be this difficult? Why?”

“Why when I do feel that I able to get closer to him, he immediately push me away?”

“At one moment he able to do all the best for me, but the next moment he can push me and send me to hell, actually what is happened? I hate him, I hate him!”

“Yao Yao?” Nan Lu slowly loosens up her pair of hands. Her eyes looked at Yao Yao’s eyes which filled with hurt and also hesitation: “You… impossible… are you falling in love…with Big Boss Yu, right?


No, impossible! Impossible! “how can I fall in love with him, it is absolutely impossible, he is types of dangerous man who is unpredictable, in this life time it is impossible for me to fall in love with him!”

Scary, it is so scary. Yao Yao panic lifted her head, actually she has already the imaginary for herself, if she really falls in love with Yu Ao Tian, she isn’t an idiot who still wanting to jump to fire when she has eyes to see.

“Yao…” Nan Lu wanted to say, don’t in rush to make denial, but she still helplessly to smile, she gently wipes her tears: “The world that Big Boss Yu live in, we will never understand it for our entire of life. No matter you love or not love him, but still you are his woman, virtually (on common sense)…his responsibilities are so many, so many invincible pressure that he must bear. It is…difficult…”

After listened to Nan Lu, Yao Yao finally realized it is so hard to be Yu Ao Tian’s lover, far from what she thought before, at this moment, she really wants… ended all this game!

Li’s Mansion.

“Miss, you say will that man betray you?” inside the room, Xiao Zhen is nervously asked.

“Ha, just rest assured, I have faith in his acting skill, after all he has not cure able cancer in his body, he is absolutely won’t afraid with death, he had already received much money from me, so how would he betray me. The most important is, I am the woman who being dumped so who will think too much about my scheming?” after said, Li Mei Yun slowly sitting in front of her makeup table, she takes eyebrow pencil to color her brows.

“Miss, you really awesome, you fight back by using the last time that slutty girl family said, and then you plotting one so that she can’t deny. Moreover Mr. Yu is type of man who consider the innocent of his woman, this time she is dead meat.”

“She is seeking for it! She dared to scheme me!” whenever she recalled that matters, Li Mei Yun is really pissed off, she never thought in her life that she would be schemed by that little girl who looked so naïve.

Her eyes rolled, looking at Xiao Zhen: “This time all the success is credited to you because of your detail, you even paid attention to the mole in her breast.”

“Hahahaha, Miss you are flattering me. I just not carefully saw it before.”

“Things that I cannot have, others don’t even dare to dream it!” Li Mei Yun broke the eyebrow pencil, smirking…

Five days later.

“Mother, Father, both of you don’t need to send me, hurry go back.”

“Be careful, son.”

“Grandpa, father, mother, I want to go to school.”

“Good grandson, remember to come back during winter holiday.”

“En, okay.”

Outside the school gate, one by one the family are bid good bye. Every year there will be the scenery where parent come to bid good bye to their children who are going to University.

Yao Yao is carrying her school bag, envious seeing the scenery, she took long breathe: “Fiuh.”

Actually, Yao Yao mother also want to come today, but she refused it, so that mother Luo does not come. Now she really regret to refused mother Luo coming, or else she won’t be so envious to see others people. But… after she thought for while… her appearance which similar to ghost right now, perhaps asking her mother to come only to make she worries.

Since the day Yu Ao Tian left, he never back to the villa anymore. While Yao Yao turned to be lowest in the villa and she not only responsible to do house work but she also do help others maid too. Every day she needs to wake up at five and sleep at 12. She has five hours to sleep, her original weight is 80 pounds and now she lost about 10 pounds again, she lives alike slave.

Her eyes are seeing university entrance gate, she gives faint smile, she hopes after she back to school everything will be okay, no matter what, as long as she does not need to stay at that cold house, everything is alright.

“Uh?” suddenly, a pair of hand is closing Luo Yao Yao’s eyes from back, her heart is tightened: “Who I am?”

Not long after that the laughing voice is coming from her back, Yao Yao mood is more tense than before: “Let off! Who are you?”

“Yao Yao?” that pair of hands loosens up.

She angrily turned back…

“Xiao… Xiao Man? How.. can you?” she is so surprised, Gong Xiao Man, the best person she ever had during her high school time, her best friend, the best part in her memory, she never thought she will appear in here.

And then, Gong Xiao Man face is filled with curiosity: “Yao Yao, how can your temperament turn be this big?” as she can recall in her memory, Luo Yao Yao is someone cute, innocent, clean, pure and also someone can handle well with many kinds of joke, but just now Yao Yao is obviously angry.

“I am sorry. I thought you are someone play prank.” After the last time matter with that man, she really afraid if there is person suddenly hugged her from back, she can’t manage this “surprise”, so that when Gong Xiao Man surprised her, hard for her not to be panic.

“Before you are acted normal toward this kind of jokes, so that I love to give you surprise.”

“You have surprised me already. Xiao Man, why are you coming here? Don’t you also start your school?”

“That’s right, so that…” Gong Xiao Man smiled: “I come to join the school.”

“What… what you mean? Xiao Man! You said… you come to join and going to study in this university? But don’t you…”

“Hihihihi, the power of money, this summer I have very good performance so my mom is touched by me and she spent amount of money to send me study in here.” Gong Xiao Man pair of hands stick in her waist happily said.

“So this means, later we will be classmates, right?”

“Yeah, hehehehe.”

“Great, Xiao Man, this is too great, Xiao Man.” Yao Yao is happily to hug Xiao Man’s neck, these few days bad mood seems to be dismissed for moment when she meets Xiao Man.

“Okay la, Yao Yao, hurry we join the opening ceremony for the new student.”



18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 177

  1. But Yao Yao swayed so easily toward her decision, one moment wanting to be away from YAT and then the next happily with him…sigh

    1. YY is alike kid.
      She will be good to you when you good to her and an opposite.
      she tries to view YAT as someone who actually has good nature true because she believes no one born to be evil.

  2. Well right now I want to see FCY appear and take her even if he’s like that I really hope that LMY and all her family will end up badly or dead she deserve the worst and that s*ut of a sister she has
    😥 thank you ;n;

      1. I just give little spoiler since too much spoiler would make the story not interesting anymore.
        Yu Ao Tian won’t find the truth that fast but he will admitted “not directly” to Yao Yao that he cares and love her.
        (This part will be released in this week, hopefully XD )

  3. Hi! Just wanted to tell you that you’re doing a great job even though I would not be able to read through this a second time in full. I have to admit that this is definitely not my type of story, but after reading a bit of your translation, I ended up reading it and finishing the novel. I even shocked myself! There are so many twists that you wonder what would happen next. But it’s so long! But it definitely an emotional roller coaster ride. There are so many times I hated YAT and FCY. They make so many stupid choices. I would say my favorite character is Long Ye Ge Ge and Luo Yao Yao’s best “guy/girl” friend. I think you know who I mean. I really never liked QLAY. GXM is a great girlfriend to YY too, but there are times she’s too impulsive (sometimes good, sometimes bad). But I’m glad YY has her as a friend because she really does tell her everything (after the facts of course, but it’s still good to have someone to share with) since you can’t really do that with the guys. I’m still able to enjoy parts of your translation because I just skip all the horrible parts. But each character really has their own strengths. Maybe that’s what I appreciated about this novel minus all the graphic scenes. I really can’t fathom how YY can endure all the abuse. I guess I’m too weak.

  4. Thank you very much.

    I hope when YAT do find out what LMY has done to YY n him, YAT will really pay it back to LMY n her family worst than how they dealt to YY. By then they wish that they never been borned.

    Oh!Please, y FCY a sore spoil brat!!!..can’t even stand him.

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