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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 178


I will always support you,
I will always come to help you,
Share your joy and your sadness,
Cause we are friend,
Best friend who are thinking each other,
Helping each other,
We even facing the most fearful things together

I am so glad that Gong Xiao Man finally showed up in this chapters. She back right on the moment Yao Yao really need someone to share her feeling.

Chapter 178

“En.” Both of them are holding hands while walking, together they walking to the aula.

Just in this moment…

“Hey, hey, that is Qi Lian Ao Yun sunbae (senior)! Yes it is Qi Lian Ao Yun’s car.” At the entrance all of the girls suddenly stopped their footsteps; excitedly they pointed at a bugatti that moving slowing entering the University parking lot.

Yao Yao and Gong Xiao Man also looked at…

“That car is…”

“What Yao Yao?”

When the car is stopped at the school parking lot, a good looking man gets down from the car.

“Ah… Qi Lian sunbae.”

“Woah, so handsome…” no matter the new student or the old student, when Qi Lan sunbae exposed his beautiful good looking features, they looked alike eye bull.

Gong Xiao Man is dragging Yao Yao’s hand to in front: “Yao Yao, Yao Yao, Qi Lian sunbae is so handsome. Oh My God, I come to study in here is the best decision, I must check his data, does he have girlfriend or not. What to do, my heart is thumping hard.” She is speaking so excitedly while looking at Qi Lian and also Yao Yao who standing beside her.

While Yao Yao only gives her faint smile.

“Yao Yao, do you also think that sunbae is exceptionally handsome?”

“Yes.” Her eyes staring at Qi Lian sunbae who is not far from them, never thought only in five days both of them are meet again, really coincides.

Yes, this Qi Lian sunbae was the same person who drove Yao Yao to Ao Lan street five days ago, the melancholic prince!

“Say something Yao Yao, this is really the best university in China, education establishment is stylish.” Walking to the inner aula Gong Xiao Man is looking left and right.

“Yes, the next four years, we will live in here, really looking forward for it.”

“Hahahaha, the thing that I looking forward for most still… Qi Lian sunbae! Hehehehe.” Gong Xiao Man talking while gulping her saliva.

“Xiao Man, perhaps he is already have girlfriend.”

“So what? I can fight over for him! Just you don’t come to fight with me for Qi Lian sunbae.”

Now she does not have heart to fight for man? “Oh yeah, Xiao Man, I have thing to tell you… be careful!” her eyes caught a car is approaching rapidly toward their direction, unconsciously she pulled Xiao Man’s arm.

Black Rolls-Royce moving and passing their sides…

“Since there is someone dares to drive the car inside to the university, that person inside the car must be the university board of directors? Oh yeah, Yao Yao what did you want to say? Yao Yao? Why your face turned pale?”

Not mistaken! Not mistaken! The person who sits inside the car is Yu Ao Tian, this time she is not mistaken. Why Yu Ao Tian coming today? What is his purpose?

“Yao Yao? Yao Yao?”

“Ah?” she regained herself, she smiles at loss: “Xiao Man, faster, the welcoming ceremony will start, we must go faster!”

“Oh, let’s we run!”


Inside the big aula, there are total of thousands student who are sitting in orderly seat, the first row sitting position are those people who are the board of directors. The second row is for the student committee. The following rows are for the new students and also the old students.

“Now, let’s we welcome the head of student council, Qi Lian Ao Yun, proudly to go up to the stage and give the speech.” Said the MC

“Qi Lian sunbae! That is Qi Lian sunbae.”

“Every year during this time, this is the closest distance we can have, really lucky.” The girls are gulping their saliva, staring at Qi Lian Ao Yun who is giving his speech.

“Woah, so his name is Qi Lian Ao Yun, moreover he is head of student council. Yao Yao, what to do, I really like him more and more.” Gong Xiao Man soulless, she pulled Yao Yao’s hand nervously and little bit shivering.

“Xiao Man, are you serious?” Yao Yao smiled. Of course, that man who she accidentally met actually is her sunbae, moreover he is the head of student council.

“Now after this, Qi Lian will give the time for the new student representative.” Not long after Qi Lian Ao Yun done with his speech, the new student representative name is called out.

“Who is the new student representative? Really lucky, can get closer distance to Qi Lian sunbae.”

“Really envy and jealous!”

Listen to all the whispering, Gong Xiao Man is smiling: “Humph, who will be, of course my Yao Yao!”

Just expected, Yao Yao is slowly standing up, she walking to the stage.

When Qi Lian Ao Yun sees her, his eyes gleaming brightly: “Ha Ha, never imagine we are meeting this fast. It seems that no need to be wasteful.”

She speaks with low voice: “If Qi Lian sunbae afraid I am wasting, I can treat but you paid the bill.”

“En? This is good idea. We meet after the school ceremony ended.” After said Qi Lian Ao Yun gets down from the stage.

Yao Yao is so composed on stage, every time when school has new representative student “moment” she is always the person that chosen to do it, she could use the old speech with little bit modification. When Yao Yao is doing her speech everyone is crazily discussing about her. Since everyone is quite surprised about Yao Yao’s achievement. Moreover when they know her examination entrance scored which is perfect. The shocking thing is her IQ which is 205, very high ones. No wonder she got scholarship again.

“Now, after the representative of new student done with her speech, let’s we welcome one of the board director Mr. Yu Ao Tian to hand over the scholarship to Luo Yao Yao.”

Yao Yao is surprised to shock when she knew the person is Yu Ao Tian, her face turned paler and she almost fall down but somehow, Yu Ao Tian acted as if she is stranger to him moreover he acted as if this is the first time both of them meet.

After that, Yao Yao really does not know how she goes through all the ceremonial process until it ended.

“Xiao Man, I have thing to tell you.” Yao Yao suddenly stopped her footsteps.

“What’s matter, why your expression turned to be so serious?”

Must I tell Xiao Man? But Xiao Man is the best friend I have I can’t hide it from Xiao Man. She bites her lips, slowly said: “Xiao Man, actually that board director Yu is…”

“Hey, Junior.” Four men from upper class surrounded Yao Yao and Xiao Man unexpected.

Yao Yao nervously grabbing Xiao Man’s hand: “Sunbae, what is matter?”

“Oh, not really matters, but sunbae only want to ask you whether you have boyfriend or not?”

Gong Xiao Man is glaring at those sunbaes who looked alike little scoundrel: “Our Yao Yao is already had boyfriend, sunbae you better give up!”

“This is not your business, I am not talking with you.” One of the sunbae with yellow hair is hooked at Yao Yao’s shoulders.

“Let me go! You let me go!”

“Hey, sunbae, I suggest you hurry let Yao Yao go, or else I will go to student council to make complain!”

“What a good chick, I like you.” Another fat sunbae is targeted Gong Xiao Man.

“Hah, you like me? Don’t you see yourself, do you match for me?”

“Hey, little chick, do you understand what are you talking?”

“Of course I understand very well.”

“MF! You seek to get hit?” after said, that fatty sunbae has already raised his hand.

“Stop!” Yao Yao free herself from that Yellow hair sunbae, hurry she grabbed Gong Xiao Man from that fatty sunbae.

“Junior, you are mine, don’t randomly run.” The yellow hair sunbae is tightly embraces Yao Yao.

“Let me go, help…” when she wanted to shout, suddenly that Yellow hair sunbae has covered her mouth: “Junior, it useless. My name is Lu Chuan, you can find out about me very detail in this school, even though you are screaming until your voice cracking no one will dare come to help you.”

Seeing Yao Yao in difficulty, Gong Xiao Man really wants to help but that fatty sunbae is blocking her way.

This sunbae who named Lu Chuan actually is the little scoundrel boss in this school, no students want to deal with him. So most of the student who is passing by only acted as if seen nothing. Yao Yao and Xiao Man almost fall in despair but when they see someone from the broad director passing by, Yao Yao screaming and asking for help. But what on earth, that person is Yu Ao Tian who accompany by Mo Xue Tong.

When the fatty senior looked at the group of people he said to the yellow hair sunbae, they might get in trouble with the board of director know what is happening. Lu Chuan (yellow hair sunbae) said to the fatty sunbae to act as if they are dating with their own girlfriends so no one will come to disturb them. He also threatens Yao Yao to shut up.

Yao Yao is trying to free herself from that Lu Chuan and rushing to Yu Ao Tian asking for help, Lu Chuan has cold sweating when sees Yao Yao free from him but his hope lit up when Yu Ao Tian ignored Yao Yao and keeps on walking forward. At sudden Yao Yao heart feels as if there is thousand of needle stabbing inside her heart. How can Yu Ao Tian act this cold?

Although her heart in pain but she still calling Yu Ao Tian’s name, “Ao Tian! Ao Tian!”

“Ao Tian, are you serious not to help her?” Mo Xue Tong asking him when they have walked quite far.

He makes tight fist in his hand, his eyes gleaming dangerously: “Give this task to Yu Long, ask them to solve it.”


“Junior, it is useless, you see even the board director thought you and me are couple, you think who will come to help you?”

Listened to Lu Chuan, Yao Yao is pissed off and biting her lips, Yu Ao Tian I hate you! I hate you!

“Junior, let’s we date, you rest assured, I will treat you good.” Lu Chuan smirks. One of his hands holds up Yao Yao’s chin and trying to kiss her.

Expressionless, no struggling, at this moment Yao Yao brain has flown to another world.

“Yao Yao?” under this circumstance, Gong Xiao Man, nervously shout at her.

But Yao Yao does not have reaction, as if she has shut herself from this world.

When Lu Chuan lips almost touched Yao Yao’s lips…

“Let go your dirty hands!” it is cold and dangerous voice.

Lu Chun turned his back looking at…

“Qi Lian Ao Yun!” Damn, how can he be here.

“Aiyo, Lu Chuan, are you dally with girl? You have already gotten two punishment and warning, do you really want to quit from school so that you satisfied? Said a girl who is standing beside Qi Lian Ao Yun.

“Thank you to remind me. But, which of your eyes see that I am dallying junior.” After said, Lu Chuan smiling and loosen up his hands, while that fatty sunbae also free Gong Xiao Man.

“Lu Chuan, you think that I am blind…”

“Forget it Xiao Ming.” Qi Lian Ao Yun stopped Gu Xiao Ming, slowly he is walking in front of Lu Chuan: “I don’t expect to see this next time, get lost!”

It is so obvious that Lu Chuan is scare with Qi Lian Ao Yun, when heard what he said the unhappy Lu Chuan angrily leaving.

“Thank you Qi Lian Ao Yun sunbae.” Gong Xiao Man is completely forget about the nightmare just now, she looked Qi Lian Ao Yun with admiring look, heaven knows, how cool he was when he is talking to Lu Chuan.

“Don’t mention it.” Qi Lian Ao Yun gently smiles, his eyes locked at Yao Yao, helplessly he shook his head: “Why every times I meet you, you are always in mess state?”

“HaHa.” She is forcing herself to laugh, actually today she really does not have any mood to treat Qi Lian Ao Yun meal: “Thank you, Qi Lian sunbae. I, want to go back to my dorm.” After said, she dragged Xiao Man’s hand leaving that place.

“Hey, Yao Yao, this is one good opportunity, Qi Lian sunbae helped us, we can take this opportunity to have chat with him?”

“Xiao Man, I have thing to tell you!” her eyes is moisten with tears.

Gong Xiao Man senses something weird, immediately her expression changed: “I know, let’s we get back to dorm.”

Arrived at the ladies dorm, two of their roommates haven’t come. Once they get inside, she has cried: “Xiao Man…”

“Yao Yao, did you get shock by that Lu Chuan?”

“No, there is nothing to do with him. Xiao Man… you listen to me. But… listen until I have done, don’t anger me!”

“Actually what is going on?” Gong Xiao Man is sitting at the bed edge beside Yao Yao’s bed.

She tried to control her emotion, said: “Just now the board director who was passing by actually Yu Ao Tian.”

“Just now I had heard you called his complete name, and now you are especially bringing up the topic, does this… Yu Ao Tian, is he that underworld emperor in Japan, that Yu Ao Tian?” just now Gong Xiao Man was little bit hesitated, she feels as if she ever saw that board director’s face in somewhere, moreover she is too familiar with Yu Ao Tian, this name, she thought it must be coincidence but never thought… actually he is the same person.

“Right, he is that underworld emperor in Japan. Two years ago he came to China for expansion moreover he is the CEO of Berson Group one of the most successful company in China.”

“Woah, he really is great. He is not only handsome, but now he even walking in two paths black and white. Oh yeah, Yao Yao, how can you know he very well?”

“Because…” she tried to hold on her tears, she smiles weakly, “I am his current lover now.”

After heard, Gong Xiao Man face expression is changed: “Yao Yao, how can you turn to be like this? Who he is? He is Yu Long’s big boss, he even a man that you are not effort to offend, you still dares to be his lover? Even you are now his lover, do you know what is heading in your future?”

“I know.”

“So why are you still becoming his lover?”

“Xiao Man… I don’t have any option…” Yao Yao told everything about her to Gong Xiao Man, how she becomes Yu Ao Tian’s lover, everything.

“Why, Yao Yao, why suddenly everything turns to be like this, we are only not meeting for two months? All because of me… it is my fault, I must keep in touch with you from two months ago.”

“It is not your fault Xiao Man, really nothing to do with you.”

“I am sorry, I do really sorry, I wasn’t there when you in your hardest time, I wasn’t beside you, I am sorry.” Gong Xiao Man feeling guilty and hugging Yao Yao, her eyes already wet with tears. “I am sorry, you even becoming Yu Ao Tian’s lover, but why he just now…”

“This is the second matters I want to tell you…” Yao Yao told her everything that happened five days ago to Gong Xiao Man.

After Gong Xiao Man listened to it, she is extremely pissed off: “MF, who is actually lacking moral as human, after all this person even harm you? Yao Yao, tell me what was going on within this two months when I wasn’t with you, actually who did you offend?”

“I also didn’t know…” still that words, everything just happened too fast.

“You better think carefully, actually who is scheming you. The person who dares to scheme your relationship with Yu Ao Tian must be someone who does not want to see you with Yu Ao Tian?”

That is right, Gong Xiao Man gets the point, there must be reason for everything that happened, moreover that man dared to say such things, but when seeing him, he seems to understand Yu Ao Tian so much and also knew what Yu Ao Tian cares but not about her who is together with Yu Ao Tian.

It was not that man main purpose but…Li Mei Yun!

“Yao Yao, have you thought about it?”

“No, I haven’t.” she knows Gong Xiao Man very well, due to Gong Xiao Man temperamental, if she knows that person is Li Mei Yun, she must go and troublesome her.

“I never thought, in this short period within two months there are lots thing happened. Rest assured… Yao Yao, I will definitely…help you.” After said, Gong Xiao Man eyes are flares up, watery but have deep thought.


16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 178

  1. After reading this story for over 200 chapters, I feel that this story is not going anywhere. Also, as much as I tried i find YAT a very horrible hero. i tried to make many excuses, but at the end, it no longer justifies. I don’t like men who can hit a woman. YAT has slapped the heroine repeatedly, used her in the most atrocious way (as a lover), and have no respect for the heroine.

    Yaoyao is not much better. For a woman who is supposed to be a genius, I find her stupid. if she really wants to get out of being YAT lover and prevents him from killing her family, i sure she can figure out a way with her 205 IQ.

    perhaps because of this, they’re perfect for each other. For me, i’m done with this story. Even the scenes when they do get along is not enough for me to care for either one of them.

    Azurro, I love all the other translations you provided for me and I can’t to wait to start The Wolf Husband and Green-Plum wife and finish My Husband is a Great Black Belly. This one is just not my cup of tea. LOL.

  2. Yao Yao still being considerate of LMY. And Yao Yao finally gets to express herself but felt that GXM will makes things even more difficult

  3. Thanks for the update! Wow, YAT is even the board of director at her school. Don’t understand why he keep showing up and ignoring her

  4. Thanks for the chapter. Was going to give up reading until QL showed up. I am changing ship to YY & QL. Glad YY has shared with GSM. YY needs another ally.

  5. Time to reconcile again YY n YAT! Don’t wanna ship them but when they sacrifice themselves for each other then I do want them to be lovers!

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