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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 26



Chapter 26

Part 1 (One)

Wedding March

My wedding and Kang Yu had decided on 11 November, it was the single’s day, this was the result after my mother and Kang Yu’s mother had conversation.

So all those things that called as almanac, this generation like to use it.

But the 11 November the weather was not hot and also not cold, our marriage day also avoid the peak season of National day, this was also made Kang Yu and I felt we should go for it.

At the very beginning I thought marriage is about two persons, so things would not make us tired, but when I started all the wedding ceremonial, I just knew, the marriage, followed, tied a knotted, your entire life, these true meaning.

First at all you have to list all the wedding cost budget, discuss it with parents from the both of sides how to allocating the spending, drafting the list and banquet, scheduled the wedding venues, selecting the event organizer companies to help with the wedding process, buy candies, printing the invitation cards, and then starting to select the wedding photo studio while for me the new bride needed to join the beauty class program, also doing the loss-weight kind of things.

As additional, you still needed to renovate and decorate the new house, put the new furniture, home appliances and home decorations thing.

And then, collect all the information regarding to the honeymoon data for going to abroad, arrange the honeymoon location, the time for traveling.

Finally, start to select the clothing for the bride and groom for the wedding day, the bridesmaid and bestman listing name.

After the above mentioned, that’s all only the rough explanations, the next is more in detail, too much things, really hopes to have hundred pairs of hands to do all of those, hundred brains, also hundred pairs of legs for you to use.

Kang Yu could not help for 100% because his working schedules, so that all the things were pushing to me, in order to fulfill everything, I tried to find the time to make phone calls, or surfing internet and communicate with him.

In brief, I was busy, exhausting physically and mentally, I even thought to kill and burn anyone.

“Yu! We go for traveling marriage, how about it?” I decadent lying in the bed, talking with Kang Yu who was in Greece, the far away country.

“I am fine, as long as you like it!” Kang Yu smiled when talking in the phone.

I was so glad but suddenly mom rushing inside, “What travelling marriage, after the wedding ceremonial both of you still need to complete the feast, if not fulfill the feat are both of you want to wondering!”

For the elderly the traditions when married the daughter they must have big feast, dinner with the guests and to inform all the people.

As for my father said, if wanted to marry the daughter must go for big feast or else no need to marry.

My mother snatched my mobile phone, talking with Kang Yu, “Yu Er, don’t always spoiling Miao Miao, she is pampering until no limit, you must take care of yourself, don’t be too tired when comeback be careful, it something happens with the airplane this will cause big problem!”

The old saying indeed so right, mother in law taking good look for the son in law, more she looked at him more my mom feels satisfied with Kang Yu, now treating Kang Yu compare to me as her daughter is better off.

I listened to mother gibberish and advices for Kang Yu such as taking care, etc, and then hung up the phone called.

This is too cruel.

“You wake up, don’t lying down a like pig, doesn’t today the furniture send to the new house, see what time is it? Are you still not going?”

I have compromised to my mom threaten, nagging and then leaving my bed, “I go, I will go!”

“Sis, just now in internet I saw a gown, it suitable for me, buy it for me as the bridesmaid’s clothes, is it okay!”

This damn girl came to annoy me again!

“You go buy by yourself! Whether you want to be or not, others than you there still many people who wanted to be my bridesmaid!”

Since Kang Yu is working as pilot naturally our bestman is also someone from Airlines Company, as the saying goes, the bridesmaid and bestman, there is big possibility becoming the future bride and groom.

“I am your biological younger sister!”

“Even though you are my biological mother, I will also not give you face!” after I back from washing my face, I looked for dresses.

“What did you say!” my mom has been already at my back, after heard, my ears suddenly gripped tight by mom.

“No, no… I was saying Yan Yan.”

Heaven, I was intending married not went crazy.

Earlier knew better I eloped…




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