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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 181 -182


Can I say this is the sign of reconciliation between Yu Ao Tian and Luo Yao Yao?
Ah~ I do speechless with Yao Yao and I even wordless to Yu Ao Tian…

Chapter 181 – 182

“The Number that you are calling cannot be reached”

“How can’t, why Xiao Man number can’t be reached, just please nothing won’t happen to her. Mr. driver, can you drive faster?” inside the Taxi, Yao Yao looks so worries, she is non-stopping to make phone call for Gong Xiao Man which so far can’t be reached.

She didn’t see Gong Xiao Man for the entire afternoon, therefore when she asking the others roommates no one knows where about she is, but she heard from the roommates, they said that she has collected the information about Berson Group and asking the address and then she just leaving school.

Once Yao Yao thought, Gong Xiao Man must definitely went to meet Yu Ao Tian, regarding to Gong Xiao Man’s temperament, other than how scary Yu Ao Tian is, she does not know anything more about him, just afraid she speaks few words that it would anger Yu Ao Tian, she even does not know how she death. So that she hurries hailing Taxi and go to Berson Group.

About 10 minutes, she arrives at Berson Group, fortunately she has met the receptionist ladies for few times before, so that she does not need to waste much time and then get inside Berson Group.

Using elevator directly to the CEO’s office: “Miss Mo, Miss Mo, is CEO Yu in his office?”

“Miss Luo, I am sorry, CEO Yu is busying to settle his business, please wait for a moment.”

Xiao Man, nothing should happen to you. “Miss Mo, can you tell me, is there a girl who looks at same age with me that coming today…”


There is sound of things being smashed from inside the office room. Another voice is also come along with that crushing sound. Won’t it be… Xiao Man?

She does not wait for Mo Xue Tong to response, Yao Yao is rushing to go inside the office room as if flying arrow, but when she enters the office room what her eyes see…

The floor is covered with fresh blood from the man’s body that lying down there, the air is filled with blood smell. “Ah!…”

After one screaming sound, someone with pair of cold eyes and big hand is covering her mouth. “You woman, if you scream I will kill you!” Han Li Shang cold eyes with his big hand is giving sense of frightening sound which piercing into Yao Yao’s ears.

“Ao Tian, I am sorry.” Mo Xue Tong is standing in front of the office room, lower her head because feeling guilty.

As seen, Yu Ao Tian hand is holding a gun that covered with blood, expressionlessly he waved to Mo Xue Tong. After that she closed the door and hurried leaving the CEO’s office room.

“Li Shang, you don’t bully Xiao Meng Li, you see how pity she is, she almost breathless.” Long Ye who is sitting in sofa talking with smile.

Han Li Shang slowly loosens up his hand which covers Yao Yao’s mouth.

“Huh…” Long sighed, she nervously gulping her saliva, glancing to the iceberg Han Li Shang who at her back and then glancing to Long Ye who is sitting in sofa with smiling face.

Last is the expressionless Yu Ao Tian…

This… what is happened?

Her pair of legs strangely trembling, she has not regained from herself.

But, a man who almost breathless and no strength pulling Yu Ao Tian lower part of pants: “Yu, Big, Boss, forgive…”

Without wait for the man finished his words, an instantly pair of Yu Ao Tian’s eyes are covered with killing intention, he raised his hand that holding gun, “peng peng peng” three times at once, fiercely hit that man’s head.

As seen the man body is not moving and also no breathe anymore…

Just afraid she will scream again, one of Yao Yao hand is covering her own mouth.

What have she seen? She has known that Yu Ao Tian is someone who has underworld background and she also knows that his pair of hands won’t be clean but this is her first time to see Yu Ao Tian killed people. She never thought that he not even blinking when killing, even to the extend it seems as if it looks perfectly normal as doing the normal things, how can he be that easy to take others life?

The scare expression is suddenly meet Yu Ao Tian’s face, the blood that covering his body, even his good looking face is also stain with red blood. The vague scenery when his mouth curved up little bit is looked so strange.

At sudden (in very instant)…

She could see the soul of devil in his body, things that able to give chills in everyone…

Yu Ao Tian loosens up his hand, shoot one time to the floor, the sound is echoing, he takes out his handkerchief and elegantly he wipes clean his face, slowly looks at Yao Yao direction: “Who ask you to come?” his eerie voice weirdly can make people heart to tremble.

“I… I come for find…”

“Ao Tian, it is bad!” without waiting she finished, Mo Xue Tong suddenly is pushing open the door and entered: “Officer Li is bringing few of his men to come here, it seems we are falling into trap.”

Officer? Coming by himself? Falling to the trap?

Oh yeah, Yu Ao Tian just killed person, if now the officer is on the way coming and see this scenery, perhaps Yu Ao Tian… “Thump Thump” Yao Yao is nervously looked with her big eyes.

But why there is no expression in Yu Ao Tian’s face: “Long Ye, settle this corpse.”


“Ao Tian, the blood stain in the floor and also the blood in your clothes, what to do, If now you want to clean it must be late.” Han Li Shang face is totally gloomy asking him.

He narrowed his eyes, when he is trying to speak…

He has seen Yao Yao rushing to his working desk, she has already pick up the cutter knife and cut her left wrist with deep cut for few times.

“Woman, you…” Han Li Shang is extremely surprised until his eye glaring bulleye.

In seconds, there are few peoples who suddenly rushing and get in into the office room, few men with leisure clothes are coming in: “CEO Yu, we have received the information…”

“Yu Ao Tian! If you are not speaking clearly to me, I will death in your office room!” Yao Yao right hand is holding the cutter knife, she stands right above the floor surface that already stained with blood, her face is showed anger expression.

“What is going on?” suddenly those few officers that barging into the room showed tense expression, they wanted to move in front.

Yao Yao is pointing the cutter knife to her own main artery (blood vessel): “Don’t come near!”

“Miss, we are police officer, please you calm down.”

“Today whoever coming is useless! Yu Ao Tian, you say, you say!” Yao Yao is crazily screaming, her tears are flowing down.

“What do you want me to say?” he is expressionless spoke.

“Say that you love me! Say you love me! Faster say it!”

“Yu, CEO Yu, this girl seems to have unstable emotions, you hurry say.” Officer Li secretly walking toward Yu Ao Tian besides and softly said it to him.

But Yu Ao Tian is still with that expressionless face: “I count at three, give me that cutter knife. 3, 2, …”

Officer Li never thought this is the heartless Yu Ao Tian, he is just as rumor spread, never thought today he has chance to witness it, matter is already come to this point but he still does not want to say that kind of words?

And then, when Yu Ao Tian counted until one, “pa pa” sound, Yao Yao who face is already wet with tears has thrown the cutter to the floor and then rushing to Yu Ao Tian embrace: “Hu…” she is crying so sadly.

“Office Li, suddenly you are coming to here, what is the matter?” Long Ye who suddenly appeared inside the room without no one knows, he smiles asking to Officer Li.

“Uh… I…” Officer Li’s eyes is screening the office room, the blood trace in the floor, the stain in Yu Ao Tian’s clothes, is that blood trace come from that little girl… did he receive wrong information? “Ah, don’t mention it, I have received a report from informers, said that CEO Yu… I think there must be someone playing mischievous prank.”

“It seems really a mischievous prank, everyone knows that our CEO Yu is someone who always abide the law and good citizens, moreover officer Li you must know that our CEO is going to join the legislative selection, perhaps this one of the way that did by the competitor to our CEO Yu.”

“There is the possibility, oh yeah, General Manager Long Ye, what is about this circumstances?” Officer Li eyes are looking at Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao who are not far from his vision sight, secretly asking.

“Aiya, still those women who dumped by CEO Yu, going crazy, we are not weird with this situation. Let’s we leave, Officer Li, I escort you to our cafeteria, sitting for while.”

“No need, no need, General Manager Long. I must hurry go back to office. So just leave it like this.” officer Li smiles at Long Ye, politely nodding his head toward Yu Ao Tian and take his men leaving.

After officer Li leaving, Long Ye expression turned to be cold, hurry he close the office room.

“Xiao Meng Li, are you okay?”

She slowly loosens up Yu Ao Tian pair of arms, forcing to smile at Long Ye: “I am okay.” Her eyes can see there still no expression from Yu Ao Tian. “My best friend, Xiao Man, did she come here to find you?”

“She has left before.”

Left? “When did she left, but why now…” kring, suddenly the mobile phone notify message tone is ringing, she hurried to take a look, it is from Gong Xiao Man. “Huh…” she sighed one long deep breathe, she faintly smile: “I am sorry to disturb, Xiao Man has already at school, I take my leave.” She turned her body and walking to the door way.

“Xiao Meng Li, your wounds…” Long Ye wants to stop Yao Yao but she is already leaving, he just can helplessly looking toward Yu Ao Tian: “Ao Tian, really not care about her? She is because of you, so that…”

To be honest, when Yao Yao decided to do that thing, Long Ye really worried about her but he more admired to that little girl guts. It was so obliviously she feared when entering the room, it was so clear she has chicken-gut, but she able to make faster decision in the very chaos circumstance in order to solve the matter, furthermore there was no trace of she being feared and using the trick of injuring herself to gain Officer Li’s trust, actually how big courage that keep inside that little girl so that she able to do such thing?

“Ao Tian.” for once again the office room door is opened, Mo Xue Tong is coldly said: “Luo Yao Yao is fainted.”

After heard it, finally Yu Ao Tian mood is exploding, he just a like an arrow that flies out from his office room.

He carrying Yao Yao, does not care with others people eyesight, does not care with others people thoughts, he just carrying her and rushing to the hospital.

Needless to say, in this moment…

Facing with many critical things, the composed and calm Yu Ao Tian finally… he is revealed the most panic expression of his sides.


34 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 181 -182

  1. I clearly know that this is a very disturbing and dysfunctional relationship, and yet I keep on reading. Ha! Thank you very much for the translation.

  2. So finally YAT has revealed how much YY has meant to him. I hope from now onwards YAT will learn to trust YY more instead of, believing in others lies n schemes.

    Yet again if YAT does not care for YY, he would not be this upset. Both MXT n HLS may come across being hardless towards YY but in so many words they still put in good words for YY if necessary.

    1. Yes.
      She not stabbed ah~
      She did cut her wrist for few times with the cutter knife.
      (Oh my how can I say as if this is so normal, forgive me, perhaps YAT soul possess on me XD XD XD )

    1. For Long Ye, Yao Yao just like another sibling, he treats her alike little sister, someone as important as Long Qi his younger brother.
      Long Ye has his own dream girl and Yao Yao really not his style ah~

  3. YY going all out even she doesn’t sure her feeling for YAT yet. I just feel so heart broken thinking what she’ll face in the future, because when her heart involve at this relationship then rest assure she will have much miserable thing in the future.

  4. Yao Yao is YAT’s weakness, if his enemies find that out..YY will suffer more. YY brings out the emotional side of him and he’s struggling to deal with it when all he used to be uncaring and affection is impossible in his lifestyle. He’s a human after all. A lot of us thought he is too evil, but what can you expect from a person who’s leading a Mafia world where trust doesn’t come easy, emotion is to be contained and not showing emphaty at all…but then Yao Yao happens..he is already gradually changing. The story is just telling even the most evil person when love hits…its a mystery 😊

    1. You got the point.
      YAT has emotion struggle when dealing with YY.
      She is someone he likes but if ppl know about her, it will turn be disaster for her again he wants to keep her at his side.
      finally the idea to make her as lover pop out, that’s why she is the first lover YAT ever have, and perhaps the last “real” lover.
      He understands very well his world just too dangerous and he can’t protect her 24 hours/7 days because he has more things to do, he has huge burden to carry so that he just hopes she can be stronger, tougher, able to protect herself even when he is away.

      1. I think the best solution would be to let her go. But if that were to happen then he wouldn’t be the mains anymore.

        Can you give a little spoiler as who might catch LY’s attention? I really like LY. My favorite is FYC, LY & now HLS.

      2. Someone strong with cold attitude, very beautiful, mature.
        Long Ye looks like player but actually he also someone alike FCY in terms of loving someone. once he loves it will hard to let go. the different between FCY and LY are FCY cheated when having relationship but LY did it in order to make the woman looks at him.

      3. I truthfully can’t understand anyone would like FCY the cheater. I truthfully don’t understand why people think FCY is nice guy, if he is really a nice guy then he would not cheat then blame it onto YY for being a prude.

        Frankly speaking, FCY is a weak man who dare to act yet not dare to admit his wrong and mistake. Instead he blamed it onto YY for not wanting to sleep with him. FCY was behaving like a spoil brat and still is. Giving out so many promises to YY yet has not acted upon it unless he get something in return. Do you call that unconditional love??? NO NO NO…That is call conditional love…

        FCY is a donkey hole..

        I still ship for YAT. He maybe a sadist and evil but he never promises anyone not even YY anything. As scary as YAT is but he has a lot of good friends who are willing to risks their lives for him and vice versa. What more YAT respected his close friends.

        Yes, I agree with both May and Azzuro that YAT is someone who never reveal his emotion before because being a underworld emperor, YAT could not afford to reveal his true emotion. But when it come to YY….it is his weakest weakness. Have we read that YAT punishes any of his other people who hurt his past women before? NO…but when it come to YY he not only hurt then even going so far killing them too.

        I somehow believe that LMY knows that YY is YAT’s weakness that was why she dare to scheme against YY n indirectly against YAT. Now, I can’t wait for YAT to fix the b**** real up. To give back hundred times of suffering to LMY n her sister.

    1. The similar, yes there are.
      I ever read case when a girl still dating a man who often hit her. when I read about the reasoning, I quite surprised, she kept the believed that one day the man would change, she believed that the man actually have good nature.
      I was so perplex, how could this dummy exist, but again when it is about love, who would not turn be dummy? even the one who is so logic, feeling and heart work so mysteriously…

  5. Too much emotional roller coaster plot😔😔😔…still a little bit dislike YAT even i know the reason why he do that kind of scary things…Well…technically speaking the one who gave the idea he need to be strong if u want blah blah blah is YY (I mean the young YY)😞😒😶..Long way to go 😧😧😧 ..Thanks for translation azurro4cielo 😄😄😄

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