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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 183


Chapter 183

“Yao Yao, what is your ambition?”

“Of course I want to be well-known lawyer.”

“Oh, lawyer is so awesome, lawyer can make the black turn to be white, changes the white to black, it just exactly alike Mysterious ruler that able to dictate everyone.”

“It not, lawyer must be someone who uphold justice!”

Lawyer is one of the job that worthy for greatest admiration, it indeed can change something rotten to something magical, makes the black to white, make the bad into good, turn the good to be bad. But as for Yao Yao, the words lawyer meaning is the embodiment of justice.

But today…

She had betrayed her principle, seeing Yu Ao Tian killing other person, she even using herself and her little brain to successfully make him escaped from law.

I am sorry, Themis*
*Tai Mei Si : Themis is is an ancient Greek Titaness. She is described as “of good counsel”, and is the personification of divine order, law, natural law and custom. Themis means “divine law” rather than human ordinance, literally “that which is put in place”, from the Greek verb títhēmi (τίθημι), meaning “to put” (source:Wikipedia)

In the western world, the goddess of the law is holding sword in her right hand and her left hand is holding scale, she is called as Themis. The goddess expression is describing dignified, respectful and serene, should not take unfair advantage.

Sometimes, the goddess sculpture is image by using blindfolded which means the law without distinction. Peaceful world, as if the world filled with righteousness, the law is govern with fairness, while the sharp sword means the law is providing to reveal the bright side and cut off the darkness, to support the justice.

“I am sorry!” suddenly a pair of Yao Yao eyes are opened, her eyes is seeing wide white color.

Where is this?

Slowly she raises her wounded right hand, it has already covered by gauze. Is here hospital?

She dumbfounded in the bed, she trying to recall just now dream…

Huh, so she is dreaming about Themis.

But when she was hearing the news that officer Li rushed to upstairs, her sudden reaction was she did not want something bad happened to Yu Ao Tian, when the officer Li left the room she didn’t even felt little bit guilty of betraying law, moreover when she knew that Yu Ao Tian has been completely safe, she even took long breathe for him.

How could she have this kind of thought in her heart? It was so clearly when first time she enrolled in law faculty, she wanted to be impartial and fair but now she…


Following the sound that comes from the patient bed near the window, she can see the piercing sun light that illuminating Yu Ao Tian’s body, his tall and slender figure are so dazzling in eyes.

“What happened to me?” she weakly trying to change into sit position, she is trying to recall her memory that just now she still inside Yu Ao Tian’s company.

“You have anemia, fainted at my company.”

Was he sent her to hospital by himself? “Thank You.”

“Don’t say thank to me!”

When Yao Yao heard this shouting sound with guilty feeling, Yao Yao dumbfounded. Did she get into trouble again?

Suddenly, Yu Ao Tian takes faster step, rushing in front of her and he pulled her petite body into his embrace: “Next time, don’t do any foolish things anymore!”

It seems that she really gets into trouble again? “I am sorry.”

Listen to Yao Yao apologizing voice, Yu Ao Tian even hugging her more tighter, he realized that she is such skinny and so weak, very vulnerable just if he hugs her little bit tighter perhaps it might broken her bones, this is really makes other feeling heartbroken.

“You are not sorry me! You are sorry yourself and your body. If you are like this, I will… feel heartbroken (because he dear her so much)! Do you understand?”

Thump Thump

Heart is thumping faster, “heartbroken” this word she never heard it before from Yu Ao Tian’s mouth but why today she… has the feeling that her heart is rushing faster? It is so obviously he speaks very simple words, it not different to the courtesy words such as how are you.

Perhaps he is too less to speak this kind of words? Still thought, this time she gets into trouble again because of she is acting smart. If not it is really better.

“Yu Ao Tian, can you not that easy to take others life for the next time, can’t you?”

“You are too young, you are not understand about the strong eat the weak. In this current world, if you are not “eat” people, you are waiting others to “eat” you!”

It seemed that Nan Lu ever told her, wasn’t it? Yu Ao Tian point of view are different compare to an ordinary people, he has too many responsible and burden at his back which can’t be carried by any ordinary people, place there is no one can enter. It seems that his world forever can’t be understood by her.

Slowly he loosens up his hands that hugging Yao Yao, his deep black eyes suddenly looked at her lips.

When she realized his eyesight, her heart is thumping, faster and faster, and then she bow lower her head, so she afraid… Yu Ao Tian will kiss her.

And then, he really kisses her lips. But this kiss feels so warm, gentle which won’t make people to avoid it, she can’t help and stuck in the middle of it….

“Am I coming at wrong time?”

Outside the doorway, suddenly heard Long Ye’s voice, Yao Yao bowed lower and push away Yu Ao Tian, she feels so embarrassed.

“Since you know you are coming at wrong time, why are you still come in?” Yu Ao Tian word sounded as if he little bit displeased.

“I just coming to visit Xiao Meng Li, just can’t to turn my head and walk away, right?” Long Ye speaking while bringing the bouquet of flower to Yao Yao in front: “Do you like it?”

“Like it. Thank you.”

“Hehe.” Long Ye smiles warmly, he puts the bouquet of fresh flower beside, softly he pinched her nose: “Xiao Meng Li, today you are so brave.” After said, he kissed Yao Yao’s forehead without waiting for her reaction.


She is panic to move her body keeps moving, she looked so nervously looking at Yu Ao Tian who is not far from her bed.

Long Ye can see her nervous, gently said: “Xiao Meng Li, don’t be afraid. Yu Ao Tian won’t be jealous, if he really jealous, it means that…you are the winner!”

What does Long Ye means? Why Yu Ao Tian jealous and then she is the winner? Do these two matters have correlations?

She doubted and takes a glance toward Yu Ao Tian.

At this moment, his expression is showing helplessly and also smiling face, as if what was Long Ye said is right that Yu Ao Tian won’t be jealous, but after she thinks for while about her relationship with Yu Ao Tian, there is no reason for Yu Ao Tian to get jealous.

That is right, relationship, what kind of relationship she has with Yu Ao Tian?

There is time, Yu Ao Tian kindness is more alike big brother that dearly his younger sister, that kind of feeling, but there is also a time, both of them are not more than strangers.

But at different times, both of them can do many things that exceed brother and sister relationship, but sometimes they can act worst than strangers. Whatever it is, this kind of strange relationship isn’t involved the relationship between man and woman emotions (love feeling between man and woman), this point she knows it very well, she believes Yu Ao Tian also clear with this!

Finally night comes.

“Yao Yao.”

“Xiao Man, how can you come?”

“Nonsense, my best friend is admitted to hospital, how can I not come? What do you think I am…” she is speaking while walking to the room, Gong Xiao Man just realized that Yu Ao Tian is sitting on the sofa, her expression suddenly turned to be rigid: “Yu, CEO Yu, you are also here…”

Yu Ao Tian looked at her with elegant smiles, raised his body and walking to the bed side, softly and gently he kisses Yao Yao’s forehead: “I go out for while, if there is something just phone me.”



18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 183

  1. Hahaha…YAT kind of admitting his feeling to YY but as thick as she is, YY didn’t get it.

    Thank you Azzuro. More please.. 😛

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