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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 101

Chapter 101

The Way to Long’s Manor

After separated with Ye Che, Gu Na Yan is leading by Lu Qun, straightly go to Long’s manor.

“What will we do if Little Miss isn’t at home? Will we make the Long family become worry because of our coming? Young Master Na Yan, should we just get in by this way?” in front of the Long’s manor big door, Lu Qun stops her footstep, thinking what will happen with their coming whether it will be good or bad, suddenly she hesitates.

“It is okay, Wan Er perhaps does not at home. We can change the plan! If, sister Wan Er really doesn’t at home, at least they still must know the news! The things should be happened just let it be happened, you don’t need to worry, don’t you still have me at your side?” Gu Na Yan curved upward his lips.

After Lu Qun seeing the smiles of Gu Na Yan, does not know once again for this time she is choosing just believes on him.

After takes a glances at Gu Na Yan who is beside her showing certainty expression, Lu Qun inhale as much as she could the fresh air, encouraging herself and walking toward the Long’s Manor big door, Gu Na Yan is following at her back, together both of them moving forward.

“Master, Madam, Miss, Lu Qun is back.” Xiao Si who is guarding the door, seeing Lu Qun coming far away from the in front door, at sudden very excitedly running to the hall and loudly shouting.

Not long after the shouting voice, immediately group of people come out.

“It seems that people in Long household quite missing you!” in this time Gu Na Yan not forget to say this thing.

Lu Qun backs to her own place, her guts also turned be bigger, forget her status with Gu Na Yan, turned back she glares Gu Na Yan.

Her footstep is getting faster to the main hall, seeing the familiar faces, Lu Qun eyes getting red. “Master, Madam…Miss, Young Master Leng.” Lu Qun is doubted to call Big Miss because Gu Na Yan is there too.

“Lu Qun, why are you coming back? Who is this Young Master?” Long Lao Ye’s face isn’t look as stern as before, moreover he is looked more compassionate.

“Hello Master Long, Madam Long! I am Gu Na Yan, I am friend of Ye Che who is growing up together.” Gu Na Yan introduces himself to Master Long.

“So this is the well known Gu household Young Master. Come, take a seat, take a seat.” After Master Long listened to the short introduction of Gu Na Yan, immediately he understands about his status. He is the guest, asking Gu Na Yan to take a seat. “Lu Qun you also have a seat.”

“Thank you Master, stills better for me to stand up!” Lu Qun can sense that his Master attitude is changed little bit.

“Young Master Gu, why are you suddenly coming with Lu Qun?” Madam Long who loves her daughter, although she is so worrying that something might happen to Long Mo Er in Ye’s manor, but since the outsider is here, her expression stills so compose.

“That’s right, Lu Qun, why are you coming back? Does something happen to Wan Er in Ye’s manor?” finally Long Wan Er still asking about her suspicion.

Leng Jing Chen is also staying besides waiting for them to answer.

Lu Qun facing four people eyesight, immediately she understood, Little Miss isn’t come back here, Little Miss is still missing. Their coming, it just makes Master, Madam, Big Miss and Young Master Leng worry!

Their eyes are filled with expectation; Lu Qun can’t take her act.

How must she answer them?

She takes an initiative to depend on Gu Na Yan, secretly looking at him, just want to know his expression, does not expect her eyes just meet Gu Na Yan’s eyes, Lu Qun even more panic and lower her head to avoid all the stares.

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