C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 3


Chapter 3

Part 1 (One)

An Jia Qi is picky-eater

Because Shi Yi Xiao is located right next besides to Lan Tian kindergarten, so sometimes, when Su Zhan Mo in the school he can look to Lan Tian kindergarten, inside the kindergarten he also can see the small figure with chubby arms is stretching lazily everyday when doing morning exercise. This is also the reason why the little fellow Su Zhan Mo happily going to school.

The kindergarten also providing the nutritious meals, the amount of the rice and also the dishes have their own measurement, while An Jia Qi is little bit picky about the food and especially she hates vegetables the most and only likes to eat meats. The kindergarten teacher has told her many times, but she is so persistence not wanted to touch the green-vegetable, it makes the kindergarten teacher worries so calling Mother An for few times in order to explain the circumstances. Because normally the kindergarten does not allow the student parent to come to the kindergarten, exceptional only for every Friday afternoon they can come to pick up their children, so that when mother An picked up the phone call, she only can crazily worries about her precious daughter if she didn’t eat enough, what to do? After thinking for while, mother An directly goes to mother Su’s house, at this time mother Su is cooking for dinner, while little fellow Su Zhan Mo is doing his homework inside.

“Su Yue, my daughter Qi Qi is picky-eater what should I do? Today the teacher also made a phone call to me, said that today she almost faint because hungry. If my Qi Qi has half from your Mo Mo it would makes me less worry.”

Mother Su sees mother An worries expression, hurried she comfort her: “Don’t be worry, that time when my Mo Mo went to the kindergarten for his first time, he also not really that accustomed with the food, later on I did also being called by the teacher. Little kids will slowly get used to, just wait until she gets used with the kindergarten life, she won’t be picky-eater anymore…”

“Perhaps, usually we are too spoil Qi Qi, this time I must have good talk to Old An (father An), later mustn’t cook any meat for Qi Qi.”

That time the living just get better little bit, Father An just raised salary, once a week, Father An and mother An will cook the meat for An Jia Qi who likes to eat meat so much, so they cook all the meat that available at home for An Jia Qi. Not to mention it makes her to be called as little fatty girl moreover she turned become picky-eater who does not like to eat vegetable, especially the vegetable with green color she hate it the most.

Both adult are talking, at this time there is no words miss from Su Zhan Mo’s ears who is doing homework at same room. No wonder yesterday he saw her soulless sitting on the besides and she also didn’t play with other kids, so was it because she hungry?

Thinking to this point, he immediately puts down his pencil, stride forward his small short-legs, suddenly he running out, facing and speaking to mother An: “Mother An, every day when I go to school I can see little sister.”

“Oh yeah, that is right, let our Mo Mo secretly send food to our Qi Qi!” Mother Su at the moment understood the way of her son thinking.

“But the teacher there will…” mother An’s heart actually feels little bit relieved but she also afraid that the kindergarten teacher will say something to her precious daughter.

“It is okay, no problem, now little kids are still growing, although picky toward food isn’t good but the habit could not be stopped immediately must be slowly cut down, step by step patiently. Later you cook home-cooking dishes and let Mo Mo to send the food for her to eat.”

After listened to mother Su, mother An’s eyes shining brightly, hurry she running to her house and asking father An to cook some dishes. She even takes out lunch box from cupboard which was her dowry.

Once after father An heard that he cooks and pack bento for his beloved daughter, immediately he rushing to the refrigerator to take out the pork meat which fresh bought by him, he is preparing to cook red braised pork for his beloved daughter, but finally being stopped by mother An.

“Lao An, since today onwards we cannot cook meats for our beloved daughter, you see her, she turned to be picky eater, does not want to eat stir vegetable, she even fainted herself because of starving. The teacher had phoned me three times…” she blabbering to father An while put back the pork to the refrigerator.

The second day, before little fellow Su Zhan Mo goes to school, he receives the lunch box directly from mother An’s hand, he even happily going to school.

Elementary school and kindergarten just same, afternoon after the lunch time, it has half hour as activity time. And then after that is one hour for rest time or self-practice time, after that little fellow must back to classroom. But Su Zhan Mo homeroom teacher is someone so open-minded male teacher, he is so encouraging little kids to have more exercises, he never restricted his students to play, as long as afternoon come back to class for study it is more than enough, so that little fellow Su Zhan Mo really have very long rest time.

Su Zhan mo is walking from his elementary school to kindergarten. It is the spaced iron fence wall which separated the schools. Su Zhan Mo is standing in front of the iron fence and he is searching for An Jia Qi who looked soulless sitting in wooden horse not far from there.

“Qi Qi.” Su Zhan Mo is directly calling for An Jia Qi.

An Jia Qi is hungry to the point she thought she is having hearing hallucination, soulless she lifts up her head, she looked at the voice resources, stunned for moment, finally she realized it is her Mo Mo brother who is standing in front of the iron fence. She is lazily standing up and walking to there.


  1. idontreadsite · January 31

    This is such a cute story. I simply want more of this than that current idiotic YAT and dumb YY
    Thanks for translating.

  2. Kitty · January 31

    How sweet.

  3. blackrose156 · January 31

    Thank you for the chapter. Great work!

  4. mochakat9 · January 31

    Awww! Thanks for the chapter!

  5. Busybee · January 31

    Thanks. This story is a breath of fresh air. Such a cute couple.

  6. yadane · January 31

    can’t believe Qi Qi would rather starve if there are no meat
    Mo Mo is so cute

  7. tinkerbellsan · January 31

    Thank you so much!! 😘😘😘

  8. Englam · January 31

    Thank You:)

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