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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 184

Chapter 184

After seeing Yu Ao tian leaving, Xiao Man excitedly sitting beside Yao Yao’s bed: “Hey, Hey, my beloved, just now I thought my eyes got problems, as I seen that Yu Ao Tian isn’t treat you bad ah.”

“Hehehehe.” Not bad? Huh, Xiao Man you just see one sided, not both of sides.

“But Yao Yao, I don’t know whether this is something I must say or not.” Gong Xiao Man little bit hesitated and also pouting her mouth helplessly.

“Just speak up your mind.”

“Hm, I just feel that Yu Ao Tian really not suitable for you, although he has money, he also good looking, but you must be cleared about his background. Today when I looked for him, having little bit conversation with him, I could feel that he is really someone so complicated compare to others people that I never met in my life, moreover he is someone that not coming from same world with ours, he does really alike someone lives in his own world, to be honest tens of Feng Chen Yi can’t be compared to one complicated Yu Ao Tian.”

About this Yao Yao has known it from the very first time, Feng Chen Yi is born in rich wealth family, at least he will possesses that Big Young Master temperamental, but from inside and outside he is counted as “simple” and “clean”, but Yu Ao Tian is someone different, his background is coming from underworld, it means that he will have more and more “Story” behind himself. Furthermore he has personality that not easy to be read by others people, very deep and certainly he is more complex.

“Xiao Man, thank you to remind me. But I have contract with Yu Ao Tian, I have already get involved and deeper, so that I just need to wait for three years to end up.”

“I am understood, whatever you just don’t fall in love with him. He is really not a man that you can depend yourself onto.”

Hahaha, she really knows this point.

In this world she can love any man, but solely she really not afford to fall in love with Yu Ao Tian, and she also not dares to love him!

“That is right! That is right, my beloved, I have checked on Qi Lian sunbae background.” After listened this, Gong Xiao Man is excitedly smiling: “This year he is 22 years old, he is in third semesters, He spent his junior and senior high in Japan. Two years ago he came back to China, currently he does not have girlfriend, and his private life is so discipline, he does not have any scandalous around him.”

Very normal, since that day when Qi Lian Ao Yun drove her home, she could feel that man must be have very good private life.

“But the weird thing is his background.”

“What does with his background?”

“How to say, from the higher class sunbaes, Qi Lian sunbae must be come from the wealthy family, must be very rich at least he might as rich as Feng Chen Yi, because we can see from the car that he drives. But no one knows about his family background or where does he come, logically he must be someone has much money, the second rich generation, but after I checked in detail the family with Qi Lian surname, there is no rich family with that surname, don’t you think it is strange?”

“What is so strange about it, perhaps his father is hidden rich person, moreover whether he has money or not, this is not important, the most important is what kind of person he is.”

“Of course there are huge difference between have money or not. Yao Yao, you guess, who is the wealthiest family in this country?”

No need to make a guess, it definitely …. “Feng’s household right?”

“Bingo, Feng family’s Feng Xiao, Feng Chen Yi, Feng Chen Rui, gather three of them father and sons, they are combined as the first rank, your Ex-boyfriend is the first rank, whatever you must looking for someone who has exceeded at least your Ex-boyfriend, don’t you think so?”

Faint, Xiao Man is going to be crazy? She hurries to cover Xiao Man’s mouth: “Sst, you speak in low voice, do think Yu Ao Tian is death?”

“Actually if we rank it based on the business, Berson Group and Feng Group are equally worthy to put in first rank, moreover if rank based on individual, Yu Ao Tian with those father and sons are different 9 trillion thus he rank second, logically if you really wanted to piss off Feng Chen Yi but you are Yu Ao Tian’s lover…Uh…” Gong Xiao Man suddenly feels that she has talked things that mustn’t be said, hurried she apologizing: “I am sorry, I am sorry Yao Yao, I mean, I just hope that if you can find man that is more than Feng Chen Yi to piss him off, I really don’t mean others.”

Ahaha, Yao Yao knows Gong Xiao Man very well, she is someone who speaks faster than using her brain, she has straightforward character, moreover she is so clear with her status which is too risky.

“Well based on your thought, the person that suit me must be Qi Lian sunbae?”

“That is right, that is right, that is my real intention!”

“Ha, so must I betray Yu Ao Tian and starting to chase Qi Lian sunbae, mustn’t I?”

“That is also possible!”

“You go die, Xiao Man!” if Yu Ao Tian knows, he might peel her skin?

“To be honest, Xiao Man, didn’t you call me not to fight you over Qi Lian sunbae? But why now you are changing your mind and even becoming matchmaker between me and Qi Lian sunbae?”

“Me ah? That time I was kidding. Qi Lian sunbae really does not suit with me!”

Actually this is Xiao Man real character, don’t look see like to admire whoever but most of it, she really joking. She is not type of girl that careless, when still in Japan there were lots of men chasing Xiao Man, among them also there were handsome men but none of them that able to attract Xiao Man, so far until today she never dated anyone because she is so conservative girl.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Man, I remembered something.” Yao Yao suddenly remembered on something, it is one of important thing, seriously she asked: “Did you make Vice CEO Han angry?”

“That iceberg Big Uncle? How can you know?”

“Today when he came to find Yu Ao Tian talking about something, and then he was looked so furious and sternly asking me to tell you… if next time you dare to provoke him, he won’t be polite toward you.”

“Qie….” Gong Xiao Man pair of hands is enveloping her in front body, she rolled her eyes: “I really want to see what did his meant by won’t polite toward me.”

“Xiao Man, you are so brave, to be honest, every times I see Vice CEO Han, I will be so careful and fear of him.”

“Why must you fear him? He just paper tiger, if you thicken your face toward him, he really can’t do anything toward you. Whatever I am kind of person everything I want only face that I don’t want.”

“Still you are awesome, Xiao Man…” Yao Yao admired her and gave her thumbs up.

During this time… the door is knocked.

“Come in.”

The door is opened, Qi Lian Ao Yun is holding bouquet of flower and coming in.

“Qi Lian sunbae?” how can he come? At the moment Yao Yao looked at Gong Xiao Man.

As seen she is smiling deviously, no need to ask, she must the person who tell Qi Lian sunbae the matter about she being hospitalized.

“I take my leave, Yao Yao, Qi Lian sunbae.”

Faint, does Xiao Man seriously to match her with Qi Lian sunbae? Doesn’t she not clear about Yao Yao status, although she has status as Yu Ao Tian’s lover, she does not have right to find another man as boyfriend? Cold sweat…

“Take care.” Qi Lian Ao Yun smile brightly after Gong Xiao Man leaving, his face looked helplessly and turned to see Yao Yao who is lying down at bed: “Why every times I meet you, your circumstances always getting worse and worse?”

“…………” this… really true!

“Qi Lian sunbae, really troublesome you, you are especially coming to visit me, it seems that I owed you one meal again.”

“Aiya, if this been said, my wallet will get thinner.” Qi Lian Ao Yun pretended to act helplessly and pouted his mouth.


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 184

    1. From these two girl talking it seems GXM will almost surely cause trouble for our YY because of her big mouth. This is what i predict

    2. Yeah!Lo…I hope so that she will not be the busy body type of best friend who not only helping YY but get more trouble instead…”As saying, the more help you give the worse it become”. No matter how thoughtful XM is.

  1. Thanks for the update. I can’t wait for YAT to know YY has a new suitor. He better be on his toes . I wonder if FCY will visit YY at the hospital.

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