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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 185

Yao Yao and YAT

Chapter 185

Teasing her so she smiles, just realized that Qi Lian sunbae also someone humorist. “Qi Lian sunbae, the student council must be so busy right?”

“Still okay. Do you interest to join the student council?”

“Ah? Can I?” when she was in Senior high school, the student council is like place where all the wealthy and rich younger generation children gather, no matter how good her study, she still didn’t have right to join, it quite sadly every times think about it.

“Of course, in few days there will be member election of the student council, I can be the person who recommend you.”

“Really? So thankful, Qi Lian sunbae. It seems that I owed you another meal again.”

In brief both of them are having simple conversation for while and then Qi Lian Ao Yun left, when he just walked to the elevator, just in time the door is opened….

Yu Ao Tian is slowly walking out to his in front. “How can you be here?”

There is no smiling face of Qi Lian Ao Yun, both of his hands are inserted to his pocket, when Yu Ao Tian wanted to do body check, coldly Qi Lian Ao Yun said: “Come to visit classmate.” And then gets into the elevator and the door closed…

Yao Yao stayed two days in hospital before she discharge, while her dorm room that should stay for four persons suddenly change to single room, actually at the beginning she refused because on this way she can’t be at same room with Gong Xiao Man, but Yu Ao Tian gave her two options, one she must moved back to villa or she must stay at the single room, without any hesitation she choose to stay at the single room.

After dinner, she quite boring and climb to her bed, seriously she plays the IQ games. “So stressful, why I can’t pass the last obstacles… ah!” suddenly something heavy presses on her body, shocked with pale face she turned her back and when she glanced…

“How…how can you get in?”

“Of course by walking in order to get in.” the person who pressed her body is Yu Ao Tian.

Can’t she know that he come in by walking? “This is girl dormitory moreover… moreover I have locked the door!”

“Humph? Your room is given by me, of course I have the key. Moreover, I am this board director for this school, don’t you think it so easy for me to get in?”

He…he does… really good in using his power?

“Bao Bei, what games you are playing? You looked so focus even not realized my coming and when I get here?”

“IQ games.” Yao Yao swaying the games in her hands, unhappily she is pouting her mouth: “But I can’t pass the last obstacle, really stressful.”

Yu Ao Tian who still pressed on her body looked at the games, helplessly he shook his head: “This, this, this, just like this will pass. Just relay on your IQ you playing IQ games?”

Yao Yao does according what he point out, just expectedly the games are clear up. “You…you… you…”


Her big eyes looked him with astonishment: “You, how much your IQ?”

“Just similar with ordinary people.”

“You are lying! This IQ games is made by the Ka Luo Men group, the games in her hands are the games for IQ above 200! How much your IQ actually?”

“Just similar with the ordinary person.” after said, he lower his head and kiss her sensitive part in neck.

Yao Yao glaring him, but continue to play.

But that soft lips seem not have intention to stop and gently kiss her again.

“Don’t… kiss la, it is so itchy.”

Yu Ao Tian curved up his lips and slid his hand to inside her dresses. His lips kiss her shoulder, give her the sensation of itchy and also numb.

Yu Ao Tian keeps on teasing her from kissing to touching, she really feels that she going to be crazy how can Yu Ao Tian be this mischief? And suddenly there is knocking sound from outside her room…

Yao Yao stops Yu Ao Tian and hint him toward door direction.

“Huh.” Yu Ao Tian looked unhappy, sighed, he lets go Yao Yao.

“What to do? What to do? This is girl dorm, if they are seeing you come out from my room, I might…”

“You just pretended not in here, it settles right?”

“Girl dorm is closed at ten, now is already ten, if I am not inside the dorm it will be more troublesome! Faster! You hide inside the bathroom!”

Want him to hide inside the bathroom? He is Yu Ao Tian how can he be so pathetic? “Open the door and see who is the person, if she looks pretty just pulled her inside so we play 3P, by this way she won’t report you.”

“You rotten bastard!” how can Yu Ao Tian speaks like this?

“You little thing dare to scold me?” his eyes gleaming cold, his hand pinched her chin. But another second, he smiles deviously: “If you are not willing, you just stand at side as the “viewer”, it is well do too.”

“Why must I?” when Yao Yao said this she is already regretful.

“En? Bao Bei, so you just hope that I only play with you, if it is the matter, you must tell me earlier.” After said, he still pressed on her body.

Yao Yao knows that she fail to his trap! “Stop to tease me.” Again she hears the knocking sound from outside, she uses all her strength to push away Yu Ao Tian, hurried tidying her nightgown and run to in front of the door: “coming.”

She opens the door, that person is her classmate: “Luo Yao Yao, this is your homework, thank you.”

“Don’t don’t mention it.”

“Are you okay? Why your face is so red? Are you having fever?”

“Ah? No, I am taking bath just now.”

“Oh… well I take my leave.”

“En, good bye.” Takes long breathe, when she turned back to her room it has already empty. Where is Yu Ao Tian?”

After she locked her room, Yu Ao Tian is slowly out from the bathroom…

Humph, this unkind man, finally he also hides inside, right?

“Didn’t you want to play with student? Why are you hiding?” Yao Yao mocking him.

Yu Ao Tian inserts his hands to his pocket: “Do you think that I really interest with you guys who the body haven’t well develop, I don’t have interest with it?”

Suddenly Yao Yao heart feels shivering, after seen some of Yu Ao Tian’s women, this is not debatable fact, he indeed does not have interest with any little girl. “Since you don’t have interest why are you keep on teasing me?” she pouted her mouth, she pull her quilt and cover her face.

Yu Ao Tian smiles, he pulls the quilt and lay down beside her: “What? Jealous?” his fingers touching gently at her nose tip.

Jealous? No, how could she jealous? “Of course not.” She rolled her eyes and backed him purposely.

Yu Ao Tian hugging on her waist: “Bao Bei, tomorrow afternoon we go out.”

“I don’t have time!”

“Aiya, don’t you still angry to me so that you don’t want to go?”

“I have said, no. ah forget it, I will go.” She does not want to seek trouble with this rotten bastard: “Where are you going?”

“En, do you know the reason why I want you to have single room?”

She shocks and looks at that sinister expression, it feels that he… he really does it for purpose?

Does this mean that for the convenient? It is easy him to get in and out, really too cunning!”

The next day morning, when Yao Yao wakes up from bed, Yu Ao Tian has left, after she had her breakfast she goes to student council.


24 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 185

  1. another sweetness before the storm… *sigh* really a roller coaster story, unfortunately I like it. whomever YY end long as she’s happy.

    thanks again Azzuro.. I’ve been lurking and checking and reloading your blog every morning with hoping new chapters coming.

  2. another calm before the storm… unfortunately I like this roller coaster story.

    thank youuuuuu so much azzuro.. you really did a great job 🙂

      1. I know like this new guy too. He appeared nice but he is not really Mr. Nice Guy. I think this new guy is going to be worse than FCY.

      2. Now I am getting curiouser and curiouser how the story unfold, the reason I think why I like him is: he has the guts not to be intimidated with YAT either it’s their first time to meet or already know each other. With how YAT carries himself it’s not easy not to be anxious around him.

      3. @Julie: At the beginning I thought I might like QLAY but after some chapters, I do find him not any better than FCY. you are right he appeared nice but he is not really Mr. Nice and I never thought to ship him with YY.

        @May: I don’t think QLAY attitude toward YAT called Guts but more to little children who is going to throw tantrum. since QLAY is younger brother of YAT, he knows very well his big brother won’t touch him no matter he acts toward him.

  3. Are they brothers? it’ll make the love triangle more thrilling n complicated.
    I almost give up in reading this story, fortunately the upcoming pairing (HLS n GXM) pick my interest.
    Will their encounter happen soon?
    Thank u so much for translating. Be blessed

    1. Yes.
      Qi Lian Ao Yun is younger brother of Yu Ao Tian. The real surname of Yu Ao Tian is Qi Lian which he does not want to use it for some reasons.
      Han and Gong are really funny couple slightly better than YAT-YY relationship which is super complicated and headache.

      1. QLAY has never been sincere towards YY at all. I believe he is using YY’s kindness and gullibility against YAT also I believe that QLAY know YY is YAT’s weakness.

        Why QLAY hates YAT so much??

        I just hope that when YAT find out the classmate of QLAY is YY, YAT will trust in YY more so that his own brother whom he does not get along with. Instead of, punishing YY again.

        So is QLAY come from mafia too??

    1. In next chapter you may see how Gong Xiao Man bickering with Han Li Shang.
      GXM only becomes thick face little girl whenever she meets with HLS. normally she is girl that easy to be shy and also chicken gut, not any better than Yao Yao. Again, these two girls aren’t simple white rabbit when they are angry 🙂

  4. Haha omg Yy your so dumb LOL AT you teaser !!! 😂😂😂😍😍😍 Thank you for the chapter update cannot wait for the next chapter thank you thank you thank you

  5. Thank you for another lovely chapter. Certainly not looking forward for the storm coming up. Yes love the GXM and HLS pairing. Hope they managed to develop the relationship further and bring HLS out of his super cold self 😉

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