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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 26.3

Chapter 26

Part 3 (Three)

Wedding March

Looking at the mobile phone displayed screen I stunned for while how can I feel so familiar with the number?

I answered the phone: “Hello!”

“Is Mr. Kang there?” it is an aunty voice.

“Yes, he is here, washing dishes, wait for while!” I brought the mobile phone to the kitchen, Kang Yu still washing so he could not hold the mobile phone so I helped him to put in his ear, while my brain was trying hard to remember where I saw this number before.

Kang Yu said on the phone: “Jin Si Hua Yuan, when arrived at Jin Hui road, there will be private Dental clinic, turn left and go straight, that’s it, en, that’s right, you enter to big door of small district, turn left and then the second building, right, go to third floor, ok, I wait for you! Just this way! En, I hang up the phone!”

I am frustrated, “Who?”

He does not say to me, washing the dishes, his face getting nearer to my face, and again he kissed my face.

I take the mobile phone to the living room, I take a glance at the phone number, more I see more I feel familiar with the number, when I am trying to remember, suddenly the door bell is ringing.

I rushing to the in front door, I press the button from the visual screen, it showing the face of the person who I met this afternoon.

Didn’t she, the aunty of the Chinese Costume store? There is no way since I like that dresses very much, I also do not know what the aunty name, so I just call her in that way.

Now I remember that phone number is posted at the outside of the glass window for booking!

I am surprised!

The aunty is not wait for long, straightly called, “Mr. Kang, we are from Yun Chinese Costume shop, we are arrived and standing in front of your door, please open the door!”

Yun is the Chinese costume store name.

I am dumbfounded.

Kang Yu just done with washing the dishes, seeing me dumbfounded does not making move, he directly pushed a button to open the main door, “Please get upstairs!”

I still standing there, still not understanding.

Kang Yu stroking my head, and open the door.

The aunty is bringing an old designer aunty along with her, and also there is an assistant who looked alike little girl, going upstairs.

When the aunty seeing me, passionately she greets me, “Miss, you have thought about it, I have said to you, listened to what Aunty said isn’t wrong, this as wedding gown is really beautiful!”

The problem is she hasn’t thought about it.

Kang Yu let them to get in, the Aunty quite passionate, toward the house, she quite surprised, “The space is quite big, it is duplex, even the floor is beech, also the mahogany furniture, really beautiful decoration!”

The old designer is more professional, “Can I take the measurement?”

“Can!” Kang Yu helps to support me who stills dumbfounded and push me forward.

I regained myself and I turned to see Kang Yu, “How can you know?”

Kang Yu answered me, “What that I don’t know from you?”

I looked at his expression, I just know it, he must know everything what I was doing with my group of fellow sisters, he is informed even I don’t mention anything.

Suddenly, one name is pop out from my mind.

“Must be Sun Ling, right? I know must be Sun Ling!” No wonder, when I left, she was keeping on asking me, whether I really like it or not, really want it.

Kang Yu does not answer, he just said, “As long as you like it!”

Needless to make guess, must be Sun Ling, she really his Kang Yu’s slave.

I stunned and feel so excited while my eyes is shining brightly, “But it is so expensive, really so expensive!”

“Expensive, whatever I just marry for one time, just thought it as one time investment, I will get life returns, very good deal!” he extends his hand and wiping away my tears.

After I listened to him, I am sobbing, I hug him tightly, “Kang Yu!”

“See, I haven’t really make the investment, but I have got the return already!” he hugged me and coaxing me.

The old designer, the aunty, even the assistant, three pairs of eyes are gleaming brightly toward Kang Yu and I, perhaps they turned be muddle head by Kang Yu and I.

“Mr. Kang, Mrs. Kang, can we do the measurement?” the old designer has took out the measurement roll for long time.

“Wait for moment, my wife mood still little bit waver!” he brings me to bathroom, let me to wash my face, not letting any single tears in my face.

When I feel my mood stabile, the old designer is starting to do the measurement, the collar size, the bust size, the waist size, both of my arms and everything that needed to measure, also, in order to make Chinese costume, there are also the measurement for the high waist measurement, the bust height, chest horizontal long the in front and the back, the waist and everything must be in detail, I feel alike gyroscope playing by the old designer.

Kang Yu is sitting on sofa reading his flight schedule while sometimes take a glance at me.

Waiting until all the measurement get to measure, the old designer aunty and the assistant starting to let me choosing the cloth fabric.

Since we are getting married of course must choose red color, but the red color has many, I take a look at the cloth fabric, my eyes are almost blurry, what kind of Long Feng Ji Xiang (The auspicious dragon and phoenix), the luxurious peony, the ten thousand loves, Xi Que Deng Zhi (The magpie), Ji Xiang Ba Bao (Eight treasure auspicious), I really have headache.

At last I choose the luxurious peony and the Long Feng Ji Xiang, compare one to another, it makes me difficult which one I want to choose.

“Yu, you say choose which ones?” he is the person who pays for it of course I need to ask his opinion.

Kang Yu puts down his flight schedule list, comes closer, “Which one you like?”

“The luxurious peony!” I feel the color is especially beautiful.

“Well, just take the peony ones!”

I feel asking him just such useless.

The aunty said, “If want to choose the peony, must be additional cost about 2000 dollars, because it uses different embroidery handmade, of course the result of the embroidery is detailed and collectable.”

Stills need the additional money!

“Well… just take the Long Feng Ji Xiang!” I wipe the sweat in my head.

“Designer Aunty, help me to do the peony ones!” Kang Yu is ready to make the order after checking at the pattern and said to the designer aunty.

“Don’t ah! It has be so expensive, no need to have any additional cost, not worth the money!”

“Miao Miao, the person who make investment is me. It is okay it I think it worth!”

“But, but…” after I counted, one set clothes cost 23,800 dollars, really so expensive.

“Don’t but anymore, designer aunty, just take this one!” Kang Yu said to the designer.

The aunty also follows, “Mr. Kang, you are really loves your wife, I have be in this business for such long times, this is the first time I meet someone like you!”

Kang Yu smiles and ignores her, asked, “What is other still need to choose?”

The old aunty answered, “Choosing the cutting style, you want to choose the precious blue or the golden yellow colors!”

“Miao Miao, do you like which ones?” Kang Yu lowers his head asking me.

After I thought for while, “The precious blue! It matches with the red color, very beautiful!”

Then the aunty said, “If choose the precious blue, then must add…”

I hurried cut her word, “Golden… the golden yellow! Just choose the golden yellow.”

Kang Yu just speaks, stopped me, “Precious blue!”

“Yu!” if earlier I know my mouth won’t be this fast, I should ask clearly then speak.

“Miao Miao, since decided to make, why don’t we make to the best one! Just when the times come you are not happily wearing it!”

The aunty added, “That’s it, that’s it, marry, it is two people biggest day, it must be perfect, well, since everything decided, the total sum up…” the aunty is so fast count it using her calculator, “25,800 Dollars, seeing how nice dealing with Mr. Kang, I give a discount, the net total will be 25,000 dollars!”

“Well, pay using cash or swipe credit card!”

“The best is using cash, using credit card must pay the administration fee, so wasting!” the aunty is cleverly answered.

Kang Yu nodding his head gets inside the master room to take out money.

I am open widely my eyes, seeing the aunty counting the money, my heartache, really ache!

Before the aunty left she even has time to wink her eyes to me, “Miss, you are so lucky, be able find good man, I have seen many beautiful girls husband, none of them can be able compare with your man, you say, how you catch him?”

This words meaning are too obvious, someone like me could find someone like Kang Yu, simple to say the forehead high so can touch the ceiling.

All just by luck!

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