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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 186 – 188


I am bit annoyed with this chapter because Li Mei Yun is showing up. This little bit frustrated chapters. Again, Yu Ao Tian is acting alike bastard, damn him! there is time I really hope Yu Ao Tian to explain his attitude or whatever he would like to do, Yao Yao might has high IQ but she isn’t “worm in his stomach”, what hell he expect her to understand him!
No matter how Yao Yao is trying to deny, yes, she has fallen for Yu Ao Tian, even Gong Xiao Man knows it.

Gong Xiao Man and Han Li Shang perhaps can give us little bit entertain…..

Chapter 186 – 188

One huge three-storey building that located separated with the university building which is located in the west area, it is gorgeous building with hall, the second floor is the room of teacher office and the student council office is at the end.

Opened the heavy wooden door, the glamour and antique decoration can be seen with her eyes, behind of one huge big desk, Qi Lian Ao Yun sitting and in front of him there are about ten candidates standing.

“I am sorry, Qi Lian president, Gu Vice president, I am late.” Yao Yao is apologizing, quickly she standing among those people.

“It is okay, you just come in right time.” Qi Lian Ao Yun smiles, his eyes is looking at Gu Xiao Ming who standing beside him.

“This time the student council has made list to recruit member, after doing the comparison and screening, we decided to choose Luo Yao Yao student to enter the student council.” The announcement is ended, everyone is exposing dissatisfaction expression.

The one of the girl who standing in right row protested: “Why must choose her?”

This girl has 170 cm something of height, she has very beautiful face and match with her long hair.

“Feng Ke Xin, this is the decision that decided by the student council members, I don’t need to give you explanation, right?”

“Vice president Gu, since choosing to announce it publicly, why didn’t the result process also being published?”

“This…” Gu Xiao Ming feels things gat difficult looking at Qi Lian Ao Yun. The most important reason is, choosing Luo Yao Yao because of Qi Lian Ao Yun as the person who recommendation her, just that’s it.

“It is because the achievement of Luo Yao Yao student so we choose her.”

“So because her achievement and then she being chosen? As what I know, vice president Gu is also not as someone who has best grades among us.” Feng Ke Xin said arrogantly, she smiles with provocation.

Yao Yao who standing not far from there is frowning, she does not expect to burdensome Qi Lian Ao Lian. “Forget it, I still…”

“Luo Yao Yao have more than excellent academic achievement, during her junior and senior high school she ever joined the student council and served on duties, while you Feng Ke Xin during your senior high school you just ever became Vice president of the student council. That’s why we choose Luo Yao Yao student.” Qi Lian Ao Yun said. He hands over Yao Yao’s resume to Feng Ke Xin.

The problems are…

She never worked or served the positions that filled in that resume, how come at sudden she even worked as student council during her junior and senior high school?

Feng Ke Xin takes a glance at the resume, unhappily frowning: “Well, Qi Lian president, I see this Luo Yao Yao seems to have ability, if she can’t perform well , I can substitute her?”

“Of course.”

Put down the resume, Feng Ke Xin furrowed her brows, glaring with hate to Yao Yao and then walking out from the student council room…

“Qi Lian sunbae, why you have my resume?” when everyone has already left, Yao Yao looked at her own resume, just seen all the column is filled with words.

“hehehe, you little foolish, if didn’t did it, who will agree?” Qi Lian Ao Yun is stretching out his hand and patting her head.

“Did this write by you?” seeing the detail of the resume, there is not only one column being modified but almost all the columns.

“Do you think ghost write it?”

“Uh…thank you, Qi Lian sunbae, it seems I …”

“Yo!” Qi Lian Ao Yun hurried to stop her: “Please don’t mention about treating meal, if you continue, I think my wallet gonna be empty.”

“Ha.” Yao Yao curved upward her mouth, bowing excitedly: “Thank you, Qi Lian sunbae. I will do my best and won’t disappoint you!”

“Having good performance no need, just next time, do not let me to see you in such pitiful situations again.” After said, Qi Lian Ao Yun shows his charming smiles, extend his hand and stroking Yao Yao’s head and then he left.

Looking at his back slowly far away, Yao Yao stretches her own hand and strokes her head: “Qi Lian sunbae really a good man, no wonder there are many girls like him. Uh…” why she meet men, worse one to another?

“Yao Yao, CEO Yu is asking you out, you bring me with you is it okay?” inside the Taxi, Gong Xiao Man little bit worry asking her.

“Rest assured, Yu Ao Tian isn’t such petty man.” The most important is she must not alone with Yu Ao Tian. “You just think as to accompany me.”

“Actually I am okay but the problem is…I do really afraid of CEO Yu.” She recalled Yu Ao Tian eyesight last time, Gong Xiao Man could feel her hair stand until now, she had never seen person with such scary aura for her life time.

“I do afraid ah….”

When they are arrived at the bowling arena, Yu Ao Tian has been waiting them at earlier time.

“Yu, CEO Yu, I hope you won’t be mind…me as the unwanted third guest come to join?” Gong Xiao Man nervously asked.

He is smiling and don’t mind of it, he lowers his body, whispering to Yao Yao: “Bao Bei, you are so unwanted to stay alone with me?”


To be honest she really does not want, moreover every times they are going out, Yu Ao Tian will make some distant toward her, asking Gong Xiao Man to come together with her as companion isn’t this much better?”

“Yeah, hit all.” Gong Xiao Man is happily watching all the Pin which knocked over by her, she dances excitedly.

Yao Yao touches her nose: “Watch me!” takes the bowling ball and hit to the pin, but only few falls down…

“Hahaha, Yao Yao you are big foolish.”

“You are the big foolish, humph!”

Looking at two little girls that are noisy, Yu Ao Tian who is sitting not far from them, shaking his head, it seems that his little thing is look so lively if playing with same age friend.

His eyes looked at the other side of the bowling arena, his eyesight is suddenly cold and takes out his phone, speaking with stern voice: “Li Shang, use the shortest time to pick up Yao Yao from Ao Chen Bowling arena!”

“hey, hey, Yao Yao.” Gong Xiao Man secretly tugging Yao Yao’s arm: “CEO Yu really gentleman, he looks alike parent or guardian who brings us out to play, he does not even showing up his impatience expression, if other man perhaps has left us. You think should us ask him to play together.”

This is true that Yu Ao Tian indeed looked alike gentleman, from how he acted toward Gong Xiao Man before, it has shown that he really gentleman. “Okay.” She smiles and nodding her head, she rushes in front of Yu Ao Tian, waving at him: “Ao Tian, do you want to play with us?”

“You guys just play.” Yu Ao Tian face is expressionless.

At this time, she smiles in front of him, grabbing his wrist: “Come on, don’t just sitting.”

“How troublesome you are! Let off!”

Looking at his expression that dislike her, Yao Yao not understand so she blinking her eyes, he, he isn’t like this before, why his mood just swing? “Ao Tian, you… are you okay?”

“I asked you to let go, understand?” he yelled at her, looks impatience and sway away Yao Yao’s hand that grabbing his wrist.

Everyone is looked at them, Yao Yao feels embarrassed and also pissed off and let off his hand: “You suddenly…”

“I ask you to shut up, if you want to play just play your games, don’t come to disturb me or you just get lost!”

What? He is the person who asking her to go out, why he acted as if she is the person who coming to disturb him? Yao Yao furrowed her brows, she is so angry and lifts her head up…

At this time…

A slap landed on her face.

When that hand landed on her hand, give her slap, she looked at the owner’s hand…

What! how can Li Mei Yun in here?

As seen, in front of her is Li Mei Yun, her laughing is so provocative: “Ao Tian is asked you to get lost, understood?”

“Hey! You MF who are you, why you slap Yao Yao?” Gong Xiao Man who isn’t far from there is rushing to in front and glaring at Li Mei Yun.

She suddenly grabbed Gong Xiao Man’s hand, hinting that she should not say anything.

“Mei Yun, why are you here?” Yu Ao Tian smiles, his face shows gentle expression toward her.

Li Mei Yun tip toe and hooked his neck: “Of course because I miss you.”

“You are really annoying, it was so clearly yesterday evening I had met you.”

Yu Ao Tian and Li Mei Yun…reconciled?

She lifts her head up, looking with unbelievable expression toward Yu Ao Tian and Li Mei Yun, why? Why Yu Ao Tian still reconciled with Li Mei Yun, why he just not breaks up with Li Mei Yun?

Right! Perhaps, as lover she mustn’t have this kind of thought, but this time… imaging he and Li Mei Yun making love, that scenery really pained her.

The mood swing of Yu Ao Tian toward her, was it because seeing Li Mei Yun coming so that he purposely acting to shoo her away? Is it to gain Li Mei Yun favor? Actually how much he loves Li Mei Yun? Since he loves her why he must look for her as his lover?

Suddenly she feels she cannot breathe, her chest feels suffocated, she really not understand whether she hates Li Mei Yun so much or because… she really cares Yu Ao Tian is getting back with Li Mei Yun!

“Little girl.” Li Mei Yun, lips curved up, she lowers her head and whispered at her: “do you think as lover you can be real girlfriend? Now, you must give up, you must more understand compare to me who Ao Tian loves. Oh, that’s right, I tell you something…it was Yu Ao Tian who looking for me and asked me to sleep with him, I didn’t take any initiatives.”

Yu Ao Tian loves whom she knowing it better, this time she really does not need Li Mei Yun to especially come and remind her. Moreover, she never thought to change.

Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Cannot cry, Yao Yao cannot cry!

She makes fist, her nail embedded on her palm, if this time she is really crying it means proving on something, she really does not want to see and called them as “loving” couple!

She extended her hand, grabbing Gong Xiao Man and prepared to leave…

Li Mei Yun suddenly held her hand to stop.

What? Does one slap isn’t enough?

“Next time don’t come to disturb Ao Tian, understand?” Li Mei Yun is too understanding Yu Ao Tian’s character, he could let her to give this little girl a slap it means she has lost his love, toward the girl that has lost the love, naturally she will all out to vent her anger!

“Hey, who is disturbing…”

Hearing Gong Xiao Man voice, Yao Yao afraid that she might burdensome by her, subconsciously she squeezed her hands. She smirks at Li Mei Yun: “Based on your ability, can I still come to disturb him?” after said, she swaying away Li Mei Yun’s hand that held Gong Xiao Man’s hand and without turn back she run out with piercing laugh from the bowling Arena.

“Yao Yao, Yao Yao, stop running!” when they are in front of the entrance, Gong Xiao Man who breathless grabbing her: “Actually… actually what is going on?”

“Hu….” Finally she cannot control her emotions, she falls apart in front of Gong Xiao Man, she has told herself not to cry, not to cry but she really can’t hold it anymore. The big beads of tears are falling down wet her face, she hugging on Xiao Man tightly: “That woman, that woman is Yu Ao Tian’s real girlfriend, they… not long ago they have broke up, but I really don’t know why they, why they are reconciled…huhu…”

Gong Xiao Man frowned: “Yao Yao? You… are you expecting both of them not reconciled?

“I don’t wish!” Yao Yao answered certainly.

Gong Xiao Man slowly pushing Yao Yao, holding her hand and looking at her: “You… you fall in love at Yu Ao Tian?”

At sudden Yao Yao stops crying, she could feel her head will explode, no, impossible! Impossible! She is not falling in love with Yu Ao Tian, no! “I don’t love her.”

“So… why are you crying? Why are you care whether he reconcile or not with that woman?”

That’s right…

Why? If not love, why must she care Yu Ao Tian reconciled with Li Mei Yun?

But… Xiao Man didn’t know all bad things that Li Mei Yun ever did to her, she hates Li Mei Yun, and perhaps if today Yu Ao Tian is with anyone else, she would not care.

That’s right, must be like this. If others women she won’t care, she also won’t cry, only Li Mei Yun as exception. Right, must be!

At sudden, when both of the girls are still in conversation, one big and tall posture block on Yao Yao in front.

“Hey, what are you… uh, big uncle?” Gong Xiao Man dumbfounded.

Yao Yao also surprised: “Vice CEO Han, you…”

“Shut up!” he speaks with cold tone, Han Li Shang faster brings them to other side of street.

Gong Xiao Man hurried to follow: “Big uncle, are you scoundrel? Faster let…”

His big hand has covered her mouth, his hand is holding Gong Xiao Man and taking her to beside where the car parked.

One sit on left and one sit at right, the two girls are sitting inside the car. He sits at driver seat and suddenly turned on the engine and shut the door…

“Hey, big uncle, you are kidnapping, do you know?”

“Shut up!” Han Li Shang voice tone is sound tough, cold and in strong command.

Now Gong Xiao Man focus is on Yao Yao, she also does not want to argue with him. “Yao Yao, no matter what, you must not feel sad because of man like him.”

“I really never thought that Yu Ao Tian is type of kind man, even though you are his lover, how can he let other woman to bully you, really shameless! Moreover he is the person who comes to disturb you, but in order to coax his girlfriend to be happy he act as if he is innocent, simply to say really shameless!!!”

After experienced this kind of things, today finally Gong Xiao Man’s view about Yu Ao Tian is perfectly changed, to say if a man treat his woman good they must accept his woman’s good friend too, moreover no complain whenever accompany his woman, also even his woman only gives him smile it is more than happiness.

At least Gong Xiao Man seen Yu Ao Tian patience, that time she even has thought perhaps Yu Ao Tian must feel something towards Yao Yao? But now…

“If you don’t know, stop to say gibberish!” suddenly, Han Li Shang who sits in driver seat spoke.

“You understand? It only you understand? Didn’t you know how rotten bastard Yu Ao Tian just now?”

“You give a try to say again?” Han Li Shang coldly turned.

“I even can say ten times, Yu Ao Tian is rotten bastard! Hey! Looked at the car!” in front of them there are two cars with high speed coming nearer.

Han Li Shang faster to take a glance, he also using his hand to push Gong Xiao Man’s chest, suddenly gas the pedal, he pushed Gong Xiao Man so she won’t hit her head.


Where did he put his hand?

Gong Xiao Man roared, lower her head and looking at Han Li Shang’s hand which touch her chest: “You…”

“Things that Yu Ao Tian carries on his back, it is not girls like you guys will understand.” Han Li Shang’s hand is still in Gong Xiao Man’s chest.

“Ha, Ao Tian? Listen from the way you speak, you and he sound alike best friend. No wonder you are sided on him. Let me ask you, if Yao Yao is your little sister, she being bullied by man, you MF still speak with me about “Ao Tian carries something on his back”?”

“Little girl, you are girl, don’t speak MF MF every times you are speaking!”

“Facing with scoundrel big uncle like you, if I don’t speak little bit rash, can I match to you?”

Han Li Shang frowned, coldly said: “You say I am scoundrel?”

“If you are not scoundrel, why are you touching my chest?”



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  1. I really don’t understand what is it about YAT that YY can possibly like? Besides being good to his friends, he has no redeeming qualities.

    1. YAT is someone has vision and mission, he keeps his promises that he made, he weight and value friendship, he willing to carry out all the burdens only to make lives better. The last part might sound ridicule but as the story goes, we will know what kind of “burden” he carries on his shoulders.

  2. Hahahahaha…HLS n GXM..they r truly funny. They r so cute together having them on board actually lifen up the story a bit. I am so sick of the yo-yos between YAT n YY also the shameless hussy LMY.

  3. Totally agree with Julie. The running around and yo-yo relationship between YAT and YY is frustrating while HLS and GXM sounds like a fun couple. GXM to bring HLS out of his cold shell 😉. Another love rival appearing for YAT?

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    1. At the beginning when YAT asked YY to go out, he is truly wanting to spend time with her but when they arrived at the bowling arena, YAT found out there are people who stalking them. Perhaps men from his enemies so he called HLS to pick up the girls. but who knows LMY showing up and trying to interfere. just in right time, YAT changed his plan. he makes LMY as bait, letting the stalkers to take his photo with LMY.

      1. Thanks Azzuro for the spoiler. In another word YAT indeed has protected YY n GXM hence he sent his best second man HLS to come to take the two little girls away. Indeed, they had been followed because I think it was GXM commented that they had been followed by two cars that speeding quite fast hence HLS gently pushed GXM away without realising where he pushed….hahahahha….

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    1. yes, the story will move to QLAY and YY while YAT needs to settle some problems with his enemies.

      so that, HLS and GXM are fresh air in this story after YAT and YY roller coaster relationship.

      1. after lots of chapters, i begin to understand how YAT thinks, only he doesn’t like to explain himself or his plan… hope YY will understand this in the future.. YAT must’ve feel hurt seeing YY being slap by LMY, but he is very good at controlling his emotions, so he will look neutral as if its nothing…:)

      2. He is extremely pissed off when LMY slapped YY.
        He really wants to kill her in instant but he needs to keep himself composed.
        next chapter will reveal it 🙂

      1. is there 2 version? i mean since you’re saying you’re pick the 500++ chapters instead of the 800 ++

      2. No.
        Only one version.
        I have ever mentioned about the novel chapters before.
        This novel has so many resources, whether written in simplified or complicated (tw) Chinese. some resources in 500++ chapters but others might in 800++ chapters.
        at last it just same only the difference in length of each chapters….

  6. But i have a feeling that YAT has found out the truth that LMY was the who made him misunderstand about YY last time.?
    Anyway thanks for the update

      1. Although I understand these are his kind of methods I still don’t understand why he has to make it so hard for YY.

      2. Because YAT chooses to live in hard way, his world isn’t place that ordinary people can enter, whoever the woman that wants to stay with him must be the tough ones…

  7. I have a feeling that YAT has found out the truth that LMY was the who made him misunderstand about YY last time.?
    Anyway thanks for the update

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    Thanks God there’re those 2 cute couple to be, it lessen the tention n boost up the mood in this story
    Be blessed

  10. Thank u so much for updating…
    Thanks God there’re those 2 cute couple to be, it lessen the tention n boost up the mood in this story
    Be blessed

  11. Azurro, please give me some small spoilers… will the story continues after 3 yrs contract? Or these 500++ chapters focusing on YY’s 3 yrs contract? will YY eventually ever leave YAT after 3 yrs contract?
    I really wanna see YAT feeling lost and longing of YY… ha ha ha

    1. You rest assured, I will translate this project to the end.
      Although I said I take 500++ chapters ones, It does not mean my translation is covering half book.
      I won’t make many spoilers in here but story won’t stop even after the three years contracts…
      You will have chance to read YAT feeling lost, longing, regret, etc…

      1. YAT being emotional, now i wanna see that. Fast forward to that chapter please!!! Hahaha just kidding😁

      2. oh ok…that’s more than enough for me knowing that YAT feeling lost, longing and regret of YY … well, serve you right YAT

      1. As for me I don’t pity him because he has understood the price for every decision he made.

        That’s why he never want to explain himself for everything he had done because the explanation will only be an excuse.

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