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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 3.2


Chapter 3

Part 2 (Two)

An Jia Qi is picky-eater

“Qi Qi, aren’t you eating your lunch again?” Su Zhan Mo acts as if small adult, sternly asking An Jia Qi.

An Jia Qi feels cheerless pouting her mouth, her voice softly said: “Kindergarten foods are too bad. The stir vegetable is so bitter.”

Su Zhan Mo helplessly sighed, he is showing the lunch box, swaying it in front of An Jia Qi.

“What is that?” An Jia Qi perhaps smells the fragrant from the lunch box, her eyes get bigger, she really looked alike extremely hunger, she not moving but intensely glaring at Su Zhan mo’s hand which is holding lunch box, without she realized she is drooling.

“An Jia Qi, wipe your drool, too disgusting.” Su Zhan Mo opened the lunch box, he takes out the food that prepared by mother An, the food smell everywhere, the greedy An Jia Qi immediately gulping her saliva.

Because the gaps between each iron relatively dense, so the lunch box can’t be go through from the fence, so that only can depend on Su Zhan Mo using the spoon go through the gap between the irons in order to feed An Jia Qi.

An Jia Qi sees Su Zhan Mo who feed her with vegetable on the top, unsatisfied she frowned: “Brother Mo Mo, I want to eat meat!”

“Father An only prepared this, if you don’t want to eat, there is no other!”

“Fine, I eat!” Father An is good cook, despite An Jia Qi dislikes eating vegetable but if it cooked by Father An, An Jia Qi stills give face to eat some. An Jia Qi who is frowning because hating vegetable so much, slowly she imaging those vegetable as red braised meat.

Seeing An Jia Qi finished one spoon of vegetable, Su Zhan Mo takes one meat and put it on the spoon, feeding An Jia Qi. Father An and mother An still dearly An Jia Qi, they cooked little bit red braised pork, heart soften and put few in the lunch box.

“Bother Mo Mo there is meat, a meat, I want to eat it!” An Jia Qi very satisfied to eat one big piece of meat, looking Su Zhan Mo with great expectation.

“After eat the vegetable, there will be meat!” Su Zhan Mo looked at An Jia Qi with serious expression. An Jia Qi pouted her mouth, her eyes is moist and almost want to cry, she understands very well that her Mo Mo ge ge can’t bear to see her crying, once she is crying he will compromise her. But she never expected that today Su Zhan Mo is so persistent, no matter how she is crying, he just not compromising her. Suddenly it makes An Jia Qi feeling double sadness, it just makes her to recall the memory about how heartless mother An left her, she feels everyone in this world does not want her anymore included her most beloved Mo Mo ge ge.

More she thought about it more An Jia Qi feels sad, once again she crying…even Su Zhan Mo can’t brace himself hurry he feed her red braised pork, unfortunately it not even stop An Jia Qi crying voice.

An Jia Qi crying voice has draw the kindergarten teachers attention.

“What is going on?” the kindergarten teacher is coming to check, seeing a little cute boy from the next door elementary school, holding a lunch box and just in time he is coaxing An Jia Qi by giving her meat to eat.

Once An Jia Qi sees the teacher is coming, immediately she stops crying and turned to say to Su Zhan Mo: “Mo Mo ge ge, faster you run, the teacher will confiscate the meat.”

The kindergarten teacher only can show bitter laugh when heard it, she patiently walking nearer, she uses her hands to wipe An Jia Qi face that wet by tears and snivel, gently asking Su Zhan Mo: “Little fellow friend what is your name?”

“My name is Su Zhan Mo, mother An is afraid Qi Qi will starve herself and faint cause by hunger so she is asking me come and send lunch for Qi Qi. My mother said, little kid must cut off the habit to pick food during eating but this is also can’t do drastically.”

The kindergarten teacher heard this little boy as if talking with small adult, stunned and speechless. After all if An Jia Qi really starving there is not good and it will be kindergarten responsible. But this little cute boy in front of the eyes is too cleaver, isn’t he? In order to smooth his way to feed An Jia Qi, unexpectedly he stops whatever the teacher wanted to say. There is no other ways, the kindergarten teacher back to the building and asking the headmaster to come. At last the compassion granny headmaster agrees with Su Zhan Mo’s idea, also allowing Su Zhan Mo to send lunch every afternoon for An Jia Qi. Later for the convenient in feeding An Jia Qi, the iron fence even open for Su Zhan Mo, allowing him to enter Lan Tian kindergarten and feeding An Jia Qi.

When An Jia Qi almost finished her meals, she expresses her wish to Su Zhan Mo: “Mo Mo ge ge, tomorrow you ask father to give me more meat, I don’t get enough to eat.”

Su Zhan Mo is helplessly to keep the lunch box, crossing the iron fence, wiping her mouth, he said: “An Jia Qi being picky-eater is not good.”

“But I like meat…”

Seeing chubby face of An Jia Qi, Su Zhan Mo feels he has big burden…

In brief, the first day sending lunch for An Jia Qi is succeed, little fellow Su Zhan Mo gets one big package of milk candy from mother An as reward. But at last all the candies are going to An Jia Qi’s mouth.

After few days, it stills Su Zhan Mo who is feeding An Jia Qi, thus it attracts Su Zhan Mo classmates to stand and watch, at the same time it also attract jealousy from An Jia Qi fellows friend.

“Su Zhan Mo, is she your little sister?” one little girl who has appearance alike western doll is walking toward them, pointing at An Jia Qi and asked.

“En.” Su Zhan Mo just answered her in very short way, focusing and continuing to feed An Jia Qi.

An Jia Qi is obediently chewing the vegetable, her pair of eyes is moving when looking at Su Zhan Mo and also that little girl.

She is so curious, brother Mo Mo is obviously not really like to speak with that western doll sister, but why that little sister is so excited to speak that much? Just in time An Jia Qi thought about it, one small figure is coming closer from her behind.

“Big brother, I also want to eat.” An Jia Qi turns back and see, that person is her kindergarten fellow friend, Xiao Hu (Little Tiger). This little tiger is growing alike tiger head and also tiger mind, he really similar to An Jia Qi, both of them are foodie (good for nothing except eating). But he is not picky for his food, whatever the kindergarten prepared, he will eat it. These days he sees every day An Jia Qi has brother who send lunch for her, moreover the smell is so good so that Xiao Hu drooling for it. Finally today he can’t bear it, he shorten his steps from three steps to two steps, running to them.

At the moment Su Zhan Mo feels little bit in difficulties, he sees the amount of food in lunch box, frowning his head.

“Xiao Hu, that is lunch which prepared by my father, I won’t let you to eat it!” An Jia Qi said, using her toddler voice said to him.

“Qi Qi you are the best, let me to have one spoon, okay! Here I have chocolate, I give you one, this is chocolate that brought by my grandpa from the overseas, there is not available in here.” After said, Xiao Hu takes out one piece of chocolate from his pocket, the chocolate packaging is more sophisticated and gives it to An Jia Qi.

An Jia Qi who sees chocolate, at the moment she forgets Xiao Hu is coming to take her lunch, this things. She heard that chocolate is taste delicious, but because mother An complains the price is expensive so that never bought it for her. She grabs the chocolate from Xiao Hu’s hand, put it into her own pocket.

“Since I have given you my chocolate, you must let me to taste your father cooking!” An Jia Qi looks so generous to let Su Zhan Mo feed Xiao Hu one spoon full into his mouth. Xiao Hu is so satisfied to chew the vegetable, directly eat it, he even wishes to have more. Hence he takes out all the rest two chocolates from his pocket and give it to An Jia Qi, trade it with all the rest of An Jia Qi food in lunch box.

After done eating, Xiao Hu feels little bit regret so that he said to An Jia Qi: “Qi Qi, next time you let your father to cook more so that I can eat with you together.” After said he left.

When Xiao Hu not paying attention to this side, Su Zhan Mo who face is dark, with low voice he said to An Jia Qi: “Take out all the chocolate!”

An Jia Qi thought that Su Zhan Mo wants to eat, so she takes out all the chocolates from her pocket, put it on Su Zhan Mo’s palm.

“Mo Mo gege, you are only can choose one!” An Jia Qi just speaking but the expressionless Su Zhan Mo has taken all the three chocolates and put it on his own pocket, cleans the lunch box, turned and left, leaving the dumbstruck An Jia Qi alone at that place.

After he has walking for quite far, the beautiful little girl who looked alike western doll that following Su Zhan Mo for this time, curiously asked: “Su Zhan Mo, do you like chocolate? I have many at my house, if you want I can bring…” the western doll girl hasn’t done with her words but she has seen that Su Zhan Mo already takes out the chocolate from his pocket and throw it to the trash bin, even the steel spoon that had used by Xiao Hu also threw by him.

“I hate chocolate the most!”


here I put short story when Su Zhan Mo interviewed by the writer.

Su Su (the writer) : “Su Zhan Mo, don’t you think that you are too protective?”

Su Zhan Mo : “I don’t think so.”

Su Su: “Don’t you think that throwing the chocolate inhumane?”

Su Zhan Mo : “I don’t think so.”

Su Su : “Do you think that An Jia Qi will be yours in the future?”

Su Zhan Mo: “Absolutely.”

Su Su : “You are speaking too confident, with whom An Jia Qi will be, it still decided by me.”

Su Zhan Mo: “………….”

Su Su : “Hahahahaha… you can speak anything right! Wait… what are you doing? It is useless to make phone call…

Su Zhan Mo : “Hello, is this psychiatric hospital? Here is mental woman…

Su Su: “You are cruel!”


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  1. Thank you so much for the chapter~ =D LOL SZM is so possessive, I can imagine its going to get worse when they get older. But these two are so cute!!! I stopped reading idiotic YAT and YY a while back >.> So i’m guessing it doesn’t get any better….

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