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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 189 -190


Chapter 189 – 190

“Just now because…” Damn! This little girl how can her being so absurd to this point?

Gong Xiao Man is laughing with provocation, pair of her hands enveloped her in front chest: “Big Uncle, how it feels? Can say big or small? Compare to your girlfriend’s how is mine?”

“You little girl, won’t you feel ashamed to speak something like this?”

“En? Ashamed?” Gong Xiao Man pairs of eyes gleaming brightly, she straighten her body and slowly get closer to right in front of Han Li Shang’s face: “Big uncle, you don’t tell me that you are still virgin man, don’t act so innocent?”


Suddenly Yao Yao who is crying by this time, she is laughing hard, why she never discovered that cold Vice CEO Han also a normal human who also have someone that he cannot deal with? Simply to say Xiao Man is really awesome.

“Yao Yao.”

“I am fine, Xiao Man.” She is forcing herself to smile.


Gong Xiao Man shows complexity in her expression and pointed at her forehead: “Your forehead…”

“En?” she touched her own forehead, a red blood stained on her finger after touched her forehead. “Perhaps because of Vice CEO Han was hurried and stepped the pedal gas and made the car bumped just now, it is okay.”

“Yao Yao, you don’t act to foolish? How can you don’t feel anything after got hit and bleeding?” Gong Xiao Man really clueless to see Yao Yao.

Her heart just to ache, that’s why she can’t feel the pain in her forehead, perhaps?

“All because of you, big uncle, why didn’t you protect Yao Yao just now?”

Han Li Shang eyes looked fierce, he makes fist by his hand, with low voice said: “Because I protected you just now!”

“Huh…” Gong Xiao Man hurried shut her mouth up, but strangely her heart beat faster…


Seeing at Yao Yao who disappearing from bowling arena, actually Yu Ao Tian has desired to hug her tightly, but… the circumstances just not allowed him to do so!

He suppressed his emotion, he smiles deviously to Li Mei Yun, pair of hands held her waist: “Aiya, are you really jealous?”

“Of course. It all is because I love you.”

“En? Well how about you prove it now?”

“In here?” Li Mei Yun looks at the surrounding of the bowling arena, it seems that after their short break, does Yu Ao Tian have thought to announce their relationship in public? Whenever she thought about this, the anger in her heart is vanished and she won’t think anything, her lips just landed on his lips.

Yu Ao Tian expression is so cold, he lets Li Mei Yun to kiss him, and let everyone at there to see them…

Just in time!

“peng!” it is handgun sound.

“Ah!” everyone in bowling arena was shocked, panic and running to all corners.

“Ao Tian, what is going on?” Li Mei Yun is shocked and she hugged Yu Ao Tian tightly.

He narrowed his eyes, pulling Li Mei Yun hand and running out from the bowling arena, but this time, one man in black suit followed them tightly at their back.

“Ao Tian, we, why must we run?” Li Mei Yun puzzled, she does not understand why, when the gunfire sounded scared everyone, he pulled her with him to go and run to outside.

“Ha.” His lips curved up, he smirks: “Mei Yun, don’t you like to be my girlfriend? Now I give you the opportunity to feel it!”

When they have run from the bowling arena and hiding among the trees in the woods, he pulled Li Mei Yun to hide with him behind tree, faster he takes out his own gun from his suit.

Li Mei Yun takes a glance, she dumbstruck not moving: “Ao, Ao Tian, you… how come you have gun?”

His pair of eyes gleaming dangerously, he heartless pulling Li Mei Yun long hair, makes her face gets closer to his, grinned: “I always forget to tell you that my background is from mafia!”


Simply to say Li Mei Yun not believes with what her ears heard that elegant Yu Ao Tian is someone who comes from mafia background?

No wonder Ming Hui could disappear, no wonder she not even could track that man, could he…

Too scary! Really too scary!

So that she is girlfriend of this dangerous man? But whatever it is, how many business men that have clean background? Moreover he is someone so awesome…

There is footstep sound from behind.

Yu Ao Tian eyes alert, roughly he covered Li Mei Yun’s mouth, calmly he leaning at the tree.

The footstep is getting closer, when the man in black suit passing by the tree where Yu Ao Tian hiding, he curved his lips up, at sudden his gun has pointed at that man in black suit’s head: “You have followed so far, really not easy for you.”

Listened to the voice at his back, the man felt his heart tighten, trembling and put up his hands: “Yu, Yu, Big Boss Yu…I, I just… a subordinate, please… I beg you to let me off.”

“Ha.” He is sneering he pulled Li Mei Yun to his embrace, very composed: “Who subordinate are you?”

Although he speaks with very gentle voice, but all the people who live in underworld knows very well how scary Yu Ao Tian is? That man is so shocked and his legs are weakened: “I am… I am person who asked by big Boss Lei.

The man speaks sincerely because he knows Yu Ao Tian style of doing things, will the person who falls in his hand still be able to live without torturing? So that the man willing to confess honestly everything, only to keep his life safe from Yu Ao Tian.

But who is Yu Ao Tian will he believes easily, he asked his man to check the accuracy of the man in black suit words.

“Oh, that’s right, the other person who comes with you before, had he got all the photos?”

All the sudden that man eyes wider, he really does not know that Yu Ao Tian really has high sensitiveness and good observant after all he has found out that he is not coming alone but come in two? Moreover that man already gone after investigating Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend since that is the person job.

And regarding him, he just someone to gamble with luck whether he able to kill Yu Ao Tian or not, after all the today Yu Ao Tian is someone who walks in two paths black and white, furthermore he is also joining legislative election, he thought Yu Ao Tian won’t bring gun but who knows…

Yu Ao Tian is pretending to escape and run only to ensure something, he is purposely to attract that man to this secluded place only to ask him whom subordinate he is, investigating about the enemies which is his true intention.

Finally this man understood the games that Yu Ao Tian played.

This man really admires him! Being able to die in Yu Ao Tian’s hand can be said as honor!

“Yes, Big Boss Yu!” Yu Ao Tian’s man approved the man in black suit statement.

“Oh?” Yu Ao Tian eyes rolled, smiling and asked: “So, do you think which… girl is my girlfriend?”

“The actress Li Mei Yun!”

“En.” His lips curved up, he really satisfied, slowly he whispered to that man’s ear, said: “Wrong…”

That man is dumbstruck, wrong? So that… that girl who was being driven out, is she his real girlfriend? He…Yu Ao Tian is really deserved to be called as underworld emperor. Think to this point, that man is smiling and slowly close his eyes, this time he failed with the mission, but he is so satisfied with Yu Ao Tian!


From inside the wood there is gunfire sounded, the man shoot by Yu Ao Tian, the blood is flowing from his back head, he is lying on the ground…

“Ah!” Li Mei Yun who stands at beside, scared and covered her head.

Yu Ao Tian puts the gun at his suit again, smiles to her: “Mei Yun, this time you have done greatly, do you want a reward?”

Done greatly? Reward?

Understood! She finally understood!

She would not deny that she was lying to Yao Yao before, it wasn’t Yu Ao Tian who looked for her but she was the person who took the initiative to approach Yu Ao Tian.

She stills thought that Yu Ao Tian might still love her so that he accepts her back, but this time… she finally understood, the reason why Yu Ao Tian accepted her was because to protect that little girl and makes her to be bait.

Just as expected he really loves that little girl!

Whenever she thought about this, she can’t help herself not to be jealous, but the in front real matters… “Ao … Ao Tian, what to do? What to do? If that person who named Big boss Lei come to find me, what must I do?”

Yu Ao Tian smiles, crouch and looked at Li Mei Yun who is sitting on the ground: “Don’t be afraid Mei Yun, I will ask my men to protect you. This time you can make big announcement to the public, say that you are my girlfriend, finally your wish is fulfilled. But…” his smiles disappeared, he pinched hard her chin: “If you dare to speak gibberish, I will be the first person to kill you!”

“Understood. I…understood!”

“En, this is good girl.” Yu Ao Tian very satisfied, his hands caressing her face, and then another moment…

His face looks scary, he raised his hand, “Pa” he landed a slap to Li Mei Yun’s face!

“Ao…” Li Mei Yun hasn’t done with her words, this slap from Yu Ao Tian really hard. Her mouth corner is even bleeding.

“Hah, actually I want to cut off your hand, but your hand stills have value!” He sighed, one of his hands is inserted on his pocket’s pant, another hand is taking out his phone: “Li Shang, where is Yao Yao?”

“She is already back to school with her classmate.”

After listened to Han Li Shang report, Yu Ao Tian is pissed off, roared: “Who asked you to send her back?”

“It was her begging. Others…” Han Li Shang coldly said: “Ao Tian, I still wanted to advise you giving her up, do you think she has that capability to be your woman? Experienced this time, she might hate you so much, don’t you think?”

Yu Ao Tian does not speak, his face dim, and tossing away his mobile phone!

Not to mention, Han Li Shang is the person who knows him the best, after experience this things, he is so sure that based on Yu Ao Tian’s character, he won’t explain anything to Yao Yao as additional Yu Ao Tian isn’t a man that able to coax girl. And he just afraid…


26 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 189 -190

  1. YAT already in love with YY. YY is not s dummy as she let everyone believes. I know YAT shoulder a lot of things but if he can make an effort of explaining it to YY, he will be amaze YY will understand. YY may not condone to violence but I am sure with YY’s intelligence n kindness she will help him instead of, creating so much unneccessarily misunderstanding for both of them.

    Thank you Azzurro.

    Kong Xi Fat Chai to you n your family. I hope this year monkey will brings plenty of blessings n good health to u n yr family. 😀

    1. They have a very complicated love affair. YY still trying to convince herself that she doesn’t care all about YAT’s affairs but she’s already affected and deeply involved. I wonder if YAT will momentarily decides to let go of YY just to protect his own brother (QLY) will use YY for his scheme against YAT. We are not even half way thru the novel so I guess expect more suffering for YY and YAT…I am sure there’s regrets and pain in YAT’s part and a man who doesn’t known to explain his actions which eventually will cause a lot of misunderstanding and distance bet. these two…wonder if there will be YAT’s POV later on.

  2. Sigh… Why can’t YAT just tell YY everything and the truth about how much he cares and love for her. I certainly hope this is the last time LMY is going to show up between them. Thank you Azzuro for the chapters.

  3. Thanks a millions. I hope Yat will visit or talk to YY and explained it to her what happened. YY is heart broken, YAT should let her know how he feels about her.

    1. I think it will be out of character for YAT to do that and if that happens, the story will end earlier. No more struggle.

      Though I agree that YAT is really secretive to YY. Wish he opens up to YY more..

      Thank u for the chapter!
      And Gong Xi Fa Cai to u azzuro!
      nian nian you yu
      shen ti jian kang
      Wan shi ru yi ^^

  4. Thanks for the update. As usual, YAT doesn’t offer an explanation. NO more LMY? Yes.
    Azurro, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.

  5. I already gave up on YY & YAT. They are way too destructive for my liking. But I love GXM & HLS – so adorable! HLS needs someone like GXM to lighten his dark life. Because she’s so funny & shamelessly thick face,he has to lose must of their verbal battles.

    1. See, GXM and HLS really fresh air for YY-YAT dull relationship.
      Can’t help because for the first time for HLS to meet someone like GXM, very talkative and bold when facing him, the thousand iceberg that talk less.

  6. There you go.. LMY got a slap from Ao Tian until bleed, a payback for Yao Yao. Yeay!

    I believe Yao Yao will eventually understand Ao Tian’s action and just play along with anything that comes in the future…

    Thank you for the chapter

  7. Lol thats wat she gets !!! Thank you for the new chapter. Can I wait for next update so excited thank you thank you thank you. Also if I don’t get the chance happy Chinese New Year to you all.

  8. Now THIS is rare. The author seems to be trying to redeem Yu Ao Tian’s character to the readers because we get an immediate peek of how Yu Ao Tian “feels” after having a mood swing and being cruel to Luo Yao Yao and apparently he DO care. Before, usually there’s no YAT POV. Hohoho~ Did the author receive alot of hate mails? LOL.

    Thankies for the updates~
    P.S. I’m feeling really good about these recent updates so I’m commenting. Hohoho~ Sorry about being invisible for awhile. I just didn’t have anything good to say before, so I shut my mouth. LOL.

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