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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 102

Chapter 102


“Master Long, Madam Long, it stills better let me to say it!” Gu Na Yan knows the difficulty of Lu Qun, so he continues.

When he is starting to speak, everyone has turned their eyesight toward him, everyone is worry staring at him. Lu Qun surprised and lifts her head up, she is worrying the result after Gu Na Yan speaks the truth, perhaps the whole Long household might be in chaotic.

“Is it true that something happen to Wan Er?” Long Wan Er is asking Gu Na Yan.

Seeing Lu Qun who is trying to avoid, Long Wan Er is even more certain about her suspicion. She has grown up together with her, she understands very well Lu Qun character, for the normal circumstances, Lu Qun won’t act like this, if not because something might happen to Mo Er, why must she stay away from them?

“Young Master Gu, is Wan Er getting trouble in Ye’s mansion?” Master Long has made the worst guessing, his beloved daughter is quite naughty and also troublemaker, being quiet and calm really isn’t her style, now he just hoping that she won’t make any big problem.

“Actually, all of you really no need to worry, this is not counted as big problem.” Gu Na Yan looked all the people faces are so anxious, he is starting to tell about his coming. “Days ago, Ye Che was doing something that anger little sister Wan Er, both of them are get in huff, little sister Wan Er has run away from home, now Ye Che is trying to look for her, so he let us to take a look at Long Mansion, whether sister Wan Er is in here or not.”

“What? This little girl is running away from home?” after Master Long listened to Gu Na Yan explanation, his eyes is glaring widely, “This little girl is more and more getting unruly, she has married and already become others daughter in law, why stills acting so childish, really not growing up!”

“Young Master Gu Na Yan, why both of them are get in huff? Wan Er is spoiled by us since she was kid! So ricidule.” Madan Long stills composed.

“Sister Wan Er is cute, I do like her character, Madam you are teaching well, she not even showing spoil act. This time really cannot blame sister Wan Er, just blaming Ye Che, all is Ye Che fault, all of you do not need to worry.” Gu Na Yan sincerely said.

“Young Master Gu, just as you said, I rest assured but where did Wan Er that little girl go?” Master Long still showed his worry expression.

“Since sister Wan Er hasn’t come home, I will continue to look for her with Lu Qun, while the Ye manor also still waiting for the news, once we find sister Wan Er we will inform you. Master Long, Madam Long, all of you just rest assured! Sister Wan Er must be at near, she just stills pissed off. Ye Che and I will bring her back safe and sound.” Gu Na Yan stood up, preparing to leave.

“Young Master Gu, Jing Chen and I will go with you to search.” Said Wan Er, asking her to sit at home while waiting, she really can’t do it, she must go to help and look for Mo Er, at this time Mo Er must be heart-aching! She wants to look for Mo Er, she wants to have talked with her, just afraid she might as stubborn as ox. No matter what she really not feeling relieved.

“This?” Gu Na Yan little bit hesitated.

If he brings them with him, how could he explain everything? In front of him is a man who is not speaking for the entire time, although he looks quite calm, but he look is perfectly smart! If really bringing them, how should he explain his rounding words?

“Yes, Young Master Gu, let… Mo Er and Jing Chen go with both of you! On this way we can feel little bit rest assured!” said Madam Long.

“En alright!” after Gu Na Yan thought about it, he smiles and nodded, the things that must be explain still has to be explained.

Going out from Long manor, Len Jing Chen who is standing at beside and keep quiet for this time, seeing Lu Qun and Gu Na Yan, he speaks: “Young Master Gu, since Wan Er running away from home is Third Young Master fault, why the person who come to look at Long’s manor isn’t third young master, himself? But why are you, young master Gu? Or there is another thing happened in between? Now the Master and Madam Long aren’t here, you and Lu Qun can tell me and Mo Er the entire problem!”

Leng Jing Chen words let Lu Qun and Long Wan Er can’t bear to inhale deep air, feeling incredible to look at his direction.

“Jing Chen, what does you mean? Lu Qun, did Wan Er really get in trouble?” Long Wan Er feels something wrong once she heard him, immediately she stops her footstep and turned to pull Lu Qun’s arm to ask her.

“Miss, young master Leng, I …” Again Lu Qun is looking at Gu Na Yan.

“Don’t be panic, let listen to young master Gu explanation!” Leng Jing Chen gently appeased Long Wan Er, let her to feel at ease.

“Hehe, young master Leng really is good observant.” Gu Na Yan curved up his mouth, smiles to Leng Jing Chen.

He admires him. It seems that his guessed indeed right, this Leng Jing Chen is someone awesome! He takes a glance at the tea shop at the street side, he said: “Let’s we sit down, I will explain slowly!”


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