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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 195 – 196

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Chapter 195 – 196

Take out the sleeping bag, the warm instantly wrapped around her whole body: “Qi Lian sunbae, you also… together.” When she asked him about this, she can feel her face is burn hot as if boil egg. This kind of invitation is no difference as if asking man to climb up to her-own bed really embarrassed.

“Hehe, you sleep. I am okay.” Qi Lian Ao Yun is waving his hand, refused her.

But the problem is temperature during the night is getting colder, Qi Lian sunbae might frozen and catch cold, she make a fist, not doing bad thing why afraid ghost knocking door, both of them are having ordinary friendship between man and woman, although both of them are sleeping together it represent nothing, that’s right! She certainly looked at him: “I believe you, Qi Lian sunbae!” she knows Qi Lian sunbae might understand with her words.


Qi Lian Ao Yun really wanted to tell this little foolish, some of men may seems harmless but in fact all the men are shared same nature, all of them are actually beast by this way she only attract more dangerous toward herself. His mouth is curved upwards, showing his faint smiles: “I don’t even believe myself, little foolish, good night.” That soft voice deeply engrossed on her ears, Yao Yao hasn’t reacted but suddenly his soft lips have touched her forehead…

Her heart strangely nervous, unexpectedly Qi Lian sunbae can…

She bites her lips, takes a glance toward Qi Lian Ao Yun who is sitting beside her, his expression is looked so composed, there is no strange movement. It seems this kiss on forehead might an ordinary good night kiss? It must be, just like that, she just thinks too much. “En, good night Qi Lian sunbae, if you feel cold, you must wake me up and change the position.”

“Hehe.” Although it getting colder, he does not willing to let this cute little girl be frozen, moreover to change position with her? Hah, simply to say she is really natural little foolish.

Realizing Yao Yao has slept, Qi Lian Ao Yun white jade cheek suddenly get hot while his pair of eyes also gleaming with red eyesight, this is hinting of man**

“Damn, this night will absolutely…tormenting!”


“Qi Lian sunbae, Luo Yao Yao, are both of you okay?” early in the morning, the people are coming to rescue them out from the big hole.

“It is okay.”

“Qi Lian sunbae, you face are looked not too good.”

“Yes ah, do you catch a cold?” the women are looked so worries and considerate toward Qi Lian Ao Yun, surrounding him.

“Yao Yao, Yao Yao.” Gong Xiao Man is standing beside Yao Yao, smile devilishly asked: “Single man and woman are spending night together. Moreover under this kind of circumstances, what did you do with Qi Lian sunbae?”

“Xiao Man… what are you thinking? Qi Lian sunbae is kind man.”

“So nothing is happened?”

“Oh my, are you expecting something happened between me and Qi Lian sunbae?”

“Huh, not interesting.”

Seeing Gong Xiao Man disappointed expression, Yao Yao helplessly shaking her head, it seems that Xiao Man not really understand her relationship with Yu Ao Tian.

“Xiao Ming, have you found Feng Ke Xin?” Qi Lian Ao Yun is asking the vice president.

“So far we haven’t.”

“Well, you are responsible to gather all the females, asking the other men to separately looking for Feng Ke Xin, if within one hour we haven’t founded Feng Ke Xin, informed her family.” Qi Lian Ao Yun gives an instruction, everyone is moving.

“Feng Ke Xin! Feng Ke Xin!” half hour has passed, but there is no sign of Feng Ke Xin, when Qi Lian Ao Yun almost gives up…

“Qi Lian sunbae, is that you?” not far suddenly there is female voice.

Following the voice, finally he found Feng Ke Xin under one big tree: “Are you hurt?”

Her body is leaning on one of the trunk, she licked her dry lips, she tries hard to point at her right shoulder: “I, it seems…I got bite by snake.”

Without further explanation, after hearing what she said, Qi Lian Ao Yun is tearing her cloth collar.

“Hey, Qi Lian sunbae, you…”

“When you got the bite?”

“Perhaps about one hour ago. I was losing the way, so that I sat down under the tree, and then…” When Feng Ke Xin is trying to describe what was going on, her expression is looked obviously so awkward but she faster to turn into Queen mode on, only to conceal her shyness.

After all she is born from wealth family and also “well-breed” young lady, her cloth collar being torn by man who is not familiar somewhat she might feel little bit embarrassed.

“One hour ago… there still a time!” Qi Lian Ao Yun is talking to himself, his pair of eyes are gleaming coldness, lower his head, he sucks the poison from her right shoulder.

“Uh, Qi Lian…sunbae..” an instant, Feng Ke Xin face is burning red, but when she looks at Qi Lian Ao Yun handsome face, she can’t help herself to fall into his charm, her heart is beating super fast…



“Yao Yao, you don’t know, when Qi Lian sunbae knew you were missing he looked extremely pissed off.” Gong Xiao Man is chatting beside Yao Yao.

“Uh, impossible, but Qi Lian sunbae is looks so…”

“So that, I especially telling you this matter. Just to let you know when gentle man is angry, they will give unforgettable impression.”

Seeing Gong Xiao Man very gossipers, Yao Yao really does not know what to say her: “Xiao Man, you are especially telling me this matter, what are you intending?”

“HeHe, I suspect… perhaps Qi Lian sunbae might…”

“Woah! So handsome!”

“An entertainer?” few women who are walking ahead suddenly stopped, their eyes are looking at man who wear suit walking not far from the VIP passage.

He is wearing black spectacles, all his body is radiating cold aura, moreover there are few body guards who following at his back, somewhat it turned the atmosphere of the airport.

“What an entertainer, that is General Manager from Feng Group, Feng Chen Yi!”

Feng Chen Yi?

“Feng Chen Yi!” Gong Xiao Man and Yao Yao are exchanging their look. They are looking at the crowd, just expected…

“Wo Kao, after all we also can meet Feng Chen Yi at here!”

The one who surprised not only Gong Xiao Man, even Yao Yao also surprised, this world… how can it so small.

Feng Chen Yi who is walking through the VIP passage, seeing Yao Yao, he coldly raises his hand to stop the body guards: “I go to greet my friend, you guys just wait me in here.”

“Yes, General Manager Feng.”

“Hey, hey, you guys see that handsome man is walking toward here.”

“So nervous.” The women who are stopped actually secretly feel happy inside their heart.

And then, Feng Chen Yi footstep is stopped in front of Yao Yao: “How can you be here?”

“Hey, Feng Chen Yi, long time no see.” Gong Xiao Man greeted him.

“Long time no see.” His cold eyes are still looking at Yao Yao.

“I am joining the activity held by the student council.”

“En? You are the one who always get rejected finally able to enter student council? Should I treat you meal.”

What Feng Chen Yi mean? Oh ya, she got rejected several times during her Junior and Senior high school before when she wanted to enter the student council, does he still remember it?

“Hiks hiks…I got rejected again.”

“What are you crying for? That place is filled with trash, they begging me to enter I also don’t want to, if you are really wanted to join them, I will talk with the president.”

“No need, I want to enter there, based on my strength.”

“Ha, that place isn’t look for strength but only looks at money, that’s why I say that place is filled with trash!”

“I don’t care with your meal.”

“Well, how about you treat me a meal.” Said Feng Chen Yi, he insert is hand into his pocket and smiles.

“Why must I treat you a meal?”

“This is what you owed me, do you forget?”

“Chen Yi, if one day I really can enter student council, you must treat me feast, okay?”

“Aiya, really does not know how long should I wait for?”

“What do you mean? Rest assured, you will be able to wait before you death.”

All the old memories suddenly flowing inside her brain, Yao Yao is sneering to herself, how can this happen? Every times she meets Feng Chen Yi, if there is no new story and then all the old memories seems to come back, all the conversation between both of them, how can he remembers it so clearly, actually during that time, she never thought Feng Chen Yi would remember whatever she ever told him, but after these years, it is proving that she really wrong…

“You are thinner, what is going on for these days?” suddenly Feng Chen Yi expression changed, perhaps she less than half kg he might feel it! He extended his hand to caress her face…

Yao Yao is moved one step backward, avoid his hand…

At sudden the atmosphere turned so awkward.

Composed! Composed! “I am dieting of course get thinner.” In front of Feng Chen Yi she really can’t relax, because she afraid to show an expression that mustn’t be seen by Feng Chen Yi, at last she afraid if not he being hurt then must be she who gets hurt.

“Didn’t I ever tell you not need to diet? Be careful anemia.” After said, Feng Chen Yi expression changed little bit in hurry: “I have urgent things need to settle. I will talk to you after I back.” Politely he nodded to Gong Xiao Man and taking his body guards to leave.

“Am I…Am I mistaken on something?” after Feng Chen Yi left, Gong Xiao Man stroking her head.

“Xiao Man, what do you mean?”

“Uh…” this kind of feeling isn’t wrong, not wrong, Gong Xiao Man had known Yao Yao since the Junior high school, that time Gong Xiao Man was in separately with Yao Yao, she was “light bulb (unwanted third guest)” in Feng Chen Yi – Yao Yao relationship, and then she could feel that…

These two persons every time they meet, both of them are so noisy but give kind of sweet feeling, the lively sweetheart, but no matter how she tried she would never entered and understood their world.

Just alike now, what Gong Xiao Man wanted to say, no matter how she really tries could not get into both of their world. Didn’t both of them have break up for two years? But why she feels, Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi… seem never broke up? Both of them seems not changed even for little bit.

“Nothing.” Gong Xiao Man is giving stiff smile, but her eyes can’t help to see at Feng Chen Yi who is almost disappearing, and takes a glance at Yao Yao…

Are both of them still in love? But why don’t they reconcile. At least, in Gong Xiao Man’s eyes Feng Chen Yi is more suitable for Yao Yao compare Yu Ao Tian. it seems that within these past two years there are many things happened with Yao Yao, really too many…


Jiang Cheng group.

Yu Ao Tian is showing his devilish smile when coming out from the CEO office room, at his back is followed by Long Ye who is holding document, he smiled and said: “Ao Tian, we are succeed to dispose another one of Zeng Kai Rui’s man, worth to celebrate it,”

“Just wait to dispose all of them, and then we talk about it.” With his expressionless face, bringing Long Ye and Han Li Shang to the elevator.

When the elevator is stopped at 13th floor, there are two employees who holding document coming inside, both of them are looking at three persons inside the elevator, perhaps because they are not recognized their status.

At this time, one of employee who is holding the document, talking to his colleagues: “Hey, you know, they said the person who acquire our Jiang Cheng group is Yu Ao Tian from the Berson group, actually he was born from Mafia background when he in Japan.”

“Ah? Are you sure?”

“I do also not believe but I have heard the news is true ah. And then, he was only a little scoundrel in the street before.”

“Woah, impossible? Two years ago he acquired Berson, and now in very short time he able to put Berson in top place, and then after that he even acquired many companies, also acquire our Jiang Cheng Group, in fact he only a little scoundrel before? Impossible… if he used an illegal method ah?”

“Who knows ah.”

Listened to these two employees conversation, suddenly Long Ye and Han Li Shang are fuming in rage.

Both of them are hate people discussing about Yu Ao Tian regarding whatever in Japan, because both of them know, Yu Ao Tian is depending on himself and also his own strength to reach everything he had today.

The most important Yu Ao Tian background isn’t little scoundrel, those rumors are make up by Yu Ao Tian himself, it was fake! Just like how he hides his high IQ, it just similar things!

Long Ye and Han Li Shang have made fist, just in time when both of them are going to give lesson to those employees, Yu Ao Tian has stopped them.

His face is showing smiling expression when looking at those two employees, one at left and one at right, slowly but not in rush he asked: “Are both of you… talking about me?”

“Yu…Yu…CEO Yu?” both of the employees are dumbstruck, everything regarding Yu Ao Tian is low profile so although he appears in Television, but how could they know Yu Ao Tian who has mafia background could attain this noble aura, he also have this elegant gestures?

These two employees are nervously looking at each others, hurried bowing: “Sorry, CEO Yu, really sorry, CEO Yu, this is our mistake who cannot see the high mountain, regarding to what we have talked before, you don’t put in heart. Sorry, sorry, sorry.”

When the elevator door is opened, Yu Ao Tian smiles elegantly: “It is okay.” He shaking his head to gesture no problem, turned his back and left the elevator.

Both of the employees are dumbstruck, never expected Yu Ao Tian is not really that vicious as rumor spread moreover he is looking so magnanimous?

And then, after Yu Ao Tian left not long after that, his expression is changed to be darker, his pair of eyes are gleaming with killing intention, slowly raised his hand, Han Li Shang understood and left him…

“CEO Yu, congratulation to you acquiring this big pie, Jiang Cheng Group. It seems not long after this, Berson may progressing in many areas?” at the time when Yu Ao Tian walked out from Berson Group big building, there are lots of reporters coming to surrounded at in front.

At the front Mo Xue Tong and Long Qi are keep watching, while Long Ye is hurried watching from the back, protecting Yu Ao Tian so that he won’t be disturbed by the reporters.

“CEO Yu, in short period do you have any acquiring plan?”

“Yes, CEO Yu, can you reveal little bit for us?”

Facing with question by question given by the reporters, although Yu Ao Tian does not give any answer he only narrowed his eyes and smiles elegantly. Most of the female reporters are mesmerizing with him.

At sudden he raised his hand, his eyes gleaming brightly, his mouth is curved upwards…

Another second…



Two times of sounds, there are two persons who jumping from Jiang Cheng building.

“Ah!” stunned for moment, people are breaking into chaos in that sites, the reporters are quickly shifting from Yu Ao Tian to two death bodies, surrounded it.

Yu Ao Tian has been got away and walking into his own car. After two minutes, Han Li Shang also gets into the car.

Yu Ao Tian who is sitting inside the car smiled: “Not bad, Li Shang, as what I have expected, it fit the time.”

The car is moving slowly, when passing by those two bodies in the street, Yu Ao Tian not even glances. While those two persons who are ineffable death actually were the two persons who were badmouthing him inside the elevator, that two male employees!

The car has stopped in one of Yu Ao Tian’s villa, Yu Ao Tian gets down alone from the car. Pushing to open the big door…

“Ao Tian Ge. I missed you.” It is one beautiful lady running to welcome him.

Yu Ao Tian cold eyes swept at her: “Why are you in here?”

“Huh, did you forget Ao Tian Ge? You asking me to wait you in here.”

These days he quite busy, but really he just doesn’t have any impression. “Just in time, now I need you!” his eyes gleamed, dragging that woman inside his villa to one of the room…

“Ao Tian Ge, hurt, really hurt…” in soft big bed, a woman is moaning because pain.

Yu Ao Tian isn’t care and nonstop faster his pace, the blood stained is proved that woman is still virgin but he looked relentless and expressionless.

Perhaps because the pain the woman slowly moving her body, although she feels hurt but at same time she showed her happiness: “Uh… en… Ao Tian Ge, I really love…”

Yu Ao Tian covered her mouth, his expression is cold: “Don’t say any love to me, you are not deserved!” he gets closer to the woman and pressed her down. Perhaps…

All women are only toys for him.

The woman is doubted, not understand why her precious first time isn’t deserved for Yu Ao Tian’s love? Her tears flowing down, wet her face.

When the woman crying face caught by Yu Ao Tian suddenly he remembered about Luo Yao Yao! “Yao Yao!” Damn! How can he suddenly call that little thing’s name!

His face is puzzled, he tries to close his eyes but somewhat his brain filled more with Luo Yao Yao, even deeper.

He is faster his pace. The moaned voice is getting louder… and then… he not even feeling any satisfaction!

For this short period, although he and Li Mei Yun are officially couple and he also have others relationship with different women, but no matter how many times he vents his desires, still he does not gain the satisfaction.

All the women in his eyes are not more than tool for him to vent his desires, to warm his bed, even when doing**, kissing just unnecessary for him. But… only kissing with Yao Yao, strange and weird he could feel that satisfaction he wanted, this is really damn weird!

“Ao Tian Ge, Yao Yao, is she the women that you love?” that woman not understand looked at him.

Love? Apparently there are many people who asking him same question, but still a same answer, he does not understand… what is called as love!

His face is dimmer, faster he wears his clothes and takes out his mobile phone: “Li Shang, I want to request leave work for three days. These three days you manage the company.”

“Ao Tian, you must know that, now the company…”

Without waiting Han Li Shang to finish his words, he directly hung up the phone. He takes up cheque and throwing it to that woman’s body.

“Thank you, Ao Tian Ge.” The woman is so happily to take the cheque and when she lifts her head up, he has left the villa…


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