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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 103

Chapter 103

Fu Rong is vying

Bai Hua lane is brightly lit and crowded.

Ye Che looking at inside laughing scenery, he even feels more irritating. The one month ago of him, he used to be so freely in here, laughing and talking happily, but after Long Wan Er showed up, all the things had changed and turned to completely confused him. He never came and entered this place anymore, he also does not have that upset mood anymore, and today he comes here, actually his coming because of finding the answer that he is looking for this time.

The state of his current mood really does not need him to think over, he even can straightly tell the important of Mo Er in his heart. Before he thought perhaps because Fei Yan background as prostitute, but she has different aura compare to few others prostitute, understands all the trivial matters in his heart, when he was feeling bad mood she could help him to solve his problem. All of these happened because of the previous trust, unexpectedly this made Mo Er hurt and left, did because he oversight and put his trust in wrong person?

Whenever he thought about Mo Er leaving him, perhaps something might happen, Ye Che eyesight suddenly turned cold. If something really happen to Mo Er, that, Fei Yan, even all of the people in Bai Hua lane must pay ten times.

After he set his determination, the expressionless Ye Che enters Bai Hua lane.

“Aiya! Third Young Master, you are coming to here! Faster come in.” a woman who wearing blazing and gorgeous dresses recognized Ye Che, hurried she welcoming him, extending her hands to hold on his arms, sticking to Ye Che and heading to go upstairs.

“It is real, Third Young Master is coming!”

“Third Young Master, Mu Dan misses you!”

“Third Young Master, have you missed us, you have been too long not coming.”


Group of women are coming to welcome him, at sudden Ye Che has already surrounded by them, Ye Che is feeling loathsome when come in and his expression even colder, he ignores them and his eyesight is looking at upstairs.

The others girl who sensed sudden change on Ye Che expression, tactful they left him.

Finally it only last that beautiful and gorgeous woman who still sticking with Ye Che, perhaps she is not sensed the changes of Ye Che expression, she even bashfully asking. “Third Young Master, who are you looking for? Isn’t good if Fu Rong come to serve you?”

“Where is Fei Yan?” Ye Che is straightly to the main topic.

“Third Young Master, you have been so long not coming here, all of us are missing you so much, how can you keep on thinking Fei Yan? Actually what is so good about Fei Yan? Does Fu Rong can’t compare with her?” Fu Rong expression is changed faster than anyone could do; immediately she showed pity expression, her eyes even moisten. She thought with this kind of weak appearance is able to get Ye Che’s sympathy.

That time was she and Fei Yan who serving Third Young Master together, but Third Young Master treated Fei Yan favorably. What is the difference between her and Fei Yan? Why everyone is choosing Fei Yan over her? Which from her that can’t compare to Fei Yan? From appearance, she Fu Rong is as beauty as Fei Yan, from skill, whatever Fei Yan could do she also can do it. But why still she loses on Fei Yan? She is unhappy!

“Where is Fei Yan?” Ye Che face is darker and avoid Fu Rong hugging, she even almost fall down.

“Third Young Master, you…” after she standing up, Fu Rong angrily roared.

“Third Young Master you are coming ah! Just now quite busy so late to welcome you, I apologized to Third Young Master!” said Hua Ma Ma happily.

She is showing up in front of Ye Che, talking faster than Fu Rong. “Fu Rong, you take your leave.”

“Ma Ma.” Fu Rong is unhappily acting coquettishly.

“Asking you to take your leave, you just leave.” Hua Ma Ma kept her smile.

“Alright! Leave just leave!” after Fu Rong seeing Hua Ma Ma expression, she cowardly but also not happy left.


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